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Husband:  Nicholas SHANAFELT, Jr.
Birth:  4 Feb 1799, Centre Co., PA
Occupation:  gunsmith
Death:  Clarion Co., PA
Father:  Nicholas SHANAFELT, Sr.
Marriage:  30 Mar 1823, Huntingdon Co., PA
Wife:  Keziah GREENLAND
Birth:  8 Feb 1801, Huntingdon Co., PA
Death:  18 Aug 1867, Clarion, Clarion Co., PA
Father:  Nathan GREENLAND
Mother:  Sarah Ruth CORBIN
Children born in Huntingdon Co., PA:
1.  William SHANAFELT, b. 4 Mar 1825; d. aft. 1898, Clarion Co., PA; m1. 2 May 1844, Clarion Co., PA, Catherine THOMAS (14 children); m2. 1878, Armina Jane McNUTT
2.  Ezra SHANAFELT, b. 18 May 1827; d.s.p. 1839, Porter Twp., Clarion Co., PA
3.  John R. SHANAFELT, D.D., b. 27 Oct 1829; m. Moreland, Montour Co., PA, Hannah Theresa SMITH (6 children)
4.  Andrew F. SHANAFELT, D.D., b. 10 Mar 1832; d. 16 Mar 1875, Chester, PA; m. Clarion Co., PA, Eliza POTTER (5 children)
5.  Sarah A. SHANAFELT, b. 18 Oct 1834; d.s.p. 1839, Porter Twp., Clarion Co., PA

Children born in Porter Twp., Clarion Co., PA:
6.  Thomas M. SHANAFELT, D.D., b. 30 Apr 1840; m. 23 Oct 1866, Phoebe GILDAY
7.  Mary J. SHANAFELT, b. 1 Oct 1842; m. C. Jackson RHEA (5 children)


1.  Letter, dated 19 Jun 1858, from Keziah (GREENLAND) SHANAFELT of Clarion Co., PA, to her son, Thomas.  Keziah is a granddaughter of Benjamin & Sarah (SIAS) CORBIN.  The letter is in the possession of  Laurel Shanafelt Powell of Colorado, and Lorinda Clendenon Greenland generously posted a transcription at her web site. 
My mother's father was Benjamin Corbin; her mother Sarah Sias.  I think they both came from England.  Their ancestors lived in England where some of them still remain.  My two grandfathers (Moses Greenland and Benjamin Corbin), as I understand, lived about four miles apart.  The children of both families attended the same school just thirty miles this side of Baltimore near Winchester.  I never saw Grandfather Corbin.  He died when I was young.  I often saw his youngest brother William.  He came to Huntingdon.  While young he married Betsy Brown, sister to Mrs. Weaver's father.  He lived near Raystown Branch but died in Huntingdon.  Many of his descendants live there yet.  He had a sister, lived in Ohio.  Her family was said to be very wealthy.  I think her name was Marsh.  He had other brothers, too, but I am unacquainted with their history.  Grandmother had two brothers - Joseph and Benjamin Sias.  I remember seeing them many years ago.  They moved to Ohio.  She had a sister named Keziah Sias.  She was married to a Baptist preacher at Millcreek, old uncle Samuel Lane.  She was his third wife.  He was struck with palsey while preaching in uncle Jacob Dean's house in Trough Creek Valley.  Father was present at the time.  Grandmother visited her friends in Huntingdon twice.  I well remember when she came to Father's, and likewise when she went away.  She died in Maryland at her son Joseph's merely with sickness, weakness and old age.  Most of them came to Huntingdon.  Uncle Elijah and Mycajah married sisters, Sarah and Mary Kelly.  They both died in Cassville since I came to Clarion. Joseph married Nelly Grover.  He lived near Winchester till after his mother's death, then moved to Bedford County until his wife's death, then went west.  Nichodemas married Mary Brown, moved to Ohio. Uncle Ezekial and Asahal married sisters, Nelly and Lidaiu Corbin, Uncle William Corbin's daughters.  They both died at the ridges near Millcreek.  Their widows are living yet as far as I know.  Aunt Keziah Corbin, mother's only sister, still remains in Baltimore County near Winchester.  She visited her friends twice.  I remember well seeing her.  I think she never married.  If traveling had been as common and conveneint in my young days as it now is, I could give you a more full account of my friends.  The only mode of travel then was on horseback, of course not much of it done.
As with most family histories, Keziah underestimates the number of generations between herself and her immigrant ancestors (i.e., Benjamin and Sarah were almost certainly not the immigrant generation).  Jacob DEAN was Keziah's grand-uncle.

2.  Census Index:  U.S. Selected Counties, 1830 (Broderbund CD-315):
1830 Shimfelt, Nicholas PA Huntingdon Co. Rolandburg p. 110

3.  Census Index:  U.S. Selected Counties, 1840 (Broderbund CD-316):
1840 Shinefelt, Nicholas PA Armstrong [now Clarion] Co. Red Bank Twp. p. 62

4.  1850 Census Index/Microfilm (online at GenealogyLibrary.com):  Clarion Borough, Clarion Co., PA, p. 1A, 3/3, enumerated 19 Jul 1850 (extracted by Diana Gale Matthiesen):
Nicholas Shenefelt 52 M Gunsmith 500 Pa
Kissia      " 49 F     "
Andrew      " 18 M    "   "
Thomas      " 11 M     "
Mary        "  8 F     "
Daniel Sarvey? 20 M     "

5.  Census Index:  U.S. Selected Counties, 1860 (Broderbund CD-318):
1860 Shoenefelt, Nicholas PA Clarion Co. Clarion Borough p. 68

6.  WorldConnect (online at RootsWeb.com).

7.  Broderbund.  World Family Trees.  Vol. 4, Pedigree #773.

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