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Reyderus CLARK
Anna __?__
Husband:  Reyderus / Ryderus / Rydarus / Ryderus / Riderous / Rideras / Riderus / Rideruss / Reydias / Ridemus / Iderus / Idarus / Adarus CLARK
Birth:  bef. 1738/9, Elizabethtown, Essex Co., New Jersey Colony [now Elizabeth, Union Co., NJ]
Death:  1801-3, apparently Union [now Cherokee] Co., SC 
Father:  Ephraim CLARK, Jr.
Mother:  Elizabeth LYON
Wife:  Anna __?__
Birth:  ca. 1720s/30s
Death possibly:  1790-1800, Union [now Cherokee] Co., SC
1.  Sarah CLARK, b. ca. 1755-60, of VA 
2.  Elizabeth CLARK, b. 1755-74 (probably 1755-60) 

The following is thought by some to be a son:
.  James CLARK

The following are thought by Hart (see Sources below) to be sons or grandsons of Reyderus.  If sons, they are not Anna's children, but a second wife's, because Anna was much too old to be their mother.  It seems more likely they are grandsons, but if so, who was their father?
.  Isaiah CLARK, b. ca. 1786, Spartanburg Co., NC
.  Daniel CLARK, b. ca. 1788; d. 21 Jun 1864; m. Isabella FITCHETT
.  William CLARK, b. ca. 1794, Spartanburg Co., NC; m1. Jane WILKIE; m2. Margaret __?__
Henry CLARK, b. ca. 1796 

Keywords for search engines:  genealogy; USA, US, United States, New Jersey, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia

Year Location Event
1682 Carolina Colony:  Craven Co. was formed as an original county
1683 East Jersey Province: Essex Co. was formed as an original county
1718-32 NJ Colony: Essex [now Union] Co.: Elizabethtown birth of Reyderus CLARK
c1720s/30s   birth of Anna __?__
1746 VA: Lunenberg Co. was formed from Augusta Co.
bef. 1748 New Jersey to Virginia Reyderus moves with his parents
1748-50 VA: Lunenberg [now Bedford] Co. Rydarus/Reyderus/Rideras CLARK, tithable
c1750s   marriage of Reyderus CLARK & Anna __?__
1753/4 VA: Bedford Co. formed from Lunenberg Co.
c1755-60   birth of daughter, Sarah
1755-74   birth of daugher [Hannah?]
c1758 Virginia to South Carolina family moves
1758 SC: Craven [now Lancaster] Co.: Camp Ck. Ryderus CLARK is granted 100 a.
1759-60 Cherokee Expedition  Rideruss CLARK serves under Col. Richardson of Craven Co., SC
1762 NC: Mecklenburg Co. was formed from Anson Co.
1763 SC: Craven [now York] Co.: Turkey Ck. Reyderas CLARK is granted 150 a.
1767/8 NC: Mecklenburg Co.: Broad R.
SC: Craven [now Cherokee] Co.: Broad R.
Reydias CLARK is granted 200 a. 
1768 NC: Tryon Co. formed from Mecklenburg Co.
1769 NC: Tryon Co. [county now extinct] Rideras CLARK had jury duty
1769 SC:  formation of the original seven judicial districts, including Camden District and 96 District
1770 NC: boundary between Mecklenburg and Tryon Co. finally surveyed
1772 NC: boundary between Tryon Co. and SC is finally surveyed, so it no longer contains land in SC*
1773 SC: 96 Dist. [now Cherokee Co.]: Broad R. Rydarus CLARK witnesses land sale
1776   marriage of daughter, Sarah, to John GILHAM
1779 SC: Camden Dist. Rydarus CLARK of Camden Dist. sells 200 a. on Broad R.
1779 NC: Tryon Co. becomes extinct
1785 SC: Lancaster Co. is one of seven new counties formed within the Camden Judicial District
SC: Union Co. is one of six new counties formed within the Ninety-Six Judicial District
1787 SC: Union [now Cherokee] Co. Reyderus CLARK of Union [now Cherokee] Co. sells 150 a. on Turkey Ck.
1790 Census SC: 96 Dist.: Union [now Cherokee] Co. "Adarus" CLARK, head-of-household
1790-1800   death of Anna (__?__) CLARK
1800 Census   not found (living w/daughter, Mrs. John BIRD)
1801 SC: Union [now Cherokee] Co.: Gilkey Ck. Rydarus CLARK sells land
1801-3   death of Reyderus CLARK
1803 SC: Union [now Cherokee] Co. settlement of the estate of Rydarus CLARK
1857 NJ: Union Co. is formed from Essex Co.
1897 SC: Cherokee Co. is formed from Union Co.
*In 1761, Anson Co. covered the entire SW quarter of North Carolina, then Mecklenburg was formed from Anson, then Tryon from Mecklenburg.  Trouble is, the boundary between Anson/Mecklenburg/Tryon Co. and SC was not established until 1772, when it was found that Tryon had contained a huge chunk of SC that later became nine SC counties, including all of today's Spartanburg, Union, Cherokee, and York Cos.  Everyone in the region at the time was confused about where they were.  (It is said that when the tax collectors made their rounds, residents would tell the NC tax collector they were in SC and tell the SC tax collector they were in NC!)
Another Timeline:  The CLARK/DAVIS/JONES/etc. "Track" from SC/NC/TN > KY


