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Catherine __?__
Husband:  James CARRICOE / CARRICO I
Birth:  1692/3
Death:  in or aft. 1779 
Father:  Peter CARRICO I
Mother:  Ms. __?__
Residence in 1775:  Bryantown Hundred, Durham Parish, Charles Co., MD
Wife:  Catherine __?__
1.  Sarah CARRICOE, b. bef. 1742, presumably in Charles Co., MD
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Year Location Event
1692/3 MD  birth of James CARRICOE
    birth of Catherine __?__
    marriage of James CARRICOE & Catherine __?__
1733 MD: Charles Co.: Benedict Leonard James CARRICOE, taxpayer
bef. 1742   birth of daughter, Sarah
1742 MD: Charles Co. James, Catherine, Sarah lease land
1763 MD: Charles Co. James CARRICOE gives deposition
1775 Census MD: Charles Co.: Durham Par.: Bryantown 100 James CARRICOE Sr.
1778 MD: Charles Co. James CARRICO Sen. takes Oath of Fidelity
1779 MD: Charles Co. James CARICO, recipient of alms


1.  Robert W. Barnes.  1992.  "Charles County Depositions, A-G."  Maryland Genealogical Society Bulletin, v. 33, n. 4, pp. 693-711.  On p. 699:
CARRICOE, James, age 70, 28 Sept. 1763, stated his father was Peter Carricoe; CHLR P#3, 59:614.

2.  A List of the Number of Taxables Belonging to the Several Persons in Charles County abstracts from the Several Constables Lists for the year 1733 (online in the Archives of the Charles County MDGenWeb site; transcription courtesy of John B. Lomax).
Name Taxables # Dist.
Carricoe, James 1 26 BL
Carrico, Abel 1 42 NWU
Carricoe, Peter 2 43 NWU
Abbreviations:  BL = Benedict Leonard
NWU = Newport West Side Upper Part
"#" is the person's position on the original list for that district
(i.e., this online list is alphabetical, but the original was not).
Other notable surnames in the NWU District include:   BOARMAN, BRYAN, GATES, HAGEN, WATHEN, and WILSON.

3.  Marlene Strawser Bates & F. Edward Wright.  1995. Early Charles County, Maryland, Settlers, 1658-1745.  Family Line Publ. (now Willow Bend Books), Westminster, MD.  On p. 48:
CARRICOE, James (planter).  Lease on 9 March 1742, of 104 acres, for lifetimes of sd. James Carrico, Catherine Carricoe his wife, and Sarah Carricoe, his dau.  (Land: 0#2.435)

4.  Anon.  1993.  Charles County, Maryland, Land Records, 1733-1743.  T.L.C. Genealogy, Miami Beach, FL.
Liber O, No. 2, Page 435.
Recorded Mar 24, 1741[/2].  Mar 9, 1742, from Thomas Pulton of CC, Gentleman, to James Carricoe of CC, planter, for divers good causes, the lease of a parcel of land in CC bounded by the line of Mr. Parnham's land, the line of Mr. John Pigion's, containing about 104 acres.  To have and to hold, to sd James Carricoe, Catherine Carricoe, his wife, and Sarah Carricoe, his daughter.  The annual rent is 700 lbs tobacco.  James Carricoe shall not, without special leave of Pulton, fell or dispose of any timber on sd land other than for the use of sd plantation, that is to say, for necessary fencing and for building and repairs or casking for tobacco or cider or other drink made on sd lands, provided that Pulton may cut and carry away any timber for his own use for building.  If the lands are, at the end of this lease, exposed again to be leased as coppy held [copyhold] land, then sd James Carricoe shall have the refusal thereof, provided he shall be content to pay so much for the same as any persons shall be willing to give.  Further, sd James Carricoe shall not let any part of the lands to anyone without the consent of Pulton.  If Carricoe wants to sell his interest in the land, Pulton shall have the refusal thereof.  Lastly, sd James Carricoe shall give his attendance and due homage to Pulton if any disturbance should arise on sd lands [p. 115] or with the tenants upon sd lands.  Signed - Thos Pulton, James (his mark) Carricoe.  Wit - Gustavus Brown*, Robt Yates*.
CC = Charles County; *indicates a county official.

5.  Maryland Early Census Index (online at Ancestry.com):
1775 CARRICOE JAMES-OF-PETER MD Charles Co. Durham Par. Bryan Hun.
1775 CARRICOE JAMES-OF-JOHN MD Charles Co. Durham Par. Bryan Hun.
1775 CARRICOE JAMES SEN MD Charles Co. Durham Par. Bryan Hun.
1778 CARRICOE JAMES MD Charles Co. Fidelity Oath
1778 CARRICOE JAMES MD Charles Co. Fidelity Oath
1778 CARRICOE JAMES SR. MD Charles Co. Fidelity Oath

6.  Anon.  [n.d.]  Charles County, Maryland, Wills, Administration Accounts, Inventories, and Orphans Court Proceedings, 1777-1780.  T.L.C. Genealogy, Miami Beach, FL.  On p. 165:
1 Sep 1779.  Mr Benja Cawood Jr executor of late Mr Thomas Berry's will, 
for the money to be distributed amongst the poor, money distributed to...
James (X his mark) Carrico 13 lbs 2 sh 6 pence...
Abel (X his mark) Carrico 13 lbs 2 sh 6 pence...
It seems unlikely this is James of Peter (II) who, in the same year, 1779, bought 112 acres of Maidstone with 17,400 lbs of tobacco hardly the act of a poor man.  It also seems unlikely that this James is the young "James of John."  This alms recipient is most likely "James Sr.," our subject, which is reinforced by the fact that the other Carrico recipient is his brother, Abel.  James "Sr." would have been 86 or 87 years of age, and we know he was alive just the year before because he took the Oath of Fidelity in 1778. 

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