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Heinrich / Henry F. MOEWS
Please Note:  the state of Indiana will not release death certificates to anyone but next of kin until after 75 years, which means we family historians cannot order his until 2022.  I can see not issuing certified (legal) copies, but what an UNNECESSARY and RIDICULOUS handicap for family genealogists to prevent the issuing of uncertified copies.  A pox on those who pushed for this regulation.
Subject:  Heinrich / Henry F. MOEWS
Birth:  23 Nov 1853, German Confederation [now Poland]
Death:  26 Dec 1946, Indianapolis, Marion Co., IN
Last Residence in Europe:  Rathsdamnitz, Kr. Stolp, Pomerania, Prussis, German Empire [now Poland]
Immigration:  arrived 11 June 1880 at the port of New York City on the S.S. Suevia out of Hamburg
Occupation:  handelsmann [tradesman], realtor/developer, salesman, horsetrader

Tentative Relationships
Niece:  Hedwig Anna MOEWS
Brother:  Karl MOEWS
Father:  Friedrich MOEWS
Mother:  Johanna MÜLLER / MUELLER / MILLER

Keywords for search engines:  genealogy; POL, PL, Polska, Pomorskie; Pommern, Preussen, Polen; USA, US, United States, Indiana

Sources (n.b., "Damnitz" is an older name for "Rathsdamnitz":

1.  Marriage Record:  apparently never married.

2.  Hamburger Passagierlisten, 1850-1934.  Staatsarchive, Hamburg, Deutschland (online at Ancestry.com; image nos. 271R-272L of 367; extracted by Ancestry/DGM parts I could read, but other parts I just had to accept Ancestry's transcription; Explanation of Column Headings).  Ancestry indicates these were "Zwischendeck" (steerage) passengers, and that the ship was of the "Hamburg-Amerikanische Packetfahrt-Actien-Gessellschaft" line, although this information is not on the manifest page itself.  The arrival date is not given on the page or in the index at Ancestry, but a file at WorldConnect gives it as 11 June 1880.
der Personen Passagiere wilche mit dem Hamburg Dampf- Schiffe Suevia
unter Deutscher Flagge, Capitain Franzen nach Newyork
zur Auswanderung durch Unterzeichnete engagirt sind.
Abgang des Schiffes, d. 26 Mar 1880
  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
635 Tessmer Herm. /   21 Damnitz Pommern Schlosser     /    
  6 Moews Heinr. /   25 " " Handelsmann     /    
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637 Marske Johann /   39 Damnitz Pommern Schmied     /    
  8   " Ulrike   / 36 " " ?     /    
  9   " Adeline   /  9 " " ?       /  
640   " Anna   /  6 " " ?       /  
  1   " Martha   /  3 " " ?       /  
  2 Erdmann Jr /   14 " "  Arbeiter     /    

3.  1890 U.S. Census:  the 1890 Census Population Schedules were destroyed.

3.  1900 U.S. Census Every-Name-Index/Images (online at Ancestry.com):  can't find, and I really looked.

4.  1910 U.S. Census Every-Name-Index/Images (online at Ancestry.com):  Henry MOEWS (æ 56, b. Germany; imm. 1890/Na; door-to-door salesman) is boarding at 1935 Massachusetts Ave., Indianapolis (Ward 1), Marion Co., IN (p. 163A indexed "Moeves").

5.  1920 U.S. Census Every-Name-Index/Images (online at Ancestry.com):  Henry MOEWS (æ 64, b. Stolp, Germany; single; house salesman) is lodging at 2240 Fontaine St., Indianapolis (Ward 1), Marion Co., IN (p. 63B).

6.  1930 U.S. Census Every-Name-Index/Images (online at Ancestry.com):  can't find, and I really looked.

7.  1940 U.S. Census Every-Name-Index/Images (online at Ancestry.com):  Henry MOWS (æ 86, b. Germany) is lodging on Hawthorne Lane, Warren Twp., Marion Co., IN (p. 51B indexed "Maws").