1.  Family Group Sheet compiled by Georgie Tolleson and Betty Ann (Matthiesen) Cogliati.

2.  Jordan R. Dodd, ed.  1993.  KY, NC, TN, VA, WV Marriages:  Early to 1850.  Liahona Research, Orem, UT (Broderbund CD-229):  not found, but few marriages this early are on the CD.

3.  Anon.  1999.  Henry Lyon of MA, CT, & NJ, and Some of His Lineage.  Lyon(s) Families Association of America, Belton, MO.
  On p. 11, in an extract of the will of Ebenezer LYON, signed 22 Jan 1738/9, Ebenezer names his daughter, Elizabeth LYON, wife of Ephraim CLARK, and grandchildren:
...Elizabeth, Ephraim, Hannah, Darkis, Henery, Riderous, Nathaniel, and Ichabod CLARK...

Also according to the will, five of Elizabeth's children were under age:
...Elizabeth, Ephraim, Hannah, Ideras and Darkis...

If Reyderus was under age in Jan 1738/9 and tithable (age 16 or over) in 1748 (see next two sources), then he had to have been born between 1718 and 1732.

4.  Myra Sydney (Davis) Dipple.  nd.  Chronology of the Life of Col. Henry Clark.  Extracts pertaining to Reyderus CLARK: 
22 Jan 1739 The probated will of Ebenezer Lyon of Elizabeth Town, NJ, namedhis daughter, Elizabeth, wife of Ephraim Clark, and their children:  Elizabeth, Ephraim, Hannah, Darkis, Henry, Riderous, Nathaniel and Ichabod Clark. NJ Colonial Documents, Calendar of Wills, 1730-1750, Lib. of Congress, page 270.
       1748 Efrem Clark and Rydarus Clark are listed together as two tithes in Lunenberg County, Va. List of tithables from the "Mouth of Falling River Upwards" taken by John Phelps.
       1749 Ephraim Clark, Henry Clark, two tithes; Reyderus Clark, one tithe. List taken by Nicholas Haile from "Goose Creek to the extant of the County upwards." [VA]
       1750 Ephm. Clark, Henry1 Clark, Rideras Clark listed together as three tithes. List taken by John Phelps "from Falling River to Goose Creek".  This area is now located in Bedford Co., VA, created in 1754.
29 Aug 1758 Henry Clark and Ryderus Clark were each granted 100 acres on Camp Creek in what is now located in Lancaster Co., SC. SC Royal Land Grants, Craven Co., SC.
Oct 1759
-Jan 1760
Henry and Rideruss Clark served in the Cherokee Expedition under Colonel Richard Richardson from Camden District, Craven County, SC. Muster and payroll of Cherokee Expedition, SC Historical Commission.
12 Feb 1767 Reydias Clark granted 200 acres on the south side of Broad River touching on Henry Clark's line, Ichabod Clark's line and Love's Corner.2  Surveyor Ichabod Clark; Henry Clark, chain bearer. File #2379, Grant 139, Book 23, Page 209.
       1769 Rideras Clark and Nathaniel Clark were empanelled to jury duty at the July Court. Court Minutes, Tryon Co., NC.
