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Peter LYON of Dorchester
Husband:  Peter LYON
Birth said to be:  1620-30, England
Birth probably:  ca. 1626
Death:  1693/4, Dorchester, Suffolk Co., MA
Marriage:  26 Nov 1649, Dorchester, Suffolk Co., MA
Birthdates for Peter and Ann are unknown, but on average, men marry first at age 23 to women four years their junior.   However, it's likely Ann was younger because females, on average, have a maximum span of fecundity of 23 years (from age 20 to 43).  Ann had children for a span of 27 years which means she must have married young and, even so, had a remarkable span of fecundity.  I'm estimating their birth years on this basis.  The estimate for Ann can't be far off due simply to human biology, and while it's possible Peter was older, then his longevity becomes increasingly improbable.
Wife:  Ann TOLMAN
Birth probably:  ca. 1633
Death:  26 Nov 1689, Dorchester, Suffolk Co., MA
Father:  Thomas TOLMAN
Children — born in Dorchester, Suffolk Co., MA:
  1.  Mary LYON, b. 4 Sep 1650; d. 27 Jul 1730, Brookline, Norfolk Co., MA; m. 10 Dec 1678, Dorchester, Suffolk Co., MA, Josiah WINCHESTER (1655-)
  2.  Elhannan / Elhanan LYON, b. 23 Sep 1652; d. 1689, Boston, Suffolk Co., MA; m. 24 Jan 1682, Milton, Norfolk Co., MA, Mary REDMAN (1661-)
  3.  Nathaniel2 LYON, b. 28 Dec 1654
  4.  Susannah LYON, b. 25 Jan 1658; d. aft. 1683; m. 8 Nov 1682, Milton, Norfolk Co., MA, Daniel MOREY (1654-)
  5.  Ebenezer LYON, b. 20 Feb 1661; d. 31 Dec 1689, Dorchester, Suffolk Co., MA; m. Ms. __?__
  6.  Peter LYON, b. ca. 1663; d. 7 Jul 1733, Stoughton, Suffolk Co., MA; m. ca. 1686, Jane VOSE (1665-1707)
  7.  Israel LYON, b. 3 Sep 1665; d. bef. 21 Aug 1666
  8.  Israel LYON, b. 21 Aug 1666; d. 28 Sep 1690, Dorchester, Suffolk Co., MA; m. 25 Mar 1690, Dorchester, Suffolk Co., MA, Hannah HEWENS (1665-)
  9.  Mehitable LYON, b. 23 Aug 1669; d. 14 Sep 1733, Canton, Norfolk Co., MA; m. 29 Jan 1690, Dorchester, Suffolk Co., MA, Joseph HEWENS (1668-)
10.  Eliab LYON, b. 12 Jul 1673
11.  Freegrace LYON, b. 18 Aug 1677
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1.  A.B. [Albert Brown] Lyon(s) & G.W.A. Lyon, eds.  1905. Lyon Memorial: Massachusetts Families.  [Vol. I.]  Press of Wm. Graham Printing Co., Detroit, MI (page images online at Ancestry.com; transcription by DGM from hard copy original; color added by DGM):
p. 320
[The family history compiled by G.W.A. yon, M.D., of Philadelphia, Pa.]

1. I. 1.  PETER1 LYON, born in England; married Ann _____; died in Dorchester, Mass., 1993 or 1694...

p. 321 ...
Children of Peter and Ann Lyon, all born in Dorchester:
  2.   I.   Mary, b. 4, 9 mo., 1650; bp. 20, 6 mo., 1651; m. Dec. 10, 1678, Josiah Winchester.†
  *3.   II.   Elhanan, b. 23, 7 mo., 1652; bp. 3, 8 mo., 1652; m. Jan. 24, 1682, Mary _____ (M); d. 1689-90.
  *4.   III.   Nathaniel, b. 28, 10 mo., 1654; bp. 31, 10 mo., 1654; m. _____; d. March 15, 1705.
  5.   IV.   Susannah,§ b. 25, 1 mo., 1658; bp. 28, 1 mo., 1658; m. Daniel Morey.
  *6.   V.   Ebenezer, b. 20, 12 mo., 1660; bp. 3, 1 mo., 1661; m. _____; d. Dec. 31, 1689.
  *7.   VI.   Peter, b. _____; bp. 6, 7 mo., 1663; m. (1) about 1686, Jane Vose; d. July 7, 1733.

†Josiah, son of John and Hannah (Syllice) Winchester; m. Dec. 10, 1678, Mary Lyon; they settled at Muddy River.  As there was apparently no other Mary Lyon on record in 1678, it may be assumed that this Mary is the one in question.
§Susanna seems to have been a favorite of Peter's, and may have been named for the Susanna who was member of the church, 1639.
p. 322
  8.   VII.   Israel,‡ b. _____; bp. 3, 7 mo., 1665.
  9.   VIII.   Israel, b. 21, 8 mo., 1666; bp. 4, 9 mo., 1666; m. March 25, 1690, Hannah Hewens (B); d. Sept. 28, 1690 (D).
  10.   IX.   Mehitable,|| b. 23, 8 mo., 1669; bp. _____; m. Jan. 29, 1690, Joseph Hewens; d. Sept. 14, 1733 (C).
  11.   X.   Eliab,** b. July 12, 1673; bp. 20, 8 mo., 1673.
  12.   XI.   Freegrace, b. Aug. 18, 1677; bp. 2, 9 mo., 1677.

‡Israel died soon after his marriage, and probably left no issue.  It may have been his widow who m. Dec. 19, 1694 (M), Moses Belcher; or this may have been an unrecorded daughter of Peter.

||Mehitable was admintted to chh. 3, 8 mo., 1690.  Her husband, Joseph Hewens was on the jury which tried Goodwife Morse for witchcraft.  The whirligig of time makes all things even, and the compiler, a descendant of Peter, used in his courting days to be sorely tried by the witchery of his present wife, a relative of the accused.

**Eliab was in Capt. John Withington's company in the Canada Expedition of 1690 (Hist. Dor.).  Probably he was one of the "Canady soldiers," of whom it is recorded in Blake's Annals:  "At this period many died in Dorchester, and 46 Canada soldiers were lost—in all 103.  Not all were recorded in these years, especially in 1690."  Hezekiah Barker was a proprietor of Dorchester, Canada (Ashburnham), in right of Eliab Lyon at the desire of Zachariah, son of Nathaniel, his elder brother (Hist. Ashb.).

2.  Lyon(s) Families Association of America: Database (on CD as of 22 Feb 2010).

3.  WorldConnect / WorldTree (online at RootsWeb.com/Ancestry.com, respectively).

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