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Catherine BAUMAN
Husband:  Moses STRAUB / STROUB / STROUP
Birth:  1800-1810
Death:  1843-48, probably 1848
Wife:  Catherine BAUMAN / BOWMAN
Birth:  1800-1810, PA
Father:  Jacob BOWMAN, Sr.
Children — born in PA:
— Children "of age" (i.e., 21 or older) in 1855:
  1.  (Son A) STRAUB, b. 1820-25; d. bef. 1840
  2.  (Son B) STRAUB, b. 1820-25; d. bef. 1840
  3.  John STRAUB / STROUP, b. Jan 1826/7 
  4.  Jacob B. STROUP, b. 1830 
  5.  Susanna "Susan" STRAUB / STROUP, b. 6 Jan 1833, Greenwood Twp., Juniata Co., PA

— Minor child in 1855 (i.e., 20 or younger), ward of Samuel DIMM:
  6.  Catharine STROUP, b. 1833/4

— Minor children in 1855 (i.e., 20 or younger), wards of John SHULER:
  7.  Daniel B. STROUB / STROUP, b. 20 Dec 1837 
  8.  Frederick B. STROUP, b. 1838/9 
  9.  Levi B. STROUP, b. 14 May 1844 
10.  Lucinda STROUP, b. 1843/4; m. William EBY

It appears Lucinda was "Susan" and Catharine was "Kesiah" in the 1850 census; otherwise I have no explanation for the discrepancies in names.  Catharine must have been just short of 21 when the Orphan's Court met in May of 1855.  I don't like these discrepancies in the names.

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1.  Marriage Record:

2.  Census Index:  U.S. Selected Counties, 1820 (Broderbund CD-314):  no Moses STRAUB/STROUP/etc. found in PA.

3.  1830 Census Index and Digital Images (online at Ancestry.com; Image #17 of 24; extracted by Diana Gale Matthiesen):¤•
1830 STROUP, Moses PA Mifflin [now Juniata] Co. Greenwood Twp. p. 405 Ln. 24 120 010 - 000 010
These data indicate:
No. & Sex  Age Class Therefore Born Individuals Inferred
1 male 4 or under 1825-1830 = John (b. 1826/7)
2 males 5-9 1820-1825 = Son B
= Son A
1 male 20-29 1800-1810 = Moses
1 female 20-29 1800-1810 = Catherine
Listed three lines down from Christian BAY, who is three lines down from Andrew SHETTERLY.  Lots of RHODES neighbors, too.

4.  1840 Census Index and Digital Images (online at Ancestry.com; Image #5 of 16; extracted by Diana Gale Matthiesen):¤
1840 PA Juniata Co. Greenwood Twp. pp. 219B-220A Ln. 25 Moses Stroub 211 001 - 110 001 0100000
These data indicate:
No. & Sex Age Class Therefore Born Individuals Inferred
2 males 4 or under 1835-1840 = Frederick (b. 1838/9)
= Daniel (b. 1837)
1 male 5-9 1830-1835 = Jacob (b. 1830)
1 male 10-14 1825-1830 = John (b. 1826/7) 
1 male 30-39 1800-1810 = Moses 
1 female 4 or under 1835-1840 = Daughter A
1 female 5-9 1830-1835 = Keziah (b. 1833/4)
1 female 30-39 1800-1810 = Catherine 
1 persons engaged in agriculture
Listed five lines from Michael STROUB, in one direction; and, in the other direction, listed two lines from Jacob BAY, who is next door to Adam KARSTETTER, who is next door to Abraham ZELLER, who is four lines from Eli HAAS, who is nine lines from Henry ZELLER. 

5.  1850 Census Images (online at Ancestry.com; Images are duplicated #24-25 and 27-48 of 44):  Greenwood Twp., Juniata Co., PA, pp. 313B-314A, 2061/2091, enumerated 4 Nov 1850, official enumeration date 1 Jun 1850 (extracted by Diana Gale Matthiesen):
Jno Straub 24 M Farmer 1600 Pennsylvania
Cath Straub 63 F     "
Jacob Straub 20 M Farmer   "
Susan Straub 18 F     "
Kesiah Straub 16 F     "
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Daniel Straub 13 M     "
Fredk Straub 11 M     "
Levi Straub  8 M     "
Susan Straub  6 F     "
Widow Catharine's age is waaay off; she should be in her 40s.  Some sources say the older Susan is Jacob's wife, but Jacob's future wife is still living with her parents in the 1850 census; plus, if our subjects' daughter, Susan, was "of age" (i.e., 21) in 1855, she has to be the older Susan here.  Also based on the Orphan's Court proceedings, the six-year-old "Susan" has to be Lucinda (cf. 1860), and the 16-yr-old "Kesiah" has to be Catharine.  Listed four households from Jacob & Mary BAY.

