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Y-DNA Haplogroup I1-M253 Haplotree
as of February 2014
This version of the Y-DNA Haplotree is based on a set of Hg I1 SNP Matrices (links below) compiled using data extracted from the SNP Results tables of the various Hg I1 projects based at FamilyTreeDNA, from which a List of SNPs was compiled.  This tree and these matrices are updates of ones compiled in 2011, done so now in the "calm before the storm" when first results of the new BigY test begin to return.  These data were compiled in February 2014, and it's unlikely I will update them any time soon.

There are hundreds, possibly thousands, of Hg I1 individuals tested at FTDNA who have not joined a haplogroup project.  Of the ones who have joined a haplogroup project, there are hundreds who have not tested even the defining SNP, M253, much less any downstream SNP.  I would urge these individuals to join a haplogroup project and consider SNP testing.

FTDNA has, understandably, abandoned the use of heirarchical subclade names in preferance for SNP-based clade names when designating the Y-DNA haplogroup for clients on their member pages.  However, the haplotree presented to their clients on their member pages and hierarchical haplogroup labels on project results pages have always been at least somewhat out-of-date and now are extremely out of date.

To make it easier for my project members to understand where they "fit" in other versions of the haplotree, I've compiled the table below comparing the FTDNA labels to the ISOGG labels and clade-based labels.  The clade-based labels are derived from a modified version of the haplotree compiled by me using Terry Robb's tree, Ken Nordtvedt's trees, the YFull Experimental Y Tree, and other sources as a starting point.  The final form of the tree below is based entirely on the matrices, which also means the ordering of parallel SNPs is arbitrary.  No age or time is implied by the lengths of the branches.  Any errors or omissions here should be considered mine.

To see more of the tree with less scrolling, temporarily reduce the text size in your browser.
| SNP List | Haplotree | Root SNPs | M253 Matrix | L22 Matrix | P109 Matrix | Z58 Matrix | Z140 Matrix | Z138 Matrix |
Haplogroup I1-M253 Haplotree
(For a more complete listing of synonyms and phyloequivalents, see ISOGG tree.)
M170/PF3715, L41/PF3787, M258/PF3721, P19_1, P19_2, P19_3, P19_4, P19_5, P38, P212/PF3580, PF3742/U179 I-M170 I I
_____ M253, CTS5783/S63, CTS11042/S66, L64, L75, L80, L81, L118, L121/S62, L123, L124/S64, L125/S65, L157.1,
L186, L187, L840, L845/S110/YSC278, M307.2/P203.2, M450/S109, P30, P40, S107, S108, S111/Y1868
I1-M253 I1 I1
_____ DF29/S438 I1-D29 I1-a  
_____ CTS6364 I1-CTS6364 I1-a1  
_____ CTS10028 I1-CTS10028    
_____ L22 I1-L22 I1-a1b I1d
_____ P109 I1-P109 I1-a1b1 I1d1
_____ F1583_[private: RITTER] I1-F1583    
CTS9875_[private: WILSON] I1-CTS9875    
L1438_[root L1438* is private for GENTRY] I1-L1438    
_____ L1431_[private: TABAN] I1-L1438    
CTS11525_[private: BELANGER] I1-CTS11525    
PF3247_[private: LARSEN] I1-PF3247    
Z74 I1-Z74    
_____ CTS2208 I1-CTS2208    
_____ CTS5476 I1-CTS5476    
_____ L287 I1-L287 I1-a1b3 I1d3
_____ L258 I1-L258 I1-a1b3-a I1d3a
_____ L296 I1-L296 I1-a1b3-a1  
CTS2242 I1-CTS2242    
_____ Z133 I1-Z133    
L69.3 I1-L69.3    
L813 I1-L813 I1-a1b5  
_____ CTS9346 I1-CTS9346    
L205  [L186+] I1-L205 I1-a1b2 I1d2
L300 I1-L300 I1-a1b4 I1d4
L69.1 I1-L69.1    
_____ M227 I1-M227 I1-a1a I1b
_____ M72 [private(?): RIEDKE] I1-M72 I1-a1a1 I1b1
L1275 I1-L1275    
_____ L1274_[private: CHILDERS] I1-L1274    
F3312 I1-F3312    
CTS8582 [none shown at FTDNA] I1-CTS8582    
M21 [private; none shown at FTDNA; position uncertain] I1-M21 [private] I1a
P259_[rare; none shown at FTDNA; position uncertain] I1-P259 [private] I1c
Z58 I1-Z58 I1-a2  
_____ Z59 I1-Z59 I1-a2a  
_____ Z2894 = CTS8647 I1-Z2894    
____ Z60 Z61 Z62 I1-Z60 I1-a2a1  
_____ Z140 Z141 [L186+] I1-Z140 I1-a2a1-a  
_____ Z2535 I1-Z2535 I1-a2a1-a1  
_____ YSC_261 I1-YSC_261    
_____ L338 I1-L338    
_____ PF1793 I1-PF1793    
Z2538 Z2537 Z2536 CTS10937 I1-Z2538 I1-a2a1-a1b  
F2642 I1-F2642 I1-a2a1-a2  
_____ Z2904 I1-Z2904    
_____ F2735 [private(?): MARSILLE] I1-F2735    
L69.2 I1-L69.2    
Y1843 Y1854 Y1884 Y1937 I1-Y1843    
CTS6772 Y1966 I1-Y1966    
_____ L592 [private: STRAUB] I1-L592    
Z2539 CTS7362 I1-Z2539    
_____ CTS9352 position uncertain PF3158? I1-CTS9352    
_____ Z73 I1-Z73 I1-a2a1-b   
_____ CTS1679 I1-CTS1679    
_____ L1301 I1-L1301    
_____ L1302 I1-L1302    
CTS9715 I1-CTS9715    
L573 I1-L573 I1-a2a1-c  
L1248 position uncertain CTS9352? PF3158? I1-L1248 I1-a2a1-d  
_____ L803 L1247  I1-L803 I1-a2a1-d1  
_____ L802 [private: FRAME] I1-L802    
PF3158 [pvt: ERIKSEN] pos. un. CTS9352? L1248? I1-PF3158    
F3916 [private(?): FÜLLER] I1-F3916    
Z2040 Z2041 [L186+] I1-Z2040    
_____ Z2038 I1-Z2038    
_____ Z382 Z2037 [L186+] I1-Z382 I1-a2a2  
_____ Z2042[none positive at FTDNA] I1-2042    
PF856 [private(?): TROMPTER] position uncertain I1-PF856    
Z138 Z139 Z2540 I1-Z138 I1-a2b  
_____ Z2541 I1-Z2541 I1-a2b1  
_____ CTS1079 CTS6400 [1000 Genomes; none shown at FTDNA]      
PF2364 I1-PF2364    
L211 [private: VAN LAAR] I1-L211 [private] I1e
Z63 I1-Z63 I1-a3  
_____ CTS9715 I1-CTS9715    
PF1610 I1-PF1610    
L1237 I1-L1237 I1-a3a  
_____ CTS7416 I1-CTS7416    
PF49 I1-PF49    
Z131/S249 I1-Z131 I1-b  
_____ CTS5510 I1-CTS5510    
_____ CTS6397 I1-CTS6397    
P215 I2-P215 I2 I2

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