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Diana, Goddess of the Hunt for Ancestors!
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Pending Tests and Links Hub for Results and Lineages
and Variations, especially STROUP and TROUP
Pending Tests below.  The Lineages and Results tables for the different haplogroups are on separate pages.
Y-DNA Haplogroups Represented in the Project
(number tested at FTDNA + number tested elsewhere / number of different progenitors)
E (1 / 1)  I1  (4 / 3) I1-L592 (31 / 1)  I2  (14 / 6) J2 (5 / 2) R1a (2 / 1) R1b (25 / 19) T (1 / 1)

See List of Progenitors below for those having a known haplogroup and those still needing to be tested.
Logically, haplotypes (based on STR [short tandem repeat] testing) should correlate with haplogroups (based on SNP [single nucleotide polymorphism] testing), and they do.  The correlation between haplotypes and haplogroups allows one to deduce the haplogroup from the haplotype, without the added expense of SNP testing.  In the results tables, haplogroup designations without a corresponding SNP test are deductions based on the haplotype.  For common haplotypes, the haplogroup deductions are usually correct; for questionable haplotypes, the deductions can be wrong.  In these cases, FTDNA, as part of its "Haplogroup Assurance" policy, will conduct a "backbone" SNP test, free of charge, to securely determine the basic haplogroup. 

The "modal" haplotypes for the haplogroup subclades given in the tables are just that (i.e., the most common pattern for the subclade); there are variations from the modal pattern, and variations at non-defining markers do not necessarily rule out membership in the subclade.

Individuals tested for the National Geographic Society's Genographic Project are, in fact, tested with Family Tree DNA, so sharing results between that project and this one is straightforward and easily accomplished (in either direction) from the test subject's member page and your project admin encourages you to join both.
SNP is treated, both in speech and in writing, as a word, "snip," not spelled out "S-N-P."  "Hg" is an abbreviation for Haplogroup. "NPE" is the acronym for "Non-Paternity Event," meaning there is a hidden adoption or illicit paternity in the individual's patrilineal line ancestry.  "GD" stands for "Genetic Distance," meaning the number of mutation events separating two individuals.  While most mutation events are one step (i.e., a change of one in the count for a marker), there are kinds of mutation events that can change a count by more than one in a single event (e.g., a recLOH recombinant loss of heterozygosity), so these events are counted as one in terms of genetic distance.
Viewing Tip:  hold your cursor over a linked name in a lineage.  The full names of the husband and his spouse(s) will appear in the Status Bar of your browser.

New Members First Results Pending
Kit Sent
Kit Returned
Surname Kit# Markers Ordered Known Lineage
12 37 67 111
Once the results of the first 12 markers are returned in about six to eight weeks the subject will be moved to one of the haplogroup results pages linked below (i.e., as soon as the haplogroup is known).
When results return, the FTDNA server updates their version of the project results table immediately and automatically, though the result will remain at the bottom of the table as "unassigned," until I can get in and manually move the result to the appropriate subgroup.
The project results tables here on my web site must be updated manually.  I usually manage to do the update within a few hours of the return of results, but if many results return on the same day, it may take me longer (I manage ten DNA projects for FTDNA, plus one for a family association).  If the results happen to be unexpected or difficult to interpret (e.g., requiring significant modification of my web pages or additional genealogical research), it may be several days before returned results appear on my web site.

Major Known Lines of STRAUB / STROOP / STRUB / STRAUBE / TRAUB / etc. and Their Haplogroups
Look at all the lines that still need to be tested!
Listed approximately from earliest immigrant to the United States to most recent immigrant.
