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Heinrich LICHT
Magdalena Wenger FUNCK
Husband:  Heinrich LICHT, a.k.a., Henry LIGHT
Birth:  21 Nov 1760, Lebanon Co., PA
Death:  3 Oct 1830, Swatara Twp., Lebanon Co., PA
Military Service:  Revolutionary War
Father:  Henry LIGHT
Mother:  Barbara LANDIS
Wife:  Magdalena Wenger FUNCK
Birth:  6 Jul 1761
Death:  10 Mar 1841
Father:  Martin FUNCK (1732-1796)
Mother:  Judith WENGER (1732-1811)
  1.  Henry LICHT, b. 1 Nov 1782; d. 21 Apr 1862
  2.  Maria Elizabeth LICHT, b. 20 May 1784; d. 13 Oct 1823
  3.  Maria LICHT, b. 27 Aug 1785; d. 26 Aug 1857
  4.  Christiana LICHT, b. 12 Dec 1786; 22 Sep 1863
  5.  Martin LICHT, b. 21 May 1788 
  6.  John LICHT, b. 28 Mar 1790; d. 25 Nov 1797
  7.  Jacob LICHT, b. 8 Jun 1791; d. 28 Jul 1822
  8.  Barbara LICHT, b. 8 May 1795; d. 22 Nov 1831
  9.  Magdalena LICHT, b. 27 Feb 1796; d. 2 Jun 1868
10.  Samuel LICHT, b. 7 Jun 1797; d. 24 Nov 1831
11.  Nancy LICHT, b. 13 Jan 1799; d. 7 Oct 1873
12.  Johannes LICHT, b. 2 Sep 1800; d. 14 Jun 1887
13.  Catherine LICHT, b. 9 Nov 1803; d. 4 Dec 1857
14.  Sarah LICHT, b. 10 May 1805; d. 30 May 1834
15.  Joseph LICHT / LICHTE / LICHTI / LICHTY, b. 26 May 1810; d. 22 Jan 1862
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1.  Individuals Buried at Ebenezers Cemetery, Lebanon County, PA:  an Incomplete Listing [link died] (online at the Lebanon County PAGenWeb site; contributed by Shirley A. Hartman):
Last First Birth Death Spouse
LIGHT Henry 7 Mar 1738 7 Jan 1806 Magdalena FUNCK
This is obviously not a direct reading of the tombstone.  With this amount of input by the transcriber, the reading has to be considered a secondary source and as such is, with good reason, suspect.  When will people learn that anything other than a verbatim reading of a tombstone or historical document renders the reading useless for proving anything, and that adding data that was not part of the original is very bad scholarship.  This record is a perfect example because the Henry LIGHT born in 1738 and deceased in 1806 is the father of the Henry LIGHT who married Magdalena FUNCK.

2.  Will of Henrich Licht, of Swatara Township, Lebanon County, Pennsylvania [link died] (online at the Lebanon County PAGenWeb site; contributed by Donna Ristenbatt; translated from the original German):
Date Signed:  20 May 1830
Date Recorded:  15 Oct 1830
Where Recorded:  Lebanon Co., PA, Will Book B
In the name of God Amen.  I the undersigned living in Swatara Twp., Lebanon County in the state of Pennsylvania, thanks be to God I am still of sound mind & body.  Since the time of my death is unsure, I wish to write my last will and testament.

In order, first my piece of ground or plantation where I am now 
living with everything, 1/2 of the fulling mill and those harnesses and everything that goes with them (tools,etc.) to my son Joseph.  My youngest son Joseph Lichti, is to pay $4,200.00, $100.00 yearly, as long as my widow lives.  After her death, he has to pay yearly $200.00 until everything is paid for the homestead.  In case he doesn't want the homestead, then he should give his oldest brother Henry the first opportunity to buy it, paying as above, one year from my death.  Anything else, he leaves to the Executors.  Furthermore, my beloved wife, Magdalena, has 1/2 the house with 
the use of the kitchen and the stove, also the garden, as much as it takes for her to plant.  My son, Joseph, is to give his mother yearly 10 bushels of wheat, 10 bushels of corn, 10 bushels of fruit, and as much fuel as it takes for heating the house.   Her sons are to bring her places, wherever she wants to go, and bring her home. They are to give her food for one cow, and the ground for the cow's  pasture.  Every year, my widow is to get 200 lbs. of pork meat, 100 lbs. of beef and she has the right to choose anything she needs from the household.  She has the chance to choose her horse, wagon and harness.  She also gets yearly the interest on $1,000.00 as long as she lives. 

Finally, I name my Executors over my estate, namely, Henry, Samuel and Johannes, my three sons.  In my will, I give my son, Joseph, my small wagon and my hay ladder and the boards that go with it and also the young brown horse and its harness.  I also give him a plough and other farm equipment.  This is my last will and testament in my own handwriting, 20 May 1830. 

Henrich Licht.

3.  Anon.  1886.  Portrait and Biographical Album of Ogle County, Illinois.  Chapman Bros., Chicago.
Henry S. Light.  One of the prominent, as well as successful, farmers of Leaf River Township, is the gentleman whose name heads this biographical notice...

The first known ancestor of the Light family to locate in the United States was John Peter Light, a native of Germany, who came to this country in 1737, locating in Lancaster Co., Pa.  We trace the genealogy of our subject from this ancestor as follows:  Martin Light, grandfather of the subject of this notice, was the son of Henry, who was the son of Henry, and who in turn was the son of John Peter Light...

4.  WorldConnect / Ancestry World Trees (online at RootsWeb.com/Ancestry.com).

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