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Willard BROWN
Mary E. "Polly" RASEY
UPDATE (8 Sep 2018):  We have three DNA matches, each of which in lines that lead to New England.  Please see this web page for details.
Husband:  Willard BROWN
Birth:  1806/7, NH
Death:  aft. 1860
Y-DNA Haplogroup:  R1b-FGC16982
Occupation:  farmer, cooper
Relative (father? brother?):  Nathan BROWN

Now that it's known the maiden name of Willard's wife is RASEY, not BAKER, people are jumping to the conclusion that BAKER is the maiden name of Willard's mother.  Unfortunately, that unsupported guess is now widespread in files on the internet.

Marriage:  17 Nov 1826
Wife:  Mary E. "Polly" RASEY
Birth:  21 Oct 1808, NY
Death:  12 Dec 1868
Occupation:  homemaker
Father:  Joseph RASEY III
Mother:  Catherine BRUCE

Because our subjects had a son named, "Ira Baker BROWN," someone assumed that Ira's mother's maiden name was "BAKER."  It isn't, but unfortunately that error is now widespread in files on the internet.

Ward (presumed younger brother or nephew):
Silas BROWN, b. 27 Feb 1815
  1.  Nathan BROWN, b. 1827/8, NY 
  2.  Ira Baker BROWN, b. 28 Jun 1829, Stockholm Twp., St. Lawrence Co., NY 
  3? (Daughter A) BROWN, b. 1830, NY probably Delia BROWN, b. 1829/30, NY
  4.  Otis Rasey BROWN, b. 31 Dec 1832, Olean, Cattaraugus Co., NY 
  5.  Delphia BROWN, b. 1832/3, NY
  6.  Silas W. BROWN, b. 1834/5, NY 
  7.  (Daughter B) BROWN, b. 1835-40, NY or OH

born in Henrietta Twp., Lorain Co., OH:
  8.  Alexander BROWN, b. 1837/8 not the Alexander BEENEY in the 1900 census
  9.  Lucy A. BROWN, b. 1839/40 
10.  Emily BROWN,  b. 1841/2
11.  Sophia BROWN, b. 1843/4
12.  Nancy BROWN, b. 1844/5
13.  Mary BROWN, b. 1846/7

What happened to the younger children?  I can't find any of them after the 1850/1860 censuses.

Keywords for search engines:  genealogy; USA, US, United States, New Hampshire, Michigan, New York, Ohio

Year Location Event
1806/7 NH birth of Willard BROWN
1808 NY birth of Mary E. RASEY
  New Hampshire to New York Willard BROWN moves
1826   marriage of Willard BROWN & Mary RASEY
1827/8 NY birth of son, Nathan
1829 NY: St. Lawrence Co.: Stockholm birth of son, Ira
1830 Census NY: St. Lawrence Co.: Stockholm Willard BROWN, head-of-household
1830?   birth of daughter, A
1832 NY: Cattaraugus Co.: Olean birth of son, Otis
1832/3 NY birth of daughter, Delphie
1834/5 NY birth of son, Silas
1834-38 New York to Ohio family moves
1837/8 OH birth of son, Alexander
1839/40 OH birth of daughter, Lucy
1840 Census OH: Lorain Co.: Henrietta Twp. [?] Williard BROWN, head-of-household
1841/2 OH birth of daughter, Emily
1843/4 OH birth of daughter, Sophia
1844/5 OH birth of daughter, Nancy
1846/7 OH birth of daughter, Mary
1847-50 Ohio to Michigan family moves
1849 MI: Barry Co. marriage of son, Nathan, to Lucretia HARDY 
1850 Census MI: Barry Co.: Castleton Twp. Willard BROWN, head-of-household
1853 MI: Wayne Co.: Detroit marriage of son, Ira, to Martha HOPKINS
1854 MI: Barry Co.: Castleton Twp. Willard BROWN
1856 MI: Eaton Co. marriage of son, Otis, to Melissa BLUE
1860 Census MI: Barry Co.: Hastings Twp. Willard BROWN, head-of-household
1861 MO: Cass Co. marriage of son, Otis, to Nancy MALLONEE
1865 MO: Livingston Co. marriage of son, Silas, to Melinda CARTER
Eaton and Barry Cos. are adjacent.


1.  It is our family history that Ira Baker BROWN's parents were Willard & Mary BROWN.  The following is copied from papers handwritten in 1921 by Nellie (BROWN) KIRK, daughter of Ira Baker BROWN and surely she would know the identity of her grandparents.  A typewritten copy was made from Nellie's hand-written original on 25 Sep 1941 by Nellie's daughter, Ida (KIRK) BAIRD.  A photcopy of the typewritten page was kindly sent to me by Nellie's GG-granddaughter, Kathleen HONTZ.  One of the items on the pages states:
Ira Baker Brown was born June 27, 1829, Birmingham, New York, son of Willard and Mary Brown.
Nellie erred about the location of Ira's birth (he was "of" Birmingham, Ohio, at the time he married in 1853), but she was correct regarding the date, which is confirmed, along with the correct location (Stockholm, St. Lawrence Co., NY) from Ira's military pension application.

2.  1830 U.S. Census Index/Images (online at Ancestry.com, Image #7 of 26; extracted by Diana Gale Matthiesen):¤/NR
1830 NY St. Lawrence Co. Stockholm Roll 107 p. 40 Ln. 27 Willard Brown 201 110 - 000 010
These data indicate:
No. & Sex  Age Class Therefore Born Individuals Inferred
2 males 4 or under 1825-1830 = Ira (b. 1829)
= Nathan (b. 1827/8)
1 male 10-14 1815-1820 = Silas (b. 1815) or ?
1 male 15-19 1810-1815 = Silas (b. 1815) or ?
1 male 20-29 1800-1810 = Willard (b. 1806/7)
1 female 20-29 1800-1810 = Mary (b. 1808/9)
Silas is Willard's ward, orphaned son of Nathan BROWN.  The other teen/pre-teen male is also too old to be the child of Willard or Mary.  Also in Stockholm:  Warren BROWN, Obadiah BROWN, and Samuel A. BROWN.   This is the only Willard BROWN in Stockholm. 

