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Simon Peter KAPP
Margaretha Barbara SESSLER
Husband:  Simon4 Peter KAPP
Birth:  26 Oct 1658, Oberampfrach, Mittelfranken, Bayern [Bavaria, Germany]
Baptism:  2 May 1682
Death:  5 Aug 1725, Oberampfrach, Mittelfranken, Bayern [Bavaria, Germany]
Father:  Julius3 KAPP [Michael2, Stephen1]
Marriage-1:  2 May 1682, Oberampfrach, Mittelfranken, Bayern [Bavaria, Germany]
Wife-1:  Ursula LIEBHARD
Birth:  1653, Oberampfrach, Mittelfranken, Bayern [Bavaria, Germany]
Death:  4 Dec 1689, Oberampfrach, Mittelfranken, Bayern [Bavaria, Germany]
Marriage-2:  6 Jun 1693, Oberampfrach, Mittelfranken, Bayern [Bavaria, Germany]
Wife-2:  Margaretha Barbara SESSLER
Birth:  14 Nov 1670
Death:  20 Oct 1730, Oberampfrach, Mittelfranken, Bayern [Bavaria, Germany]
Father:  Andreas SESSLER
Mother:  Barbara __?__
Children with Ursula LIEBHARD born in Oberampfrach, Mittelfranken, Bayern [Bavaria, Germany]:
  1.  Anna Ursula KAPP, b. 26 Jan 1683; d.s.p. 31 Jan 1683
  2.  Michael KAPP, b. 23 Jul 1864; d.s.p. 29 Jul 1684
  3.  Johann Wolfgang KAPP, b. 1 Oct 1687; d.s.p. 17 Jan 1688
  4.  Maria KAPP, b. 27 Nov 1689
Children with Margaretha Barbara SESSLER born/baptized in Oberampfrach, Mittelfranken, Bayern [Bavaria, Germany]:
  5.  Maria Margaret KAPP, bap. 12 May 1694
  6.  Johann Martin KAPP, bap. 9 Nov 1695
  7.  Georg KAPP, bap. 9 Nov 1695; d.s.p. 9 Nov 1695
  8.  Georg KAPP, bap. 30 Apr 1697; d.s.p. 18 May 1699
  9.  Georg KAPP, b. 11 Jun 1699 who is said by one secondary source to be Georg Friedrich KAPP
10.  Maria Barbara KAPP, bap. 29 Jan 1701
11.  Anna Margaret KAPP, b. 22 Nov 1703; d.s.p. 7 Aug 1704
12.  Johann Michael KAPP, b. 30 Jul 1705 who is said by one secondary source to be this-Johann Michael KAPP

Children 5, 6, and 10 are said to be born in "Oberampfrach, Bottenweiler, Bayern, Germany."  Well, it can't be both.  It's either-Oberampfrach or Bottenweiler (see Geographical Notes), and another source says there are no records of Simon Peter in Bottenweiler, so it must be Oberampfrach. 

Most sources (all secondary) consider Johann Michael KAPP and Georg (Friedrich) KAPP to be sons of Johann George KAPP & Maria Catharina.  Without seeing the primary baptismal records, myself, I don't know who is correct, but based on other criteria, I'm inclined to believe these other sources, which means Simon Peter KAPP is not the progenitor of any known KAPPs in America. 


1.  William Claude Buss.  . [link died]   See for more information on Simon's ancestors.  There are discrepancies between this source and others.  See discussion in the Copp Forum (Source 2b, below).

2a.  Messages in the Kapp Family Genealogy Forum (online at GenForum.com).

2b.  Messages in the Copp Family Genealogy Forum (online at GenForum.com), especially Message No. 408.

Geographical Notes:

The geographical history of Germany is extremely complex; it did not become a consolidated nation (as we know it) until the 1870s.  On top of which is the question of whether you present locations as they are today or as they were at the time events (births, deaths, etc.) took place.  There is also the question of whether you use English or German spellings of the placenames, or both.  I try to use both, at least once on a page, for the sake of computer searching.

Today, the towns of Oberampfrach, Wildenholz, and Bottenweiler are in the Province of Middle Franconia [Mittelfranken], State of Bavaria [Bayern], Germany [Deutschland].  At the time these KAPPs were living in the region, Franconia was an independent Duchy; at other times, it was in the historical Principality of Ansbach.  In addition to civil districts [called Kreis], the area is divided into religious parishes by both Protestant (Evangelical Lutheran or Reformed) and Catholic churches, the names and boundaries of which are different.  The town of Oberampfrach is in the protestant Parish of Oberampfrach, Kreis Feuchtwangen.  The towns of Bottenweiler and Wildenholz are in the protestant Parish of Wildenholz, Kreis Rothenburg ob der Tauber.  Unfortunately with regard to Wildenholz, secondary sources have not made it clear whether they are referring to the parish or the town, so without consulting the primary sources, the locations, as given, are somewhat ambiguous.

1.  U. Petra Suess & Daniel Schlyter.  "Bavarian Gazetteer" (online at Gary T. Horlacher's Horlacher Genealogy Site).
2.  Merriam-Webster.  1977.  Webster's New Geographical Dictionary.  G. & C. Merriam Co., Publ., Springfield, MA.

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