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Christian STRAUB
Frederica HUNDT
Catharina MERKEL
Husband:  Christian STRAUB
Birth:  2 Aug 1820 or 1818/9, Decheldorf, Erlangen-Höchstadt Dist., Bavaria
Death (TB):  15 Oct 1883, New York City, NY
Burial:  "Lutheran"
Occupation:  cabinetmaker, saloon keeper
Military Service:  Civil War (Union):  Sgt., Co. K, 5th Rgmt., Maryland Volunteer Infantry
Parents:  born in Germany
Christian's birthdate above was calculated from his age at death, but informants for death certificates are notoriously unreliable, which may be the case here because, based on his age in the censuses, he may have been a year or two older.
Marriage-1:  9 Aug 1847, Most Holy Redeemer Catholic Church, New York City, NY
Wife-1:  Frederica / Frederika / Fredericka / Friederica HUNT / HUNDT / HUND / HUNDT / HURD / HIRT
Birth:  1815-16, Germany (Hesse?)
Death:  5 Jan 1888, presumably in Baltimore, MD
Occupation:  homemaker
Marriage-2:  24 Aug 1871, New York City, NY
Wife-2:  Katharina / Catharina "Kathy" MERKEL
Birth:  1833/4, Hesse, Germany
Death:  aft. 1880 census
Occupation:  homemaker
Stepchild? Adopted Child? — born in Germany:
1.  Maria / Mary STRAUB, b. 1844/5
Based on Christian's daughter Margaretha's claims on his Civil War pension, Christian had no wife prior to Frederica (see Source 10d below).  So, is Mary actually Frederica's child?  This could be determined via mtDNA testing if you could find a matrilineal descendant of Mary and one of Margaretha to compare.  Or it may be easier than that…

If Frederica had a prior marriage, it may say so in her marriage record to Christian, so it is definitely worth tracking down the original record. 

Children with Frederica HUNDT:
— born in New York City, NY:
2.  John STRAUB, b. 1846-48
3.  Adam STRAUB, b. 1848/9; d. bef. 1860

— born in Baltimore, MD:
4.  Margaretha STRAUB, b. Jun 1853
5.  George STRAUB, b. 1854/5; d. bef. 1870
6.  Elizabeth STRAUB, b. 1857/8; d. bef. 1870

Child with Catharina MERKEL — born in New York City, NY:
7.  Elise STRAUB, b. 1879
Keywords for search engines:  genealogy; FRG, Germany, DEU, Deutschland, Preussen, Preußen, Bayern; USA, US, United States, Maryland, New York

Sources (n.b., Baltimore is an independent city, officially not part of Baltimore County):

1.  Marriage Record:  extracted by Mrs. Nilsa Acevedo, Parish Secretary:
Most Holy Redeemer Marriages:  August 9, 1847; Book I, pg. 68, 2nd entry.

Chrstian Straub (age 28) Decheldorf. Bav.

Frederica Hunt (age 29) Coeleda Borus. (writing not very clear)

Witnesses: Adam Bachelein and Nicholaus Kalms;  Priest: Tappert

2.  1850 U.S. Census Every-Name-Index/Images (online at Ancestry.com, Image #918 of 1047):  City of New York (17th Ward), New York Co., NY, Roll M432_556, p. 460A, 521/1266, enumerated 16 Aug 1850, official enumeration date 1 Jun 1850 (extracted by Diana Gale Matthiesen):¤•
Christin Straub 31 M   Cabinet Maker   Germany
Frederica   " 31 F       do
Mary        "  5 F       do
John        "  2 M       N York
Adam        "  1 M       do

3.  1860 U.S. Census Every-Name-Index/Images (online at Ancestry.com, Image #199-200 of 375):  Baltimore City P.O., City of Baltimore (First Ward), MD, Roll M653_458, PN 199-200, 1089/1820, enumerated 28 Jul 1860, official enumeration date 1 Jun 1860 (extracted by Diana Gale Matthiesen):¤•
Chresn Straup 4? M   Moulder     Baden
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Fredericka Straup 45 F         Prussia
Mary         " 14 F         "
John         " 12 M         Maryland
Margaret     "  7 F         "
George       "  5 M         "
Elizabeth    "  2 F         "
Christian's age is a 4, then a blob of ink; he's indexed as age 43.  John was born in NY, not MD.

