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Abigail POLLEY
Husband:  John LYON
Birth:  1646/7, Roxbury, Suffolk Co., MA
Baptism:  10 Apr 1647
Death (said to be of smallpox):  15 Jan 1703, Roxbury, Suffolk Co., MA
Disposition:  buried West Roxbury Cemetery, Suffolk Co., MA
Father:  William LYON
Mother:  Sarah RUGGLES
Marriage:  10 May 1670, Roxbury, Suffolk Co., MA
Wife:  Abigail POLLEY
Birth:  4 Jun 1654, of Roxbury, Suffolk Co., MA
Death (said to be of smallpox):  15 Jan 1703, Roxbury, Suffolk Co., MA
Disposition:  buried West Roxbury Cemetery, Suffolk Co., MA
Father:  John POLLEY (c1618- )
Mother:  Susanna __?__
Children — born in Roxbury, Suffolk Co., MA:
  1.  John LYON, b. 14 May 1673; d. 23 Jan 1725, Rehoboth, Bristol Co., MA
  2.  William LYON, b. 15 Sep 1675
  3.  Joseph LYON, b. 10 Feb 1678; d. 19 Jun 1724, Roxbury, Suffolk Co., MA
  4.  Benjamin LYON, bap. 1 Feb 1680; bur. 14 Feb 1680
  5.  Abigail LYON, b. 12 Jul 1682; bap. 16 Jul 1682; m. 22 Jan 1706, Roxbury, Suffolk Co., MA, Nathaniel DRAPER (1684-1721)
  6.  Benjamin LYON, b. 18 Dec 1684; bap. 21 Dec 1684; d. bef. 1704
  7.  Susanna LYON, bap. 5 Jun 1687; d. 25 Dec 1698, Roxbury
  8.  Bithiah / Bethiah / Bethia LYON, b. 20 Oct 1690; m. int. 25 Sep 1708, Jonathan BUGBEE of Rehoboth
  9.  Ebenezer LYON, b. 10 Mar 1692
10.  Nehemiah LYON, b. 23 Jul 1695; d. bef. Feb 1725
11.  Hannah LYON, b. 7 May 1698; m. 29 Mar 1721, Joshua BICKNELL of Ashford
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1.  Marriage Record:

2.  A.B. Lyon, G.W.A. Lyon, & Eugene F. McPike.  1905. Lyon Memorial.  Vol. I.  Press of Wm. Graham Printing Co., Detroit, MI (OCR copy with numerous recognition errors online at GenealogyLibrary.com; page images online at Ancestry.com):
p. 29 2. II. 1. JOHN2 LYON [William1], oldest son of the pioneer, was born in Roxbury, Mass., in April, 1647.  He inherited the landed property of his father and lived and died in Roxbury.  He married, May 10, 1670, in Roxbury, Abigail Polley, born June 4, 1654, daughter of John and Susanna Polley† of Roxbury.  They united with John Eliot's Church March 24, 1672.  John Lyon and his wife died (it is said of smallpox) on the same day, Jan. 15, 1703, and were buried in one grave in West Roxbury Cemetery (see illustration). 

John Lyon died intestate.  Administration of his estate was granted to his oldest son John. Inventory, June 7, 1703; amount, £409—10—0.  Division of estate, Aug. 12, 1704, to children: John, William, Joseph, Abigail, "Bethyah," Ebenezer, Nehemiah and Hannah.  Feb. 25, 1703 ("1702"), Samuel Ruggles and Joseph Weld were appointed guardians to the four minor children, Ebenezer, Nehemiah, Bethiah and Hannah.   These items from Suffolk Co. Probate Records. 

Children of John and Abigail (Polley) Lyon, born in Roxbury: 

*10. I. John, b. May 14, 1673 (T.R.); d. Jan. 23, 1725 (Rehoboth Records). 

*11. II. William, b. Sept. 15, 1675 (T.R.); d. Woodstock, Conn., Sept. 27, 1741 (T.R.). 

*12. III. Joseph, b. Feb. 10, 1678 (T.R.); d. Roxbury, June 19, 1724, in 47th y. (G.R.). 

 13. IV. Benjamin, bapt. Feb. 1, 1680; buried Feb. 14, 1680 (Ch.R.). 

 14. V. Abigail, b. July 12, 1682 (T.R.); bapt. July 16, 1682; m. Jan. 22, 1706, Nathaniel Draper§ (Roxbury T.R.).

 15. VI. Benjamin, b. Dec. 18, 1684 (T.R.); bapt. Dec. 21, 1684; d. before 1704. 

†John Polley, born in England about 1618, was in Roxbury as early as 1650, when his wife Susanna was admitted to the church.  He was four times married; by his first wife, Susanna, he had six daughters, Mary, Sarah, Hannah, Abigail, Bethiah and Susanna.  In his will, dated Dec. 17, 1688, he makes bequest to his son-in-law, "John Lion." 

§Nathaniel Draper, b. Roxbury, April 2, 1684; d. Dec. 30, 1721. He was son of James and Abigail (Whiting) Draper.  James was son of James and Miriam (Stansfield) Draper, of Heptonstall, Eng., who came to Roxbury 1647-50.  Children of Nathaniel and Abigail (Lyon) Draper: 1. Nathaniel, b. Roxbury, Oct. 10, 1706; m. Mehitable Weld; 2. William, b. Plainfield, Feb. 20, 1707; 3. Benjamin, b. Plainfield, July 13, 1710; d. 1711; 4. Abigail, b. Plainfield, Sept. 13, 1712; 5. Eunice, b. Roxbury, April 24, 1715; 6. Jonathan, b. Roxbury, June 20, 1717; 7. Jemima, b. Roxbury, March 30, 1720.

p. 30  16. VII. Susanna, bapt. June 5, 1687 (Ch.R.); d. Roxbury, Dec. 25, 1698 (T.R.). 

 17. VIII. Bethiah ["Belhiah"], b. Oct. 20, 1690; m. (Int. Sept. 25, 1708) Jonathan Bugbee of Rehoboth; was "of Woodstock" in 1725. 

*18. IX. Ebenezer, b. March 10, 1692 (T.R.). 

 19. X. Nehemiah†, b. July 23, 1695 (T R.); d. before Feb. 1725. 

 20. XI. Hannah, b. May 7, 1698; m. March 29, 1721, Joshua Bicknell of Ashford (Rehoboth Record).

†Nehemiah Lyon is called "blacksmith," but he seems to have been of an adventurous disposition.  A letter written by him March, 1716, from "Jamaca" and addressed to Mr. Joseph Lyon "living in Roxbury, in Spring Street, in New England" is probably the last word ever heard from him.  He says: "Dear Brother: This with my kind love to you. * * * I was sixteen months in the Bay. * * * I left the ship I sailed in thinking to get a better livelyhood than going to sea, which indeed I did by cutting of wood, but going to England thinking to meet with a ship that was bound to the Bay for to take my wood.  Meanwhile the Spaniards have taken the Bay and I have lost all. * * * We are bound for Virginia, where I will get my discharge." From letter on file in Suffolk Co. Probate Records.  March 30, 1725, a legal document, relating to the disposition of the property of Nehemiah Lyon, "supposed to have been lost at sea" and witnessed by Samuel and John Lyon, was signed by the following lawful heirs to the estate, Ebenezer Lyon of Norwich, New London Co.; Joshua Bicknell of Ashford, and wife of Jonathan Bugbee of Woodstock. 

3.  WorldConnect / Ancestry World Trees (online at RootsWeb.com/Ancestry.com).

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