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George Overton THOMPSON
Margaret C. PHAUP
Martha Jane THOMSON
Husband:  George Overton THOMPSON
Birth:  23 Dec 1805, Louisa? or Culpeper? Co., VA
Death:  7 Jul 1892, presumably Christian Co., KY
Occupation:  furniture maker
Religion:  Baptist 
Father:  Charles THOMPSON
Mother:  Ann Pettus GRAVES
Marriage-1:  1835, Hopkinsville, Christian Co., KY
Wife-1:  Margaret C. PHAUP
Birth:  14 Aug 1815, of Hopkinsville, Christian Co., KY
Death:  1846, Hopkinsville, Christian Co., KY
Father:  John PHAUP
Mother:  Sarah __?__
Marriage-2:  6 Nov 1848, Christian Co., KY
Wife-2:  Martha Jane THOMSON
Birth:  1823, Christian Co., KY
Religion:  Southern Presbyterian 
Mother:  Martha TILFORD
Children with Margaret C. PHAUP — born in Hopkinsville, Christian Co., KY:
1.  James J. THOMPSON, b. 1835/6; ended up in Collin Co., TX
2.  Elizabeth A. "Bettie" THOMPSON, b. 1837/8; m. 1862 James McELWAIN
3.  Sarah Ellen THOMPSON, b. 2 Dec 1839 
4.  Charles THOMPSON, b. 1841/2; living in Hopkinsville in 1884 
5.  Margaret "Maggie" THOMPSON, b. 1835-46 

Why doesn't Maggie show up in the 1850 Census?

Children with Martha Jane THOMSON:


1.  William Henry Perrin, ed.  1884.  County of Christian, Kentucky: Historical and Biographical.  F.A. Battey Publ. Co., Chicago, pp. 420-421:  biographical sketch of George O. Thompson.  According to Perrin, George was born in Virginia and Martha was born in Hopkinsville (cf. the Census below), and given that George's parents did not move to Christian Co., KY, until 1811, (and that his younger brother Albert was born in Virginia), George had to have been born in Virginia.  Perrin spells Martha's and her father's name "Thomson."

2.  October 1886.  "Unknown but Honored Graves of Soldiers—Commanders of the Hopkinsville Operations."  Hopkinsville New Era.
Having buried whole companies of stout young soldiers, Mr. G.O. Thompson still labors vigorously as a merchant and bank director in his 84th year. . .

3.  J.H. Battle, ed.  1884.  County of Todd, Kentucky: Historical and Biographical.  F.A. Battey, Chicago.  (Reprinted 1979 by Southern Historical Press, Easley, SC, under the title History of Todd County, Kentucky; available online at the Kentucky Biographies Project. [link died])  George's daughter, Elizabeth A., is in a biographical sketch of her husband, James C. McELWAIN.

4. Jordan R. Dodd, ed.  1993.  Kentucky Marriages: Early to 1850.  Liahona Research, Orem, UT (Broderbund CD-229).  In Christian Co.:
Thompson, George O. Phaup, Margaret C. 14 Apr 1835
Thompson, George O. Thomas, Martha Jane  6 Nov 1848

5.  1840 Census (extracted by A. Robert Matthiesen; see 1840 Table): 
1840 Thompson, George O. 100 301 201 - 200 020 000 KY Christian Co. Hopkinsville p. 188
These data indicate:
No. & Sex  Age Class Therefore Born Individuals Inferred
1 male 4 or under 1835-1840 = James J. (b. 1835/6)
3 males 15-19 1820-1825 = ?
1 male 30-39 1800-1810 = George (b. 1805)
2 males 40-49 1790-1800 = ?
1 male 60-69 1770-1780 = ?
2 females 4 or under 1835-1840 = Ellen (b. 1839/40)
= Bettie (b. 1837/8)
2 females 20-29 1810-1820 = Margaret (b. 1815)
I can't quite figure who all's living in this household.  If 1850 is any measure, the three young males are (apprentice?) cabinet makers.

6.   1850 Census Index/Microfilm (online at GenealogyLibrary.com):  District 1, Christian Co., KY, 795/835, p. 486, enumerated 4 Oct 1850 (extracted by Diana Gale Matthiesen):
Geo O Thompson 44 M Cabinet Maker 6000 Ky
Martha J Thompson 27 F     Va
Jas J Thompson 14 M     Ky
Betty A Thompson 12 F     Ky
Ellen I Thompson 10 F     Ky
Chas A Thompson  8 M     Ky
Asa C Thomson 19 M Cabinet Maker   Ky
Geo Martin 19 M    "      "   Ky
The census-taker appears to have gotten the birthplaces of George and Martha switched.
Where is Maggie?

7.  LDS.  Family Search: Internet Genealogy Service:  IGI - International Genealogical Index (online at FamilySearch.org).

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