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Gideon THOMPSON, Sr.
Janette Ann REID
Husband:  Gideon THOMPSON, Sr.
Birth:  1724/5, Greene Co., NC
Death:  Oct 1796 (age 71), Mecklenburg Co., NC
Disposition:  buried Hopewell Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Mecklenburg Co., NC
Father said to be:  Benjamin THOMPSON (c1730-1772)
Mother said to be:  Elizabeth JENNINGS
Wife:  Janette Ann REID / READ
Disposition said to be:  buried Hopewell Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Mecklenburg Co., NC
born in NC:
1.  Ann/Anna THOMPSON, b. 1745/6 
2.  Robert Carson THOMPSON, b. ca. 1750

born in Anson [now Mecklenburg] Co., NC:
3.  (Capt.) James THOMPSON, b. ca. 1751; d. there 28 Jan 1781; left wife and one child
4.  Elizabeth THOMPSON, b. 1753 
5.  Rachel THOMPSON, b. 1755 

born in Mecklenburg Co., NC:
6.  Gideon THOMPSON, Jr., b. 1764 
7.  Joseph THOMPSON, b. ca. 1768
8.  Mary THOMPSON, b. ca. 1772; resided Rutherford Co., TN in 1835; m. Mr. CARSON
9.  Jane THOMPSON, b. ca. 1776

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Geographical Note:  Long Creek is a tributary of the Catawba River, lying east of the river
Year Location Event
1724/5   birth of Gideon THOMPSON
    birth of Janette Ann REID
    marriage of Gideon THOMPSON & Janette Ann REID
1745/6   birth of daughter, Ann
1746 NC: Granville Co. formed from Edgecombe Co.
1750 NC: Anson Co. formed from Bladen Co.
c1750   birth of son, Robert
c1751   birth of son, James
1753   birth of daughter, Elizabeth
1755   birth of daughter, Rachel
1762 NC: Mecklenburg Co. formed from Anson Co.
1764   birth of son, Gideon
1764 NC: Bute Co. formed from Granville Co.
c1768   birth of son, Joseph
c1772   birth of daughter, Mary
c1776   birth of daughter, Jane
1779 NC: Bute Co. divided into Warren and Franklin Cos. (Bute ceased to exist)
1781 NC: Mecklenburg Co.: Catawba R. Gideon THOMPSON owns land
1784 NC: Mecklenburg Co.: Long Ck. Gideon THOMPSON owns land
1790 Census NC: Mecklenburg Co. Gedeion THOMPSON, head-of-household
1791 NC: Mecklenburg Co. Gideon THOMPSON buys a slave
1792 NC: Mecklenburg Co.: Catawba R. Gideon THOMPSON owns land
1796 NC: Mecklenburg Co. death of Gideon THOMPSON


1.  Jordan R. Dodd, ed.  1993.  Tennessee Marriages:  Early to 1850.  Liahona Research, Orem, UT (Broderbund CD-229):
Thompson, Gideon Clower, Elizabeth Jan 8, 1794 Greene Co.
Some secondary sources have our subject married to Elizabeth CLOWER as his second wife, but this is a different Gideon THOMPSON (1773-1803), of Tennessee.

2.  Census Index:  Colonial America, 1607-1789 (Broderbund CD-310):  Gideon was not found, but there is reason to believe his family was in Granville/Bute Co., specifically, his father is said to be Benjamin THOMPSON.  The following are all the THOMPSONs in the two counties on this CD.  Because of the formation of Bute Co. from Granville Co. in 1764, I believe some of these names may represent the same individual on both lists.
1755 Thompson, Benjamin NC Granville Co.
1755 Thompson, Jennings NC Granville Co.
1755 Thompson, Jno. NC Granville Co.
1755 Thompson, John NC Granville Co.
1755 Thompson, Samuel NC Granville Co.
1755 Thompson, Sarah NC Granville Co.
1755 Thompson, William NC Granville Co.
1755 Thompson, William s of Benj NC Granville Co.
1771 Thompson, Benjamin NC Bute Co.
1771 Thompson, Drury NC Bute Co.
1771 Thompson, Elizabeth NC Bute Co.
1771 Thompson, James NC Bute Co.
1771 Thompson, John NC Bute Co.
1771 Thompson, Robert NC Bute Co.
1771 Thompson, Samuel NC Bute Co.
1771 Thompson, Sarah NC Bute Co.
1771 Thompson, Zacharia NC Bute Co.

