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James ELY
Sarah Ellen CORBIN
Husband:  James ELY
Birth:  2 Feb 1822, Greene Co., PA
Death:  21 Mar 1884, Monroe, Green Co., WI
Father:  John ELY
Mother:  Catharine JOHNSONBACH
Marriage:  21 Apr 1842, Knox Co., OH
Wife:  Sarah Ellen CORBIN
Birth:  27 Jan 1826, OH
Death:  15 Sep 1902, Monroe, Green Co., WI
Disposition:  buried Greenwood Cemetery, Monroe, Green Co., WI
Father:  William Kelly CORBIN
Mother:  Wealthy HOUCK
born in Knox Co., OH:
  1.  Erastus ELY, b. 19 Jun 1843; d. 6 Feb 1864
  2.  William K. ELY, b. 12 Jul 1845; d. 13 Feb 1936

born in Monroe Twp., Green Co., WI:
  3.  Martha Jane ELY, b. 19 Mar 1848; d. 7 Jul 1880; m. Stewart SHELDON
  4.  Sophia ELY, b. 19 Jul 1850; d. Jul 1903; m. 28 Sep 1869, David Dixon BAILEY
  5.  Jerome Corbin ELY, b. 10 Oct 1852; d. 27 Sep 1932, Lincoln, Butler Co., NE; m. 8 Sep 1881, Green Co., WI, Carrie MORRISON
  6.  Minerva ELY, b. 1 Jan 1855: d. 8 Feb 1937; m. Alfred FOGG
  7.  James Monroe ELY, b. 19 Feb 1857
  8.  Thomas Berry ELY, b. 1 May 1859; d. 29 Jan 1933; m. Harriet SHELDON
  9.  Charles Berry ELY, b. 10 Jun 1861; d. 30 Mar 1862
10.  Edwin Ellsworth ELY, b. 5 Jul 1863
11.  Francis Marion ELY, b. 4 Nov 1865; d. 1 Jul 1950
12.  Birdie ELY, b. 30 Sep 1871; d. 16 May 1872

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1.  Liahona Research (Orem, UT), compilers.  1996.  Marriage Index:  Ohio, 1789-1850.  (Broderbund CD-400):
Ely, James Corbin, Sarah Ellen Apr 27, 1842 Knox Co.

2.  Family Quest Archives:  Wisconsin Federal Census 1850: Green and Iowa Counties.  Heritage Quest CD M432-999:  Town of Monroe Dist. No. 4, Greene (sic) Co., WI, p. 226B, 183/191, enumerated 15 Aug 1850 (extracted by Diana Gale Matthiesen):
James Ely 28 M   Farmer 100 Pennsylvania
Sarah E " 24 F       Ohio
Erastus "  6 M       Do
Wm M    "  4 M       Do
Martha J "  2 F       Wis

3.  1860 Census Every-Name-Index/Images (online at Ancestry.com, Image #72 of 82):  Monroe P.O., Town of Monroe, Green Co., WI, Roll M653_1411, p. 378, PN 72, 575/88, enumerated 18 "Juny" 1860, official enumeration date 1 Jun 1860 (extracted by Diana Gale Matthiesen):
James Ely 38 M   farmer 2000 500 Penn
Sarah E 34 F         Ohio
Erastus 16 M         "
William K 16 M         "
Martha J 12 F         Wis
Sophia  9 F         "
Jerome  7 M         "
Minerva  5 F         "
James  3 M         "
Thomas  1 M         "

4.  1870 Census Every-Name-Index/Images (online at Ancestry.com, Image #20 of 117):  Monroe P.O., Town of Monroe, Green Co., WI, Roll M593_1715, p. 172A, PN 19, 127/128, enumerated 23 Jun 1870, official enumeration date 1 Jun 1870 (extracted by Diana Gale Matthiesen):
Ealy James 48 M W Farmer 4800 1200 Pennsylvania
  "  Sarah 44 F W Keeping House     Ohio
  "  Marthy 22 F W School Teacher     Wisconsin
  "  Jerome 17 M W       "
  "  James 13 M W       "
  "  Thomas 11 M W       "
  "  Minerva 15 F W       "
  "  Edward  6 M W       "
  "  Francis  4 M W       "
Listed next to married son, Wm. EALY (æ 25, b. OH).

