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Gideon Tilghman STANDARD
Sinah J. WYATT
Husband:  Gideon Tilghman STANDARD
Birth:  1 Sep 1800, Elkton, Todd Co., KY
Death:  25 Jan 1866, McDonough Co., IL
Disposition:  Vance Cemetery, Industry Twp., McDonough Co., IL
Father:  John Barnett STANDARD
Mother:  Elizabeth TILGHMAN
Marriage:  9 Dec 1823, Todd Co., KY
Resided:  Elkton, Todd Co., KY
Wife:  Sina / Sinah / Sine / Sinia J. WYATT
Birth:  1804/5 or 3 Feb 1806, Kentucky
Death:  9 Apr or Aug 1880, Industry, McDonough Co., IL
Disposition:  buried Vance Cemetery, Industry Twp., McDonough Co., IL 
Father:  John WYATT
Mother:  Martha "Patsy" THOMPSON

Birthdates from tombstones are like birthdates from death certificates:  they depend on the knowledge of the informant.  As most women are lying about their age by mid life, the person ordering her tombstone may not have known her true age.  She was probably fibbing about her age in the 1850 census as well, so we can only roughly know what her age was, but the earlier date is probably closer to the truth.

  1.  John Barnett STANDARD, b. 23 Jun 1824, Elkton, Todd Co., KY; m. Sarah Jane ALLISON; m2. Mrs. Martha DUNCAN
  2.  Mary E. STANDARD, b. 5 May 1827, Elkton, Todd Co., KY; m. Dr. D.M. CREEL
  3.  Julia A. STANDARD, b. 1828/9 or 5 May 1830, Elkton, Todd Co., KY; m. Dr. Basil Andrew DUNCAN
  4.  Sherod R. STANDARD, b. 27 or 28 Apr 1832, near Morgan Co., IL (covered wagon on trip from KY to IL); m. Almira J. RUSSELL
  5.  Minerva J. STANDARD, b. 19 Jun1834, IL; m. David DOWEN
  6.  Needham Columbus or William Columbus STANDARD, b. 20 Mar 1836, McDonough Co., IL; m. Maria RUSSELL
  7.  James C.? or M. STANDARD, b. 30 Jul 1838, McDonough Co., IL
  8.  George Washington STANDARD, b. 31 Jan1840, McDonough Co., IL; m. Mary Frances __?__
  9.  Nancy Ellen STANDARD, b. 31 Dec 1841/2, McDonough Co., IL; m. Jacob LAWYER
10.  Martha E. or B. STANDARD, b. 29 Dec 1844, McDonough Co., IL; d. 14 Feb 1914; unmarried
11.  Lucy America "Zoe" STANDARD, b. 30 Jan 1846, McDonough Co., IL;m. Wesley AUSBURY


1.  Jordan R. Dodd, ed.  1993.  Kentucky Marriages:  Early to 1850.  Liahona Research, Orem, UT (Broderbund CD-229):
Standard, Gideon Wiatt, Sinah 9 Dec 1823 Todd Co.

2.  1830 Census Index (online at GenealogyLibrary.com):
1830 Fed Census Standard, Gideon KY Todd Co. p. 375
1835 State Census Standard, Gideon IL Morgan Co. p. 044

3.  1840 Census Index (online at GenealogyLibrary.com):
Standard, Gideon IL McDonough Co. p. 204
McDonough Co. was formed in 1826, so this was a genuine move from Morgan Co. to McDonough Co., not just a change in county name.

4.  1850 Census Index/Microfilm (online at GenealogyLibrary.com):  McDonough Co., IL, p. 311, 1135/1135, enumerated 15 Oct 1850 (extracted by Diana Gale Matthiesen):
Gideon Standard 50 M Farmer 4000 Ky
Sine       " 45 F     Ky
Mary E.    " 23 F     Ky
Julia A.   " 21 F     Ky
Sherrod R. " 18 M F.   Ill
M.J.       " 16 M F.   Ill
Midham C.  " 14 M     Ill
James C?   " 12 M     Ill
George W   " 10 M     Ill
Nancy E    "  8 F     Ill
Martha E?  "  6 F     Ill
America    "  3 F     Ill
Living next door to Gideon's son, John B. STANDARD.

5.  Anon.  1885.  History of McDonough County, Illinois... Continental Hist. Co., Springfield, IL (online at the McDonough County USGenWeb site):
J.B. Standard came to McDonough county, in 1836, and settled then, on section 24, Industry township, where he resided until 1851.  He then moved to section 19, which has since been his residence.  He was born in Kentucky, June 23, 1824, and is a son of Gideon and Sina (Wyatt) Standard.  He came to Illinois when a boy of eight years, and lived in Morgan county until he came here.  Mr. Standard is one of the most extensive land owners, and one of the wealthiest farmers of McDonough county.  He has 1,050 acres of land, all in a high state of cultivation, except 188 acres of timber.  His improvements are among the finest in the county, his residence, barn, and other buildings being commodious and substantial.  He keeps a large number of cattle, horses, and other stock, and carries on farming on an extensive scale.  He began life poor, and his success is an example of what may be accomplished by industry, perseverance, and good management.  Mr. Standard was married in 1849, to Jane Allison, daughter of John Allison, of Pennsylvania.  By this union there are seven children Mary, wife of Jerome Jones, of Scotland township; Margaret, wife of Thomas Jones, of Clay county, Nebraska; Julia, wife of E.F. Wheeler, of Kansas City; Malinda, wife of George W. Russell, of Bethel township; Gideon, living in Industry township; John, also in Industry; and George, living at home.  Mrs. Standard died September 25, 1876, and was buried in the Vance cemetery, near Industry.  In September, 1880, Mr. Standard was married to Mrs. Martha Duncan, widow of Dr. Duncan, and daughter of Morris Merrick.  By his second marriage, Mr. Standard has one child Fannie. 

6.  LDS.  Ancestral File (online).

7.  Family Group Sheet by John Charles Tippet.

8.  Family Group Sheet of Gideon T. & Sinia J. (WYATT) STANDARD. Everton's Family File Vol. 4 (Broderbund CD-14; Disk 1).  Says 6th child is William Columbus STANDARD.

9.  LDS.  IGI (online).  Kin?
Marriage Sina WHITE Oliver SHREVE 1796 Of Todd, Kentucky
Relative Sina WHITE Heber J. GRANT 1796 Prob. Todd, Kentucky
Marriage Sina WHITE Oliver SHREVE 1815 Todd, Pulaski, Kentucky
Marriage Mrs Sinah WYATT Joshua WYATT ABT 1769 Northampton Co, Virginia
Birth Sina WHITE   1790 Loudoun, Virginia
Birth Mrs Sinah WYATT   ABT 1750 Northampton Co, Virginia

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