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Johannes LICHT
Husband:  Johannes LICHT
Birth:  21 Feb 1726, Germany
Death:  11 Mar 1806
Disposition:  initially buried in family plot; reinterred ca. 1895, Ebenezer Cemetery, Lebanon, Lebanon Co., PA
Father:  Mr. LICHT
Wife:  Anna LANDIS
Birth:  ca. 11 Oct 1730
Death:  4 May 1798
Disposition:  initially buried in family plot; reinterred ca. 1895, Ebenezer Cemetery, Lebanon, Lebanon Co., PA
Father:  Felix LANDIS
Mother:  Catharine LOBAN
  1.  John LIGHT, b. 4 Apr 1750; d. 1 Dec 1829
  2.  Veronica LIGHT, b. 2 Aug 1758; d. 7 Apr 1824
  3.  Henry LIGHT, b. 17 Oct 1759; d. 20 Oct 1822
  4.  Jacob LIGHT, b. 11 Sep 1763 
  5.  Martin LIGHT, b. 20 Mar 1765; d. 24 Apr 1847
  6.  (Rev.) Felix LIGHT, b. 11 Nov 1767; d. 23 Jan 1841
  7.  Abraham LIGHT, b. 16 Apr 1770; d. 28 Sep 1850
  8.  Mary LIGHT, b. ca. 1772; survived to marry
  9.  (Daughter) LIGHT
10.  (Child) LIGHT
11.  (Child) LIGHT

Sources (n.b., Lancaster Co. was formed in 1729 from Chester Co.; Dauphin Co. was formed in 1785 from Lancaster Co.; Lebanon Co. was formed in 1813, mostly from Dauphin Co., plus a small part of Lancaster Co.):

1.  P.C. Croll. 1895.  Ancient and Historic Landmarks in the Lebanon Valley. Lutheran Publ. Soc., Philadelphia (online at HeritageQuest at Genealogy.com).  See Chapter XXI: A Walk about Steitztown.  Includes these tombstone readings (translations added by moi).  According to Croll, the stones (and graves) were originally on the family homestead, but were moved to the Ebenezer Cemetery, Lebanon, Lebanon Co., PA, during the actual writing of his book.
Hier Ruhet im tod
Er war gebohren im Iahr
1726 den 21ten Febr. Lebte
mit seiner frau Anna inder
Eh. 48 Iahr 11 monat. Zevgte
11 Kinder Wovon noch 9
Leben 6 Sohn v. 3 tochter
Starb den 11ten Martz 1806
Ist alt worden 80 Iahr
2 Woche & 3 Tage.

Liebe die Mich wird erwecken
Aus dem grab der sterblichkeit
Liebe die mich wird bedecken
Mit der Kron der herlichkeit
Liebe dir ergeb ich mich
Dein zu bleiben ewiglich.

Here Lies/Rests in death 
He was born in the Year
1726 on the 21st of Febr. He lived
with his wife Anna in the
Marriage 48 Years 11 months.  He begat
11 Children of Whom still 9
are Living 6 sons and 3 daughters
He died the 11th of March 1806
His age became 80 Years
2 Weeks & 3 Days.
en in
inder Ehe 48 Jahr
11 Monat. Gebohren
11 Kinder Wovon
noch 9 am leben 6 Söhne
3 Töchter. Gestorben
4 May 1798 Ihr
alter war 67 Jahr
6 Monat 3 Wochen
2 Tage.
??? ??
in the Marriage 48 Years
11 Months. She birthed
11 Children of Whom
still 9 are living 6 Sons
3 Daughters.  She Died
4 May 1798 Her
age was 67 Years
6 Months 3 Weeks
2 Days.
The first line of Anna's stone appears not to have been readable.  Apparent mis-readings:  "inder" should be "in der" (in the); "Eh." should be "Ehe" (marriage); "Zevgte" should be "Zeugte" (begat, fathered); "v." should be "u." = "und" (and), but note that in stone carving, "u" is often rendered "v," I presume because it's easier to carve.

2.  Birthdate calculated using Ben Buckner's JavaScript Birthday Calculator.
Name Deathdate Age at Death Result
Johannes LICHT 11 Mar 1806 17d 0m 80y 22 Feb 1726
Anna LANDIS  4 May 1798 23d 6m 67y 11 Oct 1730
(Calculated birthdates should always be prefaced with "ca." you can't be certain the person who calculated their age did it correctly.)

3.  Moses Light.  1896.  The Light Genealogy in America.  Self-published, Manheim, Lancaster Co., PA (facsimile online at the Light Family web site):
p. 17 2 GEN. The 4th son of John Light, from Germany.  This John [Light] was b. 1730, m. to Miss Landis, of Spring Creek, Derry township, Lancaster county, Pa., now Dauphin county, Pa.  Their issue, 6 sons, as follows...
p. 18 2 GEN. The 4th son of John Light, from Germany.  This John Light took up about one section of land situated at the Little Swatara creek, on the road leading from Lebanon to Fredericksburg...
p. 27 3 GEN. 3d son of John Light was Jacob Light, an uncle of my father, Henry Light.  This Jacob Light lived at the Long Meadow Creek, near Gingrich's Meeting House of the old Mennonite Church.
This book contains substantial errors, so nothing in it should be relied upon without supporting evidence.

4.  WorldConnect / Ancestry World Trees (online at RootsWeb.com/Ancestry.com).

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