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Ms. __?__
Husband:  John THOMPSON 
Birth:  1778, Warren Co., NC? 
Death:  1834, presumably in Christian Co., KY 
Occupation:  farmer, wheelwright 
Father:  James THOMPSON
Mother:  Ms. PATTERSON
WARNING:  I have no proof that John had an earlier wife; the evidence is entirely circumstantial.
Marriage-1:  prob. ca. 1800 
Wife-1:  Ms. __?__
Marriage-2:  7 Feb 1806, Christian Co., KY 
Wife-2:  Amy BOBBITT 
Birth:  1788/9, SC 
Death:  aft. 1850 
Father:  Isham Drury BOBBITT, Sr.
Mother:  Elizabeth "Betty" JAMES
WARNING:  I have no proof that this is John's child; the evidence is entirely circumstantial. 
Child with Wife-1: 
  1.  (Daughter A) THOMPSON, b. 1800-1804
Children with Amy BOBBITT born in Christian Co., KY: 
  2.  Edgar Mandelbert THOMPSON, b. 1808 
  3.  Lorenzo Dow THOMPSON, b. ca. 3 Apr 1810 
  4.  Presley N.O. THOMPSON, b. 1811/2 
  5.  James Frank THOMPSON, b. 1813/4 
  6.  John W. THOMPSON, b. 1810-15 
  7.  (Daughter B) THOMPSON, b. 1815-20 
  8.  Muriel / Mariah Sidney THOMPSON, b. 1817/8   9 
  9.  Missaniah / Missinih / Missenier E. THOMPSON, b.  1820 
10.  Melissa Jane THOMPSON, b. 1822/3 
11.  Fidelia Smith THOMPSON, b. 24 May 1824 
12.  Serena / Sirena / Cyrina F. THOMPSON, b. 1825/6
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Year Location Event
1778 NC? birth of John THOMPSON
c1782   birth of Wife-1
1788/9 SC birth of Amy BOBBITT
c1798   marriage of John THOMPSON to Wife-1
c1798-1801   birth of Son A
1800-04   birth of Daughter A
bef. 1806   death of Wife-1
1806 KY: Christian Co. marriage of John THOMPSON to Amy BOBBITT
1807 KY: Christian Co. John THOMPSON on tax rolls for the first time
1808 KY birth of son, Edgar Mandelbert
1810 KY birth of son, Lorenzo Dow
1810 Census KY: Christian Co. John THOMPSON, head-of-household
1811/2 KY birth of son, Presley N.O.
1813/4 KY birth of son, James Frank
1817/8 KY birth of daughter, Muriel Sidney
1819/20 KY birth of daughter, Missenier E.
1820 Census KY: Christian Co. John THOMPSON, head-of-household
1822/3 KY birth of daughter, Melissa Jane
1824 KY birth of son, Fidelia Smith
1825/6 KY birth of daughter, Serena
1829 KY: Christian Co. marriage of son, Edgar, to Ann WILLIAMS
1830 Census KY: Christian Co. John THOMPSON, head-of-household
1831 KY: Hopkins Co. marriage of son, Lorenzo, to Nancy C. OATES
1834 KY death of John THOMPSON
1835 KY: Christian Co. marriage of daughter, Muriel, to Henry MYERS
1836 KY: Christian Co. marriage of son, Presley, to Mary Jane CLARK
1840 Census KY: Christian Co. Amy THOMPSON, head-of-household
1841 TN: Henry Co. marriage of son, James, to Harriet M. WHARTON
1842 KY: Christian Co. marriage of daughter, Melissa, to James Lewis McCAIN
1844 KY: Christian Co. marriage of son, John, to Minerva M. CLARK
1846 KY: Christian Co. marriage of daughter, Missenier, to Demos R.D. DOBYNS
1849 KY: Christian Co. marriage of son, F. Smith, to Theodocia A. HARRISON
1850 Census KY: Christian Co. Anna THOMPSON, head-of-household
1851 KY: Christian Co. marriage of son, Presley, to Virginia K. IRVIN
1854 KY: Trigg Co. marriage of daughter, Serena, to Daniel M. DULIN


1a.  Elizabeth Prather Ellsberry.  [nd]  Marriage Records of Christian County, Kentucky, 1795-1825.  Typescript (LDS Film No. 0908037, Item #6).  On p. 57:
Thompson, John to Anny Bobbitt, d. of Isham 7 Feb 1806 Stephen Bobbitt
Stephen is Amy's brother.

