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Elizabeth SIMMS
Husband:  Abel CARRICO I
Birth:  bef. 1707, Charles Co., MD
Death:  said to be ca. 1790, Galax, Grayson Co., VA 
Father:  Peter CARRICO I
Mother:  Ms. __?__
Marriage:  in or bef. 1730, prob. Charles Co., MD
Wife:  Elizabeth SIMMS / SEMMES
Birth:  1717  this makes her very young at marriage [How firm is this date?  See also her father's death date.]
Death:  in or aft. 1748
Father:  Marmaduke SIMMS / SEMMES  (1674-1701?!), s/o Marmaduke SEMME (1640-1692) & Fortune WATSON(?) (1640-1701)
Mother:  Elizabeth CLARKSON
Children born/baptized Trinity Parish, Charles Co., MD
There is at least a 14 year gap between the parents' presumed marriage and the birth of Abel.  We're missing a lot of children!
1.  Abel CARRICO II, b. 21 Jun 1744 
2.  Mary Ann CARRICO, b. 4 Nov 1748
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Year Location Event
bef. 1707  MD: Charles Co. birth of Abel Carrico
1717?   birth of Elizabeth Simms
bef. 1730   marriage of Abel Carrico & Elizabeth Simms
1730 MD: Charles Co. Abel Carrico rents Maidstone
1733 MD: Charles Co.: Newport Abel Carrico on tax rolls
1736 MD: Charles Co. Abel & Elizabeth buy St. Georges
1738 MD: Charles Co. Abel & Elizabeth sell part of  St. Georges
1744 MD: Charles Co.: Trinity Pr. birth of son, Abel
1748 MD: Charles Co.: Trinity Pr. birth of daughter, Mary Ann
1758 MD: Charles Co. Abel & Ann sell two remaining parts of St. Georges
1772 VA: Fairfax Co. Benoni Kent signs will naming daughter Ann Carrico
1779 MD: Charles Co. Abel Carrico, recipient of alms
1785 VA: Fairfax Co. Abel Carrico in census
Does Abel have a new wife, Ann?  Or could Ann have been Elizabeth's middle name?  But if so, why the switch to using Ann?


1.  Anon.  1994.  Charles County, Maryland, Land Records, 1722-1733.  T.L.C. Genealogy, Miami Beach, FL.
p. 122 Liber M, No. 2, Page 220. 
At the request of George Keech of CC, the following [lease] was recorded this Jun 11, 1730.
  Jun 8, 1730 from Peter Carrico of CC, planter, to Abel Carrico of CC, planter, the lease of a part of a tract of land called Maidstone, as he has in possession and has made improvements upon sd land, containing about 40 acres.  This lease starts next Nov 1 and runs for 21 years.  Abel Carrico may not have more than 1 person, besides his own family, for a crop of corn or tobacco upon sd land.  Abel Carrico shall not sell any timber without the permission of Peter Carrico, nor waste timber.  Abel Carrico shall build what houses he has occasion of during sd term, at his own cost.  The yearly rent is 500 lbs of tobacco and cask.  Signed - Peter Carrico.  Wit - Jno Briscoe*, Jno Howard*.
CC = Charles County; *indicates witness is county official.
Peter Carrico is, of course, Abel's brother.  The implication of Abel having "his own family" being that Abel is married, with children.

2.  A List of the Number of Taxables Belonging to the Several Persons in Charles County abstracts from the Several Constables Lists for the year 1733 (online in the Archives of the Charles County MDGenWeb site; transcription courtesy of John B. Lomax).
Name Taxables # Dist.
Carricoe, James 1 26 BL
Carrico, Abel 1 42 NWU
Carricoe, Peter 2 43 NWU
Abbreviations:  BL = Benedict Leonard
NWU = Newport West Side Upper Part
"#" is the person's position on the original list for that district
(i.e., this online list is alphabetical, but the original was not).
Other notable surnames in the NWU District include:   BOARMAN, BRYAN, GATES, HAGEN, WATHEN, and WILSON.

