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Thomas Henry LAINE
Husband:  Thomas Henry LAINE
Birth:  30 Jul 1832, Boone Co., MO
Death:  15 Mar 1890, San Jose, Santa Clara Co., CA
Disposition:  buried in the "Laine Plot," Mission City Memorial Cemetery, Santa Clara, CA
Occupation:  attorney
Office:  California State Senator
Historical:  framer of the California State Constitution
Religion:  Elder in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) 
Biological Father:  Willis LAINE
Biological Mother:  Mildred Bell "Millie" CAVE
Stepfather:  Thomas THOMPSON
Marriage:  20 Jun 1860, Solano Co., CA
Wife:  Lucy D. CHAPMAN
Birth:  9 Oct 1839, Randolph Co., MO
Death:  7 Mar 1906, San Jose, Santa Clara Co., CA
Disposition:  buried in the "Laine Plot," Mission City Memorial Cemetery, Santa Clara, CA
Father:  Aidline CHAPMAN
Mother:  Cathrine DOOLEY
1.  Frank Bray LAINE, b. 24 Apr 1861, San Jose, Santa Clara Co., CA
2.  Cora Lee LAINE, b. 24 Jan 1863, Fairfield, Solano Co., CA
3.  Willis Aidline LAINE, b. 6 Apr 1865, Santa Clara Co., CA
4.  Thomas Ashby LAINE, b. 14 Dec 1867, Santa Clara Co., CA
5.  Frances Lois "Fannie" LAINE, b. 24 Apr 1870, Santa Clara Co., CA; d. there 7 Dec 1877
6.  Lulu Mattie LAINE, b. 3 Feb 1873, Santa Clara Co., CA; d. there 3 Nov 1877
7.  Edna Catherine LAINE, b. 12 Jul 1877, Santa Clara Co, CA; d. there 12 Dec 1877
8.  Charles Chapman LAINE, b. 3 Sep 1878, Santa Clara, Santa Clara Co., CA
9.  Roi Henry LAINE, b. 30 Jul 1881, Santa Clara, Santa Clara Co., CA

[The girls died of diptheria; they are buried in the Laine Plot at the Mission City Memorial Cemetery, Santa Clara, CA.]

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1.  Family Group Sheet by Betty Ann (Matthiesen) Cogliati and her grandmother, Maude Irene (Thompson) Rose.

2.  1860 Census Every-Name-Index/Images (online at Ancestry.com, Image #290-291 of 303):  Santa Clara P.O., Santa Clara Twp., Santa Clara Co., CA, Roll M653_65, pp. 512-513, PN 290-291, enumerated 8 Aug 1860, official enumeration date 1 Jun 1860 (extracted by Diana Gale Matthiesen):
2324 364 Thos Thompson 62 M   Christian Clergyman   2500 Ky
    Mildred B  " 62 F         "
    W H        " 18 M   farm laborer     Mo
    Ellen W    " 14 F         "
  365 Thos H Lane 27 M   Lawyer     Mo
    Lucy    " 19 F         "
  366 James Anderson 33 M   farm laborer     Ind
    Margaret F  " 23 F         Mo
    Vencent     "  7 M         Cal
    John        "  5 M         Cal
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    Mary Anderson  1 F         Cal
    Marcus L Cave 30 M   farm laborer     Mo
Mildred is our subject's mother, and the elder Thomas THOMPSON is his stepfather.  James ANDERSON is the husband of Margaret Frances THOMPSON, daughter of Thomas.

3.  1870 Census:  Santa Clara Twp., Santa Clara Co., CA, p. ?, 98/91:
Lane, Thomas H. 37 M W Lawyer [unreadable] Missouri
    , Lucy 30 F W [unreadable]   Missouri
    , Frank  9 M W     California
    , Cora  7 F W     California
    , Willis A.  3 M W     California
    , Thomas  2 M W     California
    , Fanny 2/12 F W     California

4.  Walter C. Allen.  1948.  The Society of California Pioneers:  Centennial Roster, Commemorative Edition.  Society of California Pioneers, San Francisco, CA.  See also this page
p. 28
OFFICERS FOR 1881-2...
Vice-Presidents... THOMAS H. LAINE, San Jose...
p. 98
   September 20, 1849...
Date is ostensibly the date of arrival in California.

5.   E.B. Ware.  1916.  History of the Disciples of Christ in California.  (Self-published?), Healdsburg, CA.
p. 80 Pioneer Preachers...
Thomas Thompson gave to the State and the Church a step-son, who was an honor to his name, the Hon. T.H. Laine.  It was the hope of his step-father that the boy would become a preacher, but the counsel of his mother, who preferred the law for her son, prevailed.  Laine never lost his faith in Christ, nor his devotion to the church.  He had great respect for his step-father, for his fatherly guidance.  He was an elder in the little church at Santa Clara at the time of his death.  He often conducted the services at the Lord's table, and the social meetings of the church.  He
p. 81 became a great lawyer and was a leading member of the Constitutional Convention in 1879 that gave to the people of this State a new Constitution.  He was one of the officating elders at the ordination of the writer to the ministry in 1870.  It was our sad experience a few years later to officiate at the funeral of three of his children, all of whom died of diphtheria within a week.  Laine, at the age of 57, passed suddenly away, in the very zenith of his manhood.
p. 175 Our California Christian Women...
In that brilliant address of the Hon. T.H. Lain (sic) at the opening of Christian College in Santa Rosa, in 1872, he deplored the 'tendency of the times' and tells us that woman was created to break the monotony of life to Adam in the Garden of Eden, and to make his happiness more complete.  He said, 'God had created the universe, and was pleased with his work; he made man, clothed with physical and intellectual majesty, and placed him in a garden of delights; yet his dwelling was unlovely to him for,
Till Hymen brought the love-delighted hour,
There dwelt no joy in Eden's rosy bower;
The world was sad, the garden was a wild,
And man the hermit sighed, till woman smiled.'
This liberated woman is exceeding grateful she did not live in the 19th-Century.

6.  David Kyle.  World Family Trees.  Vol. 12, Pedigree No. 2241, Broderbund CD.

7.  David Kyle.  Ancestors of David George Kyle. [link died]

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