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Beal MARSH, Sr.
Eleanor CORBIN
Husband:  Beal / Beale MARSH, Sr.
Birth:  bef. 1765, Baltimore Co., MD
Death:  5 Nov 1833 or 1835, KY
Father:  Thomas MARSH, Sr.
Mother:  Sophia CORBIN
Marriage:  2 May 1797, Zion German Lutheran Church, Baltimore, Baltimore Co., MD
Wife:  Eleanor CORBIN Eleanor is Beal's first cousin.
Birth:  bef. 1780
Death:  19 May 1810
Father:  Abraham CORBIN
Mother:  Rachel MARSHALL
born in Baltimore Co., MD, or in KY:
1.  Thomas King MARSH
2.  Abraham "Abram" Corbin MARSH
3.  Dryden MARSH; d. 6 Oct 1831, Nicholas Co., KY; m. Nimrod WOOD

born in Bourbon Co., KY:
3.  Nicholas Corbin MARSH, b. 13 Sep 1802; d. 7 Feb 1848
4.  Rachel MARSH, b. Sep 1806
5.  Benedict Beale MARSH, b. 1808

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1.  LDS.  Family Search: Internet Genealogy Service: International Genealogical Index (IGI).
Spouse: Elinor CORBIN
Marriage: 21 Mar 1797, First Methodist Episcopal Church, Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland
Source: Marriage licenses, 1777-1851. Baltimore County (Maryland). Clerk of the Circuit Court.
Spouse: Eleanora CORBIN
Marriage: 2 May 1797, Gay Street and Court House Plaza Zion German Lutheran, Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland
Source-1: Index to the register of births, marriages and deaths in Zion German Lutheran Church, Baltimore, Maryland, 1784-1855. Zion German Lutheran Church (Manchester, Maryland).
Spouse: Eleanor CORBIN
Marriage: 2 May 1797, Baltimore, Maryland
Source: Index to the record of Maryland marriages, 1777-1804. Maryland Historical Society.
Nicholas C. MARSH; Birth: About 1798, of Baltimore, Baltimore, Marland
Benedict MARSH; Birth: About 1800, of Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland
Beale MARSH; Birth: About 1802, of Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland
Rachel MARSH; Birth: About 1804, of Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland
Thomas MARSH; Birth: About 1806, of Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland
Corbin MARSH; Birth: About 1808, of Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland
Father: Beale MARSH; Mother: Eleanor CORBIN
Source: patron submission
The birth dates and places of the children are obviously guesses, and mostly wrong.  Beale MARSH was in KY by 1800, so at most only the first one or two children could have been born in MD.  Benedict and Beale are one child, not two.

2.  Census Index:  U.S. Selected Counties, 1800 (Broderbund CD-312):  the 1800 KY census was destroyed; on this CD tax lists are substituted where available.
1800 Tax List Marsh, Beale KY Bourbon Co.
He is the only MARSH in the county.

3.  1810 Census Index/Images (online at Ancestry.com; Image #25 of 61; extracted by Diana Gale Matthiesen):¤
1810 KY Bourbon Co. Stoner Roll M252_5 p. 97A/191 Ln. 13 Marsh Beal 31211-11000-09
These data indicate:
No. & Sex Age Class Therefore Born Individuals Inferred
3 males 9 or under 1800-1810 = Benedict (b. 1808)
= Thomas
= Nicholas (b. 1802)
1 male 10-15 1794-1800 = Dryden (b. 1798)
2 males 16-25 1784-1794 = ?
= ?
1 male 26-44 1765-1784 = ?
1 male 45 or over in or bef. 1765 = Beale
1 female 9 or under 1800-1810 = Rachel (b. 1806) 
1 female 10-15 1794-1800 = Daughter A
9 slaves all ages in or bef. 1810 = ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
If the older males are Beale's sons, then he had a prior wife.  List was roughly alphabetized.

