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Excerpts of HUNTINGTON Genealogy
Connections to GALUSHA; the HUNTINGTONs of Batavia, NY;
and the Line to Collis Potter HUNTINGTON, Railroad Baron
Source:  Anon.  1915.  The Huntington Family in America: a Genealogical Memoir of the Known Descendants of Simon Huntington from 1633 to 1915.  Huntington Family Assn., Hartford, CT (online at GenealogyLibrary.com).

*An asterisk means the genealogy of that line continues further on in the book.

WARNING:  Gustave Anjou was a crook.  His work has been proven false again and again, so do not accept anything he had to say about the ancestry of Simon Huntington without further documentation.  See this web site for further discussion of this notorious scam artist.  This warning applies only to the paragraph (in purple below) on Simon Huntington's ancestry, which appears to be Anjou's only "contribution" to the Huntington genealogy.  I include the excerpt here only for the opportunity of further exposing Anjou to anyone who isn't yet aware of his misdeeds.

SIMON HUNTINGTON, the Puritan Immigrant.

Our knowledge of his ancestry is derived from a report of investigations made by Gustav Anjou, a genealogist, for Henry Edwards Huntington. (1. 3. 6. 7. 6. 2. 2. 4.)

One Thomas Huntington, of whom nothing else is known with absolute certainty, had three children born in England (perhaps in Hempstead) Richard, Thomas and Elizabeth.  Richard, the oldest child, born about 1460, married in 1498 Alice, daughter of Simon Loring, of Little Sampford, and had five sons, Robert, Christopher, born Dec. 18, 1500, John, Simon, (who died young,) and Richard.  Christopher, the second of the sons of Richard, married, April 7, 1537, Elizabeth, daughter of George Bailey, (or Bayley,) of London, and had issue George, born Jan. 9, 1538, and seven other sons and one daughter.  George married, Aug. 5, 1580, Anne, daughter of Robert Fenwick, and had issue (1,) Margaret, born May 11, 1581; married Jan. 27, 1607, Joannes Spencer; (2,) Samuel, born Feb. 16, 1582, an officer in the army of King Charles the First; (3,) Simon, born Aug. 7, 1583, our ancestor; (4,) George, born June 2, 1585, and married, Jan. 15, 1609, Marie Whitewood; (5,) Andrew, born Jan. 18, 1587, and married, June 1, 1609, Elizabeth, daughter of William Rockwell; (6.) Robert, born March 6, 1589. Thus the descent of our common ancestor is traced back through four generations.

Simon Huntington was probably married once before his marriage with Margaret Baret, June 21, 1627, though of this it is impossible to speak with certainty. Margaret Baret was the daughter of Christopher Baret, who was Mayor of Norwich, England, in 1634 and 1648, and died in August, 1649. 

The church records of Roxbury, Mass., contain the earliest record of the Huntington name known in New England. It is in the handwriting of Rev. John Eliot, the pastor of that ancient church. It is a "record of such as adjoined themselves unto the fellowship of this church of Christ of Roxborough, as also of such children as were born unto them under the holy covenant of this church, who are most properly the seed of the church." This is the record of Margaret Huntington. 


This is practically all that is certainly known of the progenitor of the Huntington Family in America. The rest is tradition, inference and conjecture. 

Margaret Huntington, the widow, married Thomas Stoughton in 1635 or 1636, and moved with him to Windsor, Conn. He was prominent in the early history of that settlement, and died there March 25, 1661. 



* 1.  WILLIAM.
* 2.  CHRISTOPHER, born probably in the Spring of 1628.
* 3.  SIMON, born in 1629.
* 4.  THOMAS.
  5.  ANN, all that is known of her is what is found in the letter of Peter Baret, printed in the "Genealogical Memoir of the Huntington Family," published in 1863...

1. 2.

CHRISTOPHER HUNTINGTON, probably accompanied his mother to Windsor, Conn., where he must have spent his youth.  He here married, October 7, 1652, Ruth, daughter of Wm. Rockwell, "a prominent and highly respected member of the community."  He removed, probably, in the spring of 1654, to Saybrook, as the birth of one child appeared in 1653 on the Windsor records and the death of another in May, 1654, on those of Saybrook.  Here he remained until the spring of 1660, when, with a company of the Saybrook colony who had organized themselves into a church, under the care of Rev. James Fitch, he removed to the valley of the Yantie, and with his brother Simon, aided in laying the foundations of the new town of Norwich...  In 1668 the general court granted him 100 acres of land, not more than twenty acres of it to be meadow.  In 1678, appointed town clerk.  In 1685, he was one of the twelve patentees of the new town of Norwich.  In 1686 his name occurs as one of the committee "to make provision for maintaining the reverend minister." 

