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Barbara LANDIS
Husband:  Henry LIGHT
Birth:  7 Mar 1738
Death:  7 Jan 1806, Lebanon Twp., Dauphin [now Lebanon] Co., PA
Disposition:  buried Ebenezer Cemetery, Lebanon, Lebanon Co., PA
Occupation:  farmer
Military Service:  Revolutionary War
Father:  Mr. LICHT
Wife:  Barbara LANDIS
Birth:  19 Mar 1738/9
Death:  16 Apr 1812/3
Father:  Felix LANDIS
Mother:  Catharine LOBAN
  1.  Heinrich LICHT / Henry LIGHT, b. 21 Nov 1760 
  2.  John LIGHT, b. 7 Feb 1762
  3.  Elizabeth LIGHT, b. 20 Dec 1764; d. 15 Sep 1823
  4.  Peter LIGHT, b. 16 Sep 1766; d. 21 Dec 1838
  5.  Veronica LIGHT, b. 25 Nov 1767; d. 1821
  6.  Mary LIGHT, b. 30 Mar 1769; d. 8 Mar 1815
  7.  Anna LIGHT, b. 29 Jan 1771; d. 19 Jun 1845
  8.  Jacob LIGHT, b. 31 May 1773; d. 12 Jan 1828
  9.  Martin LIGHT, b. 28 Dec 1774; d. 27 Apr 1842
10.  Joseph LIGHT, b. 27/8 Nov 1778; d. 4 Mar 1854
11.  Barbara LIGHT, b. 23 Jan 1780
12.  Catharine LIGHT, b. 15 Jul 1782
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Sources (n.b., Lancaster Co. was formed in 1729 from Chester Co.; Dauphin Co. was formed in 1785 from Lancaster Co.; Lebanon Co. was formed in 1813, mostly from Dauphin Co., plus a small part of Lancaster Co.):

1.  Individuals Buried at Ebenezers Cemetery, Lebanon County, PA:  an Incomplete Listing [link died] (online at the Lebanon County PAGenWeb site; contributed by Shirley A. Hartman):
Last First Birth Death Spouse
LIGHT Henry 7 Mar 1738 7 Jan 1806 Magdalena FUNCK
This is obviously not a direct reading of the tombstone.  With this amount of input by the transcriber, the reading has to be considered a secondary source and as such is, with good reason, suspect.  When will people learn that anything other than a verbatim reading of a tombstone or historical document renders the information useless for proving anything, and that adding data that was not part of the original is very bad scholarship.  This reading is a perfect example because the Henry LIGHT born in 1738 and deceased in 1806 is the father of the Henry LIGHT who married Magdalena FUNCK.

2.  Will of Henry Light of Lebanon Township, Dauphin [now Lebanon] County, Pennsylvania [link died] (online at the Lebanon County PAGenWeb site; contributed by Donna Ristenbatt; translated from the original German):
In the Name of God Amen, I Henry Light of Leb. Twp, in the Co. of Dauphin & in the State of Pennsylvania, Yeoman, make & ordain this my Last will and testament in the following manner to wit First I give & devise to my Son Joseph Light & his Heirs & Assigns my Plantation & Piece of Land situate in Leb. Twp. near the Town of Lebanon whereon I at present live containing about 150 A. for which he shall pay the sum of 2000£ Gold or Silver Money in the following manner viz. the sum of 700£ thereof shall remain in the land as long as my wife Barbara lives & he shall pay her the interest thereof Yearly & the remainder he shall pay in Gales of 58£ yearly & after the death of his Mother he shall also pay the said 700£.  Further I give & devise unto my Son Jacob Light & his Heirs & Assigns my House & Lot together with the Beer Brewery in the Town of Lebanon wherein he at present lives & has in possession for the sum of 400£.  300£ of the money which he owes me shall remain so long my said wife lives & he shall pay her the yearly interest thereof.  Whatever I have bequeathed unto my  said Wife shall be in lieu of her Third in my Estate.  And it is my Will & I do hereby order that after my Debts are paid all my whole Estate shall be divided amongst all my Children in equal shares whatever each has already received shall be deducted from his share that they may all inherit equally out of my estate.  The money which is payable after the death of my Wife shall likewise be divided amongst my children in equal shares.  And I do hereby nominate & appoint my Sons Henry Light & Jacob Light, Executors of my Last Will & Testament.  And I do hereby revoke all the Wills & Testaments by me heretofore made & ratify this & no other as my Last Will & Testament.  In Testimony whereof I have hereunto set my Hand & Seal the 7th day of April One thousand eight hundred & three.

Henry Light LS

Signed Sealed Published and
Declared by the said Henry
Light as his Last Will and
Testament in our Presence
Jacob Embich
John Shnee

3.  Anon.  1886.  Portrait and Biographical Album of Ogle County, Illinois.  Chapman Bros., Chicago.
Henry S. Light.  One of the prominent, as well as successful, farmers of Leaf River Township, is the gentleman whose name heads this biographical notice.  He was born in what was known as Lightsville, this county, March 17, 1856, his father being John Light, one of the old pioneers of the county and founder of the village of Lightsville.  He was born in Lebanon Co., Pa., July 17, 1812.

The first known ancestor of the Light family to locate in the United States was John Peter Light, a native of Germany, who came to this country in 1737, locating in Lancaster Co., Pa.  We trace the genealogy of our subject from this ancestor as follows:  Martin Light, grandfather of the subject of this notice, was the son of Henry, who was the son of Henry, and who in turn was the son of John Peter Light...

4.  WorldConnect / Ancestry World Trees (online at RootsWeb.com/Ancestry.com).

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