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LYON in New England
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Source:  William Richard Cutter.  1913.  New England Families:  Genealogical and Memorial.  Vol. IV. Lewis Historical Publ. Co., New York, NY (reprinted for Clearfield Co. by Genealogical Publ. Co., Baltimore; online at GenealogyLibrary.com).

Webmaster's Comment:  Absolutely nothing is known of Richard LYON prior to his appearance in Connecticut in 1649.  The romantic tales repeated below were concocted by Sidney Elizabeth Lyon in her 1907 book, Lyon Memorial.  I have yet to find one shred of evidence to support them.


This old English name has been conspicuously identified with the early settlement of New England and of New York, and still has many prominent representatives in this state. By intermarriage with other early families was transmitted to later generations the blood of numerous worthy pioneers. From Westchester county in this state the family has spread to various districts, not only of New York, but many other states. 

(I) Richard Lyon, in company with two brothers, Henry and Thomas, came from Glen Lyon in Perthshire to the colonies in 1648. The story is that these three who were Scotch soldiers in Cromwell's army, were on guard before the banqueting house at Whitehall, January 31, 1648, and witnessed the execution of King Charles I. Immediately after the regicide they fled to America. Henry Lyon went to Milford, Connecticut; Richard Lyon settled in Fairfield as early as May, 1649. He had a house and lot recorded in the land records of Fairfield (Fayrefield) in January, 1653, and was made a freeman there in 1664. In 1673 he had recorded five acres of land at Barlow's Plains, and eighteen and one-half acres "on the Rocks". He was chosen commissioner for Fairfield, May, 1669. The will of Richard Lyon, made April 12, 1678, probated October 17, 1678, is almost the only source of information about his family. He gave to his son Moses, one-third of his land in Pequaneck (Bridgeport), as well as other property. He also gave to his sons, Richard and William, each one-third part of the Pequaneck lands, with other lots in addition. To his sons, Samuel and Joseph, he gave his lot, house and barn, with other property, to be divided equally among them. His wife Margaret was made executrix, and he left her sixty pounds, and the use of his house while she remained a widow or until the sons, Samuel and Joseph, were of age. He left money and moveable property to his daughters. Children, not recorded in order of age, probably all by his first wife. Margaret: 1. Moses, died 1696 or 1697. 2. Richard, of whom further. 3. William, a minor in 1678; died November 4, 1699. 4. Samuel, younger than William, died 1732. 5. Joseph, probably youngest son; died March 16, 1698. 6. Hester, oldest daughter, born as early as 1658, died 1709. 7. Betty (Elizabeth), born about 1660. 8. Hannah, born after 1659. 9. Abigail, born after 1659, probably youngest child, died March 6, 1698. 

(II) Richard (2), son of Richard (1) Lyon, was born in Fairfield, about 1653. He married Mary Frye. His land adjoined that of Mihill Frye, from whom he received a legacy of ten shillings. He lived in Fairfield, but later in life went to Redding, where he died in January, 1740, aged eighty-seven. His wife was a charter member of the Congregational church organized in Redding in 1729. He united with the same church in 1733. Children: Samuel, born December 27, 1688; Sarah, February 14, 1690 or 1693; Ebenezer, of whom further; Daniel, October 3, 1697; Hannah, May 14, 1701; Nathan, November 28, 1703; Jonathan, May 1, 1708. 

(III) Ebenezer, son of Richard (2) Lyon, was born in Fairfield, August 15, 1694. The place and date of his death are not known. He was one of the pioneer settlers in Norwalk, Connecticut, in 1722. He married, in Fairfield, January 9, 1717, Ellen Fanton.  Children, born in Fairfield; Stephen, of whom further; Ellen (Eleanor), November 27, 1718; Ebenezer, June 10, 1722; Abel. 

(IV) Stephen, eldest son of Ebenezer and Ellen (Fanton) Lyon, was baptized November 17, 1717, in Fairfield, and there resided in early life, removing to the neighboring town of Weston. He married, in Fairfield. July 21, 1747, Grace Webb, born March 7, 1724, in that town, daughter of Josiah and Susannah (Disbrow) Webb. Children: Nehemiah Webb, of whom further; Stephen. 

