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George Clinton McCRAY
Elizabeth LaVernia WILLIAMS
Husband:  George Clinton McCRAY
Birth:  23 Mar 1821, Washington Co., TN
Death:  14 Apr 1883, Dixon, Solano Co., CA
Disposition:  buried Dixon Cemetery, Dixon, Solano Co., CA
Talent:  played violin (concert and classical)
Father:  William McCRAY
Mother:  Sarah "Sallie" HENDRY
Wife:  Elizabeth LaVernia WILLIAMS
Birth:  1826/7, Farmville, Prince Edward Co., VA
Death:  17 Sep 1896, Dixon, Solano Co., CA 
Father:  Royal T. WILLIAMS
Mother:  Delilah Sampson GAULDING
born in Middlebury, Mercer Co., MO: 
  1.  Elbert Rose McCRAY, b. Jun 1845 
  2.  Elias "Eli" McCRAY, b. 1845/6/8; died of tuberculosis; never married
  3.  David Lucius "Luke" McCRAY, b. 14 Feb 1849 
  4.  William Henry "Bill" McCRAY, b. Feb/Mar 1850; d. 3 Mar 1908, near Martinez, Contra Costa Co., CA; sons: Carl(?) and Albert
  5.  Marcus Aubert "Mark" McCRAY, b. 20 Sep/Dec? 1851 
  6.  Delilah Ann "Annie/Anna" McCRAY, b. 1854/5 
  7.  Sarah McCRAY, b. 1856/7 
  8.  George H. McCRAY, b. 1857; d. 26 Feb 1952, Nevada Co., CA 
  9.  Mary G. "Ada" McCRAY, b. Nov/Dec 1859 
10.  James Henderson "Hen" McCRAY, b. 1862/3; d. 1 Jun 1953, San Joaquin Co., CA

born in California:
11.  John M. McCRAY, 1865; m. Annie HANKY 
12.  Amanda "Dora/Mandora" McCRAY, b. 1867 
13.  Wilson E. "Wiltz" McCRAY, b. 1871/2; d. 27 Aug 1962, Alameda Co., CA; m. A. __?__

Child wrongly attributed to these parents:
.  [Sylvester?] "Sill" McCRAY, b. 2 May 1850; had daughters Pearl and Grace

It does not appear that George & Elizabeth had a son, Sylvester ("Sill/Syl").  Sill does not appear in the 1850 census with his alleged twin, William Henry, nor is his birthdate the same as William's, nor is it biologically possible for a woman to have children two or three months apart (Feb/Mar and May of 1850), nor does Sill appear in the 1860 or 1870 censuses with George & Elizabeth, nor does Sill or his wife or his children appear in either George's will or Elizabeth's will.  Also, my great-grandmother, Maude (THOMPSON) ROSE, daughter of our subjects' daughter, Delilah (McCRAY) THOMPSON, lived to be 98 years old and worked for years on the family genealogy, but never included a "Sill" amongst her aunts and uncles and she would have known who her aunts and uncles were because Maude was orphaned as a toddler and was raised by her grandparents (our subjects), thus Maude knew her aunts and uncles well (she was especially fond of her Uncle Hen).  Surely, if she'd had an "Uncle Sill," she would have known about him, but she never included him in any family group sheet.

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1.  Family Group Sheets prepared by my aunt, Betty Ann (MATTHIESEN) COGLIATI, and her maternal grandmother, Maude Irene (THOMPSON) ROSE, granddaughter of our subjects through their daughter, Delilah Ann (McCRAY) THOMPSON.

