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Abraham CORBIN I
In his 1989 book, Baltimore County Families, 1659-1759 (see quote below), Barnes suggests that the Abraham CORBIN who married Rachael MARSHALL was probably the Abraham CORBIN, born 7 Sep 1722, who was son of Edward & Jane (WILKINSON) CORBIN.  Such a connection is immediately suspect because it would make our subject age 44 at first marriage.  We do, however, have good evidence that our subject was the son of Nicholas CORBIN and brother to Nicholas's son, Benjamin CORBIN.  Please see the depositions on this page, the key parts of which being that Benjamin was brother to an Abraham and both were sons of Nicholas, and the letter on this page, the key part of which being that Benjamin's sister [Sophia CORBIN] married a MARSH [Thomas] see the spouses of the Children below.
CLARIFICATION:  what I'm driving at is that a generation has been skipped.  Based on the evidence, it appears this Abraham is Edward's grandson, not his son.
Husband:  Abraham CORBIN
Birth:  ca. 1743
Death:  7 Oct 1793, Baltimore Co., MD
Father:  Nicholas CORBIN
Mother possibly:  Eleanor __?__

The average male is age 23 at first marriage, hence my estimate that our subject was born ca. 1743.

Marriage:  4 Dec 1766, Baltimore Co., MD
Wife:  Rachael / Rachel MARSHALL 
Birth:  ca. 1747
Death:  aft. 1800, presumably in Bourbon Co., KY

The average female is age 19 at first marriage, hence my estimate that our subject was born ca. 1747.  She cannot have been much older because she had a child in 1788, and most women have had their last child by the age of 43 (average age for the onset of menopause is 41).

Children born in Baltimore Co., MD:
1.  Thomas CORBIN, b. ca. 1767/8; m. Nancy TURNER stayed in MD

By 1800, all the remaining children had moved to Bourbon Co., KY, either before or with their mother:

2.  Sarah CORBIN, b. 1769/70, PA; m. 1788, Thomas MARSH, Jr., s/o Thomas MARSH & Sophia CORBIN
3.  Abraham CORBIN II, b. ca. 1775; m. 1798, Eleanor BOSLEY, d/o James BOSLEY & Temperance MARSH, d/o Thomas MARSH & Sophia CORBIN
4.  Eleanor CORBIN, b. ca. 1778; m. 1797, Beal MARSH, s/o Thomas MARSH & Sophia CORBIN
5.  Nicholas CORBIN, b. 1783/4
6.  Nathan CORBIN, b. 3 May 1788; m. 1811, Mary HILL

Keywords for search engines:  genealogy; USA, US, United States, Kentucky, Maryland, Pennsylvania


1a.  Robert Barnes.  1978/93.  Maryland Marriages, 1778-1800.  Genealogical Publ. Co., Baltimore, MD (Broderbund CD-195).
p. 40 Corbin, Abraham, 4 Dec. 1766, Rachael Marshall 2 BA-230
p. xi 2 BA - St. John's and St. George's Parish; copy made by Harrison, at MHS [Maryland Historical Society].  (Despite the title of the manuscript, the records are chiefly those of St. John's Parish.)

1b.  Marriage Index:  Maryland, 1655-1850.  Liahona Research, Orem, UT (Broderbund CD-224):
Corbin, Abraham Marshall, Rachael Dec 4, 1766 Baltimore Co.

2.  St. James Parish Register, Maryland, 1787-1815 (online at Ancestry.com):
CORBIN NATHAN, b. to Abraham and Rachel, 5/3/1788

3.  1790 Census Index/Images (online at Ancestry.com; Image #15 of 55; extracted by Diana Gale Matthiesen):¤
1790 MD Baltimore Co. Patapsco Lower Hundred Roll M637_3 p. 153 Ln 21 Abraham Corbin 1-3-2-0-8
These data indicate:
Gender and Type Age Class Therefore Born Individuals Inferred
1 free white males 16 or over in or bef. 1774 = Abraham (b. ca. 1743)
3 free white males 15 or under 1774-1790 = Abraham (b. ca. 1775) 
= Nicholas (b. 1780-84)
= Nathan (b. 1788)
2 free white females all ages in or bef. 1790 = Rachel (b. ca. 1747)
= Eleanor (b. ca. 1778)
8 slaves all ages in or bef. 1790 = ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
No room here for Thomas, suggesting he was older than his siblings and had left the nest, as had Sarah.