1b.  Jordan R. Dodd, ed.  1993.  Kentucky Marriages:  Early to 1850.  Liahona Research, Orem, UT (Broderbund CD-229):
Thompson, John Bobbitt, Amy 7 Feb 1806 Christian Co.

1c.  D.L. Murray & N.R. Murray, compilers.  1995. Marriage Index: IL, IN, KY, OH, TN, 1720-1926 (Broderbund CD-2):
Thompson, John Bobbitt, Anny 7 Feb 1806 Christian Co., KY

2.  1810 Census  (extracted by A. Robert Matthiesen; see 1810 Table): 
1810 John Thompson 10010-10110 KY Christian Co. p. 60
These data indicate:
No. & Sex Age Class Therefore Born Individuals Inferred
1 male 9 or under 1800-1810 = Edgar (b. 1808)
1 male 26-44 1765-1784 = John (b. 1778)
1 female 9 or under 1800-1810 = Daughter A
1 female 16-25 1784-1794 = Amy (b. 1788/9)
1 female 26-44 1765-1784 = mother?

3.  1820 Census Index/Images (online at Ancestry.com; Image #6 of 23; extracted by Diana Gale Matthiesen; see 1820 Table): 
1820 KY Christian Co. p. 33 Ln. 21 John Thompson 320110-20110-0-400 no slaves
These data indicate:
No. & Sex  Age Class Therefore Born Individuals Inferred
3 males 9 or under 1810-1820 = John 
= James (b. 1813/4) 
= Presley (b. 1811/2)
2 males 10-15 1804-1810 = Lorenzo (b. 1810) 
= Edgar (b. 1808)
1 male 19-25* 1794-1801 = ?
1 male 26-44 1775-1794 = John (b. 1778)
2 females 9 or under 1810-1820 = Muriel (b. 1817/8) 
= Daughter B
1 female 16-25 1794-1804 = Daughter A
1 female 26-44 1775-1794 = Amy (b. 1788/9)
4 persons engaged in agriculture
*In the 1820 Census, the third column is age class 16-18 and the fourth column is age class 16-25; therefore, any individual in column three is duplicated in column four.  By subtracting the number in column three from the number in column four, you can create an age class "19-25."
The eldest boy is not a son because he did not appear int he 1810 Census.  As for the eldest girl...  Amy is too young to have had children by a former marriage, but John is not.  The fact that John is ten years older than Amy and that there is an older child in the household strongly suggest that John had a former wife, one who perhaps died giving birth to their only child.

4.  Christian County Genealogical Society (Hopkinsville, KY).  1995.  Christian County, KY, Census Records, 1820-1830-1840.  Simmons Historical Publ., Melber, KY.  On p. 60:
1830 Thompson John 010 220 010 - 112 010 100
These data indicate:
No. & Sex Age Class Therefore Born Individuals Inferred
1 male 5-9 1820-1825 = F. Smith (b. 1824)
2 males 15-19 1810-1815 = John 
= James (b. 1813/4)
2 males 20-29 1800-1810 = Presley (b. 1811/2
= Lorenzo (b. 1810)
1 male 50-59 1770-1780 = John (b. 1778)
1 female 4 or under 1825-1830 = Serena (b. 1825/6)
1 female 5-9 1820-1825 = Melissa (b. 1822/3) 
= Missenier (b. 1820)
2 females 10-14 1815-1820 = Muriel (b. 1817/8) 
= Daughter B
1 female 20-29 1800-1810 = Daughter A
1 female 40-49 1780-1790 = Amy (b. 1788/9)
There were three John Thompson's in the 1830 Census.  With regard to determing which one was the above John Thompson, it was easy to eliminate the John on p. 40 because both he and his wife were too old to be John and Amy (Bobbitt) Thompson.  In contrast, it was difficult to separate the two on pp. 7 and 10.  I decided on the John on p. 10 because of the two, only he had enough daughters in the 1820-1830 age class to be consistent with Amy's three daughters in the 1840 Census.

