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Nathaniel CLARK
Agnes __?__
Husband:  Nathaniel CLARK
Birth:  bef. 1738/9, Elizabethtown, Essex Co., New Jersey Colony [now Elizabeth, Union Co., NJ]
Death:  1790-1800, SC
Father:  Ephraim CLARK, Jr.
Mother:  Elizabeth LYON
Wife:  Agnes __?__
Death:  aft. 1774


1.  Holcomb, Brent H.  1986. North Carolina Land Grants in South Carolina.  Genealogical Publ Co., Baltimore, MD (Broderbund CD-524).
p. 55 Grants
CLARK, HENRY File No. 2219; Gr. no. 374; Bk. 23, p. 151
Plat: Feb. the 21st, 1766, Surveyed for Henry Clark, 180 A on W side Broad River ... Loves Corner ... P W Sims, Survr. Wm Marchbanks, Nathl Clark, Ch: Bearers Iss. 26 Oct 1767
CLARK, ICHABOD File no. 1516 (795); Gr. no. 469; Bk. 18, p. 340 (17, 371)
Plat: 24th Feb 1766, Surveyed for Ichabod Clark, 200 A on West side of Broad River and joins the mouth of Thicketty Creek ... P William Sims, Surv. William Marchbanks & Nathl Clark, Ch. Bearers.  Iss. 27 Sep 1766
p. 156 Grants
CLARK, NATHANIEL File no. 886; Grant no. 378; Bk. 24, p. 12 300 A on the Et side of Broad River ... Ganym moore Line ... Robt Palmers Corner ... Jones's Line ... 22 Novr 1771 Jo Martin [The Ganym moore is probably Guyan Moore.]
p. 160 CLARK, NATHANIEL File no. 677; Grant no. 378; Bk. 22, p. 301
Plat: Surveyed for Nathaniel Clark Three Hundred acres on
p. 161 the Et side of broad river including his own improvement adj. Ganym Moors line, Robert Palmers corner, Jons's, Augt 13 1770. Peter Johnston, Surv. Nathaniel Clark, Jacob Vance C B Granted 22 Nov 1771

2.  Silas Emmett Lucas, Jr.  1989.  Some South Carolina County Records.  Vol. 2.  Southern Historical Press, Easley, SC (excerpts courtesy of Reneé Gore; boldface and italics added by DGM).
p. 569 8 Oct 1774 Nathaniel Clark and his wife Agnes of Camden Dist., to Samuel Denton of same, 300 acs. on E side of Broad River, granted to Nathaniel Clark, 25 Nov. 1771 by Gov. Josiah Martin of N.C., joining lands of Guyon
Moore, Palmer & Jones, including part of an S.C. grant dated 20 Apr 1763.  Wit: Henry Smith, John Moore, Mary Gardner. Also from the Grantor/Grantee index from York County, SC, Book A, page 280.
Traditionally, the second witness signing a will or deed is looking out for the interests of the wife (the first witness being allied with the husband), so it may be worth looking for an Agnes MOORE.  Nathaniel's brother, Ryderus, got an SC grant on the same day, 20 Apr 1763, for land on both sides of Turkey Ck., which is in York Co., east of the Broad River.

3a.  Oliver Taylor.  1909.  Historic Sullivan: a History of Sullivan county, Tennessee.  King Printing Co., Bristol, TN (reprinted 1988, Overmountain Press, Johnson City, TN).  Boldface added.  Tennessee did not achieve statehood until 1796, so at the time, Sullivan Co. was in North Carolina.
p. 91 Sullivan County The official organization of Sullivan County took place at the house of Moses Looney, February 7, 1780... John Rhea was appointed clerk and Nathan Clark sheriff.
p. 164 Official Life Sheriffs:  Nathan Clark, 1780-85... [first sheriff of the county]

3b.  Thomas W. Preston.  1926.  Historical Sketches of the Holston Valley.  Kingsport Press, Kingsport, TN (reprinted 1997, Heritage Books, Bowie, MD).  On p. 37, Preston has plagiarised the above verbatim from Taylor (1909).