Descendants of Matthias STROOP (c1660-1740), immigrant to Maryland in 1687  
Descendants of Johannes STRAUB (1683-) of Germany, 1710 immigrant to NY
(descendants mostly STROPE, some STRAUP / STROPES / STROUP; migrated westwards from NY, some via PA)
Descendants of William STROUP (c1820s-c1870s) of Jefferson Co., NY
(NY to McHenry Co., IL to Goodhue Co., MN)
Descendants of Thomas STROPE (1760s-1848), PA 
(probable great-grandson of Johannes STRAUB; settled in Greene Co., PA; children to Medina Co., OH)
Descendants of Henry STROPE (1765/6-1850), PA > OH
(probable great-grandson of Johannes STRAUB; settled in Ross Co., OH; children to Fayette Co., OH)
Descendants of Martin STRAUB (1616-1675/6) of Gemmingen and Großgartach, Württemberg
(includes grandson Johann Pieter STRAUB, 1733 immigrant to Philadelphia)
Descendants of Johann Pieter STRAUB I (1695-c1760s), immigrant to Philadelphia in 1733
(includes grandson, Andrew STRAUB, Founder of Freeburg; descendants mostly STROUP)
Descendants of Jacob STROUP I (1722-c1804) of Lincoln [now Gaston] Co., NC, imm. in 1733
(formerly believed to descend from Mathias STROOP of MD, but DNA says he's desc/o Johann Pieter STRAUB I)
John Peter STRAUB / STROUP (1760-1857) of Wythe Co., VA
Descendants of John STRAUB, Sr. (c1780s -1824) of Beaver Twp., Union [now Snyder] Co., PA
(paper connection to immigrant not yet found, but surely descended from him)
Descendants of Andrew S. STRAUB (1797-1858) of PA
(moved to Marion Co., OH believed to be a son of Andrew STRAUB, Founder of Freeburg)
Descendants of Rev. Benjamin STRAUB (1802-1873) of PA
(to Marion, then Hancock, then Fairfield Co., OH, then Allegan Co., MI almost certainly bro/o Andrew S. STRAUB)
Descendants of Moses STRAUB / STROUP (1800s- ) of Juniata Co., PA
(stayed in Juniata Co., PA possibly a son of Andrew STRAUB, Founder of Freeburg)
Descendants of Michael STRAUB (1811/2- ) of Juniata Co., PA
(stayed in Juniata Co., PA possibly a son of Andrew STRAUB, Founder of Freeburg)
This group includes BELEW and CRUMP lines that have a STROUP NPE in their lineage.
Also includes a BARNES line that had a deliberate, documented surname change.
Paper descendants of the above John Peter STROUP of Wythe Co., VA, thru his son, Peter STROUP
The tested descendant has an NPE in his lineage.  Please see this page for further discussion.
R1b-M222 NW Irish
Descendants of Wilhelm STRUB (1700-1766), 1737 immigrant
(from the Kurpfalz to PA to W/VA; descendants surnamed STROOP/STROOPE/etc.)
Descendants of Andreas STRAUB I (c1710s-c1770s), immigrant to Lancaster Co., PA, in 1742
(includes son, Andrew STRAUB II, Founder of Milton)
Descendants of Johannes STRUB (1719-1789), 1740s immigrant
(from Läufelfinger, Switzerland, to NC; descendants surnamed STRUPE/STROOP/STROUP/etc.)
