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Margaret KELLEY
Birth:  10 Aug 1801, Garrard Co., KY
Death:  ca. 1852, Owen Co., IN
Occupation:  farmer
Father:  Isaac MARKSBURY (c1758-1842)
Mother:  Susannah RADCLIFF (1762-1810); m. 27 Jan 1794, Lincoln Co., KY
Marriage-1:  20 Jan 1819, Lincoln Co., KY
Wife-1:  Lucy HUFFMAN
Birth:  ca. 1801, Garrard Co., KY
Death apparently:  in or after 1840, possibly by 1841, definitely by 1847/8
Father:  Henry HUFFMAN (c1757-1827)
Mother:  Milly SHIP / SHIPP (c1761- ); m. 24 Aug 1780, Amherst Co., VA
Wife-2:  Margaret KELLEY
Birth:  1816/7, KY
Death:  1870-80, presumably in Wayne Twp., Owen Co., IN
Occupation:  homemaker
Father:  Joshua KELLEY II
Mother:  Ms. __?__

Margaret is said by some to be a sister of Lucy HUFFMAN, but Margaret is not mentioned in Henry HUFFMAN's 1827 will where Lucy MARKSBURY is mentioned.  More importantly, Lucy's mother, Milly, would have been much too old to have birthed a child in ca. 1816, because she would have been some 56 years old at the time.  There is a strong case to be made and some secondary sources show that she's the daughter of Joshua KELLEY.  Note that Joshua is living with her in the 1860 census, that he is known to have had a daughter Margaret's age, and that Margaret named a son, Joshua.  If Joshua's wife was, indeed, Rebekah BROWN, then Margaret named a daughter and son, in succession, for her parents.

Children with Lucy HUFFMAN:
born in Garrard Co., KY:
 1.  Elizabeth MARKSBURY, b. 20 Jan 1820; d. 31 Jul 1900, Harrison Co., IA

born in KY or IN:
  2.  (Son A) MARKSBURY, b. 1820-25
  3.  (Son B) MARKSBURY, b. 1825-30
  4.  (Son C) MARKSBURY, b. 1825-30
  5.  (Daughter A) MARKSBURY, b. 1825-30
  6.  (Daughter B) MARKSBURY, b. 1830-35

born in IN:
  7.  Samuel MARKSBURY, b. 1832/3
  8.  Lucinda MARKSBURY, b. 11 Dec 1836, Putnam Co., IN
  9.  (Son D) MARKSBURY, b. 1835-40
10.  Eliza J. MARKSBURY, b. 1838/9

Children with Lucy or Margaret born in IN:
11.  George MARKSBURY, b. 1841/2
12.  Richard MARKSBURY, b. 1843/4
13.  Rebecca MARKSBURY, b. 1846/7

Unless we find a record of Lucy's death or of Margaret's marriage, we can't really be certain which children belong to which mother although, based on the age of the wife in the 1840 census, she would appear to be Lucy, so that only brings into question the mother of the children born between 1840 and 1850.  Margaret's apparent father was named, Joshua, so I think we can be certain Joshua and his younger siblings are Margaret's.  That leaves only the three above uncertain.

Children with Margaret [KELLEY] born in Owen Co., IN:
14.  Joshua MARKSBURY, b. 1847/8
15.  Rachel MARKSBURY, b. 1850/1; m. George W. RADER (b. 1837/8, OH)
16.  Mary MARKSBURY, b. 1851/2
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Sources (n.b., Garrard Co. was formed in 1798 from Madison, Lincoln, and Mercer Cos., so the change from 1819 was a genuine move, not just a county name change):

1.  Jordan R. Dodd, ed.  1993.  Kentucky Marriages:  Early to 1850.  Liahona Research, Orem, UT (Broderbund CD-229):
Marksberry, Isaac Radcliff, Susannah 17 Jan 1794 Lincoln Co.
Marksberry, Richard Huffman, Lucy 20 Jan 1819 Lincoln Co.

2.  1820 Census Index/Images (online at Ancestry.com, Image #27 of 36; extracted by Diana Gale Matthiesen):
1820 KY Garrard Co. Garrard Roll M33_21 p. 114-115 Ln. 8 Richd Marksbury 000100-10100-0-100 no slaves
These data indicate:
No. & Sex Age Class Therefore Born Individuals Inferred
1 male 19-25* 1794-1801 = Richard (b. 1801)
1 female 9 or under 1810-1820 = Elizabeth (b. 1820)
1 female 16-25 1794-1804 = Lucy (b. ca. 1801)
1 person engaged in agriculture
*In the 1820 Census, the third column is age class 16-18 and the fourth column is age class 16-25, which means any individual in column three is duplicated in column four.  So, for an accurate representation of the household, the number in column three should be subtracted from the number in column four. If, after the subtraction, any individuals remain in column four, then they have to be age 19-25, thus creating a "new," more precise age class.
Listed two lines below Huston HUFMAN; Henry HUFMAN is on the previous page.

