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Ms. __?__
NOTICE:  Patrilineal (direct male line) descendants of Peter CARRICO I are participating in the CARRICO Y-chromosome DNA Surname Project.  They match at high levels, proving they descend from a near common ancestor.  If you are a male CARRICO and are a known or suspected patrilineal descent of our subject, you can now prove it with a DNA test. 
Birth:  bef. 1663, prob. bef. 1656
Death:  aft. 1719
Y-DNA Haplogroup:  J2a-Y16995

Although some secondary sources (e.g., files at WorldConnect) show these parents for our subject:
Father:  Pero Dias CARRICO
Mother:  Isabel LIMA
there is no proof of the connection.

Many secondary sources give Peter's birthplace as France (or Normandy, France).  There is no indication whatsoever of Peter's birthplace in any primary record, so the "French connection" is a myth.  Orthographically, the name appears most likely to be Portuguese, but phonetically similar surnames are Spanish (CARRICA, CARACO) or Italian (CARICO, CARACO).  Any of these origins would be consistent with our subject's DNA haplogroup subclade (see Figure 2, Map E, for current distribution of J-M67).

Marriage:  in or aft. 1681
Wife:  Ms. __?__
Death:  in or bef. 1707
Children born in MD, presumably in Charles Co., MD (birth order unknown):
1.  Peter CARRICO II, b. 1681-90 
2.  Jane CARRICO, b. 1681-1707 
3.  Abel CARRICO I, b. 1681-1707 
4.  James CARRICO I, b. 1692/3 
Keywords for search engines:  genealogy; USA, US, United States, Maryland

Year Location Event
bef. 1660   birth of Peter CARRICOE
    birth of Peter's Wife
1674 arrival in Maryland immigration of Peter CARRICOE
1681 MD: Charles Co. Peter is granted 50 acres of land
1681 or aft.   probable marriage of Peter CARRICOE
1681-90   birth of son, Peter
1681-1707   birth of daughter, Jane
1681-1707   birth of son, Abel
1692/3   birth of son, James
    death of Peter's wife
1695 MD: Charles Co. Peter has court appearance (debt to King)
1707 MD: Charles Co. Peter sold 60 acres (no wife on deed)
1719 MD: Charles Co. Peter requests to be relieved from taxation due to old age
    death of Peter CARRICOE


1a.  Charles County, Maryland.  Patent Book 18, p. 80 (online in the Archives of the CARRICO-L mailing list at RootsWeb.com):
15 June 1674
Came Samuel Dobson of Charles County and proved his right to six hundred and fifty acres of land for transporting John Daniels, Roger Roberts, Thomas Thompson, John Tibbot, Alexander Seasor(?), Samuel Lee, Henry Keeling, Ralph Givin(?), William Marsh, George Sutton, John Dorrinton, Peter Curricoe, and Mary Cooke into this province to inhabit.
17 June 1674
Warrant then granted to said Samuel Dobson for six hundred and fifty acres for transporting the thirteen above mentioned persons into this providence to inhabit in Anno 1674.
Certified the 17th of September 1674.
It has been assumed that Peter was an adult when he was transported, but I'm not certain that assumption can be made.  Peter was granted 50 acres of land in 1681, the standard grant after serving out a service contract, so I think we can be certain he was an adult at that time.  It's unlikely that he married while still indentured, so it's probably safe to assume he married in or after 1681.

1b.  Linda Boorom, transcriber.  Peter Curricoe Transported 1674.  Linda Boorom's transcription of the above record.

2a.  Linda Boorom, transcriber.  Charles Co. Court 1696

2b.  Linda Boorom, transcriber.  Peter Carrico Levy Free 1719 & 1720

3.  Robert W. Barnes.  1992.  "Charles County Depositions, A-G."  Maryland Genealogical Society Bulletin, v. 33, n. 4, pp. 693-711.  On p. 699:
CARRICOE, James, age 70, 28 Sept. 1763, stated his father was Peter Carricoe; CHLR P#3, 59:614.

4.  According to a post by Carol Mitchell to the CARRICO-L mailing list (Archives online at RootsWeb.com; search on carolmit@usaor.net to find her posts):
Peter was granted 50 acres in MD in 1681.
Peter sold 60 acres to Walter Story on 9 Mar 1707, Charles Co., MD.  No wife waived dower.
In 1719, Peter requested to be excused from taxation (in Charles Co., MD) due to old age.
Sadly, Ms. Mitchell is now deceased, and no one so far seems to have located her papers.  All of her research may be lost to us.

5.  Homer E. Carrico.  1951.  "The Carrico Family." Filson Club Historical Quarterly 25:  217-252 (1981, Genealogical Publ. Co., Baltimore, MD, pp. 215-250 caution, Homer's article is rife with errors).  On p. 215:
A tradition, stoutly asserted by some Carrico descendants, is that an earlier Peter Carrico, father of Peter and Abel, came to the Colonies under the auspices of the second Lord Baltimore.
Saying that Peter came to the Colonies "under the auspices" of Lord Baltimore is a bit of snobbery.  The earlier Peter, who did exist, arrived in Maryland as an indentured servant, which would have placed him socially so far beneath Lord Baltimore that Peter would have been unknown to him.

6.  Messages in the Carrico Family Genealogy Forum (online at GenForum.com):  see especially:  "CARRICO origins 1674."

7.  Messages in the Portugal Genealogy Forum (online at GenForum.com):  see especially:  "CARRICO--England to America 17th Century."

8.  Descendants of Peter Carricoe I by Al Beard.

9.  CARICO, CARRICO, and CARRICOE Families by Linda Boorom.

10.  WorldConnect / Ancestry World Trees (online at RootsWeb.com/Ancestry.com).

Historical Note:

Webster's New Geographical Dictionary.  (1977. G. & C. Meriam Co. Publ., Springfield, MA).  On p. 1048:
Saint Marys City or formerly Saint Marys.  Village, Saint Marys co., S Maryland... first settlement in Maryland made here Mar. 1634 by Leonard Calvert, arriving in the ships Ark and Dove; site purchased from the Indians; prospered as capital of Maryland until 1694; later declined rapidly until few traces of town remained; revived 1934 at Tercentenary Celebration and site now maintained by state of Maryland.

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