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Diana, Goddess of the Hunt — for Ancestors!
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Names of Note
Those of us pursuing our family history often run across odd, interesting, or amusing names.  I wish I had started noting them sooner because I've forgotten some really good ones, though Clay Hollowpeter and R.F. Pisser come to mind, but I don't remember where I heard them.  But better late than never, so here are my more recent findings — with their sources.  All of these are for real, which is, of course, what makes them amusing, charming, amazing, etc.
O. J. Slaughter On a tombstone in a cemetery across the road from the Church of Christ in Clifty, KY
Gen. Slaughter Gen. James E. Slaughter, son of Senator Daniel French Slaughter
The Slaughter's were a distinguished family in the early history of Virginia and Kentucky; many were high-ranking politicians and military officers.  So… how would you like to be a soldier facing battle against a General Slaughter?!
Church Bell son of Joseph Bell & Mary Corbett
Young Love 1820 Census of Knox Co., OH
Celestial Light 1820 Census of Knox Co., OH
Preserved Fish Deed Book 1, Marion Co., OH, 4 Apr 1822
Icy Fountain born in 1816, daughter of Joseph Fountain & Hannah Hicks
Green Glass 1850 census of Caldwell Co., KY
Highly White born 1807 in Pennsylvania; wife of Peter Capp; lived Monroe Co., MO
Spunky Puddle historic town in Clark Co., OH
Pee Pee township in Pike Co., OH
Pearl Cupp there were at least three, born in Ohio in 1880, 1884, and 1900
William Fanshit 1840 census of York Co., PA
Stanley Cupp 1933, officer in the American Legion in Amanda, OH
Noble Cop 1840 census of Hendricks Co., IN
Violet Lilly born around 1810, of Baltimore Co., MD
Clay Cupp born around 1890, coal miner in Caryville, TN
Per Person Swedish immigrant to South Dakota ca. 1902
Virginia Lamb born ca. 1800 in Augusta Co., VA
Bigger Head enumerated in the 1810 census of Washington Co., KY
Major Christmas 1870 census of Cedar Co., IA (not his rank, but his given name)
Christian Maggot 1810 census of Shenandoah Co., VA
Ford Trucks (1915-1954) of Baldwin, MI, son of Ray Trucks
Major Outlaw 1870 census of Lauderdale Co., MS (not his rank, but his given name)
Pearlie Luster 1910 census of Lawrence Co., AR
Bell Chambers maid, 1900 census of Littleton, WV
German Stout b. ca. 1856 in Woodford Co., KY
Seymore Beavers 1900 census of Henry Co., OH
Polly Jenne b. 1806, Essex Co., NY (an early candidate for DNA testing?)
Valley Stoneroad 1920 census of Mifflin Co., PA (here, "Valley" is the nickname of Valentine)
Strain, Gage born 1854/55 in Walker Co., GA
Ah Fuck Chinese mill worker, 1870 census of Mariposa Co., CA
Fannie Pack 1900 census of Catoosa Co., GA
Olive BROWNE born ca. 1490s in Engand, wife of Cutler Overton
Virgin Butts nee Virgin Mary Straub, wife of Joseph Butts, 1910 census of Norton Co., KS
Tabby Race 1850 census of Kinderhook, NY
Lily White 1881 Census, Heighington, Lincolnshire, England
Green Bean two in the 1870 census: one in Crawford Co., AR, and one in Washington Co., MO
Supply Woods in the 1850 census of Vermilion Co., IL
Desire Ham married 15 Aug 1833 in Putnam Co., IL, to Greenville Proctor
Adam Epple 1830 census of Montgomery Co., OH
State Rights Horton 1850 census of Shelby Co., AL, son of Myrick J. Horton (brother Union T. Horton)
Ohio Dally 1840 census of Hancock Co., OH
Rare Steel 1860 census of Jackson Co., MO
Green Brown married Drucilla Bird on 10 Jun 1877 in Emanuel Co., GA
Dow Jones dozens in the 1900 thru 1930 censuses
Green White Gist father of Mina Gist of Denton Co., TX
Pink Floid  (male age 16) 1910 census of Harrison Co., TX
Golden Hatch father and son, 1850 census of Herkimer Co., NY
Christian Fart 1860 census of Knox Co., MO
Pleasant Miracle Husband of Nancy (nee Cupp), 1900 census of Bell Co., KY
E. X. Crook 1920 census of Buncombe Co., NC
Olive Gardner wife of Harvey Lyons, lived Washington Co., ME, ca. 1880s 
Icy Fox born 1876 in Red River Co., TX; wife of Lemuel Lyons
Leo Lyon 1920 census, Smith Co., KS; 1930 census, Lane Co., OR
Love Butts daughter of Edgar & Blanche Butts, 1930 census of Hedgesville, WV 
Queen Anne Sterling 1880 census of Clark Co., AR, d/o Wm. Sterling, w/o John Stroope
Will Ship 1910 census of Little River Co., AR
Green Bowers 1810 census of Orange Co., NC
W. W. Webb 1850 census of El Dorado Co., CA
Jay Bulfinch WWI Draft Registration card, of Ashtabula Co., OH
Spartan Way 1900 census of Hampton Co., SC
Green Flowers 1840 census of Benton Co., TN
Alabama Outlaw born 1895 in Clarke Co., AL
Olive Farmer 1930 census of Lincoln Co., NE, wife of Lon C. Farmer
Green Fields 1850 census of Chatham Co., NC
Indiana Cotton 1870 census of Shelby Co., IN
Greek Farmer tombstone in the Haw Orchard Cemetery, Grayson Co., VA
Lemon Carter erroneously indexed as "Lemon Carton" in the 1850 census of Wapello Co., IA
Krystal Cupp genealogist
Orange Bear 1870 census of Livingston Co., IL (male)
Fern Moss home nurse in the 1930 census of Bracken Co., KY
Rasberry Cotton 1870 census of Chatham Co., NC (male)
Plesant Roach I don't think so; enumerated in the 1860 census of Hawkins Co., TN
Forest Glenn husband of Caroline Clark of Jefferson Co., NY
Arch Bishop 1840 Census of Granville, NY
Olive Hunt hor d'oeuvres for the fit? 1860 Census of Bates Co., MO
Dewey Rose (living individual) this one I love!
Stallion Foote husband of Ann Hubbard; died ca. 1714 in Groton, CT

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