His death had occurred in 1691, as appears from the probate of his will.  No stone marks the resting place of this pioneer...


The death of the first Christopher and the births of all but the first two of this family are on the Norwich records.

1.  CHRISTOPHER, born in 1653; lived one year and four months, and died in Saybrook.  The first fact appears on the Windsor records, and the second was taken from the Saybrook records, before they were burnt in the old fort.
2.  RUTH, born April 13, 1653, and probably a twin with the above Christopher.  She probably died in infancy.
3.  RUTH, born in Saybrook in April, 1658; married March 26, 1681, Samuel Pratt of Saybrook, who came to Norwich with the early settlers.  They had one child recorded in Norwich, Samuel Pratt, born February 11, 1683; she died February 14, 1683.
* 4.  CHRISTOPHER, born November 1, 1660.
* 5.  THOMAS, born March 18, 1664.
* 6.  JOHN, born March 15, 1666.
* 7.  SUSANNAH, born in August, 1668.


8.  LYDIA, or as the records have chosen to enter the name, Lydyah, was born in Norwich, in August, 1672.
9.  ANN, born in Norwich, October 25, 1675; married October 28, 1697, Jonathan, son of Thomas and Mary (Rudd) Bingham.  Her husband was born April 15, 1674, and was the third of eleven children.  His father was afterwards deacon of the Windham 

1. 2. 4.

CHRISTOPHER HUNTINGTON, born in Norwich, November 1, 1660, being "the first born of males in the town."  Born, thus, during the first year of the history of his native town...

He married for his first wife, May 26, 1681, Sarah, born January, 1663, daughter of Deacon Thomas Adgate by his second wife, Mrs. Mary Bushnell, widow of Richard Bushnell, of Saybrook.  She was the mother of his first eight children and died in Norwich in February, 1705-6, aged 42.  He married for his second wife, in October, 1706, Mrs. Judith (Stevens) Brewster, widow of Jonathan Brewster, a great grandson of the venerable Elder Brewster, the spiritual guide and teacher of the Mayflower pilgrims.  She became the mother of four children.

In 1684 the town grant him a parcel of land on a small plain near the mouth of Crane brook.

In each of the years 1691, 1705 and 1709, he is on the record as the first townsman.  He succeeded Richard Bushnell as town clerk, which office he transmitted, in due time, to his son Isaac.

In 1695 or '96 he was appointed deacon and in this office served with marked ability to the close of his life.  He appears to have been a practical surveyor, and his decision on a dispute regarding land titles was in those early days an end of all strife.  He was, accordingly, on the commission with his uncle Simon to re-deed the lands whose titles were in dispute.


He had become an extensive land holder as the early records abundantly show.  In 1705, July 21, he and his brother Thomas deed to John Elderkin, "all that our one hundred acres of upland and meadows, which we hold in partnership, as it was given to us by our honored father, Christopher Huntington, as by his last will and testament."  Conn. Colonial Records show that Christopher was deputy to the General Court, May and August, 1710, and that he was appointed Justice of the Peace in May 1714 and October 1715.

He died in Norwich, April 24, 1735, and his remains were interred, as his venerable headstone shows, on the brow of the hill in the southeast corner of the uptown burying lot in Norwich.


*  1.  RUTH, born November 28, 1682.
*  2.  CHRISTOPHER, born September 12, 1686.
*  3.  ISAAC, born February 5, 1688.
*  4.  JABEZ, born January 26, 1691.
*  5.  MATTHEW, born April 16, 1694.
*  6.  HEZEKIAH, born December 16, 1696.
*  7.  SARAH, born January 5, 1699-1700.
   8.  JEREMIAH, born December 15, 1702, and died the next year.
*  9.  JUDITH, born September 10, 1707.
* 10.  JOHN, born November 14, 1709.
* 11.  ELIZABETH, born May 6, 1712.
* 12.  JEREMIAH, born December 20, 1715...

1. 2. 4. 5.