6.  1860 Census Images (online at Ancestry.com; Image #146 of 430):  Richfield P.O., Greenwood Twp., Juniata Co., PA, p. 618, PN 212, 1473/1, enumerated 30 Jul 1860, official enumeration date 1 Jun 1860 (extracted by Diana Gale Matthiesen):
Cath Stroup 45 F   widow 400 300 Penna
Levi 18 M   F Laborer     "
Lucinda 16 F         "
Jacob 14 M         "
Catharine should be in her 50s.  Who is Jacob?

7.  1870

8.  Will of Moses STRAUB, #3840, Juniata Co., PA (courtesy of Sue Davis):
At an Orphans Court held at Mifflintown in and for said county.  Before the Honorable the judges of Said Court May Term 1855.

The petition of John Shuler and Samuel Dimm respectfully represents that the former is Guardian of Daniel, Frederick, Levi and Lucinda Stroub and the latter is Guardian of Catherine Stroub they being Minor Children of Moses Stroub late of Greenwood Township Juniata County Deceased.  That the said Moses Stroub died leaving a widow Catherine Stroub and an issue of eight children to wit John Stroub, Jacob Stroub and Susan Stroub they being of full age and Daniel Stroub, Frederick Stroub, Levi Stroub and Lucinda Stroub they being under age and have for their Guardian Joseph Shuler and Catherine Stroub being a minor who has for Samuel Dimm for Guardian.  That the said Moses Stroub died seized in his demesne (among other lands) of a tract of land situated in Greenwood Township in the said County containing about fifty nine acres and one hundred & twenty _______ more or less, having thereon erected a small log house--about ten acres thereof cleared, Adjoining lands of John Stroub, John Sight? and others, that the said real estate has become so unproductive & expensive and is in such a state of delapidation and decay and that it would be their interest to have the same sold.  Subject to the widows dower.  And John, Jacob and Susans interest.  They therefore pray your honors to grant them an order to make sale of the interest of said minors in the real estate above described.

And now May the 9th 1855 the above petition being read the Court upon due consideration grant the prayer of petitioners, and order and direct them to make sale of the above described tract of land by public venue on the premises, to sell the interest and estates of their respective wards on the thirtieth day of July 1855 first giving due & legal notice of the time & place of sale, and sell the same subject to the Widows dower, one third of the purchase money to be paid on confirmation of the sale, one third in one year thereafter with interest, and the residue on the death of the widow, the interest thereof to be paid to her annually during her natural life, and they to make report of their proceedings to the next Orphans Court.

By the Court In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affirmed the seal of office at Mifflintown 19th May 1855.

A. Magonaugh Clrk O.C.
I'm troubled by the fact that there is no Catharine in the 1850 census with her mother.  Is she the youngest daughter, who's been mis-labeld Susan?  If Susan is of "full" age (i.e., 21) in 1855, then she has to be the older Susan in the 1850 census.  I wonder…  Is the above Samuel DIMM this Samuel DIMM

8.  George W. Wagenseller.  1919-20.  Snyder County Annals. 2 vols. Middleburgh Post, Middleburgh, PA.  Sue Davis cites v. 1, p. 45:
Items from the New Berlin Union Star, issue of 21 Dec 1848:
Advertisements - Orphans' Court sale of property of the estate of Moses Straub, deceased.

9.  Transcription of the Will of Catherine STROUP (courtesy of Susan M. (Gates) Davis):
WILL OF CATHERINE STROUP #2067 Juniata County, Probated 1872.

In the name of God and I Catharine Stroup of Susquehanna Twp., Juniata Co. Pa. Being of sound and _______ mind and memory do make and publish this as my last will and testament ___________.

I give and bequeath unto my grandson, Alfred Zellars the full share of his mother Catherine Dressler, which she the said Catherine could or might have inherited under the interstate laws of this commonwealth in my real and personal estate and effects.

Item I give and bequeth unto my granddaughter Jane Dressler, daughter of Lucinda Eby, one acre of ground, situated in the township afore said, having thereon erected a dwelling house at present occupied by William Eby and I direct that the value of the one acre bequeathed to the said Jane Dressler shall be deducted from the share of my daughter Lucinda Eby.

Item, I direct that the balance of my estate shall be divided among my children, share and share alike, with the exception of Catherine Dressler, whose share I have as aforesaid bequeathed to her son, Alfred Zellars.  In witness whereof I have here unto set my hand of seal this 20th May AD 1870 signed sealed & acknowledged in presence of G. Cary Sharp and M.B. Holman?

10.  Susan M. (Gates) Davis.  Gates, VanderWerf, Davis, Stroup Genealogy.

11.  Emails from Susan M. (Gates) Davis.

12.  Archives of the STRAUB-L mailing list (online at RootsWeb.com).

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