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Partially Annotated Bibliography of General References
Pertaining to LYON(S) Genealogy and Family History
Cioppettini, June, Lynda McGinnis, & Betty Cogliati, eds.
Henry Lyon of MA, CT, & NJ, and Some of His Lineage.
Lyon(s) Families Association of America, Belton, MO.  496 pp., plus index.
Lyons, Albert Brown, G.W.A. Lyon, & Eugene F. McPike, eds.
Lyon Memorial I:  Massachusetts Families: William Lyon of Roxbury, Peter Lyon of Dorchester, George Lyon of Dorchester, with Introduction Treating of the English Ancestry of the American Families.
Self-published.  [W. Graham Printing Co., Detroit, MI.]  491 pp. 
[facsimile reprint available from Higginson Books;  online at Ancestry.com and GoogleBooks]
Lyon, Sidney Elizabeth, Louise Lyon Johnson, & A.B. Lyons, eds.
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Self-published, Jeffersonville, IN [printed by W. Graham Printing Co., Detroit, MI].  453 pp.
[facsimile reprint available from Higginson Books; online at Ancestry.com and GoogleBooks]
Miller, Robert B. & Albert Brown Lyons, eds.
Lyon Memorial III:  New York Families Descended from the Immigrant Thomas Lyon of Rye.
Self-published. [W. Graham Printing Co., Detroit, MI.]  539 pp.
[facsimile reprint available from Higginson Books; online at Ancestry.com]
Goldsborough, Robert R. & Jonathan K.T. Smith, eds.
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Farmer, John.
A Genealogical Register of the First Settlers of New England.  Lancaster, MA (reprinted 1964-98 by Genealogical Publ. Co., Baltimore, MD; Broderbund CD-504).  On p. 186:

 GEORGE, freeman 1669.
 JOHN, Marble head 1648.
 PETER, Massachusetts, was admitted freeman 1649.
 RICHARD, was the coadjutor of President Dunster in improving the New-England version of the Psalms.
 WILLIAM, Roxbury, member of the ar. co. 1645, freeman 1666, d. in 1692. His son Joseph was b. 1654.
 WILLIAM, Roxbury, d. there in 1714.

Holmes, Frank R.
Directory of the Ancestral Heads of New England Families, 1620-1700.
American Historical Society, New York (republished 1964-99 by Genealogy Publ. Co., Baltimore; Broderbund CD-504). 

No sources are given, and at least some of this information is known to be incorrect.  Don't depend on anything here unless you verify it.

On p. 154:

The English family founded by Sir Roger de Leanne (sic), born in France, came to England with William the Conqueror.

GEORGE, freeman, Dorchester, 1669, afterwards at Milton, Mass.

HENRY, came from Glen Lyon, Perthshire, Scotland, to Milford, Mass., 1648, removed Fairfield, Conn., 1652.

JAMES, resident Roxbury, Mass., 1683.

JOHN, at Salem, Mass., 1638; granted land at Marblehead, Mass., 1648.

PETER, freeman Dorchester, Mass., 1649.

RICHARD, brother of James, settled at Fairfield, Conn., 1649.

THOMAS, brother of preceding, at Fairfield, Conn., 1654-70.

WILLIAM, son of William L., bapt. Heston, County Middlesex, Eng., 1620; came to N.E. at age of fourteen with family of Isaac Heath; settled at Roxbury, Mass.

Jacobus, Donald Lines.
History and Genealogy of the Families of Old Fairfield.
Fairfield, CT (reprinted 1976/91 by Genealogical Publ. Co., Baltimore; Broderbund CD-515).

A highly respected professional genealogist.  His sources are primary, and although he does not quote them, he at least cites them.

Whittemore, Henry. 
Genealogical Guide to the Early Settlers of America.
Excerpted and reprinted from The Spirit of '76, vols. V-XII (reprinted 1967 by Genealogical Publ. Co., Baltimore, MD; Broderbund CD-504).

Not only is Whittemore a secondary source, most of his sources are also secondary.  There are known errors in the following (e.g., under "LYON, HENRY,"  William Bateman had at least two daughters, not just one), so do not accept anything without verification. 

On p. 341:

LYON, GEORGE, Dorchester, 1666, freeman in 1669. Nothing is known of him beyond that, in 1678, he joined the new church gathered at Milton

LYON, HENRY, Milford, 1646, was of Fairfield, 1652, where he married the only daughter of William Bateman.

LYON, JAMES, Roxbury, had Ann; born 4th March, 1683.

LYON, JOHN, Salem, 1638, when, Felt says, he had a grant of land. Lived probably on Marblehead side in 1648.

