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Mary Elizabeth CORBIN
Husband:  Peter6 CHAMBLISS
Birth:  ca. 1755, Sussex Co., VA
Death:  aft. Jan 1828, but bef. 28 Apr 1828, Red Lick Dist., Claiborne [now Jefferson] Co., MS
Father:  John5 CHAMBLISS (1728-1803) John4, Henry3, John2, Robert1
Mother:  Sarah4 LEE (1731-1763) Samuel3, Hugh2, Hugh1
Marriage-1:  Aug 1777, VA
Wife-1:  Mary "Polly" HICKS
Birth:  ca. 1758
Other Spouse:  m2. Aug 1795, John WATSON
Father:  Robert HICKS
Wife-2:  Mary Elizabeth CORBIN
Birth:  27 Dec 1771, of Orangeburg and Lexington Dists., SC
Death:  6 Jun 1798 or Oct 1801, in SC
Father:  Peter CORBIN
Mother:  Elizabeth SEAWRIGHT
Wife-3:  Mary RUTLEDGE
Birth:  bef. 1775
Death:  Lake Providence, East Carroll Par., LA
Other Spouse:  Mr. RIFE
Child with Mary HICKS:
  1.  Mary Dickerson CHAMBLISS, b. 1778, Sussex Co., VA
Children with Mary Elizabeth CORBIN born in SC:
  2.  Peter Corbin CHAMBLISS, b. 1791/2; d. 5 May 1855; bur. Taylor Co., GA
  3.  John Samuel CHAMBLISS, b. ca. 1792; d. 1862, Jefferson Co., MS
  4.  Elizabeth CHAMBLISS, b. 1796; d. 1813/4
Children with Mary RUTLEDGE born in Jefferson Co., MS:
  5.  Nathaniel CHAMBLISS, b. ca. 1801/02
  6.  Sarah Baker "Sallie" CHAMBLISS, b. 25 Dec 1805; d. 1896, Arkansas Co., AR
  7.  Thomas J./I. CHAMBLISS, b. ca. 1807; d. 23 Oct 1837, Lake Providence, East Carroll Par., LA
  8.  Martha Dickson CHAMBLISS, b. ca. 1810; m. Marvel MILLS she's not the Martha D. CHAMBLISS (b. 1833) who married William H. CORBIN
  9.  Mary E./C. CHAMBLISS, b. ca. 1812; d. ca. 1880
10.  Samuel Lee CHAMBLISS, b. 9 Apr 1814; d. 1876, Corsicana, Navarro Co., TX
11.  Robert James CHAMBLISS, b. ca. 1815; d. 1850, Lake Providence, East Carroll Par., LA
Keywords for search engines:  genealogy; USA, US, United States, Arkansas, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina, Texas, Virginia

Sources (n.b., Richland and Orangeburg Cos. are adjacent):

1.  Marriage Records:

2.  Census Index:  Colonial America, 1607-1789 (Broderbund CD-310):  not found.

3.  1790 U.S. Census Index/Images (online at Ancestry.com, Image #5 of 8; official enumeration date 2 Aug 1790; extracted by Diana Gale Matthiesen):¤
1790 SC Richland Co. Roll M637_11 p. 139 Ln. 15 Peter Chambless 1-0-3-0-8
These data indicate:
Gender and Type Age Class Therefore Born Individuals Inferred
1 free white male 16 or over in or bef. 1774 = Peter (b. ca. 1755)
3 free white females all ages in or bef. 1790 = Mary Elizabeth (b. 1771)
= Mary Dickerson (b. 1778)
= ?
8 slaves all ages in or bef. 1790 = ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
He's the only CHAMBLISS in the county; there are no CORBINs in the county.