4.  1870 U.S. Census Every-Name-Index/Images (online at Ancestry.com, Image #126 of 364):  Post Office No. 246 (Canton Ave.), Baltimore City (Second Ward), Baltimore Co., MD, PN 126, enumerated 7 Jul 1870, official enumeration date 1 Jun 1870 (extracted by Diana Gale Matthiesen):¤•
1870:  for an explanation of the column headings, please see
What the Numbers in the Federal Census Mean (missing columns contained no data).
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 9 10 11 12 13 19
674 1113 Straub Christian 52 M W Keeping Beer Saloon $500 Bavaria / /   /
    ______ Frederica 54 F W "    House   Prussia / /    
    ______ Margaretta 17 F W At Home   Md / /    
  1114 ______ John 24 M W Mariner   NY / /   /
    ______ Mary 18 F W Keeping House   Md / /    
    ______ Wilhelmena 3/12 F W     "     Feby  
    Waught George 34 M W Beer Brewer   Bavaria / /    

5a.  1880 U.S. Census Every-Name-Index/Images (online at Ancestry.com, Image #34 of 38):  189 Eldridge Street, New York City, New York County, NY, Roll 878 (Book 1), p. 182B, p. 34, SD I, ED 249, enumerated 10 Jun 1880, official enumeration date 1 Jun 1880 (extracted by Diana Gale Matthiesen):¤•
1880:  for an explanation of the column headings, please see
What the Numbers in the Federal Census Mean (missing columns contained no data).
    1 2 3 4 5 6 8 9 10 13 24 25 26
* 189 58 412 Straub Christ W M 61     / Saloon Bavaria Bavaria Bavaria
      ______ Kathy W F 46 Wife   / Keeping house Hessen Hessen Hessen
      ______ Elise W F 1 3/12 Dau /   at home New York Bavaria Hessen
*Eldridge Street
Christian's 1879 application for pension arrears has him living at 116 Eldridge St. in NYC (see below), which strongly supports this is, indeed, our subject.  The difference in street numbers could be enumerator or clerk error, or it could be they moved because these addresses are apartments, not single-family dwellings.  Is Kathy's age correct?  Or is Elise's.  It would be remarkable for Kathy to have had a child, especially her first child, at the age of 44/45.

5b.  1880 U.S. Census Every-Name-Index/Images (online at Ancestry.com, Image #20 of 29):  232 [South] Broadway (on the east side of street), City of Baltimore (1st Precinct, 2nd Ward), MD, Roll 497, p. 314D, PN 20, SD 1, ED 18, enumerated 5 Jun 1880, official enumeration date 1 Jun 1880 (extracted by Diana Gale Matthiesen):¤•
1880:  for an explanation of the column headings, please see
What the Numbers in the Federal Census Mean (missing columns contained no data).
    1 2 3 4 5 6 8 10 13 24 25 26
* 232 114 198 Hubers Herman W M 42   / Watchmaker Prussia Prussia Prussia
      ______ Maggie W F 26 Wife / Keeping House Maryland Prussia Bavaria
      [Herman & Maggie's four children]
      Straup Frederika W F 64 Mother in law / at Home Prussia Prussia Prussia
*East Side Broadway
The tick in Column 10 indicates Frederika is married.  Were Christian and Frederica really not divorced?

6.  1890 U.S. Census:  the 1890 Census Population Schedules were destroyed.

7.  1900 U.S. Census Every-Name-Index/Images (online at Ancestry.com):  not found.

8.  Baltimore, Maryland, City Directories (online at Ancestry.com):
1863 E.M. Cross & Co.'s Baltimore City Business Directory, 1863-64. p. 384 Straub Christian, cabinet maker, 14 Fountain
1865 Wood's Baltimore City Directory for 1865-'66. p. 407 Straub Christian, cabinet maker, 14 Fountain
1871 Wood's Baltimore City Directory… 1871. p. 582 Straub Christian, tavern, 216 Aliceanna
1880* Wood's Baltimore City Directory, 1879. p. 728
Img #806
Straub Mrs. Christian, 53 s Wolfe**
Straub Mrs. Frederika, 232 s Broadway
1881 Wood's Baltimore City Directory… 1881. p. 816 Straub Mrs. Frederica, 232 s Broadway
*There are two directories on the same microfilm (viz., 1879 and 1880) with all entries indexed as being "1880."  Adding to the confusion is that the images are displayed in reverse order of their original pagination.