2a.  Census Index:  U.S. Selected Counties, 1850 (Broderbund CD-317):
1850 McEroy, George C. MO Mercer Co. Being 56th District p. 391

2b.  1850 Census Index/Images (online at Ancestry.com; Image #37 of 66):  District 56, Mercer Co., MO, p. 391A, 231/4, enumerated 5 Sep 1850, official enumeration date 1 Jun 1850 (extracted by Diana Gale Matthiesen):
George C Mccray 29 M   Farmer   Tennessee
Elizabeth 24 F       Virginia
Elbert  4 M       Mo
Eli  3 M       do
Lucius  2 M       do
William 3/12 M       do
Listed next to George's brother, William Henry McCRAY, who is married to Elizabeth's sister, Macedonia WILLIAMS

3.  1860 Census Images (online at Ancestry.com; Image #7-8 of 14):  Middlebury P.O., Washington Twp., Mercer Co., MO, pp. 193-194, PN 93-94, 681/681, enumerated 18 Jun 1860, official enumeration date 1 Jun 1860 (extracted by Diana Gale Matthiesen):
G.C. McCray 39 M   Farmer 1600 600 Tennessee
E.L.    " 33 F         Virginia
E.R.    " 13 M         Missouri
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Eli McCray 12 M         Missouri
Lucius  " 11 M         "
W.H.    " 10 M         "
Marcus  "  8 M         "
Anna    "  7 F         "
Sarah   "  5 F         "
George  "  4 M         "
Mary    " 6/12 F         "
Listed two households from Elizabeth's first cousin, James M. WILLIAMS, who is next to his brother, Royal WILLIAMS, Jr., who is listed four households from George's brother, William Henry McCRAY, who is married to Elizabeth's sister, Macedonia WILLIAMS; and, in the other direction, listed three households from George's brother, Eli McCRAY

4.  1870 Census:  Maine Prairie Twp., Solano co., CA, 49/49 (extracted by Solano Co. Genealogical Soc., Fairfield, CA); also, Family Quest Archives:  California Federal Census 1870:  Solano County.  Heritage Quest CD M593-90:  Maine Prairie, Solano Co., CA, p. 54A, 49/49 (extracted by Diana Gale Matthiesen):
McCray, George 52 M W Farmer 3000 2000 TN
  "   , Elizabeth 35 F W Keeping House     VA
  "   , Albert 24 M W Farm Laborer     MO
  "   , Elias 22 M W Farm Laborer     "
  "   , William 20 M W Farm Laborer     "
  "   , Marcus 18 M W Farm Laborer     "
  "   , Annie 15 F W at home     "
  "   , David 21 M W Farm Laborer     "
  "   , Sarah 13 F W at home     "
  "   , John 12 M W at home     "
  "   , Mary 10 F W at home     "
  "   , Henderson  7 M W at home     "
  "   , John  5 M W at home     "
  "   , Armanda  3 F W at home     "
Looks like we've got a sloppy census-taker or a bad informant (the informant isn't necessarily the head-of-household, it could be a child or even a neighbor).  George should have been 48/49, Elizabeth should have been in her 40s, the "John," age 12, should be George, and the youngest two children were born in California.

5.  1880 Census Images (online at Ancestry.com; Image #17 of 28):  Maine Prairie Twp., Solano Co., CA, p. 456A, PN 17, SD 3, ED 117, enumerated 11 Jun 1880, official enumeration date 1 Jun 1880 (extracted by Diana Gale Matthiesen):
1880:  for an explanation of the column headings, please see
What the Numbers in the Federal Census Mean (missing columns contained no data).
1 2 3 4 5 6 8 9 10 13 15 20 21 24 25 26
113 114 McCray Geo C W M 58     / Farmer       TN TN TN
    ______ Elizabeth L W F 53 Wife   / Keeping House arm off /   VA VA VA
    ______ Eli W M 32 Son /   Keeping Bar       MO TN VA
    ______ William W M 30 Son   / Farmer       MO TN VA
    ______ Marques W M 29 Son /   Carpenter       MO TN VA
    ______ George H W M 23 Son /   Farmer       MO TN VA
    ______ Mary G W F 20 Daughter /   Housekeeper       MO TN VA
    ______ James H W M 17 Son /   Farmer       MO TN VA
    ______ John M W M 14 Son /   School Boy     / CA TN VA
    ______ Mandora W F 12 Daughter /         / CA TN VA
    ______ Wilson W M  8 Son /         / CA TN VA
Elizabeth lost an arm at age 16 in an accident involving farm machinery (a sugar press).  Because our subjects' daughter, Delilah Ann (McCRAY) THOMPSON, died giving birth to her third child, Elizabeth ended up raising Delilah's two daughters, at least until George W. THOMPSON remarried (in 1885).  Delilah's daughter, Maude Irene (THOMPSON) ROSE, remembered being raised by her "one-armed" grandmother.