Descendants of Johannes STRUB (1725-1781) 1751 immigrant to Philadelphia 
(descendants surnamed STRUP/STROOP, lived in Philadelphia and Gloucester Co., NJ)
Descendants of Mathias STRAUB (1736- ) of Renquishhausen, Tuttlingen, Württemberg
(patrilineal line descendant immigrated to Illinois in the 20th Century)
Descendants of Conrad STROUP (c1740s-1787) of Ohio Co., VA [now Marshall Co., WV]
(descendants mostly STROOP(S); to Allegheny Co., PA, and Schuyler Co., IL; prob. desc. of Wilhelm STRUB)
Descendants of Christian STRAUB (1780s-1840s) of Northampton Co., PA
(probable descendant of the 1742 immigrant, Andreas STRAUB I)
Descendants of Michael STRAUB (c1740s- ), MD > PA 
(who settled mostly in Highland Co., OH)
I2a - Dinaric-S
Descendants of Jacob STROUP (1815/6-1860s), PA > OH > IN
(who moved to Grant Co., IN, by 1840; children mostly remained there)
Descendants of Johannes STRUBE (c1740s-1786), 1770s immigrant 
[Germany to PA ca. 1770s, then Rowan Co., NC, then Rutherford Co., TN; descendants often STROOP]
Descendants of Adam STROUD
Descendants of David STROUP (1755/6-1950)
(of Mifflin Co., PA; some to Blair Co., PA, and Adams Co., OH)
Deme 4
Descendants of Christian STRAUBE (1789-1867) 
(PA to Bracken Co., KY, to Franklin Co., IN, to Audrain Co., MO)
Descendants of Joseph STROUP (1790s-1840s) PA > OH > IN
(children settled in Shelby Co., IN)
Paper descendants of John Peter STROUP of Wythe Co., VA, thru grandson, Jacob Jackson STROUP
The tested descendant has an NPE in his lineage and is really a NEWHOUSE.  Please see this page for further discussion..
Descendants of William STRAUB/STROUP (1764-1847) 
Germany to Berks Co., PA, to Columbiana Co., OH
Descendants of John STRAUB I (c1770s- ), miller of Schuylkill Co., PA
(descendants mainly in Dauphin Co., PA)
I1 - AngloSaxon2
Descendants of Jacob STRAUB / STROUP II (1771-1846), of PA or MD > NC > SC > GA
(paper desc/o Jacob STOUP I, but has NPE; Lincoln Co., NC, to SC, then GA, descendants on to AL, MS)
Descendants of John Peter TRAUB (1757-c1823), of Perry Twp., Union [now Snyder] Co., PA
(who turns out to be a genetic match with a descendant of Jonathan Francis STRAUB see below)
I1 - Norse-Dansk
Descendants of Jonathan Francis STRAUB (1821-1901), of Chapman Twp., Union [now Snyder] Co., PA
(who turns out to be a genetic match with a descendant of John Peter TRAUB see above)
Descendants of George STROUP (1779/80-1850s) of Philadelphia, PA R-M269
Descendants of George STROUP (c1787-1850s)
Berks Co., PA > Montgomery Co., OH > Shelby Co., IN
Descendants of John STRUBE (1786/7-1856), France to Cabarrus Co., NC  
Descendants of (Jacob) Daniel STROUP, b. 1790-92, PA
(of Philadelphia, PA)
Descendants of Philip STRAUB, b. 1791/2, Wuerttemberg
(immigrant to Allegheny Co., PA, in the 1830s; descendants mainly in Beaver Co., PA)
Descendants of Theobald / Dewald STRAUB (b. ca. 1770s)
(in PA by 1796; settled in Northampton [now Carbon] Co., PA; converted to STROUP / STRAUP)
Descendants of Peter STRAUB / STROUP (b. 1765-75) 
(in PA by 1796; settled in Cumberland [now Perry] Co., PA; converted to STROUP / STRAUP)
Descendants of Friedrich Wilhelm STRAUB (1790-1849) of Hesse-Darmstadt 
(arr. New Orleans, LA, 11 Dec 1839; then on to St. Louis, MO)
Descendants of Thaddaeus STRAUB (1793-1871) of Wuerttemberg 
(settled in Butler Co., OH)
Descendants of Henry STRAUB I (1793/4-    ), of Northumberland Co., PA I2b1
Descendants of Joseph STRAUB (1673-1753) of Bieringen, Wuerttemberg
(three GG-grandsons immigrated to Columbiana Co., OH, in the 1830s/40s; some on to Fond du Lac Co., WI)
Descendants of Anton STRAUB (c1770s- ) of Felldorf, Wuerttemberg 
(one son to Hamilton Co., OH, then at least two sons to Missouri)
Descendants of Frantz Xavier STRAUB of Felldorf, Wuerttemberg
(whose grandson, Peter P. STRAUB immigrated in 1869 to Saint Marys, PA, and founded the Straub Brewing Co.)