3.  1840 U.S. Census Index/Images (online at Ancestry.com, Image #1-2 of 6; extracted by Diana Gale Matthiesen):¤/NR
1840 OH Lorain Co. Henrietta Twp. Roll 409 pp. 157A-157B Ln. 7 Williard Brown 122 001 - 211 001 0001000
These data indicate:
No. & Sex Age Class Therefore Born Individuals Inferred
1 male 4 or under 1835-1840 = Alexander (b. 1837/8)
2 males 5-9 1830-1835 = Silas (b. 1834/5)
= Otis (b. 1831/2)
2 males 10-14 1825-1830 = Ira (b. 1829)
= Nathan (b. 1827/8)
1 male 30-39 1800-1810 = Willard (b. 1806/7)
2 females 4 or under 1835-1840 = Lucy (b. 1839/40)
= Daughter B
1 female 5-9 1830-1835 = Delphie (b. 1832/3)
1 female 10-14 1825-1830 = Daughter A
1 female 30-39 1800-1810 = Mary (b. 1808/9) 
1 person employed in manufactures and trades
Listed two lines below E. BROWN (101001-31001).
PLEASE NOTE (9 Apr 2018):  I'm looking at the online image of this census page many years after I first extracted it.  I am not now entirely certain it says, "Williard"; it could be read as "Richard," and he is indexed as "Richard."

4a.  1850 U.S. Census Every-Name-Index/Images (online at Ancestry.com, Image #3 of 4):  Castleton Twp., Barry Co., MI, Roll 346, p. 125A, 913/ 932, enumerated 14 Sep 1850, official enumeration date 1 Jun 1850 (extracted by Diana Gale Matthiesen):¤/NR
Willard Brown 43 M Farmer 150 N Hamp
Polly     " 41 F     N York
Otis      " 18 M Labourer   "
Delphia   " 17 F      
Silas     " 15 M Labourer   "
Alexander " 12 M     Ohio
Lucy A.   " 10 F     "
Emily     "  8 F     "
Sophia    "  6 F     "
Nancy     "  5 F     "
Mary      "  3 F     "
Nathan BROWN is newly married and also living in Castleton Twp.  Ira served in the Mexican War in 1847-1848, and when he married in 1853 in Detroit, MI, the license describes him as being "of Birmingham, OH" (n.b., there are four Birmingham's in Ohio, including one in Erie County).  The only likely Ira BROWN in the 1850 census is the one in Erie Co., OH, though he's not in Birmingham. 

4b.  1850 U.S. Census Index (online at GenealogyLibrary.com):
1850 Brown, Willard MI Barry Co. Castleton p. 247
1854 Brown, Willard MI Barry Co. Castleton  
The 1854 date could be a tax list, a state census, voter registration roll, etc.

5a.  1860 U.S. Census Every-Name-Index/Images (online at Ancestry.com, Image #23 of 36):  Hastings P.O., Hastings Twp., Barry Co., MI, Roll M653_536, p. 767, PN 144, 1150/1073, enumerated 10 Jul 1860, official enumeration date 1 Jun 1860 (extracted by Diana Gale Matthiesen):¤/NR
Willard Brown 53 M   Cooper 400 100 NH
Mary 51 F         NY
Emily 18 F         O
Sophia 16 F         do
Nancy 15 F         do
Mary 13 F         do
Adelbert Jones  4 M         do
I've been unsuccessful in identifying Adelbert.  Listed next to married son, Nathan BROWN.  Otis (O.R. BROWN) is unmarried and living in Cass Co., MO.  I can't find Silas or Alexander (or Delphie).  Son Ira BROWN is also in Hastings, listed five household from daughter Lucy BROWN, who is living with the NEWTON family (see next source). 

5b.  1860 U.S. Census Every-Name-Index/Images (online at Ancestry.com; Image #9-10 of 36):  Hastings P.O., Hastings Village, Barry Co., MI, pp. 753-754, PN 130-131, 1037/965, enumerated 6 Jul 1860, official enumeration date 1 Jun 1860 (extracted by Diana Gale Matthiesen):¤/NR
Augustus Newton 30 M   Shoemaker 500 100 Mass
Maria [Ireland] 27 F         O
[Augustus & Maria's children]
[next page]
Lucy Brown 20 F         O

6.  1870 U.S. Census Every-Name-Index/Images (online at Ancestry.com):  not found.

7.  William A. Eardeley, compiler.  Abstracts of Wills, Administrations and Guardianships in NY State, 1787-1835.  Brooklyn Historical Society (online at NEHGS).  On p. 141:
Pages 218-219
Gd For Silas Brown, Aged 14 yrs on 27 Feb last child of Nathan Brown late of Co. Clinton, decd.  Allow Willard Brown of town Stockholm, Co. St Laurence, N.Y. to be the Guardian.
Seal 22 Sep 1829
Willard would only just be of age, himself (b. 1806/7).  So, is Silas his nephew or his younger brother?

8.  Email from Kathleen Hontz.

9.  James W. Howell of Baltimore, MD.  Ancestors of James William HOWELL & Sherri Lynn (MARTIN) HOWELL (online at www.jhowell.net).

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