8.  Polk's Indianapolis (Marion County, Ind.) City Directory.  R.L. Polk & Co., Indianapolis, IN (online at Ancestry.com and/or fold3.com not every individual is indexed in every year, so 
 search on just the surname):
Year Pg. Name Occupation Home Address Others at Same Address (q.v.)  
1886 513 Moews Henry helper C St L&PRR bds 20 Oriental Charles (res), Martin (bds) A f3
1887  571 Moews Henry helper bds 20 Oriental Frederica (res), Charles (bds), Martin (bds) A f3
1888 578 Moews Henry mach bds 20 Oriental Fredericka (res), Charles (bds), Herman (bds), Martin (bds) A f3
1889 547 Moews Henry mach h Keystone ave 3 n of Michigan Friedrike (h), Charles (h), Martin (h) A f3
1890  565 Moews Henry labr h Keystone ave 3 n of Michigan Fredericka (h), Frank (b), Martin (h)  A
1891  568 Moews Henry F lab hws Keystone ave 3 n of Michigan Fredericka (hws), Frank (bws) A f3
1892 594 Moews Henry F mach hws Keystone ave 3 n of E Michigan Fredericka (hws), Martin (bws) A f3
1893 621 Moews Henry F mach h 29 Keystone av Martin (b); close to August, Charles, Frederica A f3
1894 582 Moews Henry mach h 20 Keystone av Charles (h) f3
1895 585 Moews Henry mach b 121 Williams   A f3
1900  743 Moess Henry F mach b 2005 Mass av   A f3
1901 747 Moews Henry mach b 2005 Mass av   A f3
1902 733 Moews Henry mach b 2005 Mass av   A f3
1903 781 Moews Henry mach b 2005 Mass av   A f3
1904 791 Moews Henry F mach b 2005 Mass av   A f3
1906 898 Moews Henry mach b 2005 Mass av   A f3
1908 939 Moews Henry F mach h 2313 Parker av   A f3
1909 943 Moews Henry P lab b 2331 Parker av   A f3
1910 996 Moews Henry F mach h 1935 Mass av   f3
1911 1079 Moews Henry F mach h 1935 Mass av   A
1912 1113 Moews Henry   h 1935 Mass av   A f3
1913 1146 Moews Henry driver b 2629 Bloyd av August (h) A f3
1913 1004 Moews Henry driver b 2629 Bloyd av August (h) A
1916 912 Moews Henry lab b 2629 Bloyd av August (h) A f3
1918 921 Moews Henry   r 2333 Park av   A f3
1919  957 Moews Henry lab r 2333 Parker av   A
1926 1211 Moews Henry F lab r 2339 Parker av   A
1934  862 Moews Henry lab h 3340 E 33d   A
1936 1100 Moews Henry   h 2430 N Hawthorne la   A

9a.  Anon.  Friday, 5 Mar 1909.  "Circuit County." The Indianapolis News (Indianapolis, IN), p. 14 (online at Newspapers.com):
Henry Moews vs. Reuben, William and Katie Williams: from justice of the peace; on trial by jury.

9b.  Anon.  Saturday, 11 Dec 1915.  "Horse Blew Sponge Out of Nose and Disclosed Fraud."  The Indianapolis News (Indianapolis, IN), p. 1 (online at Newspapers.com):
Jessie Robbins, a truck gardener, was damaged almost as much by the purchase of a horse as the animal cost him, in the opinion of a jury in the superior court, Room 2, which today gave Robbins a judgment of $146.20 against Henry Moews and James Haygood, horse traders.  Robbins bought the horse for $60, and three days later it blew a sponge from its nose.  An examination showed the animal had bull heaves.  Robbins testified the horse was worth $5, but a veterinarian said it was worth nothing...  The horse traders testified they had the animal only a week before selling it to Robbins.  They said they believed it was sound, and found no indications to believe otherwise while they owned it.

10.  Tombstone Readings:  Washington Park East Cemetery [Indianapolis, Marion Co., IN]. Genealogical Society of Marion County (online at genealogyindy.org):
Name Henry Moews
Nearest Relative Frank F. Dietz
Veteran No
Death Information 1946 December 26
Interment Information Washington Park East Cemetery
Sec-G; Lot-450; Sp-5
Frank F. DIETZ is the husband of Margaret B. MOEWS, daughter of Charles Louis & Minnie (MOEWS) MOEWS.  Henry is interred next to Carl F. MOEWS, who also gives Frank F. DIETZ as his nearest relative.  The question becomes, is Henry more related to Charles or to Minnie?  I have taken it to be Minnie because in no less than two records, Carl and Minnie are said to be siblings.

11.  Public Member Trees (online at Ancestry.com).

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