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Thankful Desire KING
Abigail PORTER
Husband:  Jacob GALUSHA
Birth:  9 Mar 1720, Lyme, New London Co., CT
Death:  13 Feb 1792, Shaftsbury, Bennington Co., VT
Military Service:  Revolutionary War
Father:  Daniel GALUSHA
Mother:  Sarah WARREN
Marriage-1:  10 Sep 1745, Norwich, New London Co., CT
Wife-1:  Lydia HUNTINGTON
Birth:  25 Apr 1728, Norwich, New London Co., CT
Father:  Matthew HUNTINGTON
Mother:  Lydia LEONARD
Marriage-2:  9 Sep 1764, Norwich, New London Co., CT
Wife-2:  Thankful Desire KING
Wife-3:  Desire ANDRUS / ANDREWS
Birth:  1732
Death:  28 Sep 1775
Other Spouse:  m1. Mr. METCALF
Marriage-4:  25 Feb 1776, Norwich, New London Co., CT
Wife-4:  Abigail PORTER
Children with Lydia HUNTINGTON born in Norwich Twp., New London Co., CT:
  1.  (Gov.) Jonas GALUSHA, b. 11 Feb 1753 
  2.  Mary GALUSHA, b. 10 Nov 1746
  3.  David GALUSHA, b. 30 Oct 1748; d. 26 Aug 1804; m1. 31 Jan 1773, Charity LATHROP / LUTHER; m2. 21 Nov 1779, Rhoda Maria GALUSHA
  4.  Jacob GALUSHA, b. 28 Dec 1750; m. 13 Feb 1765, Bennington Co., VT, Parthenia HARD
  5.  Amos GALUSHA, b. 1 Apr 1755; d. 16 Oct 1839; m. 1788, Mary CLARK
  6.  (Capt.) Elijah George GALUSHA, b. 23 Oct 1757 
  7.  Olive GALUSHA, b. 4 Dec 1759
  8.  Lydia GALUSHA, b. 1 Jun 1762; d. 11 Aug 1802
  9.  Anna GALUSHA, b. 6 May 1764

Jacob would have been only 14 in Feb 1765, so I seriously doubt this marriage record.

Children with Thankful KING  born in Norwich Twp., New London Co., CT:
10.  Lucy GALUSHA, b. 5 May 1765
Children with Desire ANDRUS:
11.  Daniel GALUSHA, b. 1768, Norwich, New London Co., CT 
12.  Ezra GALUSHA, b. 1769/70, Canada(?)
13.  Benjamin GALUSHA, b. Nov 1770; d. 5 Feb 1854
14.  Desire GALUSHA, b. 31 Dec 1771 or 13 Dec 1772, Salisbury, Litchfield Co., CT; d. 10 Mar 1855; m. 3 Mar 1791, John PARKS
15.  Sarah "Sally" GALUSHA, b. 30 Jun 1774; d. 13 Jan 1813
16.  Elias GALUSHA, b. 9 Sep 1775; d. 12 May 1829
Children with Abigail PORTER:
Keywords for search engines:  genealogy; USA, US, United States, Connecticut, Vermont


1.  Census Index:  U.S. Selected Counties, 1790 (Broderbund CD-311):
1790 Galusha, Jonas VT Bennington Co.   p.  21 02-04-06-00-00
1790 Galusha, David VT Bennington Co.   p.  21 05-01-08-00-00
1790 Galusha, David II VT Bennington Co.   p.  21 01-02-02-00-00
1790 Galusha, Jacob VT Bennington Co.   p.  21 02-02-07-00-00
1790 Galusha, Amos VT Bennington Co.   p.  21 02-02-03-00-00
1790 Galusha, Jocob NY Albany Co.   p.  45 01-03-03-00-00
1790 Galusha, Nathaniel MA Berkshire Co. W Stockbridge Town p.  38  
1790 Galusha, Nathaniel MA Berkshire Co. West Stockbridge p. 700  
Based on the numbers, the Jacob in Bennington Co. is not our subject, but his son, which presumably means the elder Jacob is living with one of his children.  These are all the GALUSHAs on the entire CD.

2.  Frederick Adams Virkus, ed.  1933.  The Compendium of American Genealogy.  Institute of American Genealogy, Chicago (1968 by Genealogical Publ. Co., Baltimore; Broderbund CD-200).  In v. 6, on p. 292:
1-HERRICK, George Ira, b nr. Wheaton, Ill., June 11, 1868...
8-Jacob Galusha, said to have been kidnapped in Wales and brought to America, aet. 9;
7-Daniel (1652-1706), Chelmsford, Mass.; m 1676, Hannah Goold (b 1655; Francis8, m Rose--);
6-Daniel (b 1688), Weston, Colchester, and Lyme, Conn.; m 1710, Sarah Warren (b 1688; Dan.7, m Elizabeth Whitney; Dan.8; John9, qv);
5-Jacob (1720/21-1792), Arlington, Vt.; Am. Rev.; m Desire (Andrus) Metcalf (1732-75);
4-Ezra (1770-1853), to Warrenville, Ill., 1834-35; m 1799, Mabel Barney...

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Birth: 28 Dec 1750, Norwich Twp, New London, Connecticut
Father: Jacob GALUSHA; Mother: Lydia
Source: Barbour Collection: Connecticut Vital Records Prior to 1850. Lucius Barnes Barbour, 1878-1934.

7.  Messages posted to the Galusha Family Genealogy Forum (online at GenForum.com).

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