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Capt. Ebenezer LYON
Elizabeth WINANS
Husband:  Ebenezer LYON
Birth:  1669/70, Newark, Essex Co., New Jersey Colony
Death:  31 Mar 1739, age 69, Elizabethtown, Essex Co., New Jersey Colony [now Elizabeth, Union Co., NJ]
Will:  signed 22 Jan 1738/9, Elizabethtown; proved 16 May 1739
Office:  1694, Associate of Elizabethtown
Military:  1698, soldier in the Albany Expedition
Occupation:  1723-25, Captain of the sloop Three Sisters
Occupation:  1726-33, Captain of the sloop Dove
Father:  Henry LYON
Mother:  Elizabeth BATEMAN
Marriage:  1697, Elizabethtown, Essex Co., NJ
Wife:  Elizabeth WINANS
Birth:  1667/8, New Haven, New Haven Co., CT
Birth:  28 Mar 1671, New York, NY
Death (æ 71):  1 Jul 1739, Elizabethtown, Essex Co., New Jersey Colony [now Elizabeth, Union Co., NJ]
Disposition:  buried in Elizabeth, Union Co., NJ 
Father:  John WINANS, Sr.
Mother:  Susanna MELYN
Children born in Elizabethtown, Essex Co., New Jersey Colony [now Elizabeth, Union Co., NJ]:
1.  Phebe / Phoebe LYON 
2.  Elizabeth LYON, b. ca. 1701 
3.  Dorcas/Dorkis/Darkis LYON, m. Ebenezer STEBBINS
4.  Susannah LYON, m. David MOOREHOUSE
5.  Ebenezer LYON, Jr., b. 1706
6.  (child) LYON
7.  (child) LYON
8.  Bethia LYON, b. 1713
9.  Benjamin LYON


1.  Family Group Sheets compiled by Georgie Tolleson and Betty Ann (Matthiesen) Cogliati.  Death dates and ages at death of Ebenezer and Elizabeth from photos of tombstones.

2.  Charles Carroll Gardner.  1996.  "A Genealogical Dictionary of New Jersey:  Alexander [thru] Allee."  Pages 113-139 in Genealogies of New Jersey Families.  Vol. II.  Genealogical Publ. Co., Baltimore, MD (Broderbund CD-182).  On p. 138 (boldface added):
William Alibee was in prison in Essex County for debt to Ebenezer Lyon of Elizabethtown.  He broke jail and on Oct. 22, 1717, the Court ordered that Lyon be paid the amount proven before two of the Justices to be due him.  (ECt A:86).
ECt = Essex County Court Records (dockets), County Clerk's Office, Newark, NJ.

3.  A series of six papers by Paul Gibson Burton published in the New York Genealogical and Biographical Record under the titles, "The Antwerp Ancestry of Cornelis Melyn" (1936, 67: 157-164, 67: 246-255) and "Cornelis Melyn, Patroon of Staten Island and Some of His Descendants" (1937, 68: 3-17, 68: 132-146, 68: 217-231, 68: 357-365).

4.  Mary Clark's web site: "Richard & Elizabeth Clark, Original Settlers."

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p. 1 Extracts from American Newspapers relating to New Jersey, 1704-1739.
Newspaper Extracts...
p. 72 Custom-House, Boston, June 2.1
Entered Inwards, Eben Lyon from Amboy.
--The Boston News-Letter, from June 27 to July 4, 1723. No. 1014.

1Probably meant for June 29.
Custom-House, Boston, July 6.
Entered Inwards, Lyon from Amboy.
Outward Bound, Lyon for Amboy.
--The New-England Courant, July 1-8, 1723. No. 101.
Custom-House, Boston, July 17. Cleared Outwards,
Ebenezer Lyon, for Amboy.
--The Boston News Letter, July 11-18, 1723. No. 1016.
p. 74 Amboy, August 12. Entered Inwards.--
Sloop Good Endeavour John Hance,
Sloop Mary Joseph Gray,
Scooner Dolphin James Brown,
Sloop Hopewell, (???) Jeffrey, from Rhode-Island,
Sloop Three Sisters Ebenezer Lyon from Boston.
--The American Weekly Mercury, August 15-22, 1723.
p. 92 Custom-House, Boston, June 15.
Entered Inwards, Lyon from Perth Amboy. 
Entered Out. Lyon for Amboy.
--The New-England Courant, June 19-26, 1725. No. 204.
p. 93 Custom-House, Boston, June 23. Entered Inwards,
Davis from West-Jerseys,
Lyon from Perth Amboy.
--The Boston News-Letter, June 17-24, 1725. No. 1117.
Custom-House, Boston. Entered Out.
Lyon for Amboy.
--The New-England Courant, June 26 to July 3, 1725. No 205.
p. 94 Cleared Out.
Lyon for Amboy.
--The New-England Courant, July 10-17, 1725. No. 207.
p. 95 Perth Amboy, Sept. 21. Clear'd Out.
Sloop three Sisters Ebenezer Lyon for Boston.
--The American Weekly Mercury, September 16-23, 1725.
p. 96 Custom-House, Boston. Entered Inwards.
Lyon from Amboy.
--The New-England Courant, October 9-16, 1725. No. 220.
Custom-House, Boston. Cleared Out.
Lyon for Amboy.
--The New-England Courant, October 16-23, 1725. No. 221.
p. 97 Perth-Amboy, Nov. 10, 1725. Entered Inwards.
Henry Garner from Connecticut,
Jonathan Siers from Boston,
Juvis Coit from Mavis,
Joseph Gray from Rhode-Island,
Ebenezer Lyon from Boston.
--The American Weekly Mercury, November 4-11, 1725.
p. 113 Perth-Amboy, November 8. Entered Outwards
Sloop Ann and Judith, Sam Vincent for St. Christophers,
sloop Brislington, Richard Haskens for Jamaica,
sloop Ann and Elizabeth, Francis Vandike for Boston,
sloop Lark, James Toy for North Carolina,
ship Strainge, John Smith for Gibralter,
sloop Dove, Ebenezer Lyon for Maryland,
sloop Eagle, Geo Frasier for St Christophers,
ship Pine-Apple, John Reid for Antigua. 
--The American Weekly Mercury, November 3-10, 1726.
p. 118 Custom-House, Boston, March 1. Entred Inwards,
Ebenezer Lyon from Perth Amboy.
--The [Boston] Weekly News-Letter, No. 9, from Feb 23 to March 2, 1727.
Custom House, Boston, March 5. Outward Bound,
Eben. Lyon for Amboy.
--The Weekly News-Letter, [Boston], Numb. 10. From Thursday, March 2, to Thursday, March 9, 1727.
p. 119 Custom-House, Boston, Mar. 29. Cleared Out,
Eben. Lyon for Amboy.
--The New-England Weekly Journal; Numb. 1 Monday March 20th, 1727.
p. 124 Perth-Amboy April 4 Entred Inwards.
Sloop Dove, Ebenezar Lyon from Boston,
Sloop Abigal, Jacob Dehart from Port Lewis.
--The American Weekly Mercury, March 30 to April 6, 1727.
p. 125 Perth-Amboy Entered Outwards.
The Ship Whitehaven Merchant, Argeball Alcorn for Liverpool.
The Sloop Dove, Ebenezer Lyon for Boston.
--The American Weekly Mercury, April 13-20, 1727.

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