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Elizabeth CLARK
Martha CAGE
Tamar LOVE
Husband:  William WILKINSON
Birth:  bef. 1660
Death:  Apr-Jun 1718, Baltimore Co., MD
Wife-1:  Elizabeth CLARK
Birth:  ca. 1660s/70s, Baltimore Co., MD
Death:  bef. 1705, Baltimore Co., MD 
Father:  Abraham CLARK
Mother:  Sarah KINSEY
Liaison:  ca. 1692
Partner:  Martha CAGE
Marriage-2:  by 1705
Wife:  Tamar LOVE
Birth:  bef. 1690
Other spouse:  m2. 1723/4, Richard LENOX
Father:  Robert LOVE
Child with Elizabeth CLARK: 
1.  Jane WILKINSON, b. ca. 1690, Baltimore Co., MD 

The fact that William and Elizabeth appear to have had only one child suggests that Elizabeth died birthing Jane or possibly birthing her next child, which also died.  There are other possible scenarios, of course, but in any case, Elizabeth appears to have died early on.  And a long period of "widower-hood" may explain William's liaison with Martha CAGE (not that men's liaisons need much explaining, but back then, sex between unmarried persons was, literally, not the casual affair it is today).

Child with Martha CAGE:
2.  (Child) CAGE, b. in or bef. 1693
Children with Tamar LOVE (birth order unknown) born Baltimore Co., MD: 
3.  Ann WILKINSON, bef. 1710 
4.  Robert WILKINSON, in or bef. 1719 
5.  Sophia WILKINSON, in or bef. 1719 
6.  Phillisanah WILKINSON, in or bef. 1719
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Year Location Event
bef. 1760   birth of William WILKINSON
1660s/70s   birth of Elizabeth CLARK
1681 MD: Baltimore Co. William WILKINSON patents 50 a. he calls "Wilkinson's Spring"
1684 MD: Baltimore Co. William WILKINSON compensated for assisting the court
bef. 1684   marriage of William WILKINSON & Elizabeth CLARK
c1690   birth of daughter, Jane
??   death of Elizabeth (CLARK) WILKINSON
in or bef. 1693   birth of child with Martha CAGE
1693 MD: Baltimore Co. Martha CAGE names William WILKINSON as father of her child
1693 MD: Baltimore Co. William WILKINSON sold a lot in the Town of Absolute, Patapsco River
1693 MD: Baltimore Co. William WILKINSON inventories estate of Joseph HEATHCOTE
1694 MD: Baltimore Co. William WILKINSON bought "Landisell" from Elizabeth's sister, Mary, and her husband
bef. 1705   marriage of William WILKINSON & Tamar LOVE
1705 MD: Baltimore Co. William & Tamar WILKINSON sell 89 a. called "Wilkinson's Folly"
by 1708   marriage of daughter, Jane, to Edward CORBIN
1708 MD: Baltimore Co. will of John LOVE names William WILKINSON as his brother-in-law
bef. 1710   birth of daughter, Ann
bef. 1720   birth of son, Robert
bef. 1720   birth of daughter, Sophia
bef. 1720   birth of daughter, Philisanna
21 Apr 1718   William WILKINSON signs his will
Apr-Jun 1718   death of William WILKINSON
16 Jun 1718   will of William WILKINSON is proved
1723 MD: Baltimore Co. Tamar WILKINSON administer estate of Francis KEYS
1723/4   Tamar (LOVE) WILKINSON married Richard LENOX
1724 MD: Baltimore Co. Richard  and Tamar LENOX administer estate of Francis KEYS
1725 MD: Baltimore Co.  Tamar LENOX administers estate of her late husband, William WILKINSON
by 1725   marriage of daughter, Ann, to George HARRYMAN
1733   Tamar LENOX choses as guardian by her son, Robert WILKINSON
1734   marriage of daughter, Sophia, to Thomas SLIGH
1736   marriage of son, Robert, to Rachel LENOX


1.  Jane Baldwin Cotton.  1904.  Maryland Calendar of Wills. 8 vols. Baltimore, MD (online at Ancestry.com).  In Vol. 4, on p. 162:
Wilkinson, William, Baltimore Co., 21st Apr., 1718; 16th June, 1718.
To son Robert and hrs., dwelling plantation--, and all land on both sides of Humphrey's Ck. to which testator has any title or claim.
To daus. Jane Corbin, Ann, Phillisanah and Sophia and their hrs., "Cumberland"; eldest dau. to have first choice.
To wife Tamar, extx., Edward Corbin, daus. Ann, Phillisanah and Sophia, personal estate equally.
Test: Pearsivall Sheppard, John Craggs, Jos. Dermitt, Saml. Hinton. 14. 603.