Descendants of Henry STROUB (c1771-1863) b. Charleston, SC; d. New York City, NY R-M269
Descendants of Michael STRAUB (c1780s- ) of Bühlerzell, Württemberg
grandson Joseph STRAUB emigrated 1880; lived in Randolph Co., AR, then Greene, Co., AR
Descendants of Johann Christian STRAUB / STROUP (1791/2-1849), of Germany
(immigrated in the 1820s, settled in Holmes Co., OH)
Descendants of Michael STRAUB, b. 1797, Bavaria 
(immigrant to Bedford Co., PA, in 1841 )
Descendants of Johann Valentin STRAUB, b. ca. 1798 
(immigrant from Baden to Monroe Co., MI, in 1847)
Descendants of Joseph STRAUB (b. 1799/1800)
(immigrant from Baden ca. 1832; lived Washington, DC)
Descendants of George STRAUB, Sr. (b. 1799/1800) of Germany
(first to Lancaster Co., PA, then Richland Co., OH)
Descendants of Johann Christian Gunter STROEBE (c1800-1872) of Thuringia
(1841 immigrant to Wisconsin)
Descendants of Bernard STROUP (c1800-1860s) of Blair Co., PA
(descendants mostly remained in Blair Co., some to IL, KS, MO)
Descendants of George STRAUB, b. 1800/1, Germany 
(immigrant to PA by 1834, in McCracken Co., KY, by 1840)
Descendants of George STRAUB, b. 1803, PA 
(of Mahantango Valley, Schuylkill Co., PA)
Descendants of Philip STROUP, b. 1803, PA
(of Clarion Co., PA)
Descendants of Christoph STRAUB, b. 1803/4, Prussia
(Prussia > PA > OH > Chariton Co., MO > Randolph Co., MO)
Descendants of Christian STROPE (c1807-1870s) of Hanover, Germany
(settled in Putnam Co., OH; descendants to Saline Co., NE)
Descendants of (Jacob) Joseph STRAUB, b. 1807/8, Baden
[immigrant to NY in the 1830s; settled in Wisconsin in 1850s]
Descendants of Augustus STRAUB (b. 1808) or Nicholas STRAUB (b. 1810) 
(immigrant brothers from Bavaria to Florida in 1838, then to New York, then Pennsylvania)
Descendants of Wilhelm Friedrich STRAUB (1808-1890) of Stuttgart, Württemberg
(by 1840, in Jefferson Co., NY; died in Eaton Co., MI)
Descendants of Jacob STRAUB, b. 1808/9, Württemberg
(immigrant to Somerset Co., PA, ca. 1840-43; descendants lived also in Cambria Co., PA)
Descendants of Ludwig/Louis STRAUBE (c1810-1850s), of Germany
(immigrant to St. Louis, MO, 1842-45)
Johann N. STRAUB, b. 1810/11, Hesse-Darmstadt
(settled ca. 1831 Allegheny City, PA; founder J.N. Straub Brewery)
Descendants of Johann Jakob Friedrich STRAUB, b. 1812, Baden
(Coshocton Co., OH > Jefferson Co., WI > Caldwell Co., MO)
Descendants of Jacob STRAUB (1812/3-1860), of Saarland
(immigrant to Ohio 1837-40; settled in Kenton, then Pendlton Co., KY)
Descendants of Peter K. STRAUB / STRAUP (1813/4-) or his sister, Lydia (STROUP) ICKES (1818/9-1906)
(Snyder Co., PA, to IN, to MI, ultimately in Mecosta Co., MI)
Descendants of Christian STRAUB (1820-1883) of Bavaria 
(immigrant to New York City; descendants in NYC, Baltimore, MD, Columbus, OH)
Descendants of Christian Adam STRAUB, b. 1820, Germany
(immigrant to Michigan)
Descendants of John STRAUB (1821/2- ) & Michael STRAUB (1826/7- ), of Germany,
(probable brothers who settled in Muskingum Co., OH)