The title page for 1880 is on Image #598 (of 1180), and the pages run backwards to Image #3, the last page of advertisements following the last page of the Appendix on Image #8. 

The directory for 1879 isn't as obvious because numerous pages are missing at the end of the sequence of images, which is actually the beginning of the directory, and the result of which is that the title page is missing.  However, the year of the directory is thankfully given on the first page of the actual listings, which begin on Image #1157, which are entitled, "Baltimore City Directory, 1879."

Because the listings for Mrs. Christian and Mrs. Frederica are on Image #806, we know that this is the 1879 directory, not the 1880 directory.

**I wonder if the Mrs. Christian STRAUB at 53 S Wolfe is the same person as the Mrs. Frederica STRAUB living at 232 S Broadway and that she simply moved that year and got entered in the directory twice.  I have yet to find any other evidence of a second Christian STRAUB in any contemporary Baltimore records.
The Mrs. Frederica STRAUB on Gough Street in 1888, 1889, and 1890 is the widow of George STRAUB.

9.  Birthdate calculated using ProGenealogists' Birthdate Calculator.
Name Deathdate Age at Death Result
Christian Straub 15 Oct 1883 13d 2m 63y 20 Aug 1820

10a.  Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System.  National Park Service (online at www.itd.nps.gov/cwss/ and at Ancestry.com as U.S. Civil War Soldiers, 1861-1865):
Name: Christian Straub
Side: Union
 Regiment State/Origin: Maryland
Regiment Name Expanded: 5th Regiment, Maryland Infantry
Company: K
Rank In: Sergeant
Rank Out: Sergeant
Film Number: M33 roll 12

10b.  Consolidated Lists of Civil War Draft Registrations, 1863-1865.  Records of the Provost Marshal General's Bureau, Record Group 110.  NARA, Washington, DC (online at Ancestry.com):
District of Columbia, 1st Congressional Dist., Class 2, Vol. 5 of 5, p. 395.
Residence: 489 Md Ave
Name: Christian Straub
Age | White or Colored: 43 | W
Profession, Occupation, or Trade: Carpenter
Place of Birth: Germany
Former Military Service: 5th Md Discharged

10c.  Civil War Pension Index.  Roll No. T288_456  (index and images online at An estry.com):
Name of Soldier Straub, Christian
Widow Straub, Fredericka
Service K. 5. Maryland. Inf
Date of Filing Claim Application No. Certificate No. State from which Filed
1870 May 10 Invalid 156,072 109,546  
1887 Mar 25 Widow 352,458 241,496 Maryland

