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Barbara BRANDT
Husband:  Jacob LIGHT
Birth:  11 Sep 1763
Death:  5 Sep 1840
Father:  Johannes LICHT
Mother:  Anna LANDIS
Wife:  Barbara4 BRANDT
Birth:  22 Dec 1762
Death:  20 Aug 1851
Father:  Christian3 BRANDT (1736-1806)  [Adam2, Hans Adam1]
Mother:  Catharine __?__ (1740-18__)
1.  Catharine LIGHT, b. 12 Feb 1785; d. 20 Oct 1866
2.  Anna LIGHT, b. 12 Feb 1785
3.  Jacob LIGHT, b. 8 Jul 1788; d.s.p. ca. 1790
4.  Barbara LIGHT, b. 9 Jul 1788; survived to marry
5.  Elizabeth LIGHT, b. 3 Jul 1790; survived to marry
6.  Christian LIGHT, b. 16 Mar 1792 
7.  Mary LIGHT, b. 22 Mar 1799; d. 12 Aug 1883
8.  William LIGHT, b. 9 Oct 1801; d. 16 Mar 1879
9.  Jacob LIGHT, b. 22 Aug 1806; d. 26 Jun 1871


1.  Moses Light.  1896.  The Light Genealogy in America.  Self-published, Manheim, Lancaster Co., PA (facsimile online at the Light Family web site):
p. 17 2 GEN. The 4th son of John Light, from Germany.  This John [Light] was b. 1730, m. to Miss Landis, of Spring Creek, Derry township, Lancaster county, Pa., now Dauphin county, Pa.  Their issue, 6 sons, as follows...
p. 18 2 GEN. The 4th son of John Light, from Germany.  This John Light took up about one section of land situated at the Little Swatara creek, on the road leading from Lebanon to Fredericksburg...
p. 27 3 GEN. 3d son of John Light was Jacob Light, an uncle of my father, Henry Light.  This Jacob Light lived at the Long Meadow Creek, near Gingrich's Meeting House of the old Mennonite Church.
  3 GEN. This Jacob Light, Sr., b. Sept. 11, 1763, d. Sept. 5, 1840, aged 76 yr. 11 mo. 24 days; m. to Barbara Brandt.  She was b. Dec. 22, 1763, d. Aug. 20, 1851, aged 87 yr. 7 mo. 28 days. Issue:
  4 GEN. 1.  Christian Light, m. to Miss _____ Cormenny.
Their issue:

.  Jacob Gottwals Francis (Betty M. Light Behr, ed).  c1990. History and Genealogy of Early Pioneer Families of Lebanon County, Pennsylvania.  Closson Pess, Apollo, PA (photocopy courtesy of Roger Cramer).  On p. 97:
Jacob of Long Meadow

III Jacob Light, p. 15, "The 3rd son of John Light was Jacob Light, an uncle of my father, Henry Light", says Moses Light, author of a Light booklet.  "This Jacob lived at the Long Meadow Creek (Back Creek), near Gingrich's Meeting House of the Old Mennonite Church."  His father, II John Light had bought upwards of 300 acres here on July 28, 1784; & on Jan. 24, 1791 transferred 140 acres of it to his son, III Jacob herewith.  Jacob left his property here to his sons William & Jacob, Jr.  He married Barbara Brandt, b. Dec. 22, 1762, d. Aug. 20, 1851.  They are buried at Gingrich's Men. Meeting-house where they doubtless held membership.*  Jacob Light was a Soldier in the Revolution, in Capt. Stone's Company, class 7, 2nd Bat. of Lancaster Co. Militia.  See 5th Ser., Vol. VII, p. 159 Pa. Archives; on p. 179 is in class 5.

According to a record in the Family Bible in possession of VI John Adam Hershey, record likely written out by Adam B. Light, p. 124, III Jacob Light of Long's Meadow had the following children:

Page Name Birth Death
  IV Catharine Light Feb. 12, 1785 Oct. 20, 1866 single
  IV Anna        "  "    "    "  
  IV Jacob       " Jul.  8, 1788 d. in infancy
 98 IV Barbara     " Jul.  9, 1788**  
 98 IV Elizabeth   " Jul.  3, 1790  
 99 IV Christian   " Mar. 16, 1792 Oct.  3, 1842
102 IV Mary        " Mar. 22, 1799 Aug. 12, 1883
109 IV William     " Oct.  9, 1801 Mar. 16, 1879
117 IV Jacob       " Aug. 22, 1806 Jun. 26, 1872
"It (land transferred by III Jacob Light, Sr. to his son IV Jacob Light, Jr., near Gingrich Mennonite Meetinghouse) being part of a Tract of Land granted by a Patent from the Late Proprietaries of Pennsylvania dated the Ninth Day of June Anno Domini 1761 ...... unto Daniel Sayler his heirs and assigns forever and also a part of another Petent granted by the late Proprietaries aforesaid dated the 8th Day of May A.D. 1773 unto John Sayler his heirs and assigns forever And the said Daniel Sayler by his Deed dated the 15th Day of may 1767 did grant and Confirm part of the above mentioned Tract of Land unto Christian Sayler his heirs and assigns forever by the said Deed will appear And the said Christian Sayler by his Deed dated the 9th Day of April 1768 did grant and confirm the said Tract of Land unto the said John Sayler his heirs and assigns forever And the said John Sayler died Possess of the said above mentioned Tracts of Land having first made his last will and testament in writing and did Impower his Executors Henry Light and Jacob LIght to sell all the above mentioned Tracts of Land and give the Purchaser thereof a good Deed for all his Lands And the said Henry Light and Jocob Light Executors aforesaid by their Deed dated athe 28th Day of July A.D. 1784 did grant and confirm all the above mention Tracts of Land unto John Light his Heirs and assigns forever." See Leb. Co. Records, Book E, Vol. I, p. 595.

*Gingrich's Meeting House was erected in 1798.
**Note It will be observed that the first four children were two sets of twins.  Of the second set Jacob must have been born before midnight and Barbara after midnight.

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