 1 Sep 1773 Henry Clark and wife, Sarah, sell 180 acres on the west side of Broad River2 to John Foster beginning at Love's Corner, with the house, outbuilding, orchard, garden, etc. Witnessed by Rydarus Clark and William Laughlin. Union Co., SC, Deed Book A, Page 55.
13 Dec 1801 Rydarus Clark, with sons-in-law, John Bird and John Gillham,3 sold a tract of land on Gilkey's creek of Thicketty Creek2 for $2570.  This seems to be the disposal of Rydarus's estate, recorded 25 June, 1803. John and Sarah Gillham moved to Wanda, Madison Co., Illnois, in June of 1803. Union Co., SC, Deed Book G, Page 279.
1I'm afraid the record (see next source) does not read "Henry Clark," it reads "Ash: Clark."  (The colon was then used to indicate abbreviation.)
2This land is now in Cherokee Co., SC.
3I'm afraid the deed does not reveal this much information (see Source 6 below).
In order to be tithable in 1748, Reyderus had to be at least 16 yrs of age, so he was born in or bef. 1732.  Note that his brother, Henry, was born in 1732, and he does not show up as a tithable in 1748, but does show up in 1749, exactly as expected.

5.  Landon C. Bell.  1931.  Sunlight on the Southside: Lists of Tithes, Lunenburg County, Virginia, 1748-1783. Clearfield, Blto. (reprinted 1974, Genealogical Publ. Co., Blto.; transcribed by Thomas Walter Duda and available online in the Archives of the Lunenburg County VAGenWeb site).
On p. 82, under the heading, "A List of Tithables from the Mouth of Falling River Upwards for the Year 1748, Taken by John Phelps":
Efrem Clark and Rydarus [?] Clark 2 Tithes...
On p. 95, under the heading, "For 1749, List Taken by Nicholas Haile, 'from Goose Creek to the extent of the County upwards'":
Ephraim Clark, Henry Clark, 2 Tithes
Reyderus Clark, 1 Tithe
On p. 153, under the heading, "For 1750, List Taken by John Phelps, 'from Falling River to Goose Creek Creek'":
Ephm. Clark, Ash: Clark, Rideras [?] Clark, 3 Tithes...

6.  Emails from Donna Crosby, including:
I have written to Union Co. and have received a copy of Deed book G, item 279 -280 (not PAGE 278) and in it it simply mentions ..'to conveyed to s'd Gillum and Gillum to Bird part of these present.' It does not go on to list John Gillham as Sarah Clark's husband or that they moved to Madison Co. IL.

7.  Brent H. Holcomb.  1980.  North Carolina Land Grants in South Carolina.  A. Press, Inc., Columbia, SC (republ. 1986 by Genealogical Publishing Co., Baltimore, MD; issued 2000 as Broderbund CD-524).
p. 55 Grants Issued
CLARK, REYDIAS File no. 2379; Gr. no. 139; Bk. 23, p. 209
Plat: Feb 12, 1767, Survey'd for Reydias Clark, 200 A on S side Broad ... Iccabod Clarks line ... Henry Clarks line ... William Loves corner ... Zach Bullock, Sur. Ichebod Clark, Henry Clark, C.B.  Iss. 28 Apr 1768