10d.  Civil War Pension Records:  Christian Straub.  NARA.  (PDF file of pension records courtesy of John Brian STRAUB; extraction of facts by DGM).
I went through every page of the 91-page PDF file extracting what appeared to be pertinent facts.  I didn't extract details on some items (e.g. affidavits), including the many pages having to do with their daughter Margaretha's (successful) attempts to have the Pension Office reimburse her for Frederica's funeral expenses.  Page numbers are the ones in the PDF file; I have rearranged them in chronological order.
p. 36-37
Soldier: Sgt. Christian Straub
Unit: Capt. Christian Bitter's Co. (Co K, 5th Rgmt, Md volunteers)
Enlisted: 2 Oct 1861 at Baltimore to serve 3 yrs
Birth: Bavaria
Description: age 42 yrs, 5'6" tall, light complexioin, blue eyes, light hair
Occupation: carpenter
Cause: hernia, at Newport News, Va, on 10 Apr 1862
Discharged: 17 Apr 1862, Newport News, Va
p. 52-53 DISCHARGE PAPERS (17 Apr 1862):  Christian STRAUB
p. 13-16
Declaration for original pension of an invalid
Superior Court of Baltimore City
[Pension Application #156,072]
Location: City of Baltimore, MD
Date: 9 May 1870
Claimant: Christian Straub, Sgt., Co. K, 5th MVI
Enlisted: 2 Oct 1861 at Baltimore, MD
Discharged: 17 Apr 1862 (honorably)
Military Service: other than the above, none
Description: age 57 yrs, light complexion, 5'6" tall, light hair, eyes blue
Injuries: inguinal hernia due to fall in line of duty (detailed desciption of circumstance and injury) on 20 Mar 1862 at or near New Port News, VA; injury continues to worsen
Residence: since leaving service:  Baltimore City, MD
Occupation: prior to injury: carpenter at $15 gold per week
post injury: cannot do manual labor, now earns $6-8 per week in paper
Address: Odonel Street, between 1st and 2nd street, Canton, City of Baltimore, MD
And now we know the reason for Christian's change in occupation from carpenter to saloon keeper.  "Canton" in Baltimore jibes with Christian's location in the 1870 census.
p. 69-75
Case of: Christian Straub, Sgt, Co K, 5th Md Vols
Address: Odonel St bet 1st & 2nd Sts Canton in Baltimore, MD
Filed: 12 May 1870
Additional pages include various statements/affidavits supporting application at the time and reaffirming it in subsequent years.
p. 32
Adjutant General's Office
Date written: 2 Dec 1870
Date stamped: 30 Jan 1888
Pension Appl#: 156,072
Pensioner: Christian Straub
Enrolled/Mustered: 2 Oct 1861, Balto, Sgt, Co K, 5 MVI for 3 yrs or duration
Discharged: 17 Apr 1862 as Sgt for disability
p. 17-19
Location: New York County, New York State
Date: signed and notarized 10 Sep 1877
Date Stamped: 11 Sep 1877
Claimant: Christian Straub, Sgt., Co. K, 5th MVI
Pension Cert#: 109,546 by reason of disability
Declaration: hernia and gunshot wound of right hand, which was rendered useless (lost three outer fingers and part of palm)
Address: 185 East 79th St., NYC
p. 87-90
Cert#: 109,546
Date: 3 Oct 1877
Soldier: Christian Straub, Sgt, Co K, 5th MVI
p. 7-9
Notarized handwritten letter by Christian Straub
that appears to be in support of the APPLICATION below.
Date: 25 Apr 1879, New York
Address: 94 Essex St. (Top Floor), NYC
Discharged: 17 Apr 1862, Co. K, 5th MVI
Pension Commenced: 12 May 1870
p. 68
Date: 26 Sep 1879
Cert# 109.546
Name: Christian Straub, Sgt, Co K, 5th Md Vols
Address 94 Essex St. (top floor), NYC
Approved: $580.80
p. 5-6
Pension Cert#: 109.546
Applicant: Christian Straub, Sgt, Co K, 5th MD Volunteers
Address: 116 Eldridge Street, New York City
Date: document undated, but apparently after 26 Sep 1879
Logically, the application had to have been submitted after the letter supporting it had been written and notarized, which jibes with Christian's address in the application as being Eldridge Street because Christian is living on Eldridge Street, not Essex St., in the 1880 Census.
15 Oct 1883:  death of Christian Straub, in NYC
p. 60-62
Date: 22 Oct 1883
Name: Christian Straub
Date of Death: 15 Oct 1883; age 63y 2m 13d
Condition: Married
Occupation: Carpenter
Birthplace: Germany
Place of Death: 241 E 3rd, 11th Ward
Parents Birthplace Germany
Cause of Death: Phthisis Pulmonlis (duration 2 yrs)
Burial: Lutheran
p. 66-67
Location: New York County, New York State
Date: 27 Oct 1883
Widow: Catharina Straub
Soldier: Christian Straub
Death Date: 15 Oct 1883
Cert. No. 109,546
Marriage: 24 Aug 1871, New York, NY
Maiden Name: Catharina Merkel
Residence: 241 3rd St., NYC, NY
Signature: in German script: Catharina Straub
Witnesses: Ernst Meiners and Ernst Hesse on 27 Nov 1882
p. 65
Pensioner: Christian Straub
Cert. No. 109,546
Date of Death: 15 Oct 1883
Claimant: Katharina Straub (widow)
Address: 241 3rd St, NYC
Date Approved: 1 Nov 1883
p. 63-64
Affirmation of MARRIAGE
Husband: Christian Straub
Wife: Friderica Hund
Cleric: Rev. P. Tappert C ? R
Marriage Date: 9 Aug 1847
Church: Most Holy Redeemer, NYC
Witnesses: Adam Roecklein, Nick Kalms
Date Signed: 14 Mar 1887 by Rector of Church, And. Ziegler C ? R
p. 34-35
Widow's Declaration for Pension or Increase of Pension.
[Penson Appl# 352,458]
Location: Superior Court, Baltimore, Maryland
Written Date: 9 Mar 1887
Stamped Date: 25 Mar 1887
Claimant: Fredericka Straub, age 70
Residence: 122 S Broadway, Baltimore, MD
Postal Address: c/o Herman Hoverst, 122 S Broadway, Baltimore, MD
Late Husband: Christian STRAUB, of Balto, Co K, 5th MVI; died 15 Oct 1883
Maiden Name: Fredericka Hunt
Married: 9 Aug 1847, Rev. Father Rumbler, New York
p. 40-41
Notarized Affidavit (17 Aug 1887):  Michael Johns
p. 45-46 Notarized Affidavit (17 Aug 1887): Conrad & Elizabeth Multhaupt
p. 38-39
Notarized Affidavit (22 Aug 1887):  [Capt.] Christian Bitter
p. 81 No date. Seems to be the back of some other page.
Widows No. 352,458
Fredericka Straub
Christian Straub
K 5 Md Vol Inf
Cert. 241,496
5 Jan 1888:  death of Frederica Straub
p. 33
ADJUTANT GENERAL'S OFFICE (27 Jan 1888): Report of Records
Christian Straub, Sgt, Co K, 5th MVI
p. 43-44
ADJUTANT GENERAL'S OFFICE (27 Jan 1888): Report of Records
Christian Bitter, Capt, Co K, 5th MVI
Michael Johns, Pvt, Co K, 5th MVI
p. 42
Notarized Affidavit (16 Feb 1888):  Margaretha (Straub) Hubers
p. 47
Notarized Affidavit (16 Feb 1888):  Stephen Rose and John Doarer
States that Christian was too ill to tend his restaurant so his wife tended it for him, that he lived with his wife until he went to NY ca. 1871, that he and Frederica were not divorced and that she has not remarried.
I'm wondering if it's true that they were not divorced, or was Margaretha afraid she would lose Frederica's pension benefits if they were?  The divorce records are worth looking for because, otherwise, it would seem Christian deserted Frederica and committed bigamy.  This would jibe with Frederica calling herself "Married," not "Divorced," in the 1880 census.
p. 48-49 Notarized Affidavit (16 Feb 1888):  Elizabeth Multhaupt and Mary Lestner
They state that they were living in NYC when Christian came there in the summer of 1871 and that he suffered from comsuption from then on to his death.
p. 26
Document is undated, but has to be after 6 Mar 1888.
"Reimbursement claim by Margaretha Heubert."
Pension Cert#: 241,496
Claimant: Margaretha Hubers,
beneficiary of Fredericka Straub
Soldier: Christian Straub, Sgt, Co K, 5th MVI