LYON, JOHN, Roxbury, eldest son of first William, married, 10th May, 1670, Abigail, daughter of John Polley, had John, born 14th May 1673; William, 15th September, 1675; Joseph, 10th February, 1678; Benjamin, 1680, died soon; Abigail, 12th July, 1682; Benjamin, 18th December, 1684; Berthia, 20th October, 1690; Ebenezer, 10th March, 1693; Nehemiah, 23d July, 1695; and Hannah, 22d April, 1698, died December following.  He and his wife were buried in one grave, 15th January, 1703, so says the record.  He had lived at Dorchester and was freeman 1690.

LYON, JOSEPH, Roxbury, son of the first William, was a soldier of Turner's Company, March, 1676; married, 23d March, 1681, Mary, daughter of John Bridge, and had Mary, born 9th January following, died soon; Joseph, 4th July 1684; and perhaps removed, for no more is said of them in the records, unless he be that one who died 19th Jun, 1724, but is said to be in his 47th year by the inscription, which may be an error.  See N.E. Hist. and Gen. Reg., VII, 331.

LYON, PETER, Dorchester, freeman 1649, had Mary, born 4th November, 1650; Elkanah or Elhanan, 23d September, 1652; Nathaniel, 28th December, 1654; Susanna, 25th March, 1658; Ebenezer, 20 February, 1661; and perhaps others.  His second wife, Hannah or Ann, was daughter of Thomas Tolman, and died Novermber, 1689.

LYON, PETER, Dorchester, freeman 1690, may have been son of preceding.

LYON, RICHARD, Cambridge, sent by Sir Henry Millmay as tutor for his son William at Harvard College, 1644-5, and perhaps went home with him after graduating in 1647; but probably assisted President Dunster in his revision of the N.E. version of the Psalms, of which the first edition was printed at Cambridge 1640.

LYON, RICHARD, Fairfield, 1649, recommended to be freeman 1664, but not qualifying before 1669.

LYON, SAMUEL, Roxbury, son of the first William, had, says the church record, Ebenezer, baptised 29th September, 1678, and is supposed to have removed to Rowley, but came back, and the records of the town say, by wife Deliverance had Margaret, born 24th August, 1685; and by wife Maria, who died 25th April, 1704, had John, born 7 days before, unless this refers to his nephew Samuel, as seems likely; and he died 7th April, 1713.

LYON, THOMAS, Fairfield, 1654-70, may be the soldier under Captain Turner, in the Falls fight, killed by the Indians after his victory, 19th May, 1676.

LYON, THOMAS, Roxbury, second son of first William, married, 10th March, 1669, Abigail Gould, had Thomas, born 4th September following if the record be correct; Sarah, 26th August, 1672; both baptised 20th April, 1673; Jonathan, 24th June, baptised 23 August, 1674, died in October of next year; Jonathan, 25 August, 1676, record of baptism not found; Esther, 13th October, 1678, 1678, baptised June 8, 1679; Mehetable, 17th March, baptised 24th April, 1681; Ann, who died soon, in 1683; Jonathan, died soon; Eliphalet, 20th September, 1687; and Ann, 28th April, 1689, died at the age of 4 years.

LYON, WILLIAM, Roxbury, came in 1635, aged 14 

On p. 342:

years, in the Hopewell, Captain Babb, probably under charge of Isaac Heath, a passenger, with his family, in the same ship; married, 17th June, 1646, Rachel, daughter of Thomas Ruggles, had John, born 10th April, 1647; Thomas, 8th August, 1648; Samuel, 10th June, 1650, all before mentioned; William, 12, baptised 18th July, 1652; Joseph, 30th November, baptised 3d December, 1654, when the church record calls him John; Sarah, baptised 8th March, 1657, whose birth is not in town records; Jonathan, 5th September, 1666, who died before another Jonathan, born late in 1668 or early in 1669; was of the artillery company, 1645, freeman 1666, and died 21st May, 1692; and his widow died 4th August, 1694.

LYON, WILLIAM, Roxbury, son of the preceding, married, September, 1675, Sarah Dunkin, perhaps daughter of Samuel, had William, born 9th December, 1677; Samuel, 20th September, 1679; Hannah, 11th August, 1681; Benjamin, 29th March, 1683, died in a few days; Mehitable, 24th March, 1684; his wife died 9th February, 1698, and by wife Deborah he had David, 31st October, 1692; Martha, who died soon; and Jacob, 4th June, 1696; he died 10th August, 1714.  His widow Deborah died 12th March, 1717.

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On p. 370:

MILDMAY, WILLIAM, son of Sir Henry of Graces, in Essex, H.C., 1647, though sent by his father with a tutor from England, Richard Lyon, is ranked lowest in his class, yet had his A.M. in regular course...

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