(V) Nehemiah Webb, son of Stephen Lyon, was born in Weston, Connecticut, August 16, 1759, died there in his one hundred and first year. He was a revolutionary soldier, having enlisted in Najah Bennet's company in 1781. He was received as a pensioner in Weston in 1832, and remained on the pension roll until his death in 1860. He married. August 26, 1778, Sarah Treadwell. His children nearly all lived to a good old age. Children: David, born June 22, or January 29, 1779; Samuel, August 27, 1780; Huldah, January 4, 1783; Clarissa, August 11, 1785; Levi, September 14, 1788; Walker, May 23, 1790; Sarah, May 2, 1793; Hanford, July 27, 1795; Jarvis, died May 24, 1799. 

(VI) Samuel, second son of Nehemiah Webb and Sarah (Treadwell) Lyon, was born August 27, 1780, in Weston, died about 1873. He married Sally Adams, daughter of Ephriam (?) and Rebecca (Sherwood) Adams, 


of Green's Farms, Connecticut. Rebecca Sherwood was a daughter of Captain John Sherwood, born September 26, 1705, in Fairfield, died December 17, 1779; married, June 14, 1733, Mary, daughter of Deacon Robert and Ruth (Wilcoxen) Walker, born May 28, 1710, died June 2, 1767. Captain John Sherwood was a son of Captain Samuel Sherwood, born 1680, died November 10, 1732, son of Matthew and Mary Sherwood. Captain Samuel Sherwood married, November 30, 1704, Rebecca Burr, born 1681, died May 16, 1721, daughter of Jehu and Sarah (Ward) Burr. Sarah Burr, sixth child of Andrew Ward, was born 1640, and died February 26, 1712. Andrew Ward was a native of England, and settled at Fairfield, Connecticut, in 1630, died there January 8, 1693. He married, at Wethersfield, Hester Sherman, born April 1, 1606. Ephraim (?) Adams, born presumably at Fairfield or Green's Farms, Connecticut, marched with Captain Deinon's company of Fairfield, Colonel Beers or Beebe's regiment, May, 1775; marched, October 5, 1777, in Captain Hills' company, Colonel Samuel Whiting's regiment, for a short campaign at the Fishkill, commanded by Lieutenant Jonathan Deinon. He was in the sortie at Danbury, Connecticut. 

(VII) George, son of Samuel and Sarah (Adams) Lyon, was born 1810, at Easton, Connecticut. He engaged in the leather business at Bridgewater, same state. He was a Baptist in religion, and a Whig in politics, and served forty years as postmaster at Bridgewater. He died there in February, 1889. He married Ann Jeannette Beardsley, born September 15, 1808, died in March, 1895 (see Beardsley VII). Children: Sarah Elizabeth, born September 7, 1835; Harriet Augusta, 1837, married Rev. John T. Temple, a Baptist clergyman, whose last charge was at Plainville, Connecticut; Sherwood Adams, mentioned below; Charles Addison, 1841, now deceased; George Frederick, 1842. 

(VIII) Sherwood Adams, eldest son of George and Ann Jeannette (Beardsley) Lyon, was born March 27, 1839, at Easton, and died there, September 7, 1900. He was educated at Bridgewater, and at the age of twenty-one went to New York City, where he was engaged for many years as a wholesale dealer in hats. In 1892 he returned to Bridgewater, where the remainder of his life was passed. Though not affiliated with any church, he led a Christian life; was a Democrat in politics, he took no active part in public affairs. He married, November, 1864, Abigail Boland. born October 2, 1844. in Sharon, Connecticut, daughter of Frederick Mortimer and Jacintha Juliet (Randall) Boland. 

(IX) Clarie Emelia, daughter of Sherwood Adams and Abigail (Boland) Lyon, was born October 6, 1865, in Brooklyn. She graduated from Rutgers Female College in 1883, with the degree of A.B.  She is active in many of the patriotic societies of Brooklyn; is president of the Pensa Philosophy Club, of Brooklyn, and is a member of the introduction committee of the Brooklyn Society of New England Women's Colony, No. 8. She is regent of General Nathaniel Woodhull Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution, and corresponding secretary of the New York State Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution. She is a member of the executive board of the Washington Headquarters Association of New York, auditor of the National Society of Patriotic Women of America, a member of the managing board of St. John's Hospital, and a member of St. James Episcopal Church. Many of her patriotic verses have been received with widespread interest and approval. She married, September 21, 1886, Charles A. J. Queck-Berner, born March 20, 1860, in Warsaw, son of Frederick Queck-Berner, born in St. Petersburg, Russia. He is now engaged in the real estate business in New York City. 

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