5a.  1840 Census Index (online at GenealogyLibrary.com):
1840 Thompson, Amy KY Christian Co. p. 232

5b.  Christian County Genealogical Society (Hopkinsville, KY).  1995.  Christian County, KY, Census Records, 1820-1830-1840.  Simmons Historical Publ., Melber, KY.  On p. 60:
1840 Thompson Amy 000 120 000 - 001 200 010
These data indicate:
No. & Sex  Age Class Therefore Born Individuals Inferred
1 male 15-19 1820-1825 = F. Smith (b. 1824)
2 males 20-29 1810-1820 = John 
= James (b. 1813/4)
1 female 10-14 1825-1830 = Serena (b. 1825/6)
2 females 15-19 1820-1825 = Melissa (b. 1822/3) 
= Missenier (b. 1820)
1 female 50-59 1780-1790 = Amy (b. 1888/8)
Daughters A & B either married or died.

6.  1850 Census Index/Images (online at Ancestry.com; Image #107-108 of 119):  District 2, Christian Co., KY, pp. 412B-413A, enumerated 10 Oct 1850, official enumeration date 1 Jun 1850 (extracted by Diana Gale Matthiesen):
772 819 Anna Thompson 61 F     S Carolina
    Cyrina F. " 24 F     Kentucky
  820 Mariah S. Myres 32 F        "
  Elivra      " 13 F        "
  Louisa      " 10 F        "
  Octavia     "  8 F        "
  Malissa Myres  6 F        "
Mariah is Amy's widowed daughter, Muriel (or is Muriel, Mariah?).  They are living next door to Amy's son, Presley N.O. THOMPSON, who is next door to Amy's son, James F. THOMPSON

7. Christian County, Kentucky, Tax Rolls, 1797-1816.  Heritage Quest, Microfilm No. V20-72 (extracted by Diana Gale Matthiesen):
Year District Dates of 
Persons Names 
Chargeable with 
the Tax
A B C D E F Acres Watercourse In Whose Name 
In Whose Name 
In Whose Name 
1st 2nd 3rd
1797-1806 - - [not found] - - - - - - - - - - - - -
1807 West   Thompson John 1 - - - 1 - - - 400 T water his own name same -
1808 No. 2   Thompson John 1 - - - 2 - - - 400 Trade water N Ponder same -
1809 No. 2 Oct 25 Thompson John "wheelwright" 1   - - 2 - - - 400 Clifty fork of the Tradwater Nathaniel Ponder - -
1810   July 20 Thompson John 1   - - 2 - - - 400 T water Nathl Ponder Same -
1811 - [not found] - - - - - - - - - - - - -
1812     Thompson John 1   - - 1 - - - 400 T water N Ponder Same -
1813     Thompson John 1   - 1 1 - - - 400 T Water N Ponder same -
1814     Thompson John 1   - - 1 - - - 400 T water N Ponder same -
1815     Thompson John 1   - - - - - - 40? C Fork N Ponder same -
1816 - - [not found] -   - - - - - - - - - - -
Legend for numerical data [grey indicates that particular datum was not taken that year]:  A = White Males 21 or over; B = White Males 16-20; C = Blacks over 16; D = Total Blacks; E = Horses & Mares (gelded male horses and female horses); F = Stud Horses (intact male horses); 1st/2nd/3rd refer to 1st Rate, 2nd Rate, or 3rd Rate land.
Although he is missing in 1816, he is picked up again in 1819-23 (and in the 1830 Census).

8.  Letter from Mrs. Fred R. Jueneman (223 East Oakland, Rapid City, SD) to Winnifred Ranford (10607 Pinyon Ave., Tujunga, CA) dated 11 June 1964, a photocopy of which was passed on from Winnie Ranford to my aunt, Betty Ann (Matthiesen) Cogliati, who passed it on to me.
My husband's ancestor was James Thompson who had a brother John Thompson, they came from Ireland to America prior to the Revolutionary War and settled near Philadelphia, Pa.  James served in the War and then moved to So. Carolina and on to Tenn. with his brother John.  From Tenn. they moved on to Christian Co. Ky.  I have a list of children for James Thompson who married a Miss Patterson.  Correction- I have only the name of 1 son.