MATTHEW HUNTINGTON, born in Norwich, April 16, 1694.  He married for his first wife, September 3, 1719, Mary Morgan, who died March 20, 1720-1, the birthday of his first child.  He married for his second wife, December 12, 1721, Elizabeth Wheeler, who after becoming the mother of one child, died October 3, 1725.  He married, the third time, May 17, 1726, Lydia Leonard.  Receiving from his father his portion from that part of his estate which lies in what is now the town of Preston, he built upon it and lived, and, it is believed, died upon it, though the date of his death has not been found.


*  1.  MATHEW, born March 20, 1720-21.
   2.  MARY, born July 17, 1723, and died May 6, 1745.
*  3.  LYDIA, born April 25, 1728.
*  4.  NATHAN, born October 30, 1730.


   5.  SARAH, born April 18, 1733, and died May 8, 1733.
   6.  ELIZABETH, born November 14, 1734.
   7.  SAMUEL, born March 14, 1736.
*  8.  AMOS, born September 4, 1739.
   9.  AME, born August 5, 1746.
  10.  ELIAS, born September 2, 1749

1. 2. 4. 5. 1.

MATHEW HUNTINGTON, born March 20, 1720-21, married, in 1742, Elizabeth Heath, of Preston, daughter of Richard Adams, of Massachusetts, and in 1745 removed to Mansfield, Conn.  He was appointed first Lieutenant in 1755.  He was engaged in the French War of 1756-60...  He died at Greenbush.  His widow subsequently married Capt. Peleg Heath...


This family were all born in Mansfield, where their births are recorded.

  1.  ASA, born October 19, 1743.  He married, in 1765, Martha Freeman and died without children.
  2.  JONAS, born March 28, 1746, and died June 26, 1751.
* 3.  ABEL, born December 24, 1748.
  4.  MARY, born October 26, 1751, and died unmarried.
* 5.  JONAS, born August 19, 1754.

1. 2. 4. 5. 1. 3.

ABEL HUNTINGTON, born in Mansfield, Conn., December 24, 1748; married Sarah Tuttle, and died in Willington, in 1790.


  1.  MATTHEW, was killed by lightning in the house of his uncle Jonas.
* 2.  GURDON.

1. 2. 4. 5. 1. 3. 2.

GURDON HUNTINGTON, left Conn. with a very small amount of money in 1802 and worked his way into what was then the Western wilderness as far as Batavia, N.Y.  He had a family and acquired considerable wealth and influence.  He lived at one time in Rochester, N.Y.


  1.  GURDON...

1. 2. 4. 5. 3.

LYDIA (HUNTINGTON) GALUSHA, born April 25, 1728; married, September 10, 1745, Jacob Galusha, of Preston, Conn., who went in 1775 to Shaftsbury, Vt. She died May 6, 1764. 


 1.  MARY, born November 10, 1746. 
 2.  DAVID, born October 30, 1748. 
 3.  JACOB, born December 28, 1750. 
 4.  JONAH, born February 11, 1753. [Jonas GALUSHA, Gov. of VT]
 5.  AMOS, born April 1, 1755. 
 6.  ELIJAH, born October 23, 1757. 
 7.  OLIVE, born December 4, 1759.
 8.  LYDIA, born June 1, 1762. 
 9.  ANNA, born May 6, 1764. 
From the third son the late Gov. Galusha, of Vermont, was descended...

Transcriber's Note:  the author was confusing Jacob GALUSHA (1720-1792), who married Lydia HUNTINGTON, with their third son, Jacob GALUSHA (1750- ).  Jonas GALUSHA (1753-1834), Governor of Vermont, was actually the fourth son of Jacob GALUSHA and Lydia HUNTINGTON.

1. 2. 4. 5. 8.

AMOS HUNTINGTON, born September 4, 1739.  He married February 4, 1767, Peace Clark.  He went to Shaftsbury, Vt., where he became a man of some distinction in civil and military life.  Captain Amos Huntington, Shaftsbury Company in Colonel Moses Robinson's regiment, Vermont Militia Infantry, called into continental service on June 29, 1777, by Major General Arthur St. Clair, for the defence of Fort Ticonderoga during the northern invasion of Lieut.-Gen. John Burgoyne's army.  Served at Fort Ticonderoga until its evacuation, July 6, 1777, and during the retreat in the desperate battle of Hubbardton, July 7, 1777, in which [he was] made prisoner by the Brunswick Germans under Major General Friederich Adolphus, Baron de Riedesel, who commanded the British wing; was taken to Quebec and confined 

