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Husband:  William C. THOMPSON
Birth:  1802/3, VA
Death:  1870
Occupation:  grocer
Office:  1866-1870, Postmaster, Cadiz, Trigg Co., KY 
Father:  James THOMPSON
Mother:  Sarah STEELE
Marriage:  27 Sep 1827, Trigg Co., KY
Wife:  Lucy DANIEL
Birth:  1800-1810
Death:  in or aft. 1836, in Missouri?
Children born in Kentucky, presumably Trigg Co., KY:
1.  Emily THOMPSON, b. 15 Sep 1830
2.  Eliza THOMPSON, b. 1834/5
3.  Lucy THOMPSON, b. 1836/7

Said to have had a fourth daughter.

Year Location Event
1802/3 VA birth of William C. THOMPSON
1800-10   birth of Lucy DANIEL
1827 KY: Trigg Co. marriage of William C. THOMPSON & Lucy DANIEL
1830 KY birth of daughter, Emily
1830 Census KY: Trigg Co. William C. THOMPSON, head-of-household
1834/5 KY birth of daughter, Eliza
1836/7 KY birth of daughter, Lucy
aft. 1836/7 MO? death of Lucy (DANIEL) THOMPSON
1840 Census - not found
c1843 MO > KY said to have returned to Kentucky from Missouri
1850 Census KY: Trigg Co. William C. THOMPSON, head-of-household
1860 Census - not found
1870 KY: Trigg Co. death of William C. THOMPSON


William's daughter, Eliza, had been equated with Elizabeth D. THOMPSON, who married George Alexander FLOOD in Trigg Co., KY, in 1853.  These are two different women.  Both show up in the 1850 Census of Trigg Co., Eliza with her father (see below) and Elizabeth D. with Miles and Sarah MALONE, probably as housekeeper.  Eliza was born 1834/5 in Kentucky; Elizabeth D. was born 1832/3 in Tennessee, probably the daughter of Mrs. Mary THOMPSON, a widow who also shows up in the 1850 Census of Trigg Co. 


1.  Jordan R. Dodd, ed.  1993.  Kentucky Marriages:  Early to 1850.  Liahona Research, Orem, UT (Broderbund CD-229):
Thompson, William C. Daniel, Lucy 27 Sep 1827 Trigg Co.

2.  1830 Census (extracted by A. Robert Matthiesen; see 1830 Table):
1830 William C. Thompson 000 010 000 - 100 010 000 Cadiz, Trigg Co., KY p. 9
These data indicate:
No. & Sex  Age Class Therefore Born Individuals Inferred
1 male 20-29 1800-1810 = William (b. 1802/3)
1 female 4 or under 1825-1830 = Emily? (b. 1830)
1 female 20-29 1800-1810 = Lucy

3.  1840 Census.  William is said to be in Osceola, MO, but he does not show up in the census there (at the time, Rives Co., now St. Clair Co.), at least not as head-of-household.  The only Thompsons in Rives Co. in 1840 were Samuel and John.

4.  1850 Census Index/Microfilm (online at GenealogyLibrary.com): 1st Dist., Trigg Co., KY, p. 292, 33/33, enumerated 3 Aug 1850 (extracted by Diana Gale Matthiesen):
Wm. C. Thompson 47 M Grocer Virginia
Sarah Thompson 77 F   same
Robert W. Raine 24 M Tailor No Carolina
Emily Raine 19 F   Kentucky
Eliza Thompson 15 F   same
Lucy Thompson 13 F   same
Sarah is William's mother, Sarah (STEELE) THOMPSON.  Robert RAINE is William's son-in-law, husband of Emily.. 

5.  Barney Thompson. MS. The Thompson Family of Prince Edward County, Virginia, Butler and Trigg Counties, Kentucky, and the Florida Parishes of Louisiana:  the Descendants of Thomas Thompson, 1749-1810.  Copies at Western Kentucky University, the Filson Club Library, and the Indiana State Library, Indianapolis.  (Excerpts courtesy of the author.)

6.  Barney Thompson, ed.  1996.  "Letter to the Editor of the Kentucky Telephone, December 20, 1889."  Pages 6-10 in Pioneers of Trigg County, Kentucky, As Seen through the Biographical and Genealogical Articles of Cyrus Thompson in the Kentucky Telephone and the Cadiz Record, 1889-1899.  [MS] (online at the Trigg County KY GenWeb site).  The excerpt on our subject reads:
William C. Thompson was pretty much reared in Cadiz, and resided there until about 1835, when he removed to Missouri, and located at Osceola on the Osage River.  He was a saddler by trade, and for a number of years carried on the saddler's business in Cadiz in copartnership with Thomas S. Thompson, and he also worked at his trade when living in Missouri.  He was an unusually good looking young man, possibly the best looking in his young manhood of all the Thompson family, and was amiable, honorable and then moral.  He married in 1828 or 1830 Miss Lucy Daniel, a sister or niece of George Daniel, one of the first sheriffs of Trigg county, who was thought to have been one of the handsomest young ladies in the county at that time, and in her day.  His family accompanied him to Missouri, but about two years after going there his wife died, leaving four children, all daughters, and these he soon thereafter took back to Kentucky and to Cadiz and placed with my mother, who reared them.  He remained in Missouri until about 1843, when he returned to Cadiz and remained there until his death in about 1869.  He was a generous man and warmhearted young man, unobtrusive in his manners, but smartly lacking in energy, and was not, I think, a success in any line of business he ever pursued -- dying poor.
Cyrus' memory had faded slightly.  William and Lucy were married in 1827.  Their daughters were all born in KY, so they could not have gone to Missouri until after the birth of Lucy in 1836/7.  William does not show up in the 1840 Census of Rives Co. (county seat, Osceola).

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