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Will of Richard Lyon, Signed 1678, Fairfield, Connecticut Colony
Source:  Sidney Elizabeth Lyon, Louise Lyon Johnson, & Albert Brown Lyons, eds.  1907.  Lyon Memorial:  Families of Connecticut and New Jersey, including Records of the Immigrants Richard Lyon of Fairfield and Henry Lyon of Fairfield, with a sketch of "Lyons Farms" by Samuel R. Winans, Jr.  W. Graham Printing Co., Detroit, MI.

The will was one long, continuous paragraph.  For the sake of readability, I have broken it into smaller paragraphs and boldfaced the names.


The Last Will and Testament of Richard Lyon of Fairfield weak in body, but perfect in mind and memory doe make this my last will 

and testament.  Imprimis: I give my body to a comely buryall and my soul unto the hands of God from whom I received it and my temporal estate that God hath given me I dispose of as followeth.  My will is that first after my decease my funeral charges and just debts shall be payd.

I give and bequeath to my sonn Moses Lyon one-third part of my land in Pequaneck [Bridgeport] lying on the eastward side and to run the whole length of that land.  Alsoe I give him the fifth part of my long lot to run the whole length to bound it the Southwest side.  Alsoe I give him two acres of meadow below the new bridge as the way goeth into Sascoeneck.  Also my two acres of land in the old field I doe give him, also a gun and a Razer and my biggest pewter platter.  It is to be minded one hundred acres of the long lot is already given by deed of gift to him which is part of it above said where it lie and yf there be any room on the old field land when I doe decease it is to be as my estate but otherwise he is to possess it at my decease and the remayning part of the long lot that Moses is to have beside the hundred acres Moses is to possess at my decease.

It is my will that Moses shall pay to my cosen Mary Fitch seven pounds within two years after my decease.

I give to my sonne Richard Lyon the third part of my land in Pequaneck lying on the farther side next Benjamin Turney and to run the whole length.  Also I give him one hundred and fifty acres of my long lot next Moses' part running through the whole length, and fifty acres of it he is to possess at my decease.  I give him two acres of meadow in Sascoeneck running the whole length of it lying on the side by that which was Mihil [Michael] Fryes'.

I give unto my sonne William Lyon a third part of my land in Pequaneck alsoe I give him one-fifth part of my long lot to run the whole length, and to lye next Richard's land, and I also give him two acres of meadow in Sasoeneck lying next the beach, and what is left above the Two acres and six more of that piece of meadow yf any: William shall have it by his two acres.  Alsoe I give him my long gunn and my back sword and my belt I give him; he to have his portion at nineteen years of age.

I give unto my sons Samuel and Joseph Lyon my lot and house and barn I live on.  Alsoe I give them that lot I had of Thomas Morhouse called his home lot the whole lot to lye on the northwest side; Joseph to have the Northwest.  Alsoe I give then four acres of meadow in Sascoeneck beside Richard's and William's above said.  Yf it fall short of four acres then they must take up what is: all these several parcils with house and barn is equally to be divided between


Samuel and Joseph.

I give unto my daughter Hester Perry four pounds fully to her dispose and I give unto my son-in-law Nathaniel Perry his son Joseph Perry my grandchild three pounds, and unto my son-in-law Nathaniel Perry I give three pounds in carting and plowing as he have ocation.

I give unto my wife Margaret Lyon whom I doe hereby make my Executrix of this my last will, I say I give her three score pounds out of my estate and the use of the house I now live in and the barn and the home lot and the rest of Samuel and Joseph's portion above mentioned to use and improve while she remayns a widow, or until the said Samuell and Joseph have attayned the age of twenty-one years when they are to have their portions.

I give unto my daughters Betty Hanna and Abigail, when my wife hath payed her two score pound out of the moveables, the rest of the moveable estate I give them equally to be divided provided it exceeds not forty pounds which yf it doe the overplus is to be divided between my three youngest sons and my three youngest daughters equally.  I will my three youngest daughters Betty, Hanna and Abigail shall have their portions payd them at nineteen years of age unless they marry before that age yf they doe then to receive their portions.

And yf either Samuel or Joseph dye before they come to age to receive their portions the other sonne to have the whole, he paying a third part of the value of the said portion equally unto William and the three youngest daughters, and yf any of my three youngest daughters dye before they come of age to receive their portions then the portion shall be divided equally unto the survivors of the three youngest sons.  And yf William dye before he come of age to recieve his portion then Samuell and Joseph shall have his land, and they shall pay to my three younest daughters a third part of the value of his land equally to be divided among them.

And it is my will that yf the moveables fall short of my wife's three score pound and my daughters' forty pound a piece as above then my land in Sascoeneck lying between Goodman Cobbes and Thomas Shornington shall goe in to make it up to that. 

This is my last will I have hereunto set to my hand this 12 April, 1678.

Richard Lyon. his mark.

Family Group Sheet of Richard LYON

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