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Humphrey BOGART
Husband:  Humphrey DeForest BOGART
Birth:  25 Dec 1899, New York, NY
Death:  14 Jan 1957, Hollywood, Los Angeles Co., CA
Disposition:  buried Forest Lawn, Glendale, Los Angeles Co., CA
Occupation:  actor 
Father:  Belmont de Forest BOGART
Mother:  Maud HUMPHREY
Marriage-1:  20 May 1926, Gramercy Park Hotel, New York, NY; Divorce:  18 Nov 1927
Wife:  Helen MENKEN
Birth:  12 Dec 1901, New York, NY
Death:  27 Mar 1966, The Lambs Club, New York, NY
Occupation:  actor
Other Spouse:  m2. 12 Jul 1932, Dr. Henry T. SMITH; Divorce: 1947
Other Spouse:  m3. Oct 1948, George N. RICHARD
Father:  Frederick MEINKEN
Mother:  Mary MADDEN
Marriage-2:  3 Apr 1928, Hartford, Hartford Co., CT; Divorce:  1938
Wife:  Mary PHILIPS
Birth:  23 Jan 1901, New London, New London Co., CT
Death:  22 Apr 1975, Santa Monica, Los Angeles Co., CA
Occupation:  actor
Other Spouse:  Kenneth MacKENNA (1899-1962)
Father:  Charles PHILIPS
Mother:  Anna HURLEY
Marriage-3:  1938; Divorce:  1945
Wife-3:  Mayo METHOT
Birth:  3 Mar 1904, Portland, Multnomah Co., OR
Death:  9 Jun 1951, Multnomah, Multnomah Co., OR
Occupation:  actor
Other Spouse:  m1.  Jack LaMOND; Divorce: 1927
Other Spouse:  m2.  Percy T. MORGAN, Jr.; Divorce: 1936
Father:  Capt. Jack METHOT ( -1929)
Marriage-4:  21 May 1945
Wife-4:  Betty Joan PERSKE, a.k.a., Lauren BACALL
Birth:  16 Sep 1924, New York, NY
Occupation:  actor
Other Spouse:  m2. 1961, Jason ROBARDS
Father:  William PERSKE
Mother:  Natalie WEINSTEIN, of Romania; d/o Max WEINSTEIN & Sophie __?__
Children with Helen MENKEN:
Children with Mary PHILLIPS:
Children with Mayo METHOT:
Children with Lauren BACALL:
1.  Stephen Humphrey BOGART, b. 6 Jan 1949
2.  Leslie Howard BOGART [female], b. 23 Aug 1952
Keywords for search engines:  genealogy; USA, US, United States, California, Connecticut, New York, Oregon


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There is a person calling herself "Heather BOGART" and claiming (at various places online and to me in emails dated February through March, 2007) to be either the biological daughter or adopted daughter of Lauren BACALL.  She gives a birthdate of 19 Jul 1946, sometimes giving a birthplace of Chicago and, at other times, Los Angeles.  She has at times claimed that she was Humprey's biological child and at other times that she was his adopted child.  She claims her name was originally "Lauren Heather BOGART," but that it was changed to "Jason Heather BOGART" when she was adopted by Jason ROBARDS.

She has also claimed to be a lovechild of Lauren BACALL's affair with Frank SINATRA, although that affair took place after Bogie's death in 1957.  She has also claimed to be the daughter of Frank SINATRA and his first wife, Nancy BARBATO (online bios show that Frank & Nancy had three children:  Nancy, born 8 Jun 1940; Frank Jr., born 10 Jan 1944; and Christina, born 20 Jun 1948).

I can find no evidence to support that Lauren BACALL had a daughter, Heather, biological or adopted.  In reviews of her biography, By Myself and Then Some (see at Amazon.com [link died]), only three children are mentioned:  Stephen and Leslie with Humphrey BOGART and Sam with Jason ROBARDS.  Ditto other online bios.

This individual also claims to still be living with Lauren BACALL in her New York apartment, another item not mentioned in the reviews of BACALL's biography nor in her recent hour-long interview on TCM (Turner Classic Movies).

This post at TeenForum [link died] and this one at MyJellyBean.com [link died] are examples of additional reasons for my giving no credence to these claims.  For example, why is a woman in her 60s posting on teenie-bopper web sites? And why is a woman in her 60s talking about getting married and having children some day?  [Update (18 Feb 2010):  Links to the posts at TeenForum and MyJellyBean have died, indicating the posts were removed.]

If I've erred and Lauren BACALL really has an adopted daughter living with her, someone credible please contact me because she is pressuring me to add her name to this page as Lauren's child.  Otherwise, someone please get this girl/woman some obviously needed help. 

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