8.  Silas Emmett Lucas, Jr.  1989.  Some South Carolina County Records.  Vol. 2.  Southern Historical Press, Easley, SC (excerpts courtesy of Reneé Gore; boldface and italics added by DGM).
p. 487 2 Jan 1779 Rydarus Clark and Anna, his wife, of Camden Dist., SC to John Foster, of 96 Dist., for 2000 pds current money, 200 acs. on west side of Broad River, granted to Clark, joining the lines of sd John Foster and Neal McHeswick, and Love.  Wit: Claibourn Gooch, William Rogers, Charles Gilham.  Signature attested to on 5-22-1785.  No rec. date.
p. 569 9 Oct 1787 Reyderus Clark of Union Co., SC, to David Leech of York Co. 150 acs. on both sides of Turkey Creek, adj. to John Hillhouse's land and the Charleston Waggon Road, granted to Reyderus Clark by Gov. Thomas Boone of SC, 20 Apr 1763.  Wit: W. Bratton, Fras. Adams, Jas. Willson. Found in the Grantor/Grantee index from York County, SC, Book A, page 299.

9.  Census Index:  Colonial America, 1607-1789 (Broderbund CD-310):  not found.

10.  United States, Bureau of the Census.  1907/8.  Heads of Families at the First Census of the United States Taken in the Year 1790.  Gov't Printing Office, Washington, DC (online in the Archives of SCGenWeb, along with digitized images of the original pages).
1790 SC 96 Dist. Union Co. p. 47 Adarus Clark 01-00-01-00-00
These data indicate:
Gender and Type Age Class Therefore Born Individuals Inferred
1 free white male 16 or over in or bef. 1774 = Reyderus
1 free white female all ages in or bef. 1790 = Anna?
We do not know whether the female living with Reyderus is Anna or a second (or third) wife or a daughter or housekeeper or whatever...  Living five doors down from his daughter, Sarah (CLARK) GILLHAM

11a.  Census Index:  U.S. Selected Counties, 1800 (Broderbund CD-312):  No Reyderus (or var.) CLARK found.

11b.  1800 Census, Union Co., SC (extracted by Paul R. Sarratt, Jr.; online in the Archives of SCGenWeb):  No Reyderus (or var.) CLARK found.
1800 SC Union Co. BIRD John p.  241 10211-21010-04
These data indicate:
No. & Sex  Age Class Therefore Born Individuals Inferred
1 male 9 or under 1790-1800 = Son C
2 males 16-25 1774-1784 = Son B
= Son A
1 male 26-44 1755-1774 = John?
1 male 45 or over in or bef. 1755 = Reyderus?
2 females 9 or under 1790-1800 = Daughter C
= Daughter B
1 female 10-15 1784-1790 = Daughter A
1 female 26-44 1755-1774 = Sarah 
4 slaves all ages in or bef. 1800 = names unknown
This record could be interpreted as John being the eldest male, but it's a better fit with Ryderus, which also solves the problem of where he was.

12.  Brent Holcomb.  1994.  Tryon County, North Carolina, Court Minutes, 1769-79.  SCMAR, Columbia, SC (online at Ancestry.com):
Tryon County, North Carolina, Minutes of the Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions...
July term, 1769...
  The King vs Wm. Armstrong. Petty Larceny. The Petty Jury.
David Watson, Foreman.
2 John Laughlin
3 John Fondron
4 John Buchanan
5 Wm. McMurry
6 Phillip Henson
Rideras Clark 7
Wy Byars[?] 8
Joseph Carrol 9
Marshall Lovelath 10
Jno Steen[?] 11
Nathaniel Clark 12
Being a Jury empanneled Tryed & Sworn find: y'e defendant Guilty of the Charge aledged against him in the indictment.
Judgment by the Court that the defendant be detained in the Sheriffs custody till the Costs on this prosection be paid and that at the hour of Four OClock this day the said Defendant on his Bear Back at the publick whipping post received Thirty nine Lashes well laid on.
Tryon County, North Carolina, Minutes of the Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions...
July term, 1770...
1 Saml Richardson, Foreman.
2 Nicholas Fisher
3 Aaron Burlison
4 John Carnahan
5 William McElmurry
6 Thomas Barr
7 James Henderson
8 John Jordon
9 David Leech
10 John Scott
11 George Potts
12 Thomas James
13 Thomas Rainy
14 Jno Stanford
15 Ridearis Clark
16 Benj'a Phillips
17 Nath'l Clark
Sworn & Charged.