Submitted for Admission: 29 Feb 1888
Cause of death: inguinal hernia and "disease of lungs" (TB)
Legal Review signed: 2 Mar 1888
Medical Review signed: 6 Mar 1888

Enlisted/Mustered: 2 Oct 1861
Discharged: 17 Apr 1862
Died: 15 Oct 1883
Declaration Filed (Appl# 352,458): 25 Mar 1887
Invalid Appl filed (Appl# 156,072): 12 May 1870
Former marriage of soldier: none
Death of former wife: none
Claimant's marriage to soldier: 9 Aug 1847
Claimant's death: 5 Jan 1888
p. 50-51  Reimbursement Papers (23 Mar 1888):  Pension Appl #241,496
p. 21-22
SETTLEMENT WARRANT (9 Apr 1888):  Margaretha Hubers
p. 23-25
LETTER (14 Jun 1888):  Margaretha Hubers to Treasury Dept.
p. 27-28
LETTER:  from Treasury Dept. to Margaretha Hubers
p. 29-31
TREASURY DEPARTMENT (16 Jun 1888): Margaretha Hubers
p. 3-4
ARREARS OF WIDOW'S PENSION (26 Jul 1888):  Margaretha Hubers
p. 20
WIDOW'S PENSION Claim Correction (22 May 1889)
p. 54-59 misc
p. 10-12 Three erroneously included pages regarding Pension Claim No. 156.073.

11.  Public Member Trees (online at Ancestry.com).

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