6.  Abstract of the Will of George Clinton McCray.  Probate File #741, Solano Co., CA (extracted by Ruth Setterquist, Solano Co. Genealogical Soc.):
George C. McCray. d. 1883/Pro 1884. - Eli McCray, Admr.
widow Elizabeth L. McCray, 56 yrs, of Maine Prairie
son, Eli, 36, of Rio Vista
son, David L., 35, of Fresno
son, William, 33, of Maine Prairie
son, Mark, 31, of Maine Prairie
son, George, 20/25, of Maine Prairie
son, Henderson, 19, of Maine Prairie (a minor)
son, John, 15, of Maine Prairie (a minor)
dau, Dora, 13, of Maine Prairie (a minor)
dau, Mary, 22, of Fresno
son, Wilson, 9, of Maine Prairie (a minor)
gr. dau, Ada McGuire, 5, d/o Sarah, dec'd, of Fresno
gr. dau, Caroline¹ D. McCray, 8, d/o Elbert, dec'd, of Yolo Co.
gr. son, Elbert McCray, 4, s/o Elbert, dec'd, of Yolo Co.
gr. dau, Maud Thompson, 5, d/o Annie, dec'd, of SLA...., Calif.
gr. dau, Luena² Thompson, 3, d/o Annie, dec'd, of "        "

Someone has added (in a different pen and hand):
[Elbert had a son named Carlin; I know of no daughters.
Delilah Ann "Annie" (McCray) Thompson's daughters were Maude and Louvernia.]
There is no town in California, that I know of, that begins with or is abbreviated, "SLA."   Could this be a phonetic misspelling of the acronym for San Luis Obispo (i.e., San Luis "Abispo")?  Maud and Louvernia's father, George Washington THOMPSON, was living in Indian Valley, which is near San Luis Obispo.

7.  Abstract of the Will of E.L. McCray.  Probate File #1597, Solano Co., CA (extracted by Ruth Setterquist, Solano Co. Genealogical Soc.):
E.L. McCray of Solano Co. - d. Oct 1896
W.H. McCray petitioned for admr.; D.L. McCray opposed W.H. McCray
son, D.L. McCray, 47, res. Vacaville
son, W.H. McCray, 46, res. Vacaville
son, Mark McCray, 44, res. Redding, Shasta Co., CA
dau, Mary McCarty (?McGuire?), 36, res. Humboldt Co., CA
son, Geo. H. McCray, 42, res. Maine Prairie
dau, Dora McCarty, 29, res. Vacaville
son, Wilson McCray, 25, res. Maine Prairie
son, Henderson McCray, 39, res., Sanger, Fresno Co.
gr son, Carl D. McCray, 25, res. Elmira, s/o Elbert, dec'd
gr son, Elbert McCray, 21, res. Maine Prairie, s/o Elbert, dec'd
gr dau, Maud Rose Thompson, 19 res. unk., d/o Annie, dec'd
gr dau, Lou Thompson, 19 res. unk, d/o Annie, dec'd
gr dau, Ada McGuire, 16, res. Wild Flower, Fresno Co., d/o Sarah, dec'd
That's Maud (THOMPSON) ROSE.  And, yes, it's Mary McGUIRE, not Mary McCARTY.

8.  Solano Co., CA.  Homestead Book 2, page 196:  on 1 Sep 1873, Geo. C. McCRAY filed for homestead.

9.  California Death Index, 1940-1990, as checked by Ruth Setterquist, Solano County Genealogical Society (letter of 27 Jun 1997 to Betty Cogliati):
McCray, George H., died 26 Feb 1952 in Nevada County
McCray, James H., died 1 Jun 1953 in San Joaquin County
McCray, Wilson, died 27 Aug 1962 in Alameda County; spouse's initial = A

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