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Samuel BAYLES, Sr.
Husband:  Samuel BAYLES, Sr.
Birth:  11 Apr 1751, Middlesex Co., NJ
Birth:  11 Apr 1751, Kingston, Somerset Co., NJ
Death:  14 Aug 1825, Jonesborough, Washington Co., TN
Father:  Daniel BAYLESS
Mother:  Johanna LAKES
Marriage-1:  16 Jan 1774, Loudon Co., VA
Wife-1:  Mary NODDING
Birth:  ca. 1753
Death:  10 Aug 1810, Washington Co., TN 
Father:  William NODDING
Mother:  Mary [BREWSTER?]
Marriage-2:  Dec 1810, Greene Co., TN
Wife-2:  Susannah HAWKINS
Wife-3:  Susannah BALTZELL
Children with Mary NODDING:
born Loudon Co., VA:
  1.  Daniel BAYLESS [twin], b. 3 Nov 1774; apparently died bef. 18 Apr 1777
  2.  William BAYLESS [twin], b. 3 Nov 1774; m. 10 Oct 1797, Washington Co., TN, Catherine HAIRE

born Washington Co., TN:
  3.  Daniel Lucas BAYLESS, b. 18 Apr 1777; m1. 5 Mar 1803, Washington Co., TN, Mary IRELAND; m2. Mary BURROUGHS
  4.  Mary "Polly" BAYLESS, b. 24 Aug 1778; d. bef. 5 Aug 1825, Washington Co., TN; m. 30/1 Mar 1797, Washington Co., TN, Solomon BROWN
  5.  John BAYLESS, b. 13 Dec 1780; d. 2 May 1862, Greene Co., TN; m. 1802, Sarah HAWKINS
  6.  Samuel BAYLESS, Jr., b. 17 Nov 1782; m1. 29 Feb 1810, Sarah HAMPTON; m2. Mary HARRIS
  7.  Hannah BAYLESS, b. 7 Sep 1784; d. 30 Jun 1859, Washington Co., TN; m. 20 Apr 1827, Washington Co., TN, Isaac HOSS
  8.  Phoebe BAYLESS, b. 13 Dec 1788; m. 2 May 1816, William WHITE
  9.  Martena BAYLESS, b. 1 Dec 1791; d. 23 Jul 1852, Monroe Co., TN; m. 1 Sep 1811, Washington Co., TN, Thomas HUNT
10.  Hezekiah BAYLESS, b. 23 Jan 1793; m. 23 Dec 1811, Washington Co., TN, Mary FINCH
11.  Alexander BAYLESS [twin], b. 27 Dec 1794
12.  Alice BAYLESS [twin], b. 27 Dec 1794; m. John M. TABOR
13.  Reuben BAYLESS, b. aft. 1794; m. 10 Dec 1827, Washington Co., TN, Elizabeth MOORE

Children with Susannah HAWKINS:
Children with Susannah BALTZELL:
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3.  Goldene Fillers Burgner.  1983/1992.  Washington County Tennessee Wills, 1777-1872.  Southern Historical Press, Greenville, SC.
SAMUEL BAYLES     August 5, 1825
To wife, Susannah, ½ land (220 acres) to include house and barn, small pot, large oven and skillet.  To son William - surveying instruments.  To son Daniel - price of a cow he owes me for.  Children of my daughter Polly Brown, decd. - 150 Acres where Samuel Brown and John Helibe? now live.  Samuel to pay his brothers, Hezekiah and Henderson $94, and sisters Elizabeth Brown, Polly Rice, Matilda Slyger, Hannah Brown, Martena Brown.  To Reuben Brown.  To Reese Brown.  To John Bayles - oldest note he owes me.  To daughter Hannah Hoss - land adjoining John Lamons and David Lamons (200 Acres) out of which is to come 1¼ Acres for Meeting House and Burying Grounds.  My son Reuben Bayles, the youngest. Daughters Phebe White, Martena Hunts, Alice Tabor.  Executors: John and Reuben Bayles.  Wit.: Henry McCray, William Thompson, John McCrary.  Proven October Sessions, 1825.  Signed: Samuel Bayles.
I cannot reconcile his will to the list of children in the LDS Ancestral File.  This needs more work.

4.  LDS.  Ancestral File (online).

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