on a prison ship until October 24, 1777, and then sent to Lieut-General Sir Henry Clinton, commanding British army in New York City, and by arrangement, placed on parole as prisoner of war, in exchange for Captain William Farquhar, H.B.M. 20 Regiment Foot, who had been captured at the Convention of Saratoga, October 17, 1777.  Captain Amos Huntington was not exchanged and released from his parole as a prisoner of war until March, 1782, his continental service having thus embraced a period of four years and about ten months.  He subsequently devoted himself to the peaceful pursuits of husbandry and enjoyed the confidence and shared in the honors awarded by his fellow citizens.  He was emphatically a peace maker.  He died in Shaftsbury, July 2, 1822, a member of the Baptist church. 


* 1.  AMOS, born August 21, 1768.
* 2.  LYDIA, born May 16, 1770.
* 3.  MATTHEW, born May 27, 1772.
* 4.  ELIAS, born October 31, 1774.
* 5.  DANIEL, born November 8, 1776.
  6.  ASA, born January 1, 1780, and died in 1788.
  7.  PEACE, born June 23, 1782, and died April 19, 1785.

1. 2. 4. 5. 8. 1.

AMOS HUNTINGTON, born August 21, 1768, in Shaftsbury, Vt.; married Pamelia Hurd, March 9, 1794.  He was many years a magistrate in his native town and a member of the Baptist church.  He died September 24, 1848. 


This family were all born in Shaftsbury. 

  1.  PEACE, born July 17, 1795; married Nathan Huntington Bottom, a son of Elizabeth (1. 2. 4. 5. 4. 7.) and Simon Bottom.  He was judge of the county court and died August 4, 1855, leaving his widow and four children in Shaftsbury.  Mrs. Bottom died February 22, 1864.
  2.  AMOS CLARK, born August 28, 1796.  He entered Union College in 1816 and sustained a high character for scholarship, but died after a two days' illness of inflammation of the bowels, February 2, 1820.
  3.  MYRON, born September 13, 1798.  He was a successful farmer, but died early in life from typhus fever, August 20, 1825.
  4.  NATHAN, born March 21, 1800, and resided in Rochester, N.Y., where he was a successful member of the bar of the Supreme Court of the state of New York.  Died September 15, 1882.
* 5.  HARLOW, born September 26, 1801.


  6.  PAMELA, born June 26, 1804.  She was a most excellent woman, "a pattern of female worth, and of filial devotion to her aged parents."  She died, single, in Rochester, N.Y., March 1, 1845. 
* 7.  GEORGE, born October 7, 1806.
* 8.  ELON, born September 3, 1808.
  9.  CALVIN, born October 14, 1810.  He was successfully engaged in mercantile life.  Spent the summer of 1856 in Europe and was located in New Orleans, La. (1860.) He founded scholarships in both Vassar College and the University of Rochester, N.Y., and died November 1, 1896...

1. 2. 4. 5. 8. 1. 7.

GEORGE HUNTINGTON, born October 7, 1806; married, March 8, 1832, Abigail, daughter of Gov. Jonas Galusha, of Vt., son of Jacob and Lydia (  She was born April 15, 1809, and died April 1, 1864.  He was appointed deacon in 1854 and died June 5, 1896, in Rochester, N.Y.


  1.  AMELIA CHARLINE, born March 16, 1834.  She spent eighteen months at Mt. Holyoke College.  She was a member of the second Baptist Church and resided in Rochester, N.Y., where she died August 19, 1915.
* 2.  GEORGE CLARK, born December 20, 1836.
* 3.  WARD, born October 20, 1838.
* 4.  JULIA ANN, born July 9, 1843.
  5.  JONAS G., born November 23, 1846; died August 20, 1848, in Shaftsbury, Vt.
* 6.  JEANNETTE P., born June 19, 1849.
  7.  CALVIN GALUSHA, born August 22, 1851.  He is a retired business man.  He removed to Rochester, N.Y., March 10, 1866.  He is a member of the Baptist Church, at one time a member of the Prudential Committee.  He lives in Rochester, N.Y...


1. 2. 4. 5. 8. 2.

LYDIA (HUNTINGTON) LOOMIS, born May 16, 1770, in Shaftsbury, Vt.; married, June 17, 1790, Russel Loomis, who was born in Litchfield, Conn., August 30, 1764.  She died April 3, 1835, and he died February 22, 1842.  There were eleven grand-children.


