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Deed: Andrew & Barbara STRAUB to Peter HILBISH, et al., Northumberland Co., PA, 1811
Source:  Northumberland County, Pennsylvania, Deed Book R, pp. 230-232 (photocopies and handwritten transcription courtesy of Shirley Straub Morton; another transcription, plus summary, by DGM).

The bound edges of the pages were too dark to read; missing or unreadable text is indicated as [___] or [???].  Some of the punctuation probably dropped out, so the transcription of the punctuation may not be entirely accurate.  Recorded as a single paragraph, but I have broken it into several paragraphs to improve readability.  Boldface added.

Grantor: Andrew STRAUB, Yeoman, & wife, Barbara
of Greenwood Twp., Mifflin [now Perry] Co., PA
Grantees: Peter HILBISH, Yeoman, of Penns Twp., Northumberland Co., PA;
Peter GERMAN, Yeoman, of Mahontongo Twp., Northumberland Co., PA;
Trustees of the German Evangelical Lutheran and German Reformed Congregations
of Freeburg, Penns [now Washington] Twp., Northumberland [now Snyder] Co., PA
Tract: two half-acre lots (Nos. 84 & 85) on New Street in Freeburg,
part of original, larger tract known as Heilbrum (a.k.a., Heilbrun or Halbourn)
Conveyed by Patentee: 5 Jun 1792, from Peter STRAUB to son, Andrew STRAUB
Date Conveyance Signed: 11 Nov 1811
Witnesses: Valentine HAAS, Joseph FEEHAER
Date Recorded: 17 Aug 1812
Place Recorded: Deed Book R, pp. 230-232, Northumberland County, Pennsylvania
Recorder: Jno. L. FINNEY
Andrew Straub & wife |
Deed To |
Peter Hilbish et al |

This Indenture Made the Eleventh day of November Anno Domini one thousand eight hundred & eleven Between Andrew Straub of Greenwood Township Mifflin County State of Pennsylvania Yeoman & Barbara his wife of the one part and Peter Hilbish of Penns Township Northumberland County & State aforesaid Yeoman and Peter German of Mahontongo Township Northumberland County and State aforesaid Yeoman Trustees nominated elected and appointed by a majority of the members consisting of and belonging to the German Evangelic Lutheran and German Evangelic Reformiert Congregations of Freeburgh town and its vicinity in Penns Township aforesaid for the purpose hereinafter mentioned of the other part Witnesseth that the said Andrew Straub & Barbara his wife for and in Consideration of the sum of one

Spanish mill'd dollar lawful money of the United States to them in hand well and to be paid by the said Peter Hilbish & Peter German at and before the Execution thereof the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged as also for divers other good causes & consideration them thereunto moving have granted bargined sold released and Confirmed that by these presents have granted bargain sell release & confirm unto the said Peter Hilbish and the German Trustees as aforesaid for the time being in trust and to their succesors being in the office of Trusteeship who shall he duly nominated elected & appointed from time to time by a majority of the Congregations aforesaid all those certain Two Inlots lands or parcels of ground situate lying and being in the aforesaid Freeburgh town and marked on the general plan thereof Viz No. 84 & No. 85 butted and bounded according to the said plan each lot being eight perches in front on New street and extending ten perches along south [??] each lot to contain one half acre of land strict measure [Being part and parcel of a larger tract of land called "Heilbrum" which Peter Straub and Catherine his wife by their Indenture bearing date the 7th day of June AD 1792 granted and confirmed unto Andrew Straub granty hereto and to his heirs and assigns as in and by the said Indenture recorded in the office for Recording of Deeds in and for the County of Northumberland in Book E page 444 Reference thereunto being had more ??? and at large appear [???] with all and Singular [???] improvements buildings thereon ways woods [???] water courses rights liberties & advantages hereditaments and Appurtenances whatsoever thereunto belonging or in any wise appertaining and the Reversions & remainders [???] and profits thereof and also all the estate right title interest use trust property ??? from claim and Demand whatsoever of him the said Andrew Straub his heirs or assigns of in to or out of the same at law or equity To have and to hold the said metes and bounds above described Two lots pieces or parcels of ground hereditaments and [???] hereby granted meant mentioned or intended so to be with the appurtenances [???] the said Peter Hilbish & Peter German Trustees as aforesaid and for the time being in Trust [???] their successors in like manner from time to time acting in the office of Trusteeship who will [???] duly elected and appointed as above set forth to and for the only use benefit and [???] the said German Evangelic Lutheran & German Evangelic Reformiert Congregations [???] the purpose of having a Church built for Divine service and a place of Interment (as also having a school house erected for the instruction of the German & English languages) for [???] and for no other use intend nor purpose whatsoever universally to each and every of [???] said Congregations in unity And the said Andrew Straub for himself & his heirs doth warrant promise grant and agree to and with the said Peter Hilbish & Peter German [???] as aforesaid and their successors by these presents that he the said Andrew Straub and his heirs the said by metes and bounds above described two lots pieces or parcels of grounds hereafter warrents and promises hereby granted meant mentioned or intended so to be with the appurtenancy unto the said Peter Hilbish & Peter German Trustees as aforesaid & their successors against him the said Andrew Straub and his heirs and against all and every other person and persons whosoever lawfully claiming or to claim the said premises or any part thereof shall and will Warrant and forever defend by these presents

In Witness here of the said parties to these presents hereunto interchangeably by their hands and seals set the day and year first above written 

Andrew Straub (Seal)
Barbara X Straub

Sealed and Delivered in the presence of Valentine Haas, Joseph Feehaer


Received on the day of the date of the above written Indenture of the above named Peter Hilbish & Peter German the sum of one Spanish milled dollar in full for the consider[___] money above said Pr Andrew Straub

Witness present Valentine Haas, Joseph Feehaer [??] Northumberland County pa? before me the subscriber one of the Justices of the peace for said County personally came the above named Andrew Straub & Barbara wife and acknowledged the above written Indenture to be act and Deed and [??] that the same might be recorded as such according to law she the said Barbara being of full age separate and aprt from her husband by me examined  She thereto voluntarely thereto consented

In Testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand & Seal the Eleventh day of November Domini 1811 Joseph Feehaer (Seal)
Recorded 17th Augt 1812 pr Jno L Finney Rec

Family Group Sheet of Andrew STRAUB & Barbara __?__

Family Group Sheet of Capt. Valentine HAAS

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