4.  Census Index:  U.S. Selected Counties, 1800 (Broderbund CD-312):
1800 Tax List Cobin, Rachel KY Bourbon Co.
Also in Bourbon County:  Abram, James, and William CORBIN, plus son-in-law, Beale MARSH.

5.  Robert W. Barnes.  1989.  Baltimore County Families, 1659-1759.  Genealogical Publ. Co., Baltimore, MD (Broderbund CD-195):
p. 135 CORBIN, ABRAHAM (5), s. of Edward (3) and Jane, b. 7 Sept. 1722 in St. Pauls Par., d. c. 1798; prob. the Abraham who m. Rachel Marshall on 4 Dec. 1766; had iss.: ABRAHAM; THOMAS; NICHOLAS, by June 1805 was in Bourbon Co., Ky., when as one of the heirs of Abraham Corbin, dec., he sold pt. The Valley of Jehosophat to Joshua Marsh; NATHAN; SARAH, m. Thomas Marsh, Jr.; ELEANOR, m. Beale Marsh  (131; 133; 231-WG#56:122; 231-WG#86:252).
For reasons given at the top of this page, I do not believe the Abraham CORBIN who married Rachael MARSHALL was the son of Edward & Jane (WILKINSON) CORBIN.  I do wish Barnes had not suggested a connection he hadn't documented because we will be forever stamping out this error. 

6.  LDS.  Family Search: Internet Genealogy Service: International Genealogical Index (IGI).
Abraham-Abram CORBIN
Death: 7 Oct 1793, <>, Baltimore, Maryland
Father: Nicholas CORBIN; Mother: Eleanor
Source: patron submission
Would that this information had been documented because it's probably correct.

7.  Mrs. H. K. McAdams.  1929.  Kentucky Pioneer and Court Records.  Lexington, KY (online at HeritageQuest at Genealogy.com):
p. 81
(Furnished by Mrs. Effie S. Honson, of Ventura, California, to Mrs. J. W. Marr, Lexington, Ky.)

NICHOLAS CORBIN Came to Baltimore Co., Md. in 1671. (Authority, "Early Maryland Settlers List." "Annapolis land office records. Vol. XVI., page 533."  Alice, wife of Nicholas Corbin, 2nd., mar. John Barrot.  (Annapolis Md. Inventories and Accounts, XX, page 47).

Children of Nicholas and Alice Corbin, 1, Elizabeth (mr. Roberts); 2. Mary (mar. Gostwick); 3, Edward (mar. Jane Wilkinson, a daughter of Wm Wilkinson, 1718).

Children of Edward and Jane Corbin: 1, Nicholas; 2, William Wilkinson Corbin, died; 3, Abraham Corbin; 4, Phyllis Anna Corbin; 5, Providence Corbin; 6, Unity Corbin; 7, Edward Corbin, Jr. 

Abraham Corbin, son of Edward and Jane, mar. Rachel Marshall.  Abraham was born Sept. 7, 1722, St. Paul's Parrish, Baltimore, Co., Md.  Married Dec. 4, 1766, (see rec. St. John's). Their children (LIb. W. G. No. 56, page 122. Mentions all these children and widow, Rachel): Abraham, Thomas, Nicholas, Nathan, Sarah (mar. Thomas Marsh, Jr.), Eleanor (mar. beale Marsh).  All six of these came to Kentucky.

Nicholas made the crossing with his first wife, Elizabeth, and daughters Elizabeth and Mary, so Alice was not the mother of these children.  Alice does appear to have been Edward's mother.  For reasons given at the top of the page, I do not believe the Abraham who was son of Edward is the one who married Rachael MARSHALL.

8.  Broderbund.  World Family Trees.  Vol. 40, Pedigree No. 356.

9.  WorldConnect (online at RootsWeb.com).  A file there has daughter Sarah born in 1760, which does not jibe with her parents having married in 1766 and her age in the 1850 census, which indicates a birthyear of 1769/70.

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