1.  John Thompson b. 1778, m. 1806 to Amy Bobbitt
    1.  Edgar Mandelbert Thompson m. Ann Williams
    2.  Lorenza D. Thompson
    3.  Presly N.O.   "
    4.  John W.       "
    5.  James Frank   "
    6.  Smith         "
    7.  Missaniah     "     m. Dim Dobbins
    8.  Sidney        "     m. Henry Myers
    9.  Melissa       "     m. Lewis McCain
   10.  Sirena        "     m. Daniel Dulin

I have a copy of an old letter written by James Frank Thompson (#5) son of John Thompson and Amy Bobbitt.  He does not give the names of the children of John Thompson brother of James, born in Ireland- or of any of James' other children.  Another correction- he gives Jeff Thompson, son of John (b. in Ireland) Thompson, who had a command and fought so bravely in the Confederate service...

John Thompson b. 1778, d. 1834 at Christian Co. Ky. m. Amy Bobbitt dau. of Isham Bobbitt and Elizabeth Jane, had a son Edgar Mandelbert Thompson who married Ann Williams in 1829.

James Frank THOMPSON is grandson of James THOMPSON, the immigrant (brother of our subject).  As the writer is apparently a descendant of Edgar Mandelbert and Ann (WILLIAMS) THOMPSON, she goes on to give the WILLIAMS genealogy. 
For John THOMPSON (b. in Ireland ca. 1757) to have had a son fighting in the Civil War over a century later! is simply not credible.  The father of Brig. Gen. Jeff THOMPSON of Civil War fame, was Capt. Meriwether THOMPSON, and there is nothing in the records to suggest a connection to this family.

9.  Joshua Daniel Bobbitt.  1999.  Pedigree of Joshua Daniel Bobbitt:  The Bobbitt Line. [link died]  Family Tree Maker home page.  It states there that:
William James Bobbitt marries Elizabeth Hale on July 8, 1808 in Trigg County, Kentucky.  They were married by James Thompson a justice of the peace, and a brother to William Bobbitt's brother-in-law, John Thompson, husband of sister Amy (Bobbitt) Thompson.B

10.  National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution. Lineage Books of the Charter Members. Vols. 108, 124 (DAR ID Nos. 107266, 123072).
    1. William Finley Sanders (1841-1906) m. 1877 Melissa Jane Thompson (b. 1841). 
    2. John Sanders (1799-1863) m. 1818 Elizabeth Powell (1802-92); Edgar Mandelbert Thompson (1808-65) m. 1829 Ann Williams (1809-1902). 
    3. John Thompson (b. 1778-1834) m. 1806 Amy Bobbitt; John Powell m. Polly . 
    4. James Thompson m. Patterson; Isham Bobbitt m. 1775 Elizabeth . 
"Sergt. James Thompson (1757-1803) served as quartermaster in Colonel Hazen's regiment at Yorktown. He was born in Ireland; died in Christian County, Ky."

11.  LDS.  Ancestral File (online).


A.  The Anna Thompson in the 1850 Census appears to be the above John Thompson's widow, so it is probably safe to assume that she and John resided in Christian Co. continuously from the time of their marriage in 1806 until he died in 1834.  Therefore, the above John Thompson should be one of the John Thompsons in the 1810, 1820, and 1830 censuses of Christian Co., KY, but I'm having a devil of a time making the numbers fit.

B.  Trigg County was not formed from Christian Co. until 1820, so Trigg Co. did not exist when William and Elizabeth were married in 1808.  They were officially married in Christian Co., not Trigg Co.  In the 1810 Census, William, John, and Isham Bobbit show up together on p. 55 of the Christian Co. Census.  In the 1820 Census, when Christian and Trigg Cos. were enumerated separately for the first time, William had left KY, but John and Stephen show up on pp. 34 and 36 in Christian Co., not in Trigg Co.  The only Bobbitt who shows up in Trigg Co. is Isham Jr., who marries in Trigg Co. in 1824 and shows up in the 1830 Census of Trigg Co.  All other Bobbitt marriage and census records for the two counties are for Christian Co., so I fail to see what places William in Trigg Co. in 1808. 

There was, indeed, a James Thompson, JP, performing marriages in Christian County in the first decade of the 1800s, and he may very well have been the brother of the above John Thompson.  (There was a very notable James E. THOMPSON who was Clerk of the County Court in Trigg Co. for 20 years, but he was not born until 1805, so he could not possibly be the one who married William and Elizabeth in 1808.) 

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