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William WHITESIDE, Sr.
Elizabeth STOCKTON
Husband:  William WHITESIDE, Sr.
Birth:  1710, co. Armagh, Ireland
Death:  aft. 24 Oct 1777
Will signed:  24 Oct 1777, Tryon [now Rutherford] Co., NC
Migration:  to region of Lancaster/Chester Cos., PA
Military:  French & Indian Wars:  Capt. James Neville's Company
Military:  Revolutionary War:  Albemarle County Virginia Militia
Marriage:  1740, Goochland [now Albemarle] Co., VA
Wife:  Elizabeth "Betsy" STOCKTON
Father:  Davis STOCKTON (1685-1761)
Mother:  Sarah __?__
Children born in Mechum's Creek, Goochland [now Albemarle] Co., VA:
  1.  Davis WHITESIDE, b. ca. 1741; m. Elizabeth JOHNSON
  2.  Robert WHITESIDE, b. 22 Feb 1742/3 
  3.  James WHITESIDE, b. 1745; m. Sarah Elizabeth McLAFFERTY
  4.  John WHITESIDE, b. 1746; m1. Judith TOLLY; m2. Catherine BIGGS
  5.  (Col.) William WHITESIDE, b. 1747; m. Mary BOOTH
  6.  Thomas S. WHITESIDE, b. ca. 1749; m. Isabella Elizabeth CHITWOOD
  7.  Ann WHITESIDE, b. 1750; m. Richard SINGLETON
  8.  Margaret WHITESIDE, b. 1751; m. William MONROE, s/o George MONROE & Ann OSBORNE
  9.  Samuel WHITESIDE, b. 1752; m. Betsy BRACKETT
10.  Adam W. WHITESIDE, b. ca. 1755; m1. ?; m2. 1816, Maury Co., TN, Elizabeth SPRUELL
11.  Francis WHITESIDE, b. 1758 
12.  Sarah WHITESIDE, b. ca. 1760; m. 4 Aug 1785, Rutherford Co., NC, Lewis NOLAN
13.  Elizabeth WHITESIDE, b. 1763; m. Davis STOCKTON, s/o Samuel STOCKTON & Prudence TORBET

[Many of the grandchildren ended up in St. Clair, Madison, Monroe, and other Illinois counties.]

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1a.  Jordan R. Dodd, ed.  1993.  North Carolina Marriages:  Early to 1850.  Liahona Research, Orem, UT (Broderbund CD-229):
Nowlin, Lewis Whiteside, Sarah 4 Aug 1785 Rutherford Co.

1b.  Jordan R. Dodd, ed.  1993.  Tennessee Marriages:  Early to 1850.  Liahona Research, Orem, UT (Broderbund CD-229):
Whiteside, Adam Sprewell, Elizabeth 2 Mar 1816 Maury Co.