1.  LYDIA, born March 18, 1791; married, in 1809, Truman Galusha, grandson of Lydia, (1. 2. 4. 5. 3.) and lived in Jericho, Vt.
2.  ASA, born November 3, 1793; married October 16, 1816, Clarissa, daughter of Gen. Samuel Cross, and lived in Shaftsbury, Vt.
3.  JULIA, born October 23, 1796, and died in 1816.
4.  DANIEL, born October 29, 1798; married, 1822, Eliza Beach, and lived in Bennington, Vt., where he died in 1833.
5.  RUSSEL, born August 3, 1801; married Mary W., daughter of Stephen Avery, and lived in Saratoga, N.Y.
6.  WARREN, born July 9, 1806.
7.  ALFRED, born October 14, 1810.

1. 2. 4. 5. 8. 5.

DANIEL HUNTINGTON, born November 8, 1776, in Shaftsbury, Vt.; married, first, Clarissa, daughter of Gov. Jonas Galusha of Vermont.  She died May 26, 1823, and he married for his second wife, January 2, 1825, Mrs. Laura A. Goddard.  For about forty years he practiced medicine in Shaftsbury, Vt., when he removed to Perry, N.Y., where he died May 15, 1862.


This family were born in Shaftsbury, Vt.

  1.  LYDIA, born September 3, 1798, and died in Shaftsbury, January 29, 1809.
  2.  NANCY, born April 7, 1800; married, in 1826, Jeremiah Clark, of Shaftsbury, where they resided, and she died, August 26, 1831.
* 3.  DANIEL GALUSHA, born February 17, 1802.
* 4.  JONAS, born February 27, 1804.


  5.  MARY MYRANDA, born August 14, 1806, and died in Shaftsbury, December 25, 1813.
* 6.  MARTIN, born December 28, 1808.
  7.  EDWIN, born July 15, 1811, and died in Shaftsbury, July 28, 1816.
  8.  ELON, born June 3, 1814; married, October 10, 1850, F.R. Galusha, and lived in Kalamazoo, Michigan.
  9.  CLARISSA, born April 6, 1817; married, December, 1834, Martin Audrus, brother of her brother Daniel's wife. She died October 26, 1855.
 10.  LYDIA MYRANDA, born October 20, 1827; married, September 26, 1848, E.B. Galusha, and they were living in San Francisco, Cal., in 1860.

1. 3.

SIMON HUNTINGTON, like his brother Christopher, spent his youth, probably, with his mother in Windsor.  If the Norwich records are authority, he was born in England in the year 1629 and, of course, was not far from four years of age when the family came to this country.

He seems to have possessed the spirit and to have shared the fortunes of his brother Christopher.  With him, he appears at Saybrook where, in October 1653, he married Sarah, daughter of John Clarke of Saybrook and later of Milford.  In 1660, he joins the colonists who settled Norwich...

He was chosen, soon after the removal to Norwich, deacon of Mr. Fitch's church, in which office be served with acceptance, until, in consequence of his infirmities, he was succeeded by his son, in 1696. 

In 1674, he, with that other veteran and tried pioneer, Thos. Leffingwell, represented Norwich in the general court, and he again was a member of the body in 1685. 

In 1686 the town grant him and his sons thirty acres of pasture, westward of Goodman Sluman. 

In 1690, and again in 1696, he was the townsman.  In 1694 he was appointed a committee to treat with Mr. Jabez Fitch, with respect to his helping and succeeding his father in the work of the ministry.  In the same year he was also on a committee to search out and report on the deficiencies in the records. 

In 1697 he was one of the committee to seat the meeting house. In 1700 he was appointed on a commission to deed anew lands about whose titles disputes had arisen or would be likely to arise. 

In 1703, April 27, he and his son Simon deed away thirty acres of pasture land west of the great plains to John Gifford. 

The following record is copied from the Windham probate records.

To all Christian people to whom these presents may come: Know ye that I, Simon Huntington, sen., of Norwich, in the county of New London, in the colony of Connecticut, in New-England, have of my free will, given, granted, unto my son Joseph Huntington, of the same town, county and colony aforesaid, and do by these presents, give, grant, alienate and pass over my whole right, title, interest in and unto our thousand acre interest, or one allotment, in the new plantation, above Norwich, that was willed by Joshua, Sachem, son of Uncas. I, the aforesaid Simon Huntington, have freely and absolutely given, alienated and passed over unto the aforesaid Joseph Huntington,


my whole allotment, situated and being in the southeast quarter of the aforesaid plantation above Norwich.
March 2, 1691. | Deed acknowledged Jan. 24, 1692.
               | Before JAMES FITCH, Assistant.