4.  1820 Census Index/Images (online at Ancestry.com; Image #18 of 25; extracted by Diana Gale Matthiesen):¤
1820 KY Bourbon Co. North Middletown Roll M33_18 pp. 112-113 Ln. 16 Beal Marsh 020101-01000-0-100 2000-1200
These data indicate:
No., Race, Gender  Age Class Therefore Born Individuals Inferred
2 white males 10-15 1804-1810
1 white male 19-25* 1794-1801 =
1 white male 45 or over in or bef. 1775 = Beal 
1 white female 10-15 1804-1810
1 people engaged in agriculture
2 male slaves 13 and under 1806-1820 = ?
1 female slave 13 and under 1806-1820 = ?
2 female slaves 14-25 1794-1806 = ?
*In the 1820 Census, the third column is age class 16-18 and the fourth column is age class 16-25; therefore, any individual in column three is duplicated in column four.  By subtracting the number in column three from the number in column four, you can create an age class "19-25."

5.  1830 Census Index/Images (online at Ancestry.com; Image #48 of 51; extracted by Diana Gale Matthiesen):
1830 KY Bourbon Co. Roll M19_33 p. 309 Ln. 5 Beall Marsh 000 000 101 100 - 000 100100-130100
These data indicate:
No., Race, Gender Age Class Therefore Born Individuals Inferred
1 white male 40-49 1780-1790 = ?
1 white male 60-69 1760-1770 = Beal?
1 white male 70-79 1750-1760 = Beal? 
1 male slave 9 or under 1820-1830 = ?
1 male slave 36-54 1775-1794 = ?
1 female slave 9 or under 1820-1830 = ?
3 female slaves 10-23 1806-1820 = ? ? ?
1 female slave 36-54 1775-1794 = ?

6.  Mrs. H. K. McAdams.  1929.  Kentucky Pioneer and Court Records.  Lexington, KY (online at HeritageQuest at Genealogy.com):
p. 81 MARSH, BEALE Will Book J, page 389 Dated Nov. 4, 1831.  Probated Dec. Court 1833.  Mentions 6 children: Executors, friend, John B. Rains and my son, Nicholas C. Marsh.  Sons, Nicholas C. Marsh, Benedict Marsh, Beale Marsh.  Daughter, Rachel, chidlren (sic) of my deceased dau., wife of Drydon Wood.  Brother-in-law,
p. 82 Nicholas Corbin.  Witnesses, Thomas P. Smith, Frances R. Smith and Mary T. Barbee.
(Note by family, "Thomas K. Marsh and Corbin Marsh are the other two children not mentioned by name")
License number 187, in the City of Baltimore, State of Maryland, shows the marriage of Beal Marsh and Elinor Corbin, on 21st. of March, 1797, by the Rev. Mr. Richards.  Attested copy July 3rd, 1926, by Stephen C. Little, Clerk.
In will of Beale Marsh, of Bourbon County, Ky., **son, Benedict Beale Marsh (not Benedict Marsh, Beale Marsh).  **Dau., Dryden Wood, wife of Nimrod Wood.
Either the year his will was probated is wrong or the year of his death as given by Perrin (1880:479) is wrong.

7.  William Henry Perrin, ed.  1882.  The History of Bourbon, Scott, Harrison and Nicholas Counties, Kentucky.  O.L. Baskin & Co., Chicago:
p. 479
Paris Precinct...

J.N. MARSH,1 farmer; P.O. Paris; born in this precinct March 26, 1845, the eldest son of Benedict Beal Marsh, born in this precinct 1808, who was the youngest son of Beal Marsh and Eleanor Corbin, who were natives of Maryland.

This ancient couple settled here in Bourbon County, in the latter part of the last century.  His settlement was near Paris, on the farm now owned by his grandson, B. B.  Six children were born to Benedict B., the eldest was Dryden, who was born 1798; then Abram C., Nicholas C., Thomas K., Rachel and Benedict B.; all lived to be grown.  The parents of the above died as follows: Beal, Nov. 5, 1835, his wife Eleanor, May 19, 1810...

p. 562
Hutchinson Precinct...

MRS. RACHEL CORBIN, P.O. Hutchinson; was born in September, 1806, in Bourbon County, Ky., daughter of Beal and Ella (Corbin) Marsh, natives of Maryland.  They [Beal & Ella] were married in Baltimore and came to Kentucky at a very early period...

Either this death year is wrong or the date his will was probated is wrong.

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