13.  Records courtesy of Ruth Fish.  All actions in Union Co., SC.
27 Mar 1786 Suit: Daniel Brown vs Rydarous and James Clark for debt.  Brown was awarded 3 Lb 5s 3 p with interest and costs.
1786 State of SC Plaintiff against James Clark Defendant.  The defendant appearing to answer the complaint of the Grand Jury on a presentment and is by the Court dismissed on paying all costs.
1786 The Grand Jurors for the State aforesaid upon their respective office oaths do make and return the following bills and presentments.  We do present Joseph Jolly for an assault and battery on the body of James Clark...  Jolly paid one shilling fine and costs of the suit.  James Clark plaintiff against Jolly.  The suit was ordered to be dismissed at defendant's cost.
1786 State against Nancy Clark wife of James Clark, Elizabeth Bird wife of John Bird, Sarah Gilham wife of John Gilham, for assault and battery on Ann Collins.  The defendants being bound here in recognizance to appear hereby have failed in their several appearances, it is hereby ordered that a Siereficias issue against them to appear at next court to show cause why their said recognizances should not be forfeited.
1786 State against Nancy Clark wife of James Clark, and Elizabeth Bird wife of John Bird.  The prosecutor failed to appear to prosecute, is ordered that the defendants be released from their recognizances on paying costs.
28 Sep 1787 Francis Dod & Wife Plaintiff against James and Ridarous Clark.  The Defendant James Clark came in his own proper person and confessed a judgment on the said note for four pounds thirteen shillings and two pence half penny with stay of execution until the Clerks and Sheriffs fees to be paid at mutual expence.

14.  Email from Reneé Gore:
From the Hart Papers in the York County SC Historical Center the parents of James Lewis Clark were Henry Clark b. abt 1796 and wife Jane M. Mullinax.  Mr. Hart speculates that Henry was a son of Reyderus Clark but I believe that Henry may have been a grandson and not a son for I think Reyderus may have been too old to be his father.   Other children of Reyderus mentioned by Mr. Hart were Isaiah b. abt 1786 Spartanburg, Daniel b. abt 1788 d. June 21, 1864 who married Isabella Fitchett, William b. ca 1794 Spartanburg married 1st Jane Wilkie and 2nd Margaret ?, and this Henry.  My question is would you happen to know if Mr. Hart is correct?  He did not document his findings and therefore I am unable to confirm or deny at this time...
I do not know if Mr. Hart is correct.  If any reader has additional information, please contact the webmaster.

15.  Mary Clark's web site:  Genealogy of the Clark Family.

16.  Anon.  1999.  Henry Lyon of MA, CT, & NJ, and Some of His Lineage.  Lyon(s) Families Association of America, Belton, MO.

17.  LDS.  Family Search: Internet Genealogy Service:  AF - Ancestral File (online at FamilySearch.org).

18.   AniMap Plus: County Boundary Historical Atlas: with "SiteFinder," U.S. Place Name Database and U.S. Cemetery Database. (On CD.) Gold Bug Software, Alamo, CA.

19.  David Leroy Corbitt.  1996.  The Formation of the North Carolina Counties, 1663-1943.  Division of Archives and History, North Carolina Department of Cultural Resources, Raleigh, NC.

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