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Elizabeth "Betsy" THOMPSON
Husband:  Simon T. KUYKENDALL, Jr.?
Birth:  ca. 1780 or 1788
Death:  1844, Union Co., KY
Father:  Simon T. KUYKENDALL, Sr., or John KUYKENDALL or Joseph KUYKENDALL
Marriage-1:  29 Jul 1802, Christian Co., KY
Wife-1:  Sarah THOMPSON
Death:  1805 
Father most likelyJames THOMPSON
Mother most likelyMs. PATTERSON
Marriage-2:  6 Apr 1805, Christian Co., KY
Wife-2:  Elizabeth "Betsy" THOMPSON
Children with Sarah THOMPSON born in Christian Co., KY:
1.  (Rev.) Lorenzo Dow KUYKENDALL, b. 1803
2.  William Featherstone KUYKENDALL, b. 24 Oct 1804; d. 14 Dec 1890, Webster Co., KY; m. Lucy WALLACE, d/o Capt. James WALLACE and Nancy Cook CURRY
Children with Betsy THOMPSON:
3.  Syrisa KUYKENDALL; d. Union Co., KY; m. 7 Dec 1835, Union Co., KY, Elijah WALLACE, Jr. (1813-1880), s/o Elijah WALLACE & Lucy CURRY
4.  Artemisia KUYKENDALL, b. 25 May 1819, Union Co., KY; d. 1863-65; m. 19 Sep 1839, Union Co., KY, Hiram Hornbuckle SMITH

["Artemisia" is a Greek name derived from the name of the goddess, Artemis.]

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1a.  Cordelia C. Gary. 1970.  Marriage Records, 1797-1850, Christian County, Kentucky.  LDS Film No. 0496899.  List of marriages for those requiring parental permission (i.e., underage marriages).  James THOMPSON was the person giving permission for an underage Sarah to marry; he is most likely her father, but could be an uncle or brother, etc.
THOMPSON, Sarah Simon KUYKENDALL 28 July 1802 James THOMPSON

1b.  Christian Co., KY, WHITE MARRIAGE BONDS IA, 1797-1817 (LDS Film No. 0465562; this is a transcription, not the original book).  Both entries are on p. 165.  There is an error in the date for Betsy.  See Source 3 below.
KUYKENDALL, Simon THOMPSON, Sarah 28 Jul 1802 29 Jul 1802 Jesse Brooks
KUYKENDALL, Simon THOMPSON, Betsy 28 Jul 1802   John Thompson, JP
Jesse Brooks was a clergyman.  Although the book title says marriage bonds, the person whose name is given in association is the person who performed the ceremony, not the person who posted the bond.

1c.  Jordan R. Dodd, ed.  1993.  Kentucky Marriages:  Early to 1850.  Liahona Research, Orem, UT (Broderbund CD-229):
Kuykendall, Simon Thompson, Sarah 29 Jul 1802 Christian Co.
Kuykendall, Simon Thompson, Betsy  6 Apr 1805 Christian Co.

1d.  D.L. Murray & N.R., compilers.  1995.  Marriage data from the "Hunting for Bears" collection.  Marriage Index: IL, IN, KY, OH, TN, 1720-1926.  (Broderbund CD-2):
Kuykendall, Simon Thompson, Sarah 28 Jul 1802 Christian Co., KY
Kuykendall, Simon Thompson, Betsy  6 Apr 1805 Christian Co., KY

2.  George Benson Kuykendall.  1919.  History of the Kuykendall Family.  Kilham Stationery & Printing Co., Portland, OR (online at GenealogyLibrary.com).

3.  Messages in the Kuykendall Family Genealogy Forum (online at GenForum).

4.  Archives of the KYCHRIST-L mailing list (online at RootsWeb.com, Inc.).
My research interest in Christian Co is associated primarily with ancestors who came through Christian and were in areas that became Hopkins Co.  My 3rd great Grand father was Simon T. KUYKENDALL b. c1780 d. 1844 who probably was from the Kuykendalls who went from VA to NC, then to TN and, in his case, came into KY.  A published letter from his grand child states that his wife was named TOMPKINS.  No record of a Tompkins marriage has been found.  However, there are two marriages in Christian Co. between Simon KUYKENDALL and 1st Sarah THOMPSON July 28, 1802 and 2nd Betsy THOMPSON April 06, 1805.  We believe the father of Sarah and Betsy was John THOMPSON based on the marriage bonds.
The transformation of "Thompson" into "Tomkins" is the kind of error that easily occurs in family oral history, so I would not postulate a third wife for Simon, although that is a possibility.   As for the marriage bonds, we do not know who posted the marriage bonds for either Sarah or Betsy.  Although the title of the county book is Marriage Bonds, these are not, in fact, the bonds themselves.  The bonds themselves are on individual pieces of paper.  (Please see my explanation of 19th-century Marriage Records for a discussion of marriage bonds, permission slips, etc.)  The name following the record of the marriage in this book of Marriage Bonds is not the person who posted the bond, it is the person who performed the marriage ceremony.  The fact that John Thompson happened to be the Justice of the Peace who performed the marriage of Simon Kuykendall and Betsy Thompson is no indication that he was her father, which means that at this point, we have no indication whatsoever as to the identify of Betsy's father.  We have good indication for Sarah, because James Thompson gave permission for her to marry, and there was only one James Thompson in the county old enough to have a daughter of marriageable age.  (The only John Thompson in Christian Co. old enough to have a daughter of marriageable age was Capt. John Thompson, whose daughter, Sarah, married John Rogers Clark in 1809.) 

5.  Descendants of John Curry by Harold E. Curry.  [link died]

6.  WorldConnect (online at RootsWeb.com).

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