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Peter CORBIN — the "Lexington" CORBINs
WARNING:  This Peter CORBIN is being confused with at least three other Peter CORBINs:
1)  The Peter CORBIN (1731-1790), who lived in Dutchess Co., NY, and is said to have married Elizabeth SEABRIGHT.  This "couple" is a mixing up of the Dutchess County Peter CORBIN with our subject.  The error appears to be a mis-interpretation of an entry in the Appendix of Harvey Lawson's (1905) book, The Descendants of Clement Corbin of Muddy River.  The fact is that the identity of the wife of the Dutchess County Peter CORBIN is unknown.  Some also allege the Dutchess County Peter CORBIN is a descendant of Clement CORBIN.  Several descendants of Clement have already been Y-DNA tested (they are Haplogroup G-Z27567), so testing a patrilinal line descendant of the Dutchess County Peter CORBIN would quickly determine whether or not he could be Clement's descendant.

2)  The Peter CORBIN (c1740s-1794/5) of Pendleton [now Pickens] Co., SC, who married Elizabeth __?__ (and is Y-DNA Haplogroup R1b-SRY2627).

3)  The Peter CORBIN (1745- ) of VA, who married Easter/Esther HOLDWAY (and is Y-DNA Haplogroup I1-A16956).

Our subject is a different Peter CORBIN in a different Y-DNA haplogroup (I1-L22).  People in different genetic haplogroups cannot have had a common ancestor for thousands of years.
NOTICE:  patrilineal descendants of our subject are participating in the CORBIN Y-chromosome DNA Surname Project.  Anyone who suspects they descend from our subject on a direct male line can support that connection with a DNA test.
Husband:  Peter CORBIN
Birth:  ca. 1730s
Death:  by Jun 1777
Y-DNA Haplogroup:  I1-L22
Wife:  Elizabeth SEAWRIGHT
Birth:  ca. 1740s
Death:  Jan 1800, Lexington Co., SC
Migration:  1762, Ireland to SC
Father:  Samuel SEAWRIGHT (1715-1766) — tentatively William7, William6, James5, Edward4 SEAWRIGHT, William3, Peter2, Edward1 SEABRIGHT
Mother:  Elizabeth TEMPLETON
Children — born in Orangeburg Dist. [now Lexington Co.], SC:
1.  Mary Elizabeth CORBIN, b. 27 Dec 1771 
2.  Samuel CORBIN, b. 16 Feb 1774
3.  Ellender CORBIN, b. 4 Sep 1777
Keywords for search engines:  genealogy; USA, US, United States, South Carolina


1.  Marriage Record:

2.  Rev. Harvey M. Lawson, compiler.  1905.  Descendants of Clement Corbin of Muddy River (Brookline, Ma. and Woodstock, Ct): with notices of other lines of Corbins.  Hartford Press, Hartford, CT.
Not seen by me, but Bill Rankin has kindly supplied this information via email:
Peter and Warren Corbin are mentioned in an appendix about the Corbin's of Dutchess County, N.Y., in Lawson's book on Clement Corbin:
"Peter Corbin came in Company with an Irish family named Seabright and married into that family."
So, here is the source of the spelling error in Elizabeth's maiden name and, more importantly, the error equating the Peter CORBIN of Dutchess Co., NY, with the Peter CORBIN of Orangeburg Dist., SC [now Lexington Co., SC], who married into the SEAWRIGHT family, which had emigrated from Ireland to South Carolina in 1762.  Peter did not immigrate with the SEAWRIGHTs, so his origin remains unknown.

3.  Tax-rates of Dutchess Co., 1777 (N.Y. State Library; courtesy of Bill Rankin):
"A Peter Corbin resided at Pawling, Dutchess Co., N. Y., in 1777, where he was taxed for £660."
The Peter CORBIN in Dutchess County was there at a time when our subject was known to be in SC.  They are clearly two different men (as if we needed more proof).

4.  Messages posted to the Corbin Family Genealogy Forum (online at GenForum.com).  See especially Message #2225, "Corbin Bible… Calhoun County, SC — FYI," and my replies to it.

5.  Genealogy shared by Charles Culver CORBIN.

6.  WorldConnect / Ancestry World Trees (online at RootsWeb.com/Ancestry.com).

7.  OneWorldTree (online at Ancestry.com).  This is where I found the extended ancestry of Samuel SEWRIGHT.  I have no idea how accurate it is, so caveat emptor!

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