3.  1830 Census Index/Images (online at Ancestry.com):  can't find.

4.  1840 Census Index/Images (online at Ancestry.com, Image #3-4 of 20; extracted by Diana Gale Matthiesen):
1840 IN Putnam Co. Washington Twp. Roll 91 pp. 340B-341A Ln. 18 Richard Marksbury 112 101 - 211 001 0300000
These data indicate:
No. & Sex Age Class Therefore Born Individuals Inferred
1 male 4 or under 1835-1840 = Son D
1 male 5-9 1830-1835 = Samuel (b. 1832/3) 
2 males 10-14 1825-1830 = Son C
= Son B
1 male 15-19 1820-1825 = Son A
1 male 30-39 1800-1810 = Richard (b. 1801)
2 females 4 or under 1835-1840 = Eliza (b. 1838/9)
= Lucinda (b. 1835/6)
1 female 5-9 1830-1835 = Daughter B
1 female 10-14 1825-1830 = Daughter A
1 female 30-39 1800-1810 = Lucy (b. ca. 1801)
3 persons employed in agriculture

5.  1850 Census Every-Name-Index/Images (online at Ancestry.com, Image #35 of 42):  Washington Twp., Owen Co., IN, Roll M432_164, p. 101A, 243/243, enumerated 26 Aug 1850, official enumeration date 1 Jun 1850 (extracted by Diana Gale Matthiesen):
Richard Marksbury 47 M   Farmer 2000 Kentucky
Margaretta 33 F       Do
Samuel 17 M   Farmer   Indiana
Lucinda 14 F       Do
Eliza J 11 F       Do
George  8 M       Do
Richard  6 M       Do
Rebecca  3 F       Do
Joshua  2 M       Do

6a.  1860 Census Every-Name-Index/Images (online at Ancestry.com, Image #2 of 22):  Gosport P.O., Wayne Twp., Owen Co., IN, Roll M653_287, p. 156, PN 156, 1107/1098, enumerated 26 Jul 1860, official enumeration date 1 Jun 1860 (extracted by Diana Gale Matthiesen):
Margret Maxbery 42 F      200 50 Ind
Rachel    "  9 F         "
Joshua    " 11 M         "
Joshua Kelly 70 M         Ky
Matilda  " 22 F         Ind
Jane Green 20 F         "
A J Hays 16 M   Book Keeper 2500   "
Joshua KELLEY is said to be Margaret's father, and his living with her supports that claim, as does her having named a son, Joshua.

6b.  1860 Census Every-Name-Index/Images (online at Ancestry.com, Image #43 of 45):  Gosport P.O., The East Division, Owen Co., IN, Roll M653_287, p. 50, PN 50, 364/354, enumerated 13 Jun 1860, official enumeration date 1 Jun 1860 (extracted by Diana Gale Matthiesen):
Benj Hancock 30 M   Farmer   200 Tenn
Margret  " 28 F         Ind
Mary J   " 11 F         "
Geo Maxbery 16 M         "
Richd   " 14 M         "
Mary    "  8 F         "
If just George and Richard were living out, I'd say that was a clear sign they were Lucy's children.  However, that doesn't explain Mary, who would be the youngest and surely Margaret's child.  I have yet to find a genealogical link between our subjects and Benjamin HANCOCK or his wife.

7a.  1870 Census Every-Name-Index/Images (online at Ancestry.com, Image #23 of 35):  Gosport P.O., Wayne Twp., Owen Co., IN, Roll M593_348, p. 383A, PN 23, 184/189, enumerated 8 Jul 1870, official enumeration date 1 Jun 1870 (extracted by Diana Gale Matthiesen):
Rader Geo W 32 M W Comercial ha??   500 Ohio
_____ Rachel 18 F W Keeping house     Ind
Marksbury Margaret 46 F W House Keeper     Ind

7b.  1870 Census Every-Name-Index/Images (online at Ancestry.com):  George MARKSBURY (æ 28, b. IN) is unmarried and living in Wayne Twp., Owen Co., IN; Josh MARKSBURY (æ 21, b. IN) is married and also living in Wayne Twp., Owen Co., IN.

8.  1880 Census Every-Name-Index/Images (online at Ancestry.com):  Margaret not found.  Joshua MARKESBERRY (æ 29, b. IN) is still married and still living in Gosport, Wayne Twp., Owen Co., IN; his is the only MARKSBURY family left in the county.

9.  LDS.  Family Search: Internet Genealogy Service: Pedigree Resource File (index to CDs, online at FamilySearch.org).

10.  LDS.  Family Search: Internet Genealogy Service:  IGI - International Genealogical Index (online at FamilySearch.org).

11.  WorldConnect / Ancestry World Trees (online at RootsWeb.com/Ancestry.com).

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