Descendants of Georg Michael TRAUB (1718- ) of Bretzfeld, Wuerttemberg
(1854 immigrant to America; by 1860 settled in Indiana)
Descendants Johann Friederich TRAUB of Brettach, Württemberg
Descendants of Elisha STRAUB (1822-1880s/90s) of Union Co., PA
(to IN, then MI, then IA, then CA)
Descendants of Joseph Joachim STRAUB (1824/5- ) or John STRAUB (1825/6- )
(immigrant brothers from Switzerland to Carroll Co., KY, by 1855)
Descendants of Johann Josef STRAUB, b. 1825/6, Prussia 
(lived in Baltimore Co., MD)
Descendants of Mathias Martin STRAUB, b. 1825/6, Saxony 
(immigrated to DuPage Co., IL, ca. 1850-60; descendants converted to STRAUBE)
Descendants of Peter STRAUB, b. 1826, Switzerland
(to America in 1848; lived Lincoln Co., KY)
Descendants of Albert F. STRAUB (1829-1900) 
(1850 from Wuerttemberg to Ohio, then Iowa)
Descendants of Jacob STRAUB (1834-1910s), 1852 immigrant from Hesse-Darmstadt
(to Wheeling, WV, and Swissvale, PA)
Descendants of Andreas STRAUB (c1790s- ), of Östringen, Baden
(sons immigrated to MI and IN)
Descendants of Johann Jacob STRAUB, b. 1837, Wuerttemberg
(1856 immigrant to Northampton Co., PA)
Michael STROUP / STROOP (c1780s-1840s) Germany or Alsace > MD > OH > IN I2-M223
Descendants of John STRAUB (1840-1925/30), 1857 immigrant from Württemberg
(first to PA, then settled by 1870 in Wyandotte Co., KS)
Descendants of Aloysius STRAUB, France to New York, ca. 1844
(children to St. Joseph, MO, then on to WI, KS, CO, CA)
Descendants of Mary STROUP (1845/6-1922) of Gaston/Lincoln Co., NC J2a4h
Descendants of Gall STRAUB (c1553-1613) of Gruibingen, Göppingen OA., Donaukreis, Württemberg
 (whose 7th great-grandson, Johann Michael STRAUB (1845-1906) immigrated to Wayne Co., IL, in 1868)
George STROUP (1854-1917) of Oneida Co., NY > NE > KS I2-M284
Descendants of Wilhelm / William F. STRAUB, b. 1855/6, Hesse
(immigrated in 1883 to Louisville, KY; family still there)
Descendants of John G. STRAUB, b. c1860, Switzerland
(immigrant to Orange Co., IN, then Jefferson Co., KY)
Descendants of Francis/Franklin/Frank STRAUB, b. 1864, of Alexander Co., IL
(possible son of Joseph STRAUB, immigrant from Baden to St. Louis, MO, then to Alexander Co., IL) 
Descendants of Four STRAUB Siblings who immigrated to Philadelphia in the 1880s
(remained in Philadelphia or adjacent counties)
Descendants of Johann Baptiste STRAUB, b. 1861, Alsace-Lorraine 
(immigrant to New York City in 1891/2, to Northampton Co., PA, by 1910)
Descendants of Antonius STRAUB, b. c1766, of Glogowatz, Austro-Hungary [now Romania]
(GG-grandson, Anton STRAUB II (b. 1877/8), immigrated to Chicago in 1907)
Descendants of Lawson Sidney STROUP I (1879-1924) of Gaston Co., NC
son of Elizabeth STROUP, desc/o Jacob STROUP I, and an unknown male SELLERS
Descendants of Mathias STRAUB, b. 1736, of Renquishausen, Tittlingen, Duchy of Württemberg
(Descendants from the Banat Region to the United States in 1950)
(no specific progenitors yet identified)
This list is not complete.

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