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Daniel McCRAY
Husband:  Daniel McCRAY
Birth:  ca. 1745
Death:  25 Jun 1819, Washington Co., TN
Military Service:  Revolutionary War

Said to be born in Ayrshire, Scotland, but I have seen nothing to document his origin.

Marriage-1:  ca. 1768
Wife-1:  Sarah NODDING
Birth:  1751
Death:  8 May 1809, Jonesborough, Washington Co., TN
Father:  William NODDING, Sr.
Mother:  Mary [BREWSTER?]
Marriage-2:  14 Oct 1812, Washington Co., TN
Children with Sarah NODDING:
  1.  Charles McCRAY, b. 1769 
  2.  Rebecca McCRAY, b. aft. 1770 
  3.  Jane "Jennie" McCRAY, b. 1772 
  4.  Henry McCRAY (Sr.), b. ca. 1775 
  5.  Thomas Daniel McCRAY, b. 2 Dec 1781 
  6.  Priscilla McCRAY, b. 18 Jan 1783, Washington Co., NC [now TN] 
  7.  William McCRAY, b. 23 Apr 1789, Jonesborough, Washington Co., NC [now TN] 
  8.  Elisha McCRAY, b. 1790, Washington Co., Southwest Territory [now TN] 
  9.  Phillip McCRAY, b. 1792/3, Washington Co., Southwest Territory [now TN] 
10.  Sarah "Sally" McCRAY, b. 1793, Washington Co., Southwest Territory [now TN] 

Some secondary sources have Elisha b. 1770 in MD.

Children with Polly PRITCHARD:

Year Location Event
c1745   birth of Daniel McCRAY
1751   birth of Sarah NODDING
c1768   marriage of Daniel McCRAY & Sarah NODDING
1769   birth of son, Charles
1772   birth of daughter, Jane
1776 NC [now TN]: Washington Dist. formed from Indian territory
1777 NC [now TN]: Washington Dist. becomes Washington Co.
1779 NC [now TN]: Sullivan Co. formed from Washington Co.
1781   birth of son, Thomas
1782 NC [now TN]: Washington Co. Daniel McCRAY on tax list
1783   birth of daughter, Priscilla
1783 NC [now TN]: Greene Co. formed from Washington Co.
1784 Franklin [now TN]: Washington, Sullivan, and Greene Cos.
form the State of Franklin and move to secede
1785 Franklin [now TN]: Wayne Co. formed from Washington Co.
1787 NC [now TN] takes over Franklin; Franklin and Wayne Co. cease to exist
1789   birth of son, William
1790   birth of son, Elisha
1790 NC cedes her western territory, which becomes the "Southwest Territory"
(a.k.a., "Territory South of the Ohio River"); Washington Co. loses land to NC
1790 Census no extant schedules for "Tennessee"
1791 SWT [now TN]: Washington Co. Danell McCREE on tax list
1792 SWT [now TN]: Washington Co. Daniel McCRAY on tax list
1792/3   birth of son, Phillip
1793   birth of daughter, Sarah
1796 SWT [now TN]: Carter Co. formed from Washington Co.
1796 Tennessee achieves statehood
1796 TN: Washington Co. Daniel McCRAY on tax list
1800 Census no extant schedules for Tennessee
1809 TN: Washington Co. death of Sarah NODDING
1810 Census no extant schedules for Tennessee (except for Rutherford Co. and parts of Grainger Co.)
1812 TN: Washington Co. marriage of Daniel McCRAY & Polly PRITCHARD
1819 TN: Washington Co. death of Daniel McCRAY


1.  Family Group Sheet prepared by Betty Ann (Matthiesen) Cogliati and her grandmother, Maude Irene (Thompson) Rose.

2.  Philip Roger McCray.  1993.  "The Birth of Tennessee and Missouri."  Chap. 6, pp. 128-170, in McCrays of America.  2nd ed.  Heritage Books, Bowie, MD.  Chap. 6 is about Daniel and Sarah (NODDING) McCRAY and their descendants.

3.  Byron Sistler & Barbara Sistler.  1987.  Early East Tennessee Marriages.  Vol. 1. Grooms.  Byron Sistler & Assoc., Nashville, TN.
McKay, Daniel to Polly Prichard 10-14-1812 Washington Co. p. 245

4.  Goldene Fillers Burgner.  1983/1992.  Washington County Tennessee Wills, 1777-1872.  Southern Historical Press, Greenville, SC.

  • Daniel McCray is executor on these wills: William Nodding, Jr., dated 15 Sep 1792 (p. 5); William Nodding, dated 23 Dec 1792 (p. 12); Samuel Culbertson, dated 24 Dec 1798 (p. 7); and William Nodding, dated 4 Oct 1804.
  • Daniel McCray's will is dated 1 Mar 1819, and (on p. 23) the abstract states:
  • Jane Jenkins shall have my 3 beds, furniture, pots and pans and $40 for Sally Hains.  All my children to receive equally.  Executors:  Henry and Thomas McCray.  Wit.: George Hayes, Charles Jenkins, Joseph Jenkins of Mark.  Proven (date not given).
    ["Hains" must be a mis-reading of "Harris" (count the bumps).]
5.  Marjorie Hood Fischer.  1996.  Tennesseans before 1800, Washington County.  Frontier Press, Galveston, TX.  Anyone with kin in Washington Co., TN, before 1800 needs this book!  The book is an index, not the records themselves, but the entries are voluminous and exhaustive and include many for the McCRAYs.  I'm here summarizing those for Daniel, as found on pp. 188 and 200-201:
Name Record Type Number
of Records
or Years
Macray, Daniel Deed 1
McCrary, Daniel Inventory 1
McCrary, Daniel Co Court Minutes 1
McCray, Dan Co Court Minutes 1
McCray, Dan? Deed 1
McCray, Daniel Will 2
McCray, Daniel Inventory 2
McCray, Daniel Deed 3
McCray, Daniel Tax List 1782, 1792, 1796
McCray, Daniel Deed 6
McCray, Daniel Co Court Minutes 15
McCray, Daniel County Pleas 23
McCray, Daniel Deed 3
McCray, Danl. Co Court Minutes 6
McCray, Danl. County Pleas 2
McCray, David [Daniel] Inventory 1
McCray, Wm. Daniel Inventory 1
McCrea, Daniel Sup Court Minutes 1
McCreay, Daniel Co Court Minutes 1
McCree, Danell Tax List 1791
These records are available on microfilm at the Tennessee State Library and the LDS FHL.  The book, page, and microfilm roll numbers are given by Fischer.

6.  Broderbund.  World Family Trees.

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