Deacon Huntington died in Norwich, June 28, 1706, aged 87 years; and Sarah, his wife, died in Milford, in 1721, aged 88 years.


*  1.  SARAH, born in August, 1654.
   2.  MARY, born in August, 1657, and married a Forbes of Preston.
*  3.  SIMON, born February 6, 1659.
*  4.  JOSEPH, born September, 1661.
   5.  ELIZABETH, born February, 1664, and died in infancy.
*  6.  SAMUEL, born March 1, 1665.
*  7.  ELIZABETH, born October 6, 1669.
   8.  NATHANIEL, born July 10, 1672, and died young.
*  9.  DANIEL, born March 13, 1675-6.
* 10.  JAMES, born May 18, 1680...

Transcriber's Note:  If Deacon Huntington died in 1706, aged 87 years, then he was born in 1618 or 1619, not 1629.  Either his date of birth, date of death, or age at death is incorrect.

1. 3. 6.

SAMUEL HUNTINGTON, born in Norwich, Conn., March 1, 1665.  Here he married October 29, 1686, Mary, daughter probably of William Clark of Wethersfield.  He removed to Lebanon in 1700 having sold his houselot and house in Norwich for a parsonage.  He was Deputy to the General Court from Lebanon in October, 1705, and May, 1708; was appointed Lieutenant of first trainband of Lebanon, in May, 1709.  Before his removal he had become a public man, having filled several offices, being as early as 1692 appointed constable, having already been one of the Townsmen...

He was a large landholder both in Norwich and Lebanon. 

His wife's name appears on the list of the Lebanon church in 1701, but his own was not added until 1707. 

In 1687, February 13, the town of Norwich granted him a parcel of land at Trading Cove Brook, "by his father's, to be laid out by measure, 30 or 40 rods wide the length of his father's land."

He died in Lebanon, May 10, 1717, and his wife, October 5, 1743.


The first five were born in Norwich, Conn., and the other three in Lebanon, Conn.

* 1.  ELIZABETH, born April 24, 1688-9.
* 2.  SAMUEL, born August 28, 1691.
* 3.  CALEB, born February 8, 1693-4.
  4.  MARY, born October 1, 1696, and died in Lebanon, July 30, 1712.
* 5.  REBECCA, born in February, 1698-9.
  6.  SARAH, born October 22, 1701.
* 7.  JOHN, born May 17, 1706.
* 8.  SIMON, born August 15, 1708...


1. 3. 6. 3.

CALEB HUNTINGTON, born in Norwich, Conn., February 8, 1693-4. He married, January 28, 1720, Lydia Griswold, who was born May 28, 1696. They lived in Lebanon, Conn.


*1.  CALEB, born December 9, 1721.
 2.  LYDIA, born June 3, 1722.

*3.  ELISHA, born April 25, 1724. | Twins.
*4.  ELIJAH, born April 25, 1724. |
*5.  ABNER, born March 6, 1726.
*6.  JAMES, born April 25, 1728.
*7.  SUSANNA, born June 23, 1730.
*8.  EZEKIEL, born August 2, 1732.
 9.  DANIEL, born February 3, 1737...

1. 3. 6. 3. 5.

ABNER HUNTINGTON, born March 6, 1726, in Lebanon, Conn., and married, November 14, 1749, Mary Wightman from Norwich.  They lived awhile in Windham and Mansfield, from which latter place they moved in 1801 to New Haven, Vermont, where he died in 1816.


The birth of the first of this family is found both on the Lebanon and Windham records.  The others, commencing with Silas, are recorded on the Windham records.

*1.  DAVID, born November 17, 1750.
*2.  ABNER, born July 21, 1752.
*3.  SILAS, born in April, 1754, and died in New Haven, Vt.
 4.  SUSANNAH, born September 16, 1756, and lived in Cincinnati, Ohio.
 5.  NATHAN, born September 16, 1758, and died, December 17, 1767.
*6.  JAMES, born June 23, 1760.
*7.  WHITMAN, born July 12, 1763.
 8.  MARY, born August 10, 1765, and married Erastus Chapman, probably son of Simon and Alice (Rouce) Chapman.
 9.  DANIEL, born May 13, 1769; had no family. He died in Constable, N.Y.
10.  SAHRY, born December 2, 1772, and married Erastus Fuller, and lived in St, Lawrence county, N.Y.