3.  Anon.  1993.  Charles County, Maryland, Land Records, 1733-1743.  T.L.C. Genealogy, Miami Beach, FL.
p. 43 Liber O, No. 2, Page 177.
  Recorded Dec 6, 1736.  Nov 11, 1736, from Marmaduke Simms of CC, planter, to Abel Carrico and Elizabeth, his wife, of CC, planter, for 500 lbs tobacco and 20 shillings sterling, and for divers other good causes, all that part of a tract of land called St. Georges, lying in CC, bounded John Biggs, containing and laid out for about 93 acres and 78 perches.  Signed - Marma (M his mark) Sims.  Wit - Robt Yates*, Henry Hawkins*.  Mary Simms, wife of the sd Marmdaduke Simms, released her dower.
p. 73 Liber O, No. 2, Page 375.
Recorded Dec 4, 1738.  Nov 21, 1738, from Abel Carrico of CC, planter, to Peter Wood of CC, planter, for 1400 lbs tobacco and 30 shillings and for divers other good causes, all that part of a tract of land called St. Georges lying in CC and bounded by one of the lines of a parcel of land in the possession of John Biggs, a parcel of land now in possession of the said Peter Wood, containing and laid out for 23 acres.  Signed - Abel (A his mark) Carico.  Wit - Henry Hawkins*, Thomas Stone*. Elizabeth, wife of the said Abel Carrico, released her dower.
CC = Charles County; *indicates witness is county official.
Elizabeth (Simms) Carrico had a first cousin, Marmaduke Simms (1694-1738), wife Mary.

4.  Elise Greenup Jourdan.  1997.  "Births, Marriages, and Deaths of Trinity Parish, Charles County, Maryland, 1729-1797."  Pages 1-21 in Colonial Records of Southern Maryland.  Family Line Publ. (now Willow Bend Books), Westminster, MD (Broderbund CD-178).  On p. 4:
Trinity Parish, Charles County
Special Collections, 1729-1797, Trinity Church Collection
Vestry Minutes and Accounts; microfilm MSA M258
[Checked with original records]
Carico, Abel, s/o Abel and Elisabeth, b. 21 Jan 1744
Carico, Mary Ann, d/o Abel and Elisabeth, b. 4 Nov 1748
The article says "births," but aren't they more likely baptisms?

5.  Marlene Strawser Bates & F. Edward Wright.  1995. Early Charles County, Maryland, Settlers, 1658-1745.  Family Line Publ. (now Willow Bend Books), Westminster, MD.  On p. 48:
Carrico, Abel and his wife Elizabeth.  Deed datd 11 Nov 1736, from Marmaduke Simms and his wife Mary, part of a tract called St.
George's, 93 acres.  (Land: 0#2.177.  Also see Land 0#2.375 recorded 4 Dec 1738).
Carico, Abel, son of Abel and Elisabeth Carico, born 21 Jan 1744. (Trinity: 107rev).

6.  Anon.  1998.  Charles County, Maryland, Rent Roll of 1753.  T.L.C. Genealogy, Miami Beach, FL.
p. 52 p. 66 St. Georges.  1180 acres Surveyed for Thomas Simpson at a bounded oak on the west side the Freshes of Piles' Run Patented May 1 1672. (1753) Poss(r) 93a John Biggs, 70a Abel Carrico, 110a Thomas Hurdman, 103a Hudson Wathen, 23a Peter Wood.

7.  Anon.  19xx.  Charles County, Maryland, Wills, Administration Accounts, Inventories, and Orphans Court Proceedings, 1777-1780.  T.L.C. Genealogy, Miami Beach, FL.  On p. 165:
1 Sep 1779.  Mr Benja Cawood Jr executor of late Mr Thomas Berry's will, for the money to be distributed amongst the poor, money distributed to...
Abel (X his mark) Carrico 13 lbs 2 sh 6 pence...

8.  Homer E. Carrico.  1951.  "The Carrico Family." Filson Club Historical Quarterly 25:  217-252 (republ. 1991 as pp. 215-250 in Genealogy of Kentucky Families. Genealogical Publ. Co., Baltimore, MD; in 1997 as Broderbund CD-185).  [This article is known to contain errors; consult with caution.]

9.  Query in the 1964 Maryland Genealogical Society Bulletin, v. 5, n. 4, p. 62 (Broderbund CD-208):
O'NAN, CARRICO, SEMMES (SIMMS), CLARKSON.  Want info. on William O'NAN, b. 1754 Culpeper Co., Va., m. Mary Ann CARRICO in 1777.  She was b. 1757 in Charles Co. Md.  Who were William's parents?  Abel CARRICO the f. of Mary Ann, d. abt. 1790 in Va.  He m. abt. 1730 in Charles Co. Md. Elizabeth SIMMS, dau. of Marmaduke SIMMS (SEMMS) and Elizabeth CLARKSON.  Marmaduke SEMMS d. 1717 Charles Co. Md. His father (also named Marmaduke) d. 1692 in St. Mary's Co. Md...

10.  Outline Descendant Tree of Marmaduke SEMME & Fortune WATSON?. [link died]

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