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Nicholas Z. CORBIN
Eleanor __?__
Husband:  Nicholas Z. CORBIN who may be this Nicholas CORBIN
Birth said to be:  1710, Baltimore Co., MD
Death:  1778 
Father:  Edward CORBIN
Mother:  Jane WILKINSON

Where did his middle initial "Z." come from?  I have yet to find a primary source using a middle initial.
If Nicholas was born in 1710, he is too young to be having children in 1725.  To be the parent of the eldest child (Sophia, b. 1725), he would have had to have been born no later than ca. 1706.

Marriage:  before (not on) 3 Sep 1733
Wife:  Eleanor __?__
Death:  aft. 1733, bef. 1753
Children born in Baltimore Co., MD:
WARNINGThere is no evidence documenting the identities of our subjects' children.  People have attached children to them for want of knowing where else to put them.  One researcher asserts that Elizabeth's connecton to Nicholas & Eleanor has been proven, but she refuses to share that proof.  The only certainties I'm aware of are 1) that Sophia, Benjamin, Nathan, Abraham, and William are siblings; and 2) that their father was, indeed, named Nicholas, though which Nicholas CORBIN is uncertain.

Elizabeth CORBIN, b. 27 Nov 1734; m. Edmund DEDMAN 

.  Joseph CORBIN
.  Shadrach CORBIN, b. 1732

Proven siblings whose father was named, Nicholas CORBIN:
Sophia CORBIN, b. 1725; m. Thomas MARSH 
Benjamin CORBIN, b. 1730; m. Sarah SIAS 
Nathan CORBIN, b. 1738; m. Sarah JAMES 
Abraham CORBIN, b. ca. 1743; m. Rachel MARSHALL
William CORBIN, b. 1744; m. Mary Elizabeth "Betsy" BROWN 

Keywords for search engines:  genealogy; USA, US, United States, Maryland

Year Location Event
? MD: Baltimore Co. birth of Nicholas CORBIN
?   birth of Eleanor __?__
1717/8 MD: Baltimore Co. Nicholas CORBIN bequeathed 195 a. by John BARRETT
?   marriage of Nicholas CORBIN & Eleanor __?__
1725   birth of alleged daughter, Sophia
1730   birth of alleged son, Benjamin
1732   birth of alleged son, Shadrach
1733 MD: Baltimore Co. Nicholas & Eleanor CORBIN sell the 195 a. bequeathed by John BARRETT 
1734   birth of alleged daughter, Elizabeth
1738   birth of alleged son, Nathan
1744   birth of alleged son, William
1744/5 MD: Baltimore Co. marriage of alleged daughter, Sophia, to Thomas MARSH
bef. 1753   birth of alleged son, Joseph
bef. 1753   death of Eleanor (__?__) CORBIN
1753 MD: Baltimore Co. Nicholas CORBIN sells chattel goods to Thomas MARSH
1753 MD: Baltimore Co. marriage of alleged daugher, Elizabeth, to Edmund DEDMAN
1755 MD: Baltimore Co.: head of Back R. Nicholas CORBIN sells land to John ENSOR
1758 MD: Baltimore Co. marriage of alleged son, Nathan, to Sarah JAMES
1768 MD: Baltimore Co. Nicholas CORBIN signs Joppa Petition
1778   death of Nicholas CORBIN


1.  Robert W. Barnes.  1989.  Baltimore County Families, 1659-1759.  Genealogical Publ. Co., Baltimore, MD (Broderbund CD-195).  Boldface added.
p. 30 BARRETT, JOHN, d. by 24 March 1717/8 having m. Alice, extx. of Nicholas Corbin; his will, 21 June 1717 - 24 March 1717/8 named "grandson" Nicholas Corbin, eld. s. of Edward Corbin, also John Royston, James Wells, and John Keith, s. of Alex., wife Alice to be extx.; she was alive in Nov. 1718 when Zacheus Richards, age 2, was bound to serve her...

2a.  John Davis.  1996.  Baltimore County, Maryland, Deed Records, Volume Two: 1727-1757.  Heritage Books, Bowie, MD.
p. 40 3 Sep 1733, Nicholas & Elinor Corbin, planter, of Baltimore Co., Maryland, to Philip Lindall, planter, of same, 195 acres...John Barrett devised 1 Jun 1717 to said Nicholas. Signed Nicholas (x) Corbin. Wit: Thomas Sheredine and Thomas (x) Harris.
p. 362 11 Jun 1753, Nicholas Corbin, of Baltimore Co., Maryland, to Thomas Marsh, of same, chattel goods. Signed Nicholas (x) Corbin. Wit: Thomas Franklin and Ruth Franklin.
So this is where the 3 Sep 1733 "marriage date" came from.  They weren't married on 3 Sep 1733, they were married before 3 Sep 1733 a distinction worth making.  Another source states John BARRETT signed his will 21 Jun 1717, not 1 Jun, but either way, transfer of title to the land could not have taken place until after the death of John Barrett, in 1718.  The sale in 1753, without Eleanor, indicates she has passed away (or that they had divorced, which is highly unlikely).

2b.  John Davis.  1996.  Baltimore County, Maryland, Deed Records, Volume Three: 1755-1767.  Heritage Books, Bowie, MD.
p. 29 29 Mar 1755, Nicholas Corbin, planter, of Baltimore Co., Maryland, to John Ensor Jr., of same, £5.5, head of Back River. Signed Nicholas (x) Corbin. Wit: Nicholas Ruxton Gay and William Lyon.
p. 320 1 Sep 1766, Nicholas Corbin, farmer, of Baltimore Co., Maryland, to William Winchester, of Frederick Co., Maryland, £10, 18 acres... draft of Patapsco Falls. Signed Nicholas (x) Corbin. Wit: James Ager and Thomas Franklin.
Nicholas appears to have remained unmarried after being widowed.

3.  Richard B. Miller.  1985.  "Index to the Signers of the 1768 Joppa Petitions of Baltimore County, Maryland."  Maryland Genealogical Society Bulletin 26(4): 393-428 (Broderbund CD-208).
p. 393 By 1768 it had become apparent that the once thriving port of Joppa on the Gunpowder River was no longer capable of handling the commercial shipping for which the port facilities of the rapidly growing port of Baltimore Town on the Patapsco River were needed.  Largely as a result of this shift, it was obvious to most people that Baltimore was a far more appropriate seat for the county government.  The Assembly, however, with great fairness, chose to make this determination on the basis of a popular referendum and ordered that petitions, both pro and con the change, be circulated throughout the county to be signed by all adult males over 18 -- virtually a census of adult county residents in 1768...
p. 400 Corbin, Nicholas, 532
Page numbers after individual's names are those of Appendix VII, Vol. LXI, Archives of Maryland, from which Miller compiled this alphabetical index.  Those opposing the petition have the page number underlined. 

4.  LDS.  Family Search: Internet Genealogy Service: International Genealogical Index (IGI).
Shadrack CORBIN
Birth: Abt. 1732, <>, Baltimore, Maryland
Father: Nicholas CORBIN; Mother: Eleanor
Source: [patron submission]

5.  Broderbund.  World Family Trees.  Vol. 40, Pedigree No. 356.

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