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Andrew Humes PINKERTON
Husband:  Andrew Humes PINKERTON
Birth:  18 Feb 1820, MO
Death:  19 Mar 1865, presumably in Greene Co., IL
Disposition:  buried Carrollton City Cemetery, Carrollton, Greene Co., IL
Occupation:  farmer
Father:  James Foster PINKERTON
Mother:  Catherine McMILLAN
Marriage:  17 Sep 1846, Greene Co., IL
Wife:  Nancy Ann THOMPSON
Birth:  15 Jan 1823, OH
Death:  3 Jul 1891, presumably in Greene Co., IL
Disposition:  buried Carrollton City Cemetery, Carrollton, Greene Co., IL
Occupation:  homemaker
Father:  Mr. THOMPSON
Mother:  Sarah __?__
born in Greene Co., IL:
1.  Mary C. PINKERTON, b. 1846-48
2.  Harvey W. PINKERTON, b. ca. 30 Aug 1848, Greene Co., IL; d. 8 Dec 1870; bur. Carrollton City Cem., Greene Co., IL

born in the Town of Carrollton, Greene Co., IL:
3.  Thomas J. PINKERTON, b. 1851/2
4.  Sarah E. PINKERTON, b. 1853/4
5.  Emily J. "Jennie" PINKERTON, b. 1856/7
6.  Alice A. PINKERTON, b. 1860/1

"Jennie" was once the nickname for "Jane," though nowadays, usually for "Jennifer."


1. Jordan R. Dodd, ed.  1993.  Illinois Marriages: Early to 1850.  Liahona Research, Orem, UT (Broderbund CD-228):
Pinkerton, Andrew H. Thompson, Nancy Ann 17 Sep 1846 Greene Co.

2.  1850 Census Index/Microfilm (online at Genealogy.com, Image #25 of 211):  between Macoupin & Apple Creeks, Greene Co., IL, p. 13A, 161/161, enumerated 3 Sep 1850, official enumeration date 1 Jun 1850 (extracted by Diana Gale Matthiesen).¤
Andrew H. Pinkerton 30 M Farmer 2000 Missouri
Nancy A.      " 26 F     Ohio
Mary C.       "  4 F     Illinois
Harvy W.      "  2 M        "
Sarah Thompson 70 F     Virginia
Sarah is almost certainly Nancy's mother.  They are living next door to Andrew's father, James Foster PINKERTON.  (There were two other Andrew PINKERTONs in Greene County).

3.  1860 Census Index/Images (online at Genealogy.com, Image #57 of 110):  Carrollton P.O., Town of Carrollton, Greene Co., IL, Roll 178 (Book 1), p. 814, (original) PN 218, 1361/1361, enumerated 9 Aug 1860, official enumeration date 1 Jun 1860 (extracted by Diana Gale Matthiesen):
A H Pinkerton 40 M   House Carpenter 1000 100 Mo
Nancy A Pinkerton 35 F         Ohio
Mary C      " 12 F         Illinois
Harvey W    " 10 M         "
Thomas J    "  8 M         "
Sarah E     "  6 F         "
Emily J     "  3 F         "
James Thompson 30 M   Engineer     Ohio
James is almost certainly Nancy's brother.

4.  1870 Census Index/Images (online at Genealogy.com, Image #46 of 70 could not find in index, had to do a page-by-page search of Carrollton):  Carrollton P.O., Carrollton Pct., Greene Co., IL, p. 41B, PN 46, enumerated 29 Jul 1870, official enumeration date 1 Jun 1870 (extracted by Diana Gale Matthiesen):
480 486 Pinckerton A 41  F W H - K 1500 500 Ohio
    Pinckerton J? 21  F W Laborer     Ills
        "    F J 19  M W "   "
        "    F E 15  F W At home     "
        "      E J 11  F W "  "      "
        "      A  8  F W "  "      "
481 487 Thompson James 36  M W Engineer     Ohio
        "    Sarah 82? F W At Home     "
This record was extremely difficult to read, due both to sloppy handwriting and a poor image (both at Genealogy.com and Ancestry.com).  This enumerator was careless as well as sloppy (many obvious errors), so take this record with a grain of salt.  And I'm not convinced Sarah's age is 82; she may be 32, in which case she's James's wife, not his mother.

5.  1880 Census (indexed at FamilySearch.org; page image online at Ancestry.com, Image #31-32 of 57):  Carrollton, Greene Co., IL, pp. 141C-141D, PN 31-32, SD 6, ED 85, enumerated 11 Jun 1880, official enumeration date 1 Jun 1880 (extracted by Diana Gale Matthiesen):
1880:  for an explanation of the column headings, please see
What the Numbers in the Federal Census Mean (missing columns contained no data).
1 2 3 4 5 6 8 9 11 13 24 25 26
299 302 Pinkerton N A W F 52     / Keeping House OH KY KY
    _________ Sarah E W F 25 Dau /   Dress Maker IL IL OH
    _________ Jennie E W F 22 Dau /   Dress Maker IL IL OH
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  Pinkerton Alice A W F 19 Dau /   Dress Maker IL IL OH
Jennie's name is really "Je" followed by six bumps.

6.  1890 Census:  the 1890 Census Population Schedules were destroyed.

7.  Carrollton City Cemetery, Carrollton Township, Greene County, Illinois [link died] (pages at the "Morgan Area Genealogy" site online at RootsWeb.com).  These cemetery lists are a combination of tombstone readings and "added information" from a variety of sources, so the lists cannot be relied upon as primary sources.  What a shame they didn't just stick to doing a straight reading of the stones.
Name Born Died Age Additional Info/Inscription
PINKERTON, Andrew H. 18 Feb 1820 19 Mar 1865   Son of James F. & Hannah Pinkerton
PINKERTON, Harvey W.  8 Dec 1870 22y3m8d  
PINKERTON, Infant        
PINKERTON, Nancy W. 15 Jan 1823  3 Jul 1891   Wife of Andrew H. Pinkerton

8.  Birthdate calculated using Ben Buckner's Birthdate Calculator.
Name Deathdate Age at Death Result
Harvey W. PINKERTON 8 Dec 1870 8d 3m 22y 30 Aug 1848
(Calculated birthdates should always be prefaced with "ca." you can't be certain the person who calculated their age did it correctly.)

9.  Messages in the Pinkerton Family Genealogy Forum (online at GenForum.com).

10.  Email from Gloria Pinkerton.

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