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Deed: Andrew & Barbara STRAUB to Peter FRIES, Northumberland Co., PA, 1796
Source:  Northumberland County, Pennsylvania, Deed Book M, pp. 29-30 (photocopies courtesy of Shirley Straub Morton; transcription by DGM; summary by DGM).

The left side of the first page was dark and difficult to read; unreadable text is represned as [???].  The right side of the first page was clipped of the in copy; missing text is represented as [___].  Some of the punctuation undoubtedly dropped out of the photocopies, so the transcription of the punctuation is likely not entirely accurate.  Recorded as a single paragraph, but I have broken it into several paragraphs to improve readability.  Boldface added.

Grantor: Andrew STRAUB / STRAUP & wife, Barbara,
of Penns Twp., Northumberland [now Snyder] Co., PA
Grantee: Peter FRIES,
of Mahantanky (sic) Twp., Northumberland [now Snyder] Co., PA
Tract: 140 acres,
in Mahantanky (sic) [formerly Penns] Twp., Northumberland [now Snyder] Co., PA
Adjacent Landowners: George MOOTZ / MOTZ, Michael MOTZ, John WINKELBLACK / WINKELBLOCH
Others Mentioned: George HERROLD & wife, Anna Maria; Leonhard WINKELBLECH & wife
Date Signed: 29 Apr 1796
Witnesses: Names indecipherable
Date Recorded: 29 Nov 1802
Place Recorded: Deed Book M, pp. 29-30, Northumberland County, Pennsylvania
Recorder: F. EVANS for Jeremiah SIMPSON
The township should be Mahantango.
Andrew Straup|
& wife Deed To|
Peter Fries|

This Indenture Made the Twenty Ninth Day of April in the Year of our L[___] thousand Seven Hundred and Ninety Six.  Between Andrew Straub of Penns Town[___] County of Northumberland in the State of Pennsylvania Yeoman & Barbara his Wife [___] part and Peter Fries of Mahantanhy Township in the County & State aforesaid Cordwainer of the other p[___] on both that the same Andrew Straub & Barbara his wife for & in Consideration of the Sum of Seven hundre[___] Pounds of Lawful Money of the State of Pennsylvania to them in hand paid by the said Peter Fries [???___] Execution of these presents the receipt & payment whereof is hereby acknowledged Have granted barga[___] Released ensscoffed and Confirmed And by these Presents do Grant bargain Sell Release Enscoff and [___] unto the said Peter Fries his Heirs and Assigns All that Certain Tract of Land Situate in now Mah[___] (late Penns) Township in the County of Northumberland aforesaid bounded & described as follows viz.

[??___] at a post in a line of George Mootz's Land North Seventy two degrees West eighty perches to a post the[___] Land of Michael Motz North Seventy degrees West one hundred & Ninety eight perches to a White Oa[___] Eighteen degrees West forty one perches to a _____ South eighty two degrees East eighty three perc[___] White Oak Corner in a line of John Winkelblack's [Winkelbloch's?] Land South twenty degrees East fifty eight perches [___] South Five degrees East forty five perches to a Spanish Oak South eighty five degrees West Elev[___] to a White Oak South five degrees East Sixty one perches to a post thence by the fire Stone Ridge North [___] three degrees East one hundred & Seventy six perches to a post thence by George Motz's Land North Fif[___] [???] East Seventy four perches to the place of Beginning

Containing One hundred & forty Acres & [___] of Six [?] Cont? for Roads &ca (It being a part of that certain Tract of Land which the late Proprietar[___] -sylvania by their Warrant Dated the ___ Day of ___ Anno Domini One thousand seven hundred & [___] Granted & Confirmed unto George Herold as by the said Warrant and the Survey made in Virtue the[___] [???] being thereto had may at large appear who with Anna Maria his wife by their Certain [___] the Seventh Day of October in the Year of our Lord one thousand Seven hundred & Ninety five [__] Consideration therein mentioned granted Sold & Confirmed the above described part of the Land Surveyed [___] Warrant before described unto Leonhard Winckelblech and his Heirs & Assigns in fee forever as in[___] both his wife by their certain Deed dated the tenth Day of October Anno Domini One thousand Seven[___] and ninety five for the consideration therein mentioned & Granted Sold and Confirmed the above described p[___] Land Surveyed as aforesaid unto Andrew Straup (party herto:) Together also with all and Singula[___] Ways, Woods, Waters, Water Courses Buildings Improvement Rights Liberties Privileges Heredetaments & App[___] whatsoever to the same above granted Land belonging or in any wise appurtaining & the Reversions & Re[___] thereof To have and to hold the said described Plantation & tract of Land & Premises hereby granted or in [___] so to be with the Appurtenances to the said Peter Fries his Heirs & Assigns forever.  And to the only proper use[___]-cutors Adminstrators Doth Covenant promise & grant to and with the said Peter Fries his heirs and ass[___] he the said Andrew Straub his Heirs Executors and Administratos the Tract & Parcel fo Land Heredita[___] promises hereby granted or intended so to be with the Appurtenances unto the said Peter Fries his Heirs an[___] against him the said Andrew Straub and Barbara his Wife and each of them & against their and each [-__] Heirs & Assigns and all and every other Person & Persons Lawfully Claiming or to claim the same by [___]


under him th?? or any of them shall and will Warrant & forever defend In Witness whereof the said Parties have hereto set their Hands & Seals the day & year aforesaid

Andrew Straub (Seal)
Barbara X Straub

Sealed & Delivered in the presence of [?????] Epler?

Received the Day of the Date of the within Deed of the therein named Peter Fries the Sum of Seven Hundred & forty Pounds of Lawful Money of the State of Pennsylvania being in full for the Consideration Money therein mentioned Andrew Straub

Witness Present [???] Epler? Northumberland County Pa?

On the 30th Day of September 1799 Cometh before me the Subscriber one of the Justices of the Peace for the County aforesaid Andrew Straub & Barbara his Wife the Grantors within named and acknowledged the same to be their Act and Deed & desires the same might be Recorded as such She the said Barbara being of full age & knowing the contents did declare to me in privet that She became a party hereto of her own free will & not through the force or fear of her Husband. In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand & Seal the Day & year aforesaid F? Evans (Seal) Recorded the 29th Day of Novr 1802 for Jereh Simpson.

Family Group Sheet of Andrew STRAUB & Barbara __?__
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