1. 3. 6. 3. 5. 2.

ABNER HUNTINGTON, born in Norwich, Conn., as his sons testify, July 21, 1752; married October 15, 1781, Abigail, daughter of James Leavens, according to Mansfield, Conn., Town records, and in 1800 moved to New Haven, Vt.  In 1817 he moved to Perry, N.Y., where he died January 8, 1819.  He was a justice of the peace in Vermont.  He was in the revolutionary war and was present at the battle of Bunker Hill.  His wife died in January, 1795.


* 1.  CHARLES, born April 21, 1783.
* 2.  SOPHIA, born in August, 1785.
* 3.  LUCRETIA, born in July, 1787.
* 4.  DAN, born March 1, 1790.
* 5.  MARIA, born in July, 1792.
* 6.  ABNER, born December 20, 1794.
  7.  NABBY, twin with Abner...


1. 3. 6. 3. 5. 2. 6.

ABNER HUNTINGTON, born December 20, 1794; married, in 1826, Sarah Storing, who died in Batavia, N. Y., in 1842.  He married, for his second wife, in 1843, Mary Helmer, and in 1860 lived in Batavia, N.Y. CHILDREN.

1.  MARY, born in 1828; married, in 1854, Daniel Sprague, and lived in Batavia, N.Y.
2.  WALTER, born in 1834, and lived in Michigan.
3.  HENRY, born in 1845, and lived in Batavia.


1. 3. 6. 7.

JOHN HUNTINGTON, born in Lebanon, Conn., May 17, 1706.  He married, in Lebanon, Mehitabel Metcalf, who was born July 26, 1706, and was a sister of his brother Samuel's wife. 


* 1.  ANNA, born June 30, 1729.
  2.  ELIZABETH, born March 25, 1731, and died December 1, 1736.
  3.  EUNICE, born April 25, 1733.

  4.  JOHN, born May 4, 1735, and died December 14, 1736.
* 5.  JOHN, born March 12, 1737.
* 6.  JOSEPH, born May 6, 1739.
  7.  ISRAEL, born April 6, 1741.
  8.  DANIEL, born March 16, 1743.
* 9.  DAVID, born November 24, 1745.
 10.  NATHANIEL, died soon after his birth...
1. 3. 6. 7. 6.

JOSEPH HUNTINGTON, born May 6, 1739, in Lebanon, Conn.  He married Rachel Preston and lived in Harwinton many
years.  He died about 1820, and his wife about 1833, and both were buried in the old grave yard of Harwinton.


  1.  JOSEPH, born in 1780 and was a farmer at River Raisin, C.W.
* 2.  WILLIAM, born April 12, 1782.
  3.  LUCY, who married Paul Bluzo.  She lived and died in Vermont.
  4.  RACHEL, who married Andrew Frank of Starkboro, Vt.
  5.  RHODA, who married William Tryon of New Hartford.

1. 3. 6. 7. 6. 2.

WILLIAM HUNTINGTON, born April 12, 1782, in Harwinton, Conn.; married Elizabeth Vincent, born in August, 1791, at Martha's Vineyard, Mass.  She was the great-great-granddaughter of William and Susannah (Browning) Vincent, the settlers of Marthas Vineyard.  She died March 1, 1871, in Warsaw, N.Y. 

He was proprietor of carding mills in Harwinton, Conn., and later in Daytonville, Conn.  He was an inventor of some genius, a man of unusual intelligence.  He died November 8, 1860. 


* 1.  MARY, born February 17, 1810.
* 2.  SOLON, born January 13, 1812.
* 3.  RHODA, born October 13, 1814.
* 4.  PHEBE, born September 17, 1817.
* 5.  ELIZABETH, born December 19, 1819.
* 6.  COLLIS POTTER, born April 16, 1821.
  7.  JOSEPH, born March 23, 1823; died unmarried February 23, 1849.
  8.  SUSAN L., born in August, 1826; married November 16, 1849, William Porter, M.D., of Bridgeport, Conn.
* 9.  ELLEN MARIA, born August 12, 1835...


1. 3. 6. 7. 6. 2. 6.

