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Elizabeth Louisa THOMPSON
Husband:  Neil KENNEDY
Birth:  ca. 1827, Scotland
Father:  Donald KENEDY
Mother:  Janet JOHNSTON
Marriage:  23 Sep 1872, Town of Durham, Grey Co., ON
Wife:  Elizabeth Louisa "Levicey/Levicy" THOMPSON
Birth:  1844/5, Canada East [now QC]
Occupation:  homemaker
Other Spouse:  m1. bef. 1870, Mr. __?__; m2. 30 Aug 1870, Egremont, Grey Co., ON, John RUTHERFORD (c1818-1872)
Father:  John THOMPSON
Mother:  Frances Jane KETCH

[Lovisa and Lovise are alternate (Scandinavian) spellings of the English name, Louisa; Levicey and Levicy are phonetic mis-spellings (or nicknames).]

Child presumably born in Grey Co., ON:
1.  Emily Jane KENNEDY, b. ca. 1874; m. 14 Oct 1897, Huntsville, Muskoka Dist., ON, Harry William BLOSS (1867- )
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1a.  1880 Census: Every-Name-Index/Extraction (online at FamilySearch.org):  can't find.

1b.  1881 Canadian Census Index/Extraction (online at FamilySearch.org):  can't find.

2.  Participant in the THOMPSON Y-chromosome DNA Surname Project at FamilyTreeDNA:
ELIZABETH LOUISA LEVICEY3 THOMPSON (JOHN2, FATHER1) was born Bet. 1844 - 1845 in Quebec ?. She married (1) UNKNOWN Bef. 1870.  She married (2) JOHN RUTHERFORD August 30, 1870 in Egremont, Grey County, Ontario, Canada.  He was born Abt. 1818 in Ontario, Canada, and died April 11, 1872 in Egremont, Grey County, Ontario Canada.  She married (3) NEIL KENNEDY September 23, 1872 in Town of Durham, Grey County, Ontario, son of DONALD KENEDY and JANET JOHNSTON.  He was born Abt. 1827 in Scotland.


i. EMILY JANE4 KENNEDY, b. Abt. 1874, Ontario, Canada; m. HARRY WILLIAM BLOSS, October 14, 1897, Huntsville, Muskoka Dist., Ontario, Canada; b. Abt. 1867, England.
Elizabeth Louisa Levicy Thompson

1844/45 - approx. year of birth

Name is listed as Louisa Thompson as mother and Neil Kennedy as father of Emily Jane Kennedy on Emily's marriage record.
Name on marriage record to Neil Kennedy lists Elizabeth Thompson marrying Neil Kennedy.
Name on marriage record of John Rutherford lists Louisa Thomson marrying John Rutherford.

1870, Aug 30th. Marriage record. (2nd marriage?)
John Rutherford 50 yrs, widow; Louisa Thomson 26 yrs, widow (parents John & Frances Thomson)
John died 1 1/2 yrs after marriage to Louisa Thomson.

1871 Census, Egremont Twp, Grey County, Ontario w/John Rutherford. Living next to brother, William Thompson & family.
 Con. 18 Lot 15, Owner, 50 acres. 8 improved, 1 pasture, 1 house, 2 barns.

1872  Marriage -Name/Age/Parents Source:  (3rd marriage?)
23 Sept 1872 Ontario marriage records;
Canadian Archives: (RG 80-5), film group #MS932, reel 6, unit 80-5-0-22, volume 21. Source-Internet Canadian Civil Marriage Registrations, 1869-1873.
Elizabeth Thompson 27 yrs old, Residence Egremont, Ontario; born Quebec Province; Widow; Parents - John Thompson & Frances Jane Ketch. Married: Neil Kenedy  45 yrs old, Residence Osprey, County Grey; born Scotland; Widow; Parents - Donald Kenedy & Janet Johnston, both of Presbyterian Religion. Rev. Wm Park, married by license; Town of Durham, County of Grey; Witness: Charles McDonald of Gleneg & Thomas Bells of Egremont.

1881, daugther Emily Jane [Thompson] is living with John & Frances Jane Thompson in 1881 census.

Emily Jane Thompson
Emily Jane Kennedy

1881 Census, Emily Jane Thompson, living with John & Frances Thompson.

1897  Parents/name; source: 14 Oct, 1897; Ontario marriage records 
Emily Jane Kennedy, 23 yrs old;  parents listed as Neil Kennedy & Louisa Thompson; married Harry William Bloss, 30 yrs old.

1906  Per Will of John Thompson Sr. in the Land Abstract Index records lists Emily Jane Bloss as a niece, husband Harry Bloss.

Family rumor:  Now there was a sister her name was Emily apparently she was raised by some people by the name of Kennedy. They lived up the Limberlost Road which is the Hillside area (Huntsville side of where we had the pancake supper.) She then later married a Bloss. Julie Ann was half Indian and half negro.  Ok down the road from where dad lives lived a family of Bullocks Edi Bullock who was married to Albert Bullock her mothers name just happens to be Emily Bloss but according to the Bullock family Emily was a half sister to Wac now I got this info from _____ who says that that is not true Emily and Wac were true Brother and sisters...

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