4.  1800 U.S. Census Index/Images (online at Ancestry.com, Image #17 of 34; official enumeration date 4 Aug 1800; extracted by Diana Gale Matthiesen):¤
1800 SC Orangeburg Dist. Lexington Roll M32_49 p. 563 Ln. 4 Peter Chambles 02001-10010-03
These data indicate:
No. & Sex  Age Class Therefore Born Individuals Inferred
2 males 10-15 1784-1790 = John (b. ca. 1792)
= Peter (b. 1791/2)
1 male 45 or over in or bef. 1755 = Peter (b. ca. 1755)
1 female 9 or under 1790-1800 = Elizabeth (b. 1796) 
1 female 26-44 1755-1774 = Mary Elizabeth (b. 1771)
3 slaves all ages in or bef. 1800 = ? ? ?

5.  1810 U.S. Census Index/Images (online at Ancestry.com):  not found, but there was no 1810 census in Mississippi.

6.  1820 U.S. Census Index/Images (online at Ancestry.com, Image #4 of 19; official enumeration date 7 Aug 1820; list was roughly alphabetical; extracted by Diana Gale Matthiesen):¤
1820 MS Jefferson Co. Roll M33_58 p. 52A Ln. 25 211101-21001-0-200 0210-0100
These data indicate:
No., Race, Gender  Age Class Therefore Born Individuals Inferred
2 white males 9 or under 1810-1820 = Robert (b. ca. 1815) 
= Samuel (b. 1814)
1 white male 10-15 1804-1810 = Thomas (b. ca. 1807)
1 white male 16-18 1801-1804 = Nathaniel (b. ca. 1801) 
1 white male 19-25* 1794-1801 = Nathaniel (b. ca. 1801)
1 white male 45 or over in or bef. 1775 = Peter (b. ca. 1755) 
2 white females 9 or under 1810-1820 = Mary (b. ca. 1812)
= Martha (b. ca. 1808)
1 white female 10-15 1804-1810 = Sarah (b. ca 1805)
1 white female 45 or over in or bef. 1775 = Mary
2 people engaged in agriculture
2 male slaves 14-25 1794-1806 = ? ?
1 male slave 26-44 1775-1794 = ?
1 female slave 14-25 1794-1806 = ?
*In the 1820 Census, the third column is age class 16-18 and the fourth column is age class 16-25, which means any individual in column three is duplicated in column four.  So, for an accurate representation of the household, the number in column three should be subtracted from the number in column four. If, after the subtraction, any individuals remain in column four, then they have to be age 19-25, thus creating a "new," more precise age class.
Listed one line above son, Peter C. CHAMBLISS.

7.  1830 U.S. Census Index/Images (online at Ancestry.com):  not found.

8.  Messages posted to the Corbin Family Genealogy Forum (online at GenForum.com).

9.  Genealogy shared by descendant.

10.  WorldConnect / Ancestry World Trees (online at RootsWeb.com/Ancestry.com).

11.  Email from Carolyn Cloud Stanley (28 Mar 2010):
According to the law suit brought by husband of Elizabeth Chambliss for Elizabeth and her two brothers (Peter Corbin Chambliss and John S. Chambliss) in Equity Court of South Carolina in 1813, Elizabeth Corbin Chambliss was alive at the time of her mother's death (1800) and died soon afterward (perhaps 1801).
Plus scanned image of a document kindly shared by her and my transcription of it:
State of Mississippi |
Jefferson Cty        |
This day personally appeared before the undersigned [??] of the Justices of the County Court for Jeffercon Cty Thos Chambliss, Miss Mary Chambliss and Samuel Chambliss Minor heirs of Peter Chambliss Decd And acknowledged that they wish Peter C. Chambliss appointed their Legal Guardian
Given under my hand and Seal this 28th April 1828.
Jno. L Erwin [Seal]
The above does not rule out that there were other minor children still living because, when multiple children were orphaned, it was not unusual for them to be assigned different guardians.  Note that a child was considered an orphan and had to be assigned a male guardian, even if its mother was still living, because women had no legal status to act on behalf of their children.

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