COLLIS POTTER HUNTINGTON, born April 16, 1821, in Harwinton, Conn.; married, first, September 16, 1844, Elizabeth T. Stoddard of Cornwall, Conn.  She died in 1883.  He married, second, July 12, 1884, Mrs. Arabella D. Worsham.  He died at his camp, Pine Knot, in the Adirondacks, August 13, 1900.

[Transcriber's Note:  Collis was born October 22nd and Elizabeth's middle name was Stillman.]

Extract from Hartford Daily Times, August 14, 1915.  At his death he was one of the six men who were at the head of the American railroad system, an art connoisseur and patron, a humanitarian and financier. 

His first employment was on a farm at a salary of eighty-four dollars a year and board.  After he had saved $175, he started in the clock business and managed to get $3,000 credit on the recommendation of a neighbor.  In 1842 he entered into partnership with his brother, Solon, in the general merchandise business at Oneonta, N.Y.  Six years later he went to California as a merchant, and, at Sacramento, began business under a tent, selling implements and necessaries to miners.  A store next followed.

Mr. Huntington then opened partnership in the hardware business with Mark Hopkins, the firm being Huntington & Hopkins.  Later on, Leland Stanford and Crocker brothers became his business partners, and Stanford gave him his first incentive to become a railroad builder. 

Mr. Huntington then, with Hopkins, the Crockers, T.T. Judah, and Stanford, went to work on a scheme, and the survey of the Sierra Nevada mountains for a trans-continental railroad was made on money advanced by them.  The result was the organization of the Central Pacific Railroad company, with Stanford, president, Huntington, vice-president, and Hopkins, treasurer, with a capital of $8,500,000.  Subsequent undertakings more vast followed, which included the first railroad feat of planning and perfecting the whole California railroad system of 8,900 miles of track.  Then followed the formation of a trans-continental line from Portland, Ore., to New Orleans. 

Next followed the construction of the Southern Pacific railroad from San Francisco through Los Angeles, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas, a track from ocean to ocean, and the merging of twenty-six corporations with 9,000 miles of track into the organization known as the Southern Pacific company. 

The Chesapeake & Ohio railroad was next completed, after the state of Virginia had failed to complete it, and in which endeavor many contractors were ruined. 

Mr. Huntington then pushed his connections westward, through West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Mississippi, until he was able to ride his own private car over his own tracks from the gateway of the Old Dominion on the Atlantic to the Golden Gate on the Pacific coast, a feat accomplished by no other man in America. 

Another enterprise which he was identified or assoclated with was the Pacific Mail Steamship company, with a fleet of sixteen vessels and 17,000 miles of water lines. 

Mr. Huntington also founded the city of Newport News, Va., and invested more than $7,000,000 in a ship-yard there, which employed 4,000 men and turned out battleships.  He there gave workmen every inducement to own their own homes. 


1.  CLARA ELIZABETH PRENTICE, born in Sacramento, in 1860; was a niece of the first Mrs. C.P. Huntington, and was adopted by Mr. and Mrs. Huntington. She married Prince Francis Hatzfeldt, of Wittenburg, Germany, October 28, 1889.  They make their home in England.

2.  ARCHER MILTON, is the son of Collis P. Huntington's second wife by her first husband.

[No one but Archer's mother will ever know for certain, but there is a possibility that Archer is Collis's illegitimate son, born during Collis's 15-year affair with Arabella before his first wife died.  Archer, himself, maintained that Collis was his biological father.]

He married August 6, 1895, Helen Manchester Gates (  In 1904 he founded the Hispanic Society of America.  Though its home and headquarters are in New York and its origin is American, it is an international organization in membership, scope, and character of its work.  For about fourteen years he devoted his time and


means to collecting rare Spanish books, maps, coins, paintings, manuscripts, and objects of archaeological interest.  About forty thousand books had thus been brought together in New York.  On the eighteenth day of May, 1904, he and his wife, executed the deed of foundation of the Hispanic Society to endow a free public library, museum, and educational institution within the City of New York.  Eight lots of land in Audubon Park were conveyed and three hundred and fifty thousand dollars granted as an endowment by this deed.  The honorary degree of Master of Arts, was conferred upon him, by Yale University in 1897.  They reside in New York City.

Family Group Sheet of Collis Potter HUNTINGTON

Family Group Sheet of Jacob GALUSHA & Lydia HUNTINGTON

Family Group Sheet of Gurdon HUNTINGTON of Batavia, NY

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