4.  1790 Census, Pendleton Co., SC (extracted by Paul R. Sarrett, Jr., online in the Archives of SCGenWeb):
1790 SC 96 Dist. Pendleton Co. Nathaniel CLARKE p. 84 1-0-2-0-0
These data indicate:
Gender and Type Age Class Therefore Born Individuals Inferred
1 free white male 16 or over in or bef. 1774 = Nathaniel
2 free white females all ages in or bef. 1790 = Agnes
= ?
See table of neighbors kin folk also in the same census. 

5.  Census Index:  U.S. Selected Counties, 1800 (Broderbund CD-312): not found.

6.  Brent Holcomb.  1994.  Tryon County, North Carolina, Court Minutes, 1769-79.  SCMAR, Columbia, SC (online at Ancestry.com):
Tryon County, North Carolina, Minutes of the Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions...
April term, 1769...
  On motion of John Dunn, it was ordered that Nathaniel Clark have license to keep ordinary at his dwelling house in the County of Tryon, he complying with the Act of Assembly in that case made, and, provided he proposes for security, Matthew Floyd and John Nuckles. Granted.
Tryon County, North Carolina, Minutes of the Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions...
July term, 1769...
  The King vs Wm. Armstrong. Petty Larceny. The Petty Jury.
David Watson, Foreman.
2 John Laughlin
3 John Fondron
4 John Buchanan
5 Wm. McMurry
6 Phillip Henson
Rideras Clark 7
Wy Byars[?] 8
Joseph Carrol 9
Marshall Lovelath 10
Jno Steen[?] 11
Nathaniel Clark 12
Being a Jury empanneled Tryed & Sworn find: y'e defendant Guilty of the Charge aledged against him in the indictment.
Judgment by the Court that the defendant be detained in the Sheriffs custody till the Costs on this prosection be paid and that at the hour of Four OClock this day the said Defendant on his Bear Back at the publick whipping post received Thirty nine Lashes well laid on.
Tryon County, North Carolina, Minutes of the Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions...
October term, 1769...
Hugh Quinn vs Jno McFaddon. Case
The Petty Jury
1 William Laughlin
2 William Morrison
3 Andrew McNabb
4 Wm Hagerty
5 Thomas Brattin
6 James Steen
7 John Pearson
8 Nathl Clark
9 Ja's Hanna
10 Ja's Smith
11 John Venable
12 Thomas Bullion
Jury Impannelled Tryed & Sworn find that the Def't did assume and assess the platf Damages to £6 14 10-4 & /6 Cost.
John Case vs Wm Anderson. T A B
The Petty Jury
1 Wm. Laughlin
7 James Smith
2 Wm. Morrison
8 Jno Venable
3 And'w Patrick
9 Hugh Quinn
4 Wm. Henry
10 Jno Gordon
5 Jno Pearson
11 David Watson
6 Nath'l Clark
12 James Price
Jury Impanneled & Sworn find that it was the ass't of the plff.  The Jury came & gave in their verdict. The plaff being called Suffered a Non suit.
Tryon County, North Carolina, Minutes of the Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions...
July term, 1770...
A bond from Jno Tagert, Robt Adams, Saml Rich'dson, Nath'l Clark, Jacob Coburn, Nicholas Welsh, Jno Potts, Hugh Quinn, Jno Wade, George Gibson, Jas Alcorn & James McElwean to his Excellency William Tryon for the True Collection & accounting for the Publick Taxes in the County of Tryon dated 26th July taken & ack'd in open Court.
1 Saml Richardson, Foreman.
2 Nicholas Fisher
3 Aaron Burlison
4 John Carnahan
5 William McElmurry
6 Thomas Barr
7 James Henderson
8 John Jordon
9 David Leech
10 John Scott
11 George Potts
12 Thomas James
13 Thomas Rainy
14 Jno Stanford
15 Ridearis Clark
16 Benj'a Phillips
17 Nath'l Clark
Sworn & Charged.
On Motion of James Forsyth it is ordered by the Court that Hugh Quin, John Stanford, John Logan, George Gibson, George Julian, William Yancey, George Blanton, James Forsyth, Nath'l Clark, Joseph Nale, John Smith, John Harkness Serve as Jurors to Lay out a road from Hugh Quins ford on Buffelo the Nearest & best way to Julians Mill from thence to George Gibsons on Bullocks Creek from thence the nearest & best way unto Charlestown Trading Road & that they appear before George Blanton Esqr the 28 day of August then & there to take the Necessary steps to Qualify them for their Charge.