2.  Robert W. Barnes.  1989.  Baltimore County Families, 1659-1759.  Genealogical Publ. Co., Baltimore, MD (Broderbund CD-195).  Boldface/color added.
p. 114 CLARK, ABRAHAM ... had iss.: MARY, m. by 11 June 1694 William Hollis; ELIZABETH, m. by Sept. 1684 William Wilkinson...
p. 134 CORBIN, EDWARD ... m. Jane, dau. of William Wilkinson some time prior to 1716...
p. 307 HARRYMAN, GEORGE ... m. Ann Wilkinson, dau. of William and Tamar Wilkinson...
p. 315 HEATHCOTE, JOSEPH (2), heir of Nathaniel (1), but rel. is not clear, inherited Heathcote's Cottage; was in Balto Co. by 1692 as a taxable in n. side Patapsco Hund.; m. Martha, dau. of Thomas Morgan; she m. 2nd Nicholas Fitzsimmons; he d. by 3 April 1693 when admin. bond was posted by admnx Martha Heathcote alias Fitzsimmon, with William Wilkinson and Nicholas Corbin; est. was inv. on 8 April 1693 by said Wilkinson and Corbin and val. at £187.7.0; est. was admin. by Fitzsimmons on 30 July 1694 and 6 Nov. 1694; his orphans owned 500 a. Heathcote's Cottage, orig. surv. in March 1678 for Nathaniel Heathcote, and Nicholas Fitzsimmons held 15 a. Hopewell for Joseph's orphans; had iss.: dau., m. William Pickett; poss. SAMUEL; RUTH, m. by Jan. 1752 Luke Trotten.
p. 384 KEYS, FRANCIS ... est. was admin. by Tamar Wilkinson on 18 May 1723, and by Richard and Tamar Lenox on 27 Jan. 1724...
p. 586 SLIGH, THOMAS ... m. Sophia Wilkinson on 17 April 1734; she was a dau. of William and Tamar (Love) Wilkinson...

WILKINSON, WILLIAM (1), was in Balto. Co. by 5 March 1681 when he surv. 50 A. Wilkinson's Spring; in Nov. 1684 was made an allowance for accommodating the jury for the laying out of (an early) Baltimore Town; on 7 March 1693 conv. to John Smith of Biteford (Biddiford?), Co. Devon, lot #3 in the Town of Absolute on the Patapsco River; m. by Sept. 1694 Elizabeth, heir of Abraham and Sarah Clark; in March 1693 had been named by Martha

p. 691 Cage as the father of her ch.; on 11 June 1694 William Hollis and w. Mary dau. of Abraham and Sarah Clarke, conv. Landisell (which formerly belonged to Mary) to William Wilkinson; in 1708 John Love made a will naming William Wilkinson as his bro.-in-law: on 16 June 1705 William and w. Tamar conv. 89 a. Wilkinson's Folly to Moses Edwards; d. leaving a will, 21 April 1718 - 16 June 1718, leaving dwelling plantation to s. Robert, Cumberland to daus. Jane Corbin, Ann, Philisanna, and Sophia, and naming w. Tamar as extx.; est. of Wilkinson as inv. on 28 June 1718 by John Norton and S. Hinton, and val. at £162.3.9; est. was admin. on 4 June 1725 and 4 July 1725 by Tamar, now w. of Richard Lenox; William was twice m.; 1st. by Sept. 1694 to Elizabeth, heir of Abraham and Sarah Clark; 2nd, by 1705 to Tamar, dau. of Robert Love; Tamar m. 2nd Richard Lenox; had iss.: ROBERT; JANE, m. by 27 Mar 1722 Edward Corbin; ANNE, m. George Harryman by 30 March 1725; SOPHIA, m. Thomas Sligh on 17 Apr 1734; PHILISANNA...

WILKINSON, ROBERT ... in June 1733 chose his mother, Tamar Lenox as guardian...

WILKINSON, PHILISANNA (3), dau. of Tamar...

Barnes makes a lot of typos in his dates (see also entries for Abraham CLARK and Nicholas CORBIN).  Nor is there any hint where the 1684/94 date came from. 

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