5.  1880 Census Every-Name-Index/Images (online at Ancestry.com, Image #


7.  1900 Census Every-Name-Index/Images (online at Ancestry.com, Image #

8.  Anon.  1884.  History of Green County, Wisconsin.  Union Publ. Co., Springfield, IL (PDF online at the South Central Library System, Madison, WI, web site).  The sketch was one long, continuous paragraph on p. 973; I've broken it into smaller paragraphs for improved readability.
James Ely, one of the pioneers of this county, was born in Green Co., Penn., on the 22d day of February, 1822.  His parents were John and Catharine Ely, natives of the same State.  About 1829, John Ely emigrated with his family to Knox Co., Ohio, which was then an unbroken wilderness, infested with Indians.  Here he cleared a farm, which he afterwards sold, and removed to another.  He came to Monroe in October, 1846, traveling overland with teams.  They were twenty-two days on the road, crossing the Black Swamp on corduroy bridges, and fording streams. Mr. Ely died in 1850.  Mrs. Ely died in the fall of 1846.  They were both members of the Christian Church for many years.

James Ely, subject of this sketch, was reared and educated in the wilds of Ohio.  The first school that he attended was in a log cabin with a puncheon floor, slab benches and desks, with windows of greased paper.  He was married in Ohio, to Sarah E. Corbin, daughter of William K. Corbin, a native of Washington Co., Penn., who settled in Ohio in 1823.  Mr. and Mrs. Ely had twelve children, nine sons and three daughters, eight of whom are living--William K., Sophia, Jerome C., Minerva, James M., Thomas B., Edwin E. and Francis M.

Two of the sons, Erastus and William K., enlisted in the 1st Wisconsin Heavy Artillery.  Erastus died in the service, while on board the steamer, Julia, in 1864, from eating cakes containing poison, which he had obtained from a rebel woman in Memphis. He was much esteemed by his comrades and a favorite in his company.

Mr. Ely came to the town of Monroe in 1846, took land and made a home, where he lived twenty-nine years.  At that time, 1846, the country was new.  There were no mills in this section, and the settlers were compelled to go to Beloit for their milling.  At one time he hauled wheat to Milwaukee and sold it for thirty-seven and a half cents per bushel.

Mr. and Mrs. Ely, on their arrival in this county, were in limited circumstances, $8 and an old team and wagon comprising the whole of their worldly goods.  Coming through Indiana and Illinois, they contracted the fever and ague, from which they did not recover for a year.  Being nearly out of money, he was obliged to find employment at once and went to a man by the name of Rust, who, after some deliberation, concluded to hire him, agreeing to pay him fifty cents per day.  The following winter, he tried hunting, but found that tramping through the snow and roughing it were not particularly beneficial to the ague, and abandoned it.  He finally struck a new source of revenue in the manufacture of splint baskets which he contracted to Isaac Moulton, he to receive fifty cents each for bushel baskets and to take his pay in groceries.  The next spring he went to work for Mr. Rust, but in May he was taken sick with the ague, and for one year was unable to do any work.

In a new country, sick, and with but little to subsist upon, his experience was hard indeed, to endure.  In the fall of 1850 he purchased 160 acres of land and built a log-cabin 18x20 feet.  Their furniture was of the rudest kind, all home made.  This was their beginning in this county.  They are now in possession of a comfortable fortune, which is due to their perseverence, industry and economy.  Mr. and Mrs. Ely are members of the Christian Church.

9.  The Raymond Martin Bell Anthology"The Families of George Ealy, East Finley Township, and Michael Ely, Buffalo Township, Washington [County], Pennsylvania" (online at the Washington Co., PA, GenWeb site).  Says James is in the 1880 census of Green Co., WI.

10.  LDS.  Family Search: Internet Genealogy Service: Ancestral File.

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