7.  Myra Sydney (Davis) Dipple.  nd.  Chronology of the Life of Col. Henry Clark.  Extracts pertaining to Nathaniel CLARK: 
Date Event Source/Comments
1739 Jan 22 The probated will of Ebenezer Lyon of Elizabeth Town, NJ, named his daughter, Elizabeth, wife of Ephraim Clark, and their children:  Elizabeth, Ephraim, Hannah, Darkis, Henry, Riderous, Nathaniel and Ichabod Clark. NJ Colonial Documents, Calendar of Wills, 1730-1750, Lib. of Congress, page 270.
1756 Feb 14 Nathaniel and Ichabod Clark are listed on the Muster Roll of captain Adam Alexander's Company of Anson County, NC. Capt. Adam Alexander was a member of the Washaw settlement not far from Camp Creek in South Carolina.
1766 Feb 21 Henry Clark granted 180 acres on the west side of Broad River at Loves Corner.* Nathaniel Clark, chain bearer. File #2219, Grant 374, Book 23, Page 151.
1766 Feb 24 Ichabod Clark granted 200 acres on west side of Broad River, joining the mouth of Thicketty Creek.* Nathaniel Clark, chain bearer. File #1516, Grant 469, Book 18, Page 340.
1768 Dec 05 Henry Clark was appointed Justice of the Peace to the newly created county of Tryon and took the oath of office.  Nathaniel Clark was allowed a license to keep an ordinary in his dwelling house after complying with all laws. Minutes of the Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions, Tryon Co., NC.
1769 - - Rideras Clark and Nathaniel Clark were empanelled to jury duty at the July Court. Court Minutes, Tryon Co., NC.
1775 - - Near Kendrick's Creek, Nathaniel Clark and Ichabod Clark each had land holdings on Stewart's Branch and the Sugar Tree Bottom Land. NC Land Grants and Sullivan Co. TN Deed Book 1.
1779 Mar
- Captain Henry Clark and son, Lt. Benjamin Clark, volunteered under Colonel Evan Shelby and Major Charles Robertson with a force of 900 men and floated 120 miles down the Holston and Tennessee Rivers to lay waste to Dragging Canoe's new towns.  Nathaniel and Ichabod Clark were also on the expedition's payroll. NC State Archives titled Rev. Army Accounts, Volume VIII, Page 70, Folio 4, and Page 71.  Fojlio 1, 2, 3, and 4.
1780 Feb 07 Sullivan County was officially organized.  Henry Clark was appointed Justice of the Peace and Nathan Clark was named Sheriff. Historic Sullivan by Oliver Taylor, Page 91.
1783 Oct 29 John Wheeler sold their 105 acres on Knob Creek.  Witness: Nathaniel Clark. Rutherford Co. Deed Book C, Page 275.
1790 - - US Census of 96th District, Pendleton Co., SC. Listed in one group were Capt. Benjamin Clark, Henry Clark, John Wheeler, Isaac davis, and a little further down was Ichabod Clark.  Nathaniel Clark, Simon French and Francis Whitesides were listed on page 84. Heads of Families - South Carolina, Page 83.
* This land is now in Cherokee Co., SC.

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