2.  Brent Holcomb.  1977.  Deed Abstracts of Tryon, Lincoln & Rutherford Counties, North Carolina, 1769-1786, Tryon County Wills & Estates. Southern Historical Press, Greenville, SC.  [First page number is the page in Holcomb.  Second page nos. are deed book page nos., as are volume nos. The wills were loose documents, not recorded in a book.]  The records below are a mixture of those for William, the father, and his children.
p. 71 Vol. 2, 
pp. 144-145
William Whiteside witnesses a Tryon County land transaction on 8 Apr 1775.
p. 129 Will of WILLIAM WHITESIDE of Tryon County-- unto my well Beloved wife ELISABETH my household goods and my plantation during her life-- my children DAVIS WHITESIDE & ROBERT & TOMAS & JOHN & MARGARET and WILLIAM, THOMAS and SAMUEL & ADAM and if She should depart this life before my Son FRANCIS WHITESIDE comes of age my children above mentioned to have the Benefit of the plantation and So Soon as my Son FRANCIS comes of age he may enter in possession of the same and also to pay my daughter ELISABETH £20-- to my daughter SARAH £20-- to my son JAMES WHITESIDE my land on the South mountain in Virginia, Augusta County allowing him to pay £ 15 Va. currency towards the discharge of my debts-- son WILLIAM WHITESID (sic) and THOMAS WHITESIDE Exrs-- 24 Oct 1777-- WILLIAM WHITESIDE (O) (SEAL), Wit: DAVIS WHITESIDE, JAMES WHITESIDE.
p. 88 Vol. 1, 
pp. 379-380
5 Aug 1777, JOHN WHITESIDE to JOSEPH McDONALD of Tryon Co., for £100-- 250 A on both sides Green River about two miles above JOHN HITOWERs survey, which fell to JOHN WHITESIDE by heirship, being the only son of WILLIAM WHITESIDE, granted to sd. WILLIAM WHITESIDE 25 Sep 1766-- JOHN WHITSED (SEAL), Wit : JNO. EARLE, WM. NEVIL, JEREMIAH McDONALD.  Rec. July term 1778.
p. 138 Vol. 2,
pp. 80-81
15 Sept 1779, WILLIAM WHITESIDES of Rutherford Co., To JAMES WHITESIDES of same, for £125-- 200 A on both sides Little Broad River, granted to HUGH BEATY, 6 Apr 1765, including sd. WM. WHITESIDES improvement, NATHANIEL TRACY and ELISABETH WHITESIDES their improvements-- WILLIAM WHITESIDES (SEAL), Wit:  SAMUEL STOCKTON, THOMAS WHITESIDES, THOMAS EVANS.
p. 139 Vol. 2,
pp. 85-86
22 Jan 1780, ROBERT ARMSTONG of Lincoln Co., & HUGH BEATY of Rutherford Co., to THOMAS WHITESIDES of Rutherford Co., for £40. . . land on both sides Little Broad River, including the mouth of the North fork, adj. BENJAMIN SHAW, 300 A granted to ARMSTRONG & BEATY, 23 Dec 1768-- ROBERT ARMSTRONG (SEAL), HUGH BEATY (SEAL), Wit: WILLIAM WHITSIDE, FRANCIS BEATY, THOM HAKTO
p. 142 Vol. 2,
p. 124
Grant to JAMES WHITESIDES, 100 A in Tryon Co., on First Broad River, adj. MOSES MOOR, WILLIAM WHITESIDES & his own land-- 25 Mary 1780.  RCH CASWELL.  [This land is, today, in Rutherford Co., NC.]
Vol. 2,
pp. 124-125
Grant to JAMES WHITESIDES, 200 A in Tryon Co., on waters of First Broad River, adj. WILLIAM WHITESIDES, & his own land-- 25 Mar 1780.  RCH CASWELL.   [This land is, today, in Rutherford Co., NC.]

3.  M.T. Smith & J.T. Lewis.  1936.  History and Lineage Book, National Society Daughters of the American Colonists in Missouri. St. Louis, MO.  On p. 248, regarding William Whiteside:
 Signer of Tryon Declaration of Independence Aug. 14, 1775. 
 Member Committee of Safety 1775. 
 Soldier in Va. Troops Albemarle Co. Militia. 
 Served in French and Indian War under Capt. Neville. 
 Landed proprietor.

 Fam. Bible and Fam. Rec. (possession of Congressman Clarence Cannon, Ninth District of Mo.). 
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 Wood's Hist. Albemarle Co., Va., p. 363. 
 Col. Rec. N.C., Vol. 10, p. 162.

4.  Descendants of William Whiteside by Kathleen H. Dorigan.

5.  Descendants of David Stockton by Ken Parker. [link died]

6.  Broderbund.  World Family Trees.  Vol. 9, Pedigree #1610.

7.  Ancestry World Trees (online at Ancestry.com).

8.  Email from Jerry Stockton (19 Jan 2011), who corrected some errors on the page, ones I'd picked up from secondary sources thank you, Jerry.

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