3.  Census Index:  U.S. Selected Counties, 1790 (Broderbund CD-311):
1790 Thompson, Gedeion NC Mecklenburg Co. p. 160 02-00-02-00-00
These data indicate:
Gender and Type Age Class Therefore Born Individuals Inferred
2 free white males 16 or over in or bef. 1774 = Gideon (b. 1724/5)
= Gideon Jr. (b. 1764)
2 free white females all ages in or bef. 1790 = Janette or Mary
= Jane (b. ca. 1776)
Gideon Jr. didn't marry until 1793, so presumably he is the son still at home.  Jane (at ca. 14) is certainly too young to have married, so she is at home.  The question is whether the older female is Janette, in which case Mary must have married, or whether she is Mary, in which case Janette has passed away.  Other THOMPSONs in the county are:  Alexander, Elijah, John, John, Obadiah, and a "Widow."

.  Herman W. Ferguson.  1990/95.  Genealogical Deed Abstracts, Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, Books 10-14.  Self-published, 600 Chad Drive, Rocky Mount, NC 17803-1512.
p. 45 766, p 283.  12 Jan 1784.  Thomas Polk to Andrew Dune, for £200 specie, two tracts viz: (1) 660 A, including Polk's improvement, on both sides of Long Cr adj Ely Ker and Thomas Clark, and being the land patented to John Anderson 20 Oct 1765. (2) 150 A on Long Cr adj Stephen Hiss, Giddean Thompson, and William Lening, and being the land patented to John Anderson 22 Nov 1768. Wit: Robert Dunn and Andrew Lawing. Prvd in Apr 1784 Ct by oath of Robert Dunn. Sam Martin, CMC.
p. 49 799, p 444.  10 May 1781.  Peter Johnston to Andrew McKee, for £450 lawful NC money, 200 A on Catawba R adj Gideon Thomson, William Lawing, and John Anderson.  Wit: Mat. Troy and Hugh Culoden Boyd.  Prvd 22 Mar 1783 by the oath of Hugh Colloden Boyd before Saml. Spincer. J.S.C.L.E.
p. 111 1844, p 158.  2 Nov 1792.  John, Geo., Jacob, Ann, and Andrew Hipp, all late of Mecklenburg, legatees of Stevan Hipp, decd, to Valentine Hipp, for £150 lawful NC money, 250 A of Gar Cr on the east side of Catawba R adj Gideon Thompson, Fran [cis?, page broken] Beatie, Geo. Elliot, and Anderson.  Sd land was patented 17 Sep 1766 to Stevan Hipp by whose will it descended to the grantors.  Wit: John (X) Nighton and George (..) Hopp.  Prvd in Jan 1793 Ct by Jno. Nighton. Isaac Alexander, CMC.
1845, p 159.  8 Apr 1791.  Bill of Sale.  Isaac Johnston to Gideon Thompsons, for £180, a negro wench named Nell, age 18.  Wit: Ezekiel Alexander and Jno. Elliott.  prvd in Jan 1793 Ct by Ezekiel Alexander.  Isaac Alexander, CMC.

.  Patricia Law Hatcher.  1987.  Abstract of Graves of Revolutionary Patriots.  4 vols.  Pioneer Heritage Press, Dallas, TX (online at Ancestry.com):
THOMPSON, Gideon Hopewill Pres Ch Cem Mecklenburg Co NC 49

.  Beverly M. Stercula.  1966.  "Thompsons of New England and Surry Co., Va."  Thompson Family Magazine  (online in the Archives of THOMPSON-L at RootsWeb).

.  LDS.  Family Search: Internet Genealogy Service: Ancestral File (AF).

.  Messages in the Thompson Family Genealogy Forum (online at GenForum).

Email from Alene Bradshaw [Apr 2000